Flaming Hot WIAW

I had written up the perfect blog post for today.  What I ate…what happened when I tried something was simply perfectly (okay yeah…no not really) but alas I don’t save my work, I never learn my lessons and closed Microsoft word before transferring into wordpress.  Whoops…Typical Hollie moment.  Better that then the 1500 list […]

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WIAW Timetable

It’s time for my favorite part of the week, WIAW.  These have become a staple of my blog the last few weeks, which surprises me but it’s all good.  Speaking of food, I updated my recipe page.  You can take a gander but it’s mostly just pancakes and waffle ideas.    Last week, I was […]

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WIAW Blogs are hard work.

Here is perhaps my first realistic WIAW.  I have to be honest and food isn’t quite a topic I find myself interested in constantly blogging in (it used to be but now I just find it boring because I’m not a good cook…) and also with food blogging comes multiple questions and people telling you […]

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Dirty Friday Favs

Want to know  a dirty secret? Friday Favorite Blogs are still my favorite blogging day of the week.   But a fun fact of my life…I think dirty is the most humerous word in the world.  Don’t know why but you can add it to anything and it pretty much becomes hilarious.  For instance: Oh look […]

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Broski Noms, Runnin’ and Skewl.

Being a community health major, it isn’t like there are many men in many of my classes.  It could be for every 20 ladies there are like 4 dudes (eligible dudes for me maybe 1).  So it’s not like I need to look my best on the first day of class.  Not like I ever […]

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