Sugar Coma.

I’ve been asked a few times about adding sugar back into my diet after the detox.  If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning of the year, you’ll know that I did a month long sugar free detox.  It also included artificial sweeteners.  Long story short, it wasn’t the most difficult thing I have ever done and my body felt good doing it. I felt like it got a little boring towards the end because removing sugar wasn’t a big deal anymore. 

Several people have asked how I have been feeling adding sugar back into my diet so I thought I would do one final post.

First, I think it’s important to note that I didn’t go from 0 grams of sugar to 500 or immediately the next eat a dozen donuts. I have casually brought sugar and artificial sweetener back into my life.

It would be unrealistic for me to think that after this challenge I would never have artificial sweetener again. is something I could never and will never commit too.  My vice in the morning is my daily wawa coffee.   I think my coffee instagram handle should be called fueledbycoffee since I’ve been posting a #coffeeaday for 544 days.

This is me enjoying whip cream and coffee....but mostly whip cream.

This is me enjoying whip cream and coffee….but mostly whip cream.

For a few days after the challenge I opted to keep my sugar low and add artificial sweetener back into my daily coffee.  The first day of February brought my first sweetened coffee (with the lovely yellow wawa packets).  It tasted delicious and it was everything I missed.  I didn’t mind black and plain coffee and could tolerate it but I will always enjoy sweetened coffee more.

I didn’t know if my body would have a strange reaction after not having sugar/artificial sweetener for a month.  I read a few articles on both sides.  Some people had issues and some didn’t.  I held off for a few days before getting the big sugar filled dessert I had been wanting all month.




The diner came out with a new red velvet cake January 1st and I had been wanting this cake since.  It was certainly worth the wait.

I think taking about sugar and artificial sweeteners are

First artificial sweeteners:

I normally keep my artificial sweetener limited to my morning coffee and occasionally pancakes if I make them.  I’ve honestly been enjoying eggs more lately so pancakes and waffles are in the minority right now.  I would say on average I use 10 packets of artificial sweetener in various coffees, hot cocoa or food daily.  Typing that out makes me realize I have been craving far more savory food lately then sweet.  Eggs over pancakes, what is this madness?


I have slowly been integrating sugar into my diet daily too.  Even though I enjoy dessert, cake and ice cream I’ve never been obsessed.  Now that my detox challenge is over I’m not avoiding dessert.  If I want cake (red velvet cake) I’m going to eat cake.  I don’t eat cake, ice cream or cookies every night but do enjoy it when I do.

My body does not feel a rebellion from adding sugar.  A lot of people who have done a detox challenge have mentioned their bodies feel shocked once they add sugar back in.  I can honestly say that mine does not.  I will admit that I feel better with minimal sugar but I don’t feel like I’m going into a sugar coma from a little bit or from the red velvet cake.


I am enjoying life with sugar and artificial sweetener but I am definitely using less.  I am having a little less artificial sweetener and things seem to taste a lot sweetener then they did.  We will see how this lasts .  If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Please don’t forget to vote for Napa.  1.5 weeks to go! 

Questions for you:

How much sugar or artificial sweetener do you have in your diet? 


Tis the Season to Detox

When Swanson contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in the 21 day sugar free challenge in January I 100% agreed very quickly.  You see I barely ever get “blogging perks” and free things.  They were going to send me a book about the challenge as well as 100 dollars to use at their store to get items I would need.

Long story short: Swanson gave me a 100 dollar gift certificate towards their store and this book.  (I’m not in college so can read things for fun again!) All thoughts, food choices and musings are my own.  IE: They are not paying me to whine and complain.

While I haven’t been eating terrible I have been eating a lot post marathon.  That was two months ago and I guess it’s time for me to get back on track. I should probably stop using the fact that I’m not training for anything and that I ran a marathon 2 months ago to eat everything and be lay around.  It isn’t that I hoard cookies or eat cake for every meal but my nutrition has resembled a high school boy for the last two months.  If only I can eat as such and not gain weight.  With less workouts (taking a few months of down time) and more eating, I’ve found myself feeling lethargic often and I assumed I gained some weight (which I did more on that later).

They first sent me a book called the “21 days of detox”.  When I signed up for the challenge, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  I thought it was the mental push I needed to start training and start getting on back with nutrition.  I didn’t think it was something that was going to stress me out just reading about it.  In the book it mentions no artificial sweetener (I’m a fiend), no sugar in raw form and basically if it’s sweet it’s out.  I tend to jump the gun on multiple things and reading the book made me realize I essentially signed a contract without reading it.  (Not that I couldn’t back out I guess).

If you know me then you know I like sweet things.  At first I was close to emailing Swanson back and saying no thanks this isn’t something that I was interested in.  Then decided I would give a try.  Why?  I don’t know, maybe the fact that people’s food preferences are always sensitive.  Think about it…if you don’t care for something someone else is cooking, it will normally offend them.  I would rather have beer then liquor.  I like sweet breakfasts like French toast and waffles versus salty and savory like eggs.  I thought it would get me out of my comfort zone as far as cooking and trying new things as well.

This detox challenge involves limiting all sugar and artificial sweetener.  That for me will be the hardest.  It involves eating whole and natural foods (not as big of a deal because I don’t know a lot of fancy blogger foods anyways) as well as limiting processed carbohydrate sources.

While looking through the book I decided I should make a list of things that I will find to be the most challenging as well as the easiest to give up.

Things that appear to be easier for me in this challenge:

Giving up most bread.  I’m not a carbohydrate fiend, with the exception of pancakes I don’t eat a lot of carbs.  I would rather have a pound of steak of protein.  (that is except pita bread-it’s my favorite!).

Eating similar foods daily.  If I know it follows the “detox rules” I have no problems eating it everyday.

Eating natural foods daily doesn’t seem all that challenging as well as eating lots of steak, seafood and eggs.

Things that will be harder:

Giving up anything and everything sweet.  I have a sweet tooth.  I don’t eat dessert every single day but I do eat dessert.

Giving up artificial sweeteners.  I put at least 7 in my coffee every single morning.  That alone is going to be a huge challenge for me.  (My coffee could be the hardest part of the challenge!)

Following any sort of food plan.  I don’t follow plans in life, in training and certainly not food prepping.  I am hoping this will open my eyes up to how to meal prep for the week and be a bit more organized too.

Trying new recipes and new foods.  I am worried Tim is going to come home and my house will be on fire.  Let’s hope that isn’t the case though.  Some of the recipes call for coconut and almond flour or flours I’ve made fun of before.  Hopefully they stand the test of a waffle iron.

Finally weight:

I also weighed myself this morning and weighed 135 (Up about 5 pounds from the marathon).  I haven’t weighed myself since the marathon but this was a good wake up call that I have indeed gained weight.  The majority of my outfits include black leggings or tights so I couldn’t tell my jeans have probably gotten tighter.  My goal is not to lose weight throughout this month but I wouldn’t mind being back at race weight either.  I wanted to give a very comprehensive and objective view of the challenge to see how it goes (who knows maybe it would be good for you to do!).


So yes this should be an interesting month for me and I’ll chronicle my journey and hopefully be able to stick to it all month long while giving a realistic viewpoint.  Oh finally for my own personal enjoyment I’ve decided if I can actually stick to this plan I’ll get a hair cut in February.  It’s been quite a long time.  I think the fact that I’m unsure if I can complete this challenge is what drew me in to keep with it the most.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Questions for you:

Have you ever done a detox before?  Can you offer advice? 

What is one thing you would struggle with?

Splenda and I go hand in and hand…like mornings and coffeeaday.

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