So Much Waffle…So Little Time…

It’s no secret that every Monday I post either a pancake or waffle creation.  Though I try not to be biased, some of my recent favorites have been waffles.  Since really the only recipes I do post are breakfast related I get a few questions on how to create the “perfect” pancake or waffle.  Or I’m generally associated with only eating pancakes or waffles…whatever floats your boat.  Instead of posting a recipe today, I just thought I’d share some of the questions I’ve gotten as of late.

Do you ever use egg whites instead of whole eggs in your recipes?

I personally don’t because I have never had luck with egg whites creating a crunchy waffle.  The waffle has fallen apart more times then I can count with using egg whites.  It has nothing to do with nutrition or calorie count, but I have found that eggs bind the waffle so much better.

Here is what happens when I try to use egg whites...oh well.

What sort of waffle maker do you use?

This one from target.  A little more expensive and I’ve gone through 3 in my lifetime but well worth it.

What is your favorite waffle?

Currently the oreo waffle is my favorite.  My staple and easy to make is probably the red velvet waffle too.  I have been tending towards sweet lately.  I went through a savory waffle phase a few months ago.

How many waffles do you eat daily?

Ha, this question made me laugh.  You see I don’t actually eat waffle and pancakes as much as you would think.  Sometime during the week I have one to create a new recipe.  I normally have a high carbohydrate one before races (3 hours before), and then maybe 2-3 times at other times.  I’d say I probably have 5 or so waffles/pancakes weekly.  It just seems like I have a lot more because that is really the only recipes I post.  Oh well.  (Incase you wondered, I consume a lot of eggs as well).

What do you top your waffle with?

Yogurt, sugar free syrup, peanut butter or if the recipe has a specialty topping…then that.


What kinds of flour do you use for waffle making?

Normally whole wheat or buckwheat (I personally like how dense buckwheat is).  I also use peanut flour if I want a higher protein (only available online I think?).  I’ve used coconut flour once and I just recently posted an oatmeal based waffle.  I don’t use a lot (or any) really specialty flours such as almond meal or whatnot.  I just don’t have a need nor do I really care too.

That’s all the questions I’ve gotten thus far.  You can always ask specifics or more.  I’m here for all your waffle needs.

Questions for you:

Any waffle ideas for next week?

Have you had luck using egg whites?

I don’t know why but they fall apart for me…so I gave up on that quite a while ago.


Vacation Breakfast Food

Travel for me means throwing most of my cares of nutrition and training out the window and I don’t really deny that.  Lucky for me, Tim likes to run and I like to run so I can get some easy runs in so I don’t really throw any sort of run out the window or feel like a bother basing a schedule around when we run.  Recovering from the Shamrock half though I felt somewhat bad that we would be running much slower than he would like.  Oh well we still ran 71 miles together this week.

But this post isn’t about running.  It’s about some of the delicious food that I got my hands on.  I actually didn’t have very much that I was disappointed in (normally when you go out to eat for 15 meals, you have at least one that was like meh).  I am contemplating adding more dining experiences into my blog.  Since I can’t cook but enjoy blowing my budget at various restaurants it seems like a good idea.

Let’s start with breakfast because those are my favorites.

This seems like it was a million years ago but I got breakfast with Shannon a couple Friday’s ago at a local favorite of ours Broken Egg Bistroshannonandi

If you are ever in the VA Beach area, I highly recommend it.  It’s a small breakfast café and their eggs (not to mention pancakes) are always the bomb.  I tend to go every single time I’m home and every single time I see Shannon.  They refilled my coffee cup at least a dozen times and you know if I can report that I’m good to go.  (OH and they have French vanilla creamer for your coffee on site.  If that isn’t enough to convince you…well…I don’t know what is).

always perfection

always perfection…Coastal Omelet (ie: omelet with crab meat inside)


Moving on to Texas-

Anyways Tim and I also got breakfast twice in the San Antonio area (post runs) at a little café called the Egg and I.  The Egg and I quickly became a Texas favorite of mine since you could get different types of coffee…instead of house you got the choice of house, hazelnut, rainforest and something else tat I forgot.  We chose the hazelnut.


The first day I got the Medetterian Frittata (I still don’t know what the difference between that and omelet is that…both are eggs with things in them).  I tend to get a lot more egg related foods going out to eat because I cannot cook eggs to save my life.   The fresh fruit was actually fresh (that sounds funny but it wasn’t like soggy or weird ha).


We certainly got called out the second day being there again but I’m always a regular places.  I had an Avocado and Chicken Omelet.  I think the avocado and chicken was a little more my style because it was a bit more filling and after running 15 miles…you kind of want that.  I really like avocado (look at me being foodie…what foodie blogger isn’t obsessed with avocado?).


On my last morning before leaving Texas…Tim asks how early I am willing to get up for pancakes.  Which in our case was 3:50 am.  I showered and was ready to leave by 4:15 (I’m pretty high maintenance…just ask when I decide running an extra 10 minutes is better then an extra 10 minutes in the shower).


For these bad boys at the local diner called Skillets (no website).  It’s Tim favorite restaurant and now one of my favorites too.  I got healthy chocolate chip pancakes.  Just kidding, I don’t think they have voodoo pancakes there…I asked a few times though. Like I’ve said a few times, I normally get egg type things at diners because I can’t cook eggs…I try but fail.  They come out burnt and crispy or the yolk breaks…ect.  However, you don’t just not get pancakes at a restaurant with a giant pancakes sign.  These were really good and I know for a fact when I go back to Texas (not if…when) I will be eating there…a lot…everyday…


Anyways, I have a lot more restaurants that I went to (and will continue to post about).  I’m thinking of doing more restaurant related posts.

Question for you: What is the best breakfast place you’ve ever been too?  

WIAW: More Protein

It has been requested that I continue this What I eat while eating high protein.  I mean I can’t eat protein pancakes, eggs and giant steaks at 8:00pm every night (well-yes I can…).  Anyways-I don’t really remember what day this is from (sometime between this week and last week). 

Breakfast today, I had eggs.  I try and have at least 2-3 eggs daily.  Not because they taste awesome with ketchup, but because I just have really come to like scrambled eggs.  Today I had 3 regular eggs and 1 cup of egg whites.  I know-that is quite a lot of eggs and protein and yes, it’s very filling.  I like it.

It kept me full for a solid 5 hours.  Not that I really needed too but that is just what it did.  For lunch, I had a salmon salad with feta cheese and balsamic dressing.  I honestly don’t think you can have a bad salad that includes balsamic, salmon and feta cheese.  The salmon was delicious.

Some of the things I try and have daily are salmon, eggs, cheese, Greek yogurt and some sort of oil (balsamic).  I do have fruit, not a lot, but I do have it.  As I said, last week, I don’t really care for fruit so limiting that was not a big deal. 

Then later in the day (creature of habit) I had another quest bar.  I couldn’t get to any “real” food, (I don’t actually know what fake food is anyways) but I had a quest bar-Coconut cashew because that is my favorite.

Dinner that particular night was ham.  My mom makes a mean slow cooked ham and I was not going to pass that up.  Even if that meant eating dinner at around 8pm after getting home.  Luckily for me, she saved me a hearty helping and I was able to go back for seconds too.

Ham, apples, baked potato (with greek yogurt) and grape tomatoes.

That particular day was a lighter day of eating, but I also didn’t work out.  It was one of my off days during my rest week last week.  I don’t eat less on purpose during rest days, I just don’t tend to be as hungry.  I mostly napped the entire day and caught up on school work.

As always-if you have more questions about high protein and me email me at lolzthatswim at gmail or comment or ask anonymously here.  I really have no problems answering whatever questions you have and how it’s working for me.  I love writing blogs on it for your enjoyment.  🙂

Question for you: 

1.       What foods do you normally get daily?

2.       Do you tend to eat more/less during rest days? 

Food Day Monday and Real Girl Streaks

Okay yes.  True life:  I promised I would do a food blog soon and what better way than Monday.  Wow is it already another Monday?  And not just any Monday!  It’s the mom’s birthday.

So yes.  My weekend went Matt’s graduation, fathers day and now the moms birthday.  Tomorrow is also epic as my pool opens but it isn’t quite a um…celebration.

This is when my azz actually sat in a guard stand. Now I just deal with the problem people.

 Without further ado: nom noms of the day

This is now my working week of summer time hours when I wake up errday at 6am.  I go to the gym to either lift, swim or run outdoors from 6:30-7:30.  It depends on my mood and how I slept the night before.  I do not run on tired legs.  It’s not my jive.  EVER.

I come home, make breakfast and am out the door by 8:15 since I need to be there at 8:30. Except Mondays because that’s my day off since the pool isn’t open on Mondays.  I thought I would at least get into the routine today.

Breakfast today was…just for the occasion of food blogging and changing it up.  Two egg sandwiches.

I had a ton of homework for my online classes so I caught up on that all morning.  Then I was already starving by say 11:30 so I decided to make myself more tuna fish sandwiches.  Sandwiches must have been my jive today.

Tuna Melt+chedder cheese is the

Then I got my aerobic action on, as I do every Monday.  So I guess I don’t really have the day off, but I don’t consider aerobics to be much work.  The ladies are hilarious and the time always flies right on by.  Today I integrated superbass and finally found a good remix of party rock anthem.  I swear the ladies wish they had my booty beats aerobics CD when they were off on their own outside of class.  They always ask for all the songs bahaha.  I’m a terrible influence.

Dinner was the mom’s favorite (similar to my favorite I suppose).  Ham, sweet potatoes and corn.  Does anyone else have a strange addiction to ham?  I find it incredibly tasty. 

Oh and I’m a 4 day real girl streak.  I know you probably are as shocked as I am.


Question for you:

What is your summertime routine?

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