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I normally have Monday’s off of both works.  Though I would much prefer a weekend day, I cannot ever complain about having a day off at all.  Normally on Monday’s I try and make it my long run or double workout day since I can’t generally fit it in other places and then of course relaxing and not worrying about work.  When mom asked if I wanted to go to the outlet malls in Williamsburg and was off work as well I wanted a day to forget workouts, forget working and be a real girl.

The previous two weeks I haven’t been having runs that I would really consider enjoyable.  While I finish the runs injury free and not in pain, they haven’t really felt great.  At 5:15 in the morning I was just grumpy and running was not happening then.  When I didn’t sleep well and had no interest in running…I didn’t.  I also didn’t sleep in either because honestly I was just wide awake.  So with that I crawled out of bed and just relaxed at home while mom woke up.

We generally like to turn our shopping adventures to the outlet into an all day event.  On the hour journey north, we couldn’t decide on a restaurant so using trusty foursquare we found a Greek restaurant “The Grecian Plate”.  It was good but it wasn’t enough food for me.  It also wasn’t terribly expensive so I wasn’t too upset.


Before I divulge too much into my shopping adventure, it’s no secret I’m on a budget but I decided to treat myself to a day of shopping and not worry about it.  I work to enjoy and spend money that I earn occasionally and not feel guilty about it.  To give you a remote idea, it was more then I’ve spent in the last week then I have in the last month.  Oh well.

Some key purchases:

Immediately when I saw this romper at BCBG, I fell in love.  I knew it was going to bust my wallet but I also knew it would be a perfect date night outfit in Texas.


I also bought some new MAC makeup at the cosmetic company store.  I know some people don’t wear makeup…but I do and I like MAC.  It lasts a long time and for me that is also a splurge I take.

The other splurge I take is my biannual new wallet purchase from Fossil.  In January I treated myself to a fancy red wallet.  This time I decided to go with a nice tan leather wallet.


Questions for you:
Favorite places to shop? (food and grocery does not count…)

Last thing you and your mom did together?


My Life Through Instragrammed Coffee and Sunsets

What have I been doing this week? 

Your guess is as good as mine.  Sometimes I really think my life consists of wake up, eat, work, gym, eat, sleep….or something like that.  I find that instagram allows me to look back at my week and find the most important things, though most of it is #coffeeaday and sunsets.   Some glamor shots of course….

Friday instagram day I guess. 

#coffeeaday winner goes to Thursdays coffee.  Gas station coffee with about 6 inches of whip cream.  It’s cool, I know I’m the ephiphany of a health blogger when I post photos of 300 calorie coffees.


On one side I have this view…

The famous Powerplant towers. Such a lovely view from my room…

Other points of interest:

My arthritis medicine makes my skin bruise very easily.  No I’m not doing anything dangerous, this is from foam rolling.  I can’t apply any pressure without getting a bruise.  I’m also not anemic that is just a side effect of the medicine…fun right?

None of this is painful…just weird…

I did an hour session of 100% full body resistance the other day…it kicked my butt (literally).

Also regarding yesterday’s protected post, I will not be giving out the password.  Thank you for understanding but it was a point for me to personally vent that I do not need the world to see.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to work and then relax this weekend.  I think I’m going on an unnecessary shopping spree for no reason.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       What did you do this week?
  2. 2.       What are you doing this weekend?

Friday Favs

Somehow in the last few months, I fell off the photography bandwagon.  Maybe it’s because my camera died and my cord was under my bed.  Who really knows.  Anyways-I promised myself on Thursday morning, that I would document a good amount of my eats so I can actually add new photos to Friday favorites.

But first in honor of Friday, I decided to dress like a real girl…lumberjack.


This weeks Friday favorites are a little different because I have been more or less eating different things.  Change is good.

I’ve taken a liking to eggs.  A lot of them.  I’ve literally had at least 2 eggs daily.  Right now-eggs are a big protein source for me.   For now, I’ve stopped completely using protein powder.   As in none.  I have been using it for 3 years daily, so it’s a big change for me.

Oatmeal-it’s nomtastic.  I can add an egg in there too.  Then get complete sources of protein as well as nomtastic carbs.  I used nomtastic twice in one paragraph.  I’m a toolbag.

Oatmeal pancakes, just because.

Lots of sweet potatoes.


Other favorite things of the week include this sweet shirt that I found at Walmart for a dollar.  Why I felt compelled to buy it-I don’t know.


Fun Facts of Friday:

  1. It has been 30, 70, sunny and sleeting all in one week here.
  2. I got my hair chemically relaxed and I can’t wait for it to grow out.  I miss my curly hair fo real.
  3. Well I’m off to go jog my cross country course and prepare for our championship race tomorrow.  By prepare, I mean the broski’s team is also going to be there and I’m picking his ass up for adventures.

    Minus his hair is all chopped off.


Question for you:

1.       Best oatmeal creation.  Go.

2.       Tell me a fun fact about you. 

Into my Closet (vlog)

Tuesdays are always a good day.  You feel better than Monday and you feel energized.  I had a speech this morning so I was a hot mess and couldn’t wait to change to normal clothes.  Not just any sort of speech but a speech on a topic near and dear to my heart-ADHD and medications.

But anyways-

I have decided that Tuesdays will be when I’ll vlog just because I don’t have the Monday hell look.  Just kidding.  Today is a look inside my closet because I got a few questions about that on formspring the other day.  You should be honored because I think all of 10 people in upstate have come into my room lolz.

Once I can cook something besides pancakes-I’ll be sure to feature a sequal to cooking with your main bitch.

Question for you:

Is your closet messy or clean?

Monthly Weekly Round Up

Hello blogging best frienz.

I’m still waiting for some photographs from yesterday’s tempo race.  (I’m patenting that name-tempo race).  Just to not be dramatic and keep you in suspense-I did exactly what I wanted to do and ran it in a 7 min/mile pace.  I have no complaints. 

Here is one photo of that lovely gal that I chat about often Jenna.  We swim together, we run together and of course eat massive amounts of quiche together.

Yes I ran in a cotton shirt and gloves. It was sleeting.

Anyways-is this week over already?  Good god.


This blog is going to serve to wrap the end of the month of September and the week for me.  Since it really did both, no?

Stats for this week:

5 swim practices (roughly 25,000 yards)

48.6 miles (all of these miles were very easy and laid back minus the four that were my tempo run).  Pain free miles (which they all were)=Happy Hollie.

1 weight lifting session

I will own up to this now and say I did not do my core exercises and lacked on my gym time… my core does not feel stronger.  Hopefully my coaches don’t read this.  Just kidding-not that I have a lot of excuses but I had 3 papers and 2 speeches this week so I was pretty busy this week, and although my blog is primarly about my running and swimming and life adventures  academics>workouts.

Goals for next week:

Swimming: 5 practices

Running: 50 miles (I have a ten miler on Saturday that I plan to run as a uptempo I think…more on that later on in the week)

2 weight lifting sessions

Doesn’t that look oh so exciting?  I’m flying home on Thursday (Holla!) so I’ll have to do the written practices that he emails us solo style.  I’m not too worried about it…maybe I’ll go to a club practice…who knows.


On to reviewing the month of September. (Seems like an orange color right?)

It was a rather weird month for me-I could finally begin running again (YAY), we started swimming again(…opinion to be decided).  I hated swimming the very first few weeks, but I’m finally getting back into it.  It’s not that I hate swimming per say, I’m just growing tired of it and running right now is such a more exciting new feature in my life.

I’ll relate it to this.  If someone hands you a 100 dollar bill and a 20 dollar bill at the same time and says which one would you have…well obviously the 20 is still nice you would rather have the 100.  That is how I feel between running and swimming…meaning I would rather be able to devote more time to running but I do still enjoy swimming.

I didn’t make any goals of September, just to take ease back into running.  Which I did.  So success.

My goals for October are relatively the same.  Continue to run and swim and stay injury free.   Keeping it simple is how I roll.


Finally-The winner of this week’s Fashion Friday Real Girl challenge is….

Tara!  So email me your address gurrll!  (

Next week for Fashion Friday is:

Your favorite workout outfit.  Running, swimming, elliptically, jazzersizing, spin…anyways submit those photos all week  (and I know not one of you reading can you tell me you don’t own workout clothes).

Questions for you:

  1. Favorite/Best workout of the week?
  2. Any goals for October?  (Maybe I’ll steal yours and call them my own)
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