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I don’t have a lot to say this week.  It seems like when my running is going well, life is chaotic.  Lately, I’ve been busy with work.  This weekend is a big race weekend in Philadelphia and New Jersey.  On Saturday is the Philadelphia RnR and Sunday is the Run the Bridge 10k.  While I’m not racing over the Ben Franklin Bridge, my work has packet pickup and helps out a lot with the race.

I’ve also been dealt a slice of humble pie with military life and culture.   To be honest, the last two weeks have been mentally rough!  This month has taught me that everything can change in a blink of an eye.  It’s been hard to schedule anything but I’m okay with that.

Speaking of the military, I’ve also been lucky with a few blogging opportunities.  With Veterans Day coming up, I was contacted to help promote Great Clips.  Believe it or not Great Clipsis giving out free haircuts for all Veterans.  I think this is such a nice gesture.  Both my brother and husband are in the military and my father was as well.  If you know any Veterans who want or need a haircut, let them know.  I’ll be expanding upon this as Veterans Day draws closer!

Dad and I

Dad and I

As seen on twitter, I went for a shopping trip to my local lululemon recently.  They were having a sale and I was lucky enjoy to scoop up a few things.


Anyways, here are some articles I’ve found to be interesting and a few of my recent posts…

You Don’t Have to Run
12 Struggles that Real for Accident Prone People  (After my fall last month I suppose this is appropriate
Why October is the Best Month to Start Running

7 Signs You are Becoming An Adult (Hilarious)
Rare photos of What People Look Like Before Coffee

From LOLZ:
Why a Sub 19 minute 5k?
Adding Track Workouts
Staying Safe While Running
Online Running Shoe Reviews are (Mostly) Worthless
Bone Run 3.05 (18:11)
JCC 5k (19:15)

Have a great Friday.  It’s definitely been a long week! 

Questions for you:

What articles are you enjoying this week?
Are you racing this weekend?  Where at and what distance?



Friday Five

Five Thoughts I’ve Had This Week:

I’ve begun creating my racing schedule for the fall.  I can find a 5k, 10k or half marathon every weekend but I still lack an ultimate goal race.
Do I want to race more 5ks?
Train for a half marathon?
Train for a late Fall or Winter Marathon?  A Marathon next week?

Your guess is as good as mine because I truly don’t know what I want to train for.  

I’ve been all over the place with life.  Recently I’ve gone through a lot of changes that leaves my schedule about as predictable as playing Russian Roulette. I don’t foresee my schedule changing until at least October and honestly that is fine by me.  I would rather spend time in the outside world versus glued behind my computer screen, iPhone or other technology device.  It’s not you social media, it’s me…

The heat and humidity this week has been awful.  This weather has also been unpredictable.  If we dealt with 90+ degrees every day, running would be fine. Sadly we have dealt with temperatures between 70-95 this summer.  Oh well, I can’t decide if I prefer the summer heat or the winter snow.  When in doubt, treadmill it out…

I bought this dress last month from lululemon.  I hope the color plum comes into style because I’m obsessed.   On a foodie note, I’m also obsessed with local plums from the Farmers Market.

me plum kayano lululemon dress

Is it already the end of August?  We blinked and the summer flew by.  I hope we have a fall season since we never had a Spring.  (Here in NJ we went from Winter to Summer in about 1 day).

From my neighborhood last Fall. Bring on the foliage.

From my neighborhood last Fall. Bring on the foliage.

Five Posts that I loved:

Esther Erb on Coffee 
Being Late is Unacceptable
How the Sir Walter Mile Provides Glimpse of Growth for Track
Choosing the Right Running Shoe (This is so important.  Running shoes aren’t designed to hurt you but it’s important to find the correct ones for you)
A letter from Shante Little (This is one of the most eye opening posts I’ve read in a while.)

Five Posts from LOLZ:
Favorite Summer Products
Five Lessons I’ve Learned from Running
How to Save Money on Road Races
Racing my Way to Fitness
Some Runs are Just Awful


I don’t have five videos but I thought this was really interesting and cool.

Questions for you:
How was your week?
What is your favorite color?

I think mine be plum right now.



This week has actually gone by quickly.  My brother came into town on Thursday so we got to hang out on my day off.  It’s hard to believe I hadn’t seen him in a month and a half (last time was my wedding!).  It was great to see him though.

Matt and I

Other then that this week has been filled with work and staying busy.  We are preparing for T to leave again so lots of thing to do with that too.

I did find a few really interesting articles this week though.


What the Dad Bod Tells Us about How We Label Both Men and Woman 


10 Questions You Should be Asking about Your Health (And a lot of these aren’t questions you would think!)


Half Marathon With Qualifying Standards? (I actually think this is a great idea.  Almost every other distance has this from 1 mile (track meets) to the Boston Marathon.  To my knowledge, the half marathon does not.  For a lot of people (like myself) this is their favorite distance!)

How runners can protect their skin with food (It’s so important to protect your skin while running in the sun.  For some people, that is 3 hours outdoors unprotected!)

How to Respond if Attacked while Running (I think every person should know and be aware of what to do!)

LOLZ Blog: 

Running Gear and Shoes I’m loving (Spring Edition)

Weekend 5k Recap (20:15) 

Meet Gretchen

It’s All About the Network

Questions for you:

Do you have any plans for the Holiday weekend?

Which articles are you enjoying reading? 


Will Hall ever finish another successful marathon?

We might never know why Ryan Hall decided to drop out of the LA marathon.

ryan hall 2

Will he ever finish another marathon?

Will he ever come close to his American Record?

The last few years, Ryan has been under attack by almost everyone.  Since he performance of 2:04.58 in Boston, he has dropped out of several races, or finished disappointed.   He hasn’t had a great distance race (for him, it’s all relative) since his performance at Boston.

To preface this post, Ryan Hall is one of my favorite elite runners.  I also am not (or never will be) an athlete of that caliber.  I don’t rely on running as a source of income and I’m grateful for that.  It would be a very hard job, career and I applaud elite runners who make it work.

For the majority of racers, we don’t rely on running for paychecks.  If we have a bad race we complain for a while then move on.  We don’t worry our sponsors will drop us or that we will be on a strict budget (due to lack of income) for a while.  We have a bad race and move on.

Was it smart of him to drop out of this marathon?  Should he have just “gutted it out”?  Possibly finishing above 2:20 or even 2:30? 

Ryan Hall has dropped out of several marathons he started since Boston:

In 2012, he DNFed at the London Olympics.

In 2013, he ran no marathons.  He was scheduled to run both Boston and NYCM.

In 2014, he ran a 2:17 at Boston and placed 20th. 

In 2015, he DNFed the LA marathon.

For elite athlete distance runners, it is often smarter to withdraw from a race early.  This allows the body to recover faster and prepare for another marathon sooner.  When an elite athlete knows they are extremely off pace, they withdraw…recover and begin preparing for a race sooner.  I think this is wise and tactical.  Why finish a race they know is not going to get them where they need too? They can recover and live to race another day…sooner.

My question is Ryan has not done this.  He dropped out of one race and doesn’t start another.  He hasn’t saved himself for another great race because he hasn’t run another one. 

Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi

Another point to consider is that it was hot at the LA marathon.  When you prepare for a race, train well, appropriately taper and do everything right training wise…it stinks to have the weather not cooperate.  Am I saying this is the reason he dropped out?  No…lots of runners finished the race that day…including his wife.

In my nonelite opinion, Hall needs to take more time and get back to shorter distances. Like a newer runner just work on shorter races for a while before getting back into the marathon.

That being said I’m not elite, not a coach and haven’t had any marathon races I’m particularly proud of.  This is just my opinion…

Ryan Hall said “You can only have one best day of your life”…maybe he has peaked at Boston a few years ago and we are all having a hard time accepting this.

Question for you: What do you think about Hall?

Fun Reads: February 20

I can’t believe it’s actually Friday.  This week has flown by.   This time next week I will be enjoying myself in the warmth of Phoenix, Arizona and honestly I can’t wait.  I haven’t had a lot going on this week (never a bad thing).   This last month has honestly taken a real toll on me.  I’m cold, miserable and just want to stay inside.  Each year I don’t think it’s possible to dislike winter anymore and each year it proves me wrong.

On the cold note, does anyone else feel like February really brought the winter?  January was a cold month but it feels as if February has just been brutal.  To my knowledge, a negative degree windchills is not normal for this area of NJ/Philly.  It doesn’t make me miss Upstate, NY and I feel for my friends in Canada.  Hopefully March brings warmer weather.  As you can tell, going to college in the arctic tundra of New York state makes me not miss that climate. 

How I ran outdoors yesterday:

Incase you wondered my layering system: 

Bottom: Tights and sweats

Top: Tank, knit sweater, Gore wind resistant jacket, puffer vest, arm warmers and mittens

Head: ear warmers and Burton hat (Burton hats are actually made for skiiing)

running outdoors layering me

Here are some articles I have been enjoying without leaving my house. 


Inflammation (A great and information post about inflammation and if runners are relying too much on NSAIDS)

8 Health benefits of Coffee

Metal Health:

12 Ways to Avoid Burnout (I think this can be applied to any different topics and activities.  There is a lot of great advice here).

Thoughts About Male Body Image


Forget Barefoot, new Trend for Minimalist shoes I love my max cushioned shoes so I can completely relate to this.

Stop Comparing your Running 

Blogging: The State of Blogging Great post on how blogging has changed in the last few years.  It really makes you think.


10 Signs You are a Retired Swimmer (Yes on all accounts…I don’t miss swimming at all right now)

15 Most Expensive Places to Live in the US (I was lucky enough to run through a few neighborhoods in the number 1 spot and holy moly.  I will say I had assumed NYC and San Francisco would be in the top 5!)

From LOLZ:

Runners You Might See Part 1, Part 2


Dealing with Deployment

Best Races to Run in NJ

Some Fun Winter Races

That is all I have this week, enjoy your weekend.

Questions for you:

What are your plans this weekend?

What articles are you enjoying this week? 

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