Off the Grid

Yesterday I shut off my phone for two hours.  I stepped away from the computer and away from all technology.  I had no outside social media connection.  I went for a walk to the nearby beach and walked back.  No technology at all.  No Instagram filter of the sunset and no vlog of me walking down to the beach and back.

internet addiction

(my foot felt pretty good as well…no pain but noticeable ache)

I was completely disconnected from social media and from everything that exists online (which is everything right?).  It really made me think about how dependent we (as a society) have become on technology. Yesterday during my walk I found myself thinking, it’s funny how touch screens have caused us to become out of touch with the real world.

Isn’t that true, with life, with running, with everything?

With the invention of social media, we never lose touch with the internet.  How many times have you been somewhere only to realize your phone is going to die soon?  Or you haven’t been able to check your email, post a Facebook status, check a blog or Instagram?  I know I have been several times.  I know I have gotten upset that my phone is going to die.  The horror of being disconnected!

Life used to move forward before social media.  We used to do something for ourselves, not for the amount of likes, follows, or blog comments we would receive.  We used to go for runs not to record them online but because we enjoyed running.

Internet Addiction (2)

A couple of years ago I decided to turn off my cell phone and internet around 9pm. It’s been something I’ve pretty much kept with since.  There are always exceptions but for the most part I like to unplug around 9.  It’s rare for you to see a text, tweet, etc. from me after that time.  I find this time to be personal “me time”.  I don’t worry what life changing facebook update is coming, or what tweet is being sent.  It’s a great part of my day.  I haven’t missed anything and I get time away from the screen.

I’m not challenging anyone to find an hour of their day to take a walk technology free.   I’m not challenging anyone to take an hour of their day and keep internet free but I will say it’s one of the best things I do for myself.  Our society is only going to keep advancing technology and it’s important for us as individuals to find our balance.

In an effort to better myself, I’ve started to clean up my social media usage.  Instead of spending hours online, I’m spending hours pursuing other hobbies too.  I’m not looking for the next new blog, the next new person to follow on Instagram, the next new article…the next anything.  I’m spending enjoying my outside life.

Questions for you:

When are you known to be “off the grid”?



Staying Connected on the Medias

Facebook has allowed me to stay connected with so many high school friends.  I remained facebook friends with my high school friends after graduation.  Even people I went to high school with and wasn’t sure if we were actually friends.  Did we hate each other?  Were we friends?  Were you my best friends ex boyfriend?  Should we be facebook friends?  Is that drama?

All of those answers were…who cares I’m in college 700 miles away from home now.  None of my high school friends knew my college friends and vice versa.  Worlds Seperated.

Then I went to college and had some of the best four years of my life.  My freshman year roommate and I explored our new found college life.  I fell in love with a lot of things.  I entered college as a math and education major who swam and was still seeing someone from high school.  I left college as a community health major who ran seeing a pilot (Tim).  A lot happened and changed in those four years, none of which I regret.  I, once again, met a lot of people became close, became distant and remained good friends.  Each year people shifted in and out of my life.

Add that to another addition of facebook friends.  After college I asked myself…will we remain close?  Are we good friends?  Were we good friends?  Did we meet at a college rager once, never to talk again (um delete)?  Were you a good friends side piece that actually I didn’t care about (also delete)?  Of course I didn’t delete anyone I knew or to occasionally see what they were up too.   Sometimes you know that deleting someone as your facebook friend is better.

Then I went to Oswego and worked.  Once again I met a great group of people who really helped me assimilate into a college town when I was no longer a college student.  The same questions applied except this time, there is no college reunion.  There is no high school reunion.  I would love to see my friends and I hope I do make it back up there at some point soon.  (I am going to try!).  But I found myself with lots of new friends, all in different areas of the country.

Then finally when in all three phases of my life, I have a completely different realm of facebookfriends that I didn’t mention.  Those who live in VA Beach and run.  Virginia Beach and the Tidewater Striders will always be where my heart of running lies.  I love coming back to races, seeing friends and it’s where my love of running began.  I’ve met so many great people from age 6 to 80 and we all share a common love: running.

Now I’m living in New Jersey and I add a fifth depth of facebook friends that don’t know each other.

So why am I even using facebook?  As obnoxious as facebook is, it is allowed me to stay connected to my personal friends and see what they are up too.  It wasn’t until this week when I was looking through my friends list that I realized my friends and ties are all over the country.  Without my friends, I would be lost.

Social media has always been very good to me.  It’s allowed me to stay connected with friends from middle and high school, college, jobs and just people I’ve met through running!

Questions for you:

Do you like facebook? How long have you had a facebook?

Do you stay connected with high school or college friends?



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