I like my men like I like my omelets

Well my car is packed with lots of crap for school 700 miles away.  Told you it would get done eventually.

Our rental car packed with nearly nothing.  What can I say-I travel pretty light (store all my college crap at college).  In fact, I could have driven without the parentals but they always like to go visit my school (as if anything changes…).

Rewind a bit of how I spent my last day:

I went to the gym at 7 and had a date with the Arctrainer.  Yes, it was glamorous I know.    I have been doing intervals on the thing for an hour every single day.  It does not hurt and I love feeling like I have some sort of cardiovascular power.

After my gym good times, I went from captaining USS Arctraining and Weightlifting CrayCray

To captaining USS RG CrayCray (RG=Real Girl…but sounds more shiplike).   

Yes. Crop tops and leggings are my life and I've accepted that.

Because I had a date with this girl. 

Obviously I need to see my bestie before I leave.  I swear the people at the Broken Egg Bistro must think I have an addiction seeing as I bring all my friends there and get the same thing every single time.  Matt’s girlfriend?  Yes.  D’Angelo?  Yes.  All within two weeks.  But at least Ashleigh and I went to a different location.

Although the waitress remembered me and remembered that I had a doctor pepper last time.  Creepy.  I wanted to switch it up so I got coffee this morning.  Somebody stop me…  

I did get my usual though.  What can I say, I love my omelets like I love my men.


Just kidding but not really.  The Greek omelet has feta cheese, spinach, onions, olives, tomatoes and provolone cheese.  You should all come visit me and go get one.

But actually you might have to go without me because I’m off to New York.  I hope you’ll join my blogging adventures for the semester.  God knows what that will bring.  😉


Question for you:

1.       When (if or have you) do you go back to school?

2.       Do you normally order the same thing at restaurants or switch it up?

I’m a regular to a T.  I’m known to try new things though, it depends if it’s good or not.  I’m normally a regular to a certain restaurant and have explored their entire menu.  True life.



Ding Ding Ding Now Starting Round 1

Of Finals week (for me anyways).

Finals Day Round 1. An excuse to wear makeup and put my hair in the worlds greatest messiest side bun on top of my head. AKA anti real girl days.

Don’t think I’m lazy my blogging bffs, I’m not.  I have two finals that required any studying and one that requires much more than the other.  Both of them are math.

My first one was today at 10:15 and it went well.  I was very pleased with it.  I’m pretty sure I got at least a 90. 

The second one (and harder one) is on Wednesday.

I have a few presentations for education amongst there…but if you can’t tell I enjoy talking so no big deal.  Apparently I’m a decent public speaker as I can keep the class amused for a rousing 20 minutes when I normally present…go figure.

Needless to say, I have never really been in a situation like this that my finals aren’t making me sweat too much.  I mean they are obviously, but there is not a need for me to stay in the library for countless hours like every other time.  My finals this semester have more or less have been a culmination of projects and speeches with two intense math tests.

I won’t complain because I don’t want to jynx it. 
Today because it was blistering cold and rainy the temperature dropped back down to 35 and pouring rain.  Needless to say I kind of hid in my room before and after finals and under about 1000 layers of covers.

Since it was so cold out, I decided it was appropriate to have a nice ole warm blueberry waffle topped with Greek yogurt and more blueberries.

I’m rather proud of how my photography skillz have progressed since the year has gone by.  One day I hope to be as classy as some of those photographers that make you crazed with hunger just staring at their food.

To continue to chain of food photography, I took a picture of my “garbage salad”.  I call it a garbage salad because it was like I dumped everything and anything found on the salad bar into the salad.  All topped with feta cheese.

Yes there is chicken, ham, banana peppers, olives, spinach, oranges, pears and cheese all in that salad.

If you squint you can see my corn and roast beef sandwich in the background...somewhere...

I’ve also been getting into tuna fish sandwiches for snacks lately (because I have 10 cans of tunafish that I need to use up before the end of the week).  1 can of tuna fish+1/4 feta cheese+ half a bottle of parmesan cheese, all toasted up.  It is certainly a nomtastic snack that I can eat in class and guarantee no one will sit next to me.  Perfect.

Questions for you:

1.       Did you have any particularly rough or easy finals weeks?
Last Spring Semester, I had a rough one studying for my graduate level math course.  (I almost decided to do a BA/MA (bachelors-masters) program at school where you get your masters  in math alongside your bachelors in 4.5 years.)  Uh yeah hardest test of my life.  It was worth it though because I got a 3.0 in class but was more in limbo about math in general.  Needless to say I didn’t want to get a masters in math.  That was the hardest semester of my life to begin with though.  It began my questioning of weather math was really for me or not or if I care for proofs. Random side notes of my life.

2.       Would you rather swim 2 miles in open rough currents water or run 15 miles on the treadmill staring at the wall with no music or tv?  Feel free to tell me why.

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