Flaming Hot WIAW

I had written up the perfect blog post for today.  What I ate…what happened when I tried something was simply perfectly (okay yeah…no not really) but alas I don’t save my work, I never learn my lessons and closed Microsoft word before transferring into wordpress.  Whoops…Typical Hollie moment.  Better that then the 1500 list of names I had to manually go through…as always worse things in the world. 

So this week, I got outside my comfort zone and bought some new peanut butter.  Why?  Because I was out and needed peanut butter.  But this isn’t just any peanut butter, this was peanut butter and co ( read so many blogs about how great it is…LOL) and tried a weird flavor.  (I literally have been a normal peanut butter fan for…well all my life).  This peanut butter was on sale at the grocery store (price chopper) so I thought…eh it’s the same price and I’ll be adventurous.

I’ll save said story for breakfast.  You should know by now I have a chocolate waffle most mornings.  With about 500 calories per waffle without any peanut butter, it keeps me moving in the morning.  I actually enjoy going to work out on the elliptical with a somewhat full stomach.  If it’s empty I cramp up.  So I normally eat breakfast around 6, go to the gym from 7-8:30 and have work at 9 (most days).

So this peanut butter I bought was actually spicy.  As in my mouth burned and then I had heart burn an hour later.  So with that I’m sticking with normal peanut butter.  Has anyone tried this stuff?

Lunch was with the work gang.  Two of these salads.  Though I do enjoy balsamic dressing , I was feeling very Italian today and got Italian dressing.  My staple work salad at the dining hall is spinach, feta cheese (at least ½ cup), banana peppers, olives (love olives), chicken (and lots of it), dried cherries and walnuts.  It’s so good I always go back for a bonus round.   I really think I have about 1000 calories of salad…I don’t care or mind.


After a rather stressful day at work, I wanted to come home and eat all the cookies in every dining hall for dinner.  Since that might be inappropriate I just made myself a roast beef sandwich.  This might be the greatest sandwich I’ve ever made in my life…partially why I chose to do my WIAW today because normally my food looks like crap.

Grilled on my George Foreman.  Duh. 

Afterwords, I went to the gym and did my core routine.  Nothing too exciting there…  Upon finishing that I was craving something sweet since I forwent all of the cookies.  I was going to get ice cream but they were out of my favorite flavors at Stewerts (upon grumbling) I just went to the fastrack and got a decaf coffee with whip cream and had my greek yogurt protein shake (ie: 1 cup greek yogurt, ½ cup milk, some blueberries, ice cubes and some sweetener).   It sufficed.

Adding sprinkles makes it a constant winner.

Questions for you: 

1.       Have you ever tried that peanut butter?

2.       What did you eat this week?


WIAW Timetable

It’s time for my favorite part of the week, WIAW.  These have become a staple of my blog the last few weeks, which surprises me but it’s all good.  Speaking of food, I updated my recipe page.  You can take a gander but it’s mostly just pancakes and waffle ideas. 


Last week, I was asked to include my whole day including workouts and work and everything.   I don’t mind doing that once in a great while but having a timetable of my day seems so boring (to me I guess because I do it everyday). 

6:00 am wakeup and eat breakfast, read blogs…whatever. 

waffle and peanut butter.


I really wish my gym didn’t open at 7, but it does.  If it opened at 6, I’d brave the cold and go before so I didn’t have to shower and go straight to work.

7:30 Gym time

Not sure why I was in the mood for eggs between the gym and work…but I was…

I spend an hour on the elliptical followed by showering and being a real girl and get to work at 9.  (My job is odd hours sometimes and it requires me to work nights, weekends, whatever depending on the day.  Sometimes I work 8:30-4:30.  Some days I work 12-8). 


Work 9-4:30.  I’m not going to go into a lot of details about my work but it was pretty busy.  Obviously during this time I had lunch.  We went to the dining hall which was pretty good.  I have come to terms that I would rather go to the dining hall then eat at one of the al la carte places because the dining has a lot of more healthy options and I can choose what I want…versus being stuck with one item.  I got a random assortment of whatever was going in that photo.  Asparagus is so expensive in real life so I practically got all of it like no big deal… 

If you didn’t know, I work on a college campus in the health center and they pay for me to eat lunch there most days.  As well as we have meetings there or I meet with students in a more comfortable place there.   So I eat at lot on the actual campus.  (Which my undergrad had better food, but this is fine too ;)) 

Some steak, asparagus and watermelon. Typical campus diet….ya know.


Then from 4:45-6 I spend another hour at the gym.  That particular day I was feeling pretty good (also still somewhat full from the dining hall). I had a nice and pretty moderate workout.

From 6-7, I grilled up some steak and whatever vegetables I had in my fridge.  O days I go to the dining hall I get more then enough of my fair share of veggies because I can eat as many as I want and then normally have more for dinner.  I cannot say that for days I don’t but I’m making best use of my money right?  Vegetables are expensive and I’d rather spend it on gas station coffee. 

Steak Salad


7-10 is spent as personal time.  Honestly, I never really accomplish anything in those three hours.  Sometimes I call my parents, read more blogs, watch trashy TV…if I need to answer a few emails with work I will…but other then that I don’t. 

and eating Stewerts ice cream. I was really craving it last night…



This particular night I spent a good portion wasting time looking at Halloween Costumes.  Don’t worry it’s real life. 

Question for you: 

  1. 1.       What did you do today?
  2. 2.       What is/was your favorite thing to get at a dining hall?

WIAW Blogs are hard work.

Here is perhaps my first realistic WIAW.  I have to be honest and food isn’t quite a topic I find myself interested in constantly blogging in (it used to be but now I just find it boring because I’m not a good cook…) and also with food blogging comes multiple questions and people telling you that you haven’t eaten enough.  No one ever tells a blogger they eat too much-in fact, if you post that ice-cream or “treat” you are looked at so realistic and some sort of inspiration. 

Which is why I find just staying completely away from food blogging.  I know what I’m eating is working for me, whether it be cookies or asparagus. 

*I forget which day I actually documented all my eats/drinks-sometime last week but whatever day it was, it was a huge accomplishment for me since I have the attention span and memory of a gnat and have tried to do WIAW blogs but normally forget by mid morning. 


For breakfast, I choose to have buckwheat pancakes.  I like to add a tablespoon of coconut oil+sugar free syrup+2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and food coloring (for a red velvet appeal) to make the best “frosting” you have ever had.  It looks something like this:

If I could eat these for every meal-I would, but sadly having pancakes all day everyday is not socially acceptable…when other people see you eating them for every meal.  😉

Then I went to class as a prepster real girl. This is certainly a photographic moment.

By 11, I was hungry per usual.  I normally eat 2 lunches, 1 at 11 and one at 2 because I’m hungry again.  Sometimes at 2 I’m in class so that’s how I feel about that.

So lunch at 11 was this quiche.

Quiche and some legume salad on campus. I don’t ask questions because it isn’t molding (just kidding, my college campus actually has good food)  I always ask for my quiche burnt. 

And lunch at two wasn’t really a lunch per say but two muscle milks and a coffee.   (I didn’t take a photo but muscle milk containers aren’t thrilling…)

For dinner, I ended up just staying at home and grilling some fish and having a baked potato.   I was supposed to go out to eat but things fell through so I decided to use some of the crap in my kitchen.  I’m leaving school in less than two weeks so I should probably work on cleaning out my fridge. 

salmon, sweet potato with greek yogurt. That is the extent of my foodieness.  Also cinnamon added on there as well.  

At night, I spent about 4 hours doing work and I just needed a beer.  Lolz.  I don’t ever crave beer but apparently I was today so I walked to the gas station and got yuengling.  It seemed appropriate at the time.  That is where I leave you since I went to bed about two hours afterwards.  Beer legit makes me sleep like a rock.  Having one beer…I know I’m pathetic.

Questions for you: 

1. Is it just me or is documenting a full day of eating boring, or close to impossible?  

2.  Would you want to me do it more often?  (I know I’m an awesome cook and everything…)

Dirty Friday Favs

Want to know  a dirty secret?

Friday Favorite Blogs are still my favorite blogging day of the week.  

But a fun fact of my life…I think dirty is the most humerous word in the world.  Don’t know why but you can add it to anything and it pretty much becomes hilarious.  For instance:

Oh look at that girl over there…


Oh look at the dirty girl over there….  

Bah-it makes me giggle like a teenage adolescent.  Please judge me I suppose.

I digress.

This week has been a roller coaster of life.

Incase you have been busy/and or forgot….I quit swimming.    It’s been an emotional battle but I think I’m happy-I won’t know for sure, for a few weeks. You can listen to my rambles over there.


On to my favorite things of the week:

My body has been craving salads (and coffee because it’s so cold).

Hugh jass salads from our campus dining hall.  I kid you not, some girl the other day was like “oh my god how do you eat all that and not gain weight”.  I said I dabbled in running and walked away.

Does this even count as a salad? I think there is lettuce somewhere...

I have also been eating a lot of (chocolate) peanut flour pancakes.  All week that has been my breakfast.  I guess I’m in that peanut flour phase for a few weeks (until I run out).

Why yes that is melted nutella...

Lot’s of quiche and wheatberry salads from the local café when I’m somewhat on the go.

That’s my foodie favorites of the weeks…oh exciting.


This has been currently getting the grimeass chlorine out of my hair so automatically a favorite.


I took a couple days off completely from running to do some of this:

(my hamstring was sense is injurying myself)…My championship race is next week and I would rather take two days in a row off than take another 2 months in a row off.  It’s paying off though and I’m feeling a lot better than the beginning of the week.  🙂

Arctrainer love


Questions for you:

Tell me a Friday Favorite of yours.

What is a word you find hilarious?

Broski Noms, Runnin’ and Skewl.

Being a community health major, it isn’t like there are many men in many of my classes.  It could be for every 20 ladies there are like 4 dudes (eligible dudes for me maybe 1).  So it’s not like I need to look my best on the first day of class.  Not like I ever do.  I wear the same thing the first week of class as I do the second, third and forth…until it gets cold, I guess.   Then I continue to wear similar outfits but with leggings underneath and boots.

peacee. Knee braces are for suckas.


My broski has requested I display him and all his eats today in food blog format.  Since-I’m always (ha) displaying my foods, I thought I would allow him this one time to take over the blog with his noms.  Seeing as he goes back to the academy tomorrow and set up my room for me, I thought I would grant him this one request.  He also requested I make a facebook album titled fatty mc fat fat.  I wish I was joking.


This morning started as any other morning in my life does.  With a waffle so obviously that is what we had for breakfast.  When you are under my roof you eat my waffles.  Not what you wanted?  So sad. I will make them for you don’t worry.  He enjoys it though (so he says). 

My classes are so exciting.  They are all in the same classroom.  With the same teacher and the majority of the same people.  One at 9, 12 and 2.  Mondays and Wednesdays are practically the best time of my life.  Actually I love all my classes thus far.

Brief outline-My 9am class is Human Diseases.  Basically it is exactly what it sounds like, issues you get with poor nutrition.  My 12pm class is Program evaluation.  This will be my toughest class as it is a 500 level course (which is basically the highest undergrad level you can go) and goes through evaluating different programs that you create.  Such as a health program to help college students lose weight.  How would you evaluate it and see that it is working.  Finally, my 2pm class is Health Disparities which is essentially why certain portions of the population get diseases while others don’t.

Fun stuff.

Anywho-for lunch Matt and I went to the dining hall.  Probably one of the only times I’ll eat there all semester considering it is way out of the way for me living off campus.  Still so good though.

I believe this is sweet taters, pasta and some turkey. He enjoyed it. Oh is that stuffing too. I don't know-I don't question dining halls.

Next up, I chatted with my cross country coach.  I haven’t shared everything concerning my injury and thought process of running or not but I will now.  I have been in limbo about running this season.  I don’t want to force myself to up mileage and then refracture my leg and be sad for another eight weeks.  I also don’t want to suck and run races now and be nowhere near my times.  I know-judge if you want but I would rather slowly ease into running versus gun ho racing. 

That being said, I am sitting out the first two months of races.  I’ll start racing again in late October-granted I feel up too it.  I’m not running everyday mind you and I’m easing back into it.  I’m not using a watch and I’m not forcing myself to run a set amount of miles  I’m rollin at Hollie time, pace and milage.  Going with the flow, running away from creeps…ya know.  Just running with how my legs feel.  Today they felt great and I ran 3.5 miles.

After running, I worked on unpacking my room and then the broski and I went to get Mexican.  We both got the same thing but since this is his noms of the day-he is the one featured.

We got a fried pepper appetizer. Don't worry-I enjoy his faces too.

Enchiladas yes.

It’s so nice to live right into town where we can walk to wherever we want.  I actually really like my off campus house choice a lot more than I thought I would.  Well bedtime for me because I’m waking up at the glorious hour of 6 to drop off the brother (sad face hurr) at the Syracuse train station.  Not that I’m going to New York City on Friday to see him.  🙂

Question for you:

1.       If you ever had an injury. How did you ease back into it?

2.       Would you rather do 1 2 hour workout or 2 1 hour workouts?

I really like to break my workouts up personally.  I feel so much better.

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