Articles: Feb 6

Is it just me or did this week fly by?  I guess it is because I spent the first half of the week in Rochester.  The second half of the week was spent catching up on sleep and assimilating back into real life (which is something that never really happened).

I spent some time reading articles in the airport and on the airplane.  I found a few that I found were pretty interesting.   Other then that getting back into the grind, there was nothing too exciting going on with me.

I recently discovered!  This isn’t sponsored but you can edit your photos from your computer.  It’s like the instagram for computers…now I can edit myself ten times and look glamorous every blog post!

snow bank 1


Tracking your budget without feeling overwhelmed For me, starting anything seems overwhelming but I always enjoy how easy Ashley makes it seem.

16 Ways to Pay it Forward 

This Girl Can (Response)  Loved this post from Jess.


Branding Your Blog 


8 Toxic Believes People Thought were real 

Food Fear (A personal post by Sarah talking in depth about overcoming her eating disorder.  Sarah is such a strong woman who I’ve had the honar to hang out with several times.  I couldn’t be more proud of everything she has overcome).



8 Running Injuries No one talks about 


Health Benefits of Beer As if this needed any caption…



Football Musings If you watched the Super Bowl with me…

Five Types of Runners And yes, I’m working on part 2 soon!

Question for you: What are some interesting articles you have read?  (Feel free to post links!)


Football Musings

Let’s be honest here…I’m not a big football fan and I root for whatever team seems the most interesting.  I only live about 4 miles from Philadelphia so in reality I should be an Eagles fan.  I’m not because I don’t invest my time into football.  Anyways while visiting Laura this weekend, we watched the Super Bowl.

I watched the game with no preference for whether the Patriots or the Seahawks won.  I watched for the commercials, the half time show and because America.  Here is a recap of one liner thoughts I had (mostly through twitter).

Because memes are the only photos I post these days...

Because memes are the only photos I post these days…

Here are some of the random thoughts I had:

Wow these TV announcers seem to be into the game as much as I do.

Either that touchdown came out of nowhere or I just wasn’t paying attention.

There are so many sad commercials.  I thought the commercials were supposed to be funny.

Super bowl workout:

Pick up fork.

Pick up Beer:

Do crunch to get out of seat and refill.

Half Time show:

Um, where did Katy Perry get that tiger?  Is she a power ranger?

katy perry meme 1

Why are these tin man not getting any recognition?  They are dancing tin men.

dancing tin men

And now there are dancing waves…how adorable.  She has dancing waves, dancing sharks and dancing trees.

When did Missy Elliot release her last CD, 1994?

Missy actually looks really nice and classy.

Second half:

I don’t think the Patriots will win (my lack of football knowledge).

Fast forward though about an hour of game.

OMG what the heck is going on?  A bad call, bad play…I don’t get it.  Now they are fighting?  Is there a Boxing Bowl?

If I have learned anything from this football game it’s that Katy Perry is a secret Power ranger.  I can only hope for the 50th Super Bowl, Miley Circus will ride in on a wrecking ball.  As you can probably see, my brain is always scattered.

Questions for you:

Did you watch the game?

Are you a big football fan?

Articles: Jan 23

I alluded to this yesterday but this has been a weird week for me.  It’s hard to believe it’s actually Friday.  That being said, working in retail weekends are just another day.  Thanks to everyone for some great ideas on TV shows to DVR.

I’ll keep my post short and sweet today but here are some articles I’ve found the last week or two.

article meme

Blogging Articles:

4 Ways to Avoid Blogging Burn Out

9 Things only a Blogger Would Understand (So many LOLZ…so little time).


Stylish People Say How Much They Spent This is so interesting!  There are some clothing options I cannot even imagine spending 5 dollars for!


Running in Your 20s

How to get Excited about Training Again  Such a great and timely article, especially training in the winter!

Do Epsom salt baths really work? 

Interesting Articles: 

How to be Imperfect  & Still be Perfectly Happy  No one is perfect but accepting that is key!

25 Ways to Stop Feeling Over worked and Overwhelmed I’ve found this so true.  I’m often guilty of filling my life plate way to full.

From LOLZ:

A Look at my Personal Eating and Marathon Training

Don’t Survive Winter Running…Prosper

Are Paying for Facebook Ads Worth it For Bloggers? 

Questions for you:

What articles are you enjoying this week?

Do you have any weekend plans? 


Articles: December 26

The day after Christmas is always a weird day (in my opinion).  It’s like post Christmas blues day.  At least today is Friday though.  Speaking of the 26th, in Europe it’s referred to as Boxing Day. A little known fact of LOLZ is that I grew up in England.  Since it was far before I blogged, it doesn’t get mentioned too much. ;).  We would always refer to the 26th as Boxing day.  It seems like it is slowly making it’s way over to the US.  It was normally a holiday for my parents and a day we “boxed up” gifts.  HA.

Here is some information about Boxing Day.

boxing day

I’m relaxing with my family in VA the next few days (as well as trying to get some wedding stuff done).  It’s a much needed homecation (is that even a thing?).  I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to visit for this much time but really happy to be able too.

I’ve been doing a lot more reading and relaxing (both blogs and articles) lately, so I have a lot more to share this week.


Saving money when you live alone

Living with an ED (Part 9)  (I always appreciate how open and honest Danielle is.  Her whole series is a great read and I would 100% recommend it to anyone (suffering from an eating disorder or not)

10 Ways to Stay Warmer Without Killing Your Heat Bill  (I’m always ten jacket layers in front of people)



The 0.0 Run in Philadelphia (Seriously, who wants to do this with me.  To me it just sounds like a 20 dollar bar cover charge.  A lot of runners are getting so raged about this..I just think it’s funny).

How exercise changes our DNA

Sneak Peak at Shoes coming out Spring/Summer 2015  (New Dream shoes coming out!)

Why Running Hurts Every Part of Your Body

28 Facts about Cross Country (ha!  This is so true and hilarious)


Butter in your coffee?  I’m curious to see what other people think about this.  Honestly, I would rather just eat my calories versus loading up with a 200 calorie buttered coffee drink.

19 Signs You are a Coffee Addict 

Science urges people to stop drinking low fat milk


Bill Nye Explains Evolution with Emojis  (If only he was a little more accurate.  Thanks to Victoria for clearing that up…Oh well at least he used every emoji).

Cats on Christmas

From LOLZ:

Signing a Wedding Dress Waiver

(Personal) Looking Back at 2014 Resolutions 

That is all I have this week.  I’m going to relax and enjoy some more friends and family time.  This down time has been glorious for my soul.

Questions for you: 

How was your Christmas?  

What are you up too this weekend? 

Friday Updates: Dec 12

Working in retail, this begins a busy few weeks for me.  I wish I had more time to hang out but this is one our most busy times of year.  Instead of personal reading and browsing the internet, I’ve been spending a lot more time with loved ones, friends and family (outside of work).  The Holidays only come once a year.  😉

We were also hit with some personal matter so I’m been off the internet more anyways.  We found out a few days ago T will be deployed very soon again. It was very short notice (think he found out on Monday, he was missing his birthday, Christmas, New Years and Valentines day). Long story short, calculating it out he will have been gone over 8 months of our 12 month engagement.  That’s the military life though and I’m glad to have friends to chat with.  While I don’t post a lot about relationship, it is strong and we are extremely happy together.  I don’t need to justify or prove that via blogging.  This isn’t the first quick changing plans we’ve had and it won’t be the last.  So that was rough news at the start of the week.

Does this photo justify we are happy?  Okay good...

Does this photo justify we are happy? Okay good…

On to more positive things though! 


31 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year Important mental notes for anyone.

Why Little Things Piss Us Off So Much


If your period was a person (video).  This is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen all month if not all year (that’s why I bolded it..).


9 Tips for running in the winter (by someone not living in Florida or the Caribbean and one of my bffers)

Why Not Everyone Should Run a Marathon (I agree with these points.  I don’t think everyone needs to run a marathon…or run at all).

Holidays/Gift Giving:

How to Save Money While Online Shopping

Tips to Keep Sane During the Holidays

28 Things People in Retail are Tired of Hearing During the Holidays

101 Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas

Or blogger Santa too… 

blogger santa

From LOLZ:

How to be an Awesome Training Partner

Who cares where you run?

Anyways that is all I have today.  I hope you grab a second to watch the video.  I’ve seen it toughly 5-10 times now and laughed  everytime.

Questions for you:

What are you up to this weekend?

How are you spending New Years? 



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