Savory Crab Waffles

I’ve been really digging savory waffles as of late.  Although I like my chocolate, alcoholic and whatever else…savory has been what I’ve been feeling lately.   Also what I’ve been feeling is cleaning out my hoarding collection whether it’s foodie items or clothes or random junk.  Which is where I found 5 cans of crab meat. 

So I bring you a very simple and awkwardly named savory crab waffle.  That sounds awkward typing out though but I sat here for quite some time and couldn’t think of a better name.


Besides my smoked salmon waffle, this has honestly become my favorite savory waffle to date (and in top 5 favorite waffle recipes).  I like it so much I’ve gone through all five containers of crab meat and will probably end up buying more…then complaining when I grow tired of it and once again have five containers of crab meat.


2/3 cup flour
1 cup water (I tried milk once and it tasted a bit odd to me, water actually tastes better in this case)
¼ feta or crumbly blue cheese
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
Spices I used: Old bay and garlic

Mix water and egg.
Add flour, spices and baking powder.  Add extra water if needed.  Add cheese and about ½ of the craned crab.  (Save the rest of the canned crab for topping).

Mix and pour on waffle maker.

Once done…top with more crab.


Questions for you:

Favorite seafood?

How do you get rid of things when moving?


It’s my first (and probably last) What I ate Wednesday Post.


Because well-it’s not even what I ate today and it’s not even everything.  It’s just highlighted eats from my traveling to NYC for my race last weekend. 

Before we left I stocked up on 3 pounds at the Farm Fresh Greek Food Bar. I ate it all in the car. I was basically in love with Greek baby all eight hours of the drive.

 They had this adorable Build Your Own Salad Bar near my hotel at the West Nyack Mall.  Go to New York City and go make your own salad.  I bought two-one for lunch and one for road lunch.

Spinach, corn, sundried tomatoes, chicken, feta cheese. If I had a favorite salad it would combine these things.

This was at a buffet. I had no idea how to eat it. So I didn't....I did take a picture. But don't worry mom-the daddykins and I were good and we didn't play with our food. He just sat there.

I knew I had some pasta and marinara somewhere in there too to fuel for my Open Water Swim

Okay now to the best part.  I may or may not have mentioned I lived in Japan for 2 years (The daddykins ran some ships off the coast of Okinawa, Japan).  It made me love sushi.  Like love.  There was always this little restuarant that my parents loved to go too and my brother (when he was about 5) nicknamed the “Sushi-Go-Round”.  Oh to this day we still don’t know the name.  But anyways the sushi goes around on a conveyerbelt and you just grab what you want.  The price depends on the plate, like blue plates were 3.00, red 4.00…ect.  Well we finally found one in the US.  I had to stop.   Actually that is a dirty lie the daddykins asked if I wanted to try it and I was like hell yeah.  4 letter words were common in our car ride adventures.

I'm so sneaky...I snapped this from the balcony.

Oh and PS: If you can figure out the last part (or close) of the acronym in my title (it does use a phrase I use quite often), I’ll send you some delish pancake mix that I have errrday so we can be twinnies.  I hope it doesn’t look like anthrax.


Question for you:

Sushi: YAY or NAY?

Kick Me Out of the Foodie Club

Do you what I realized, I haven’t been posting my nomtastic eats lately.  How can I begin to classify myself as a food blogger (actually true life: I’m not a foodie at all) if I never post about any sort of food.

But I do enjoy photos of my cat.

It was a day of interesting eats to say the least.  Remember the other day when I was getting my Thanksgiving on with sweet potato pancakes?

Now I am pretending (since it’s a little bit closer) that It’s Halloween and having pumpkin pancakes.  I finally was able to find more pumpkin at Farm Fresh.  I may or may not have hoarded a few cans.

Speaking of Farm Fresh, that is where I got my lunch today.  While yes, it is a grocery store (I mean you New Yorkers have Wegmans), Farm Fresh has the salad bar.  One would think if I spent the same amount for this glorious salad as some fancy restaurant,  I could get away with having it for two meals.

Not the case for this girl.

I don’t get full on 3 spinach leaves okay thanks.

But it was the best salad in the whole wide world and I need to stop buying gas station coffee so I can buy 13 dollar salads.  I couldn’t tell you everything I added in here but I remember these from staring at the photo for a hot second:  it had a base of spinach leaves followed by corn, 3 bean salad, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, ham, turkey, sun dried tomatoes, grapes, this weird stuff that looked good (and duh it was)….yes I could spend 10 blogs writing about how nomtastic it was.

I wanted to run and swim today but it started thundering so I had to settle with just running.  I took yesterday off from running and had an excellent ten miler today.

For dinner, mother and I went on a little date to a place called Joe’s Crab Shack.  It’s adorable and literally can fit about 10 people max inside.  I had a delicious bbq wrap.  I’m not really into bbq at all but it sounded and looked amazing on the menu.  There was corn, salsa, sour cream, bbq chicken, lettuce and tomato all wrapped up in a wrap.

Mom got a crab cake.  I guess that is kosher since it was called Joe’s Crab Shack.

Then for dessert, I got one of these bad boys.  Contrary to popular bloggatude, my favorite dessert is not ice-cream.  It’s bread pudding.  I haven’t had it in a while and this more than made up for it.

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

PS: Thank you for your help yesterday, it seems the blogging world wants me to go with the short floral.  I was thinking 80s hooker style personally…


Question for you:

  1. 1.       What is your favorite holiday?
  2. 2.       What is your favorite dessert?

Eyebrows and Strawberries

Before I begin this clearly going to be fabulous blog-I must tell you.  I received the greatest compliment on my vlog yesterday. Christy@ Lifttorun (who just ran a 20k trial run!  W00t w00t!) said the following:

Um.  I don’t know if you guys know but I have a weird and I mean weird obsession with eyebrows.  I will judge you if they aren’t groomed and I don’t roll with any of the following, unibrows, shaved brows, penciled brows (with no legitly no hairs), super pointy, super flat.  We all have our jives, some people are butt people, some people like legs…I judge for the brows.  No really.  But anyways.

Each of my blogging besties has great eyebrows (don’t worry…totally scoped it out.).  😉

Today, I actually went to the big Strawberry Festival with my mom.  She had to write an article for the base paper (she is a military newspaper editor) We had a ton of fun like we always do.  It is kind of creepers how close I am with my parents. It was terribly hot but I mean strawberries are worth it.  Well the strawberry shortcake was worth it most certainly but we will get to that later.

Although it is called the strawberry festival, it is more of a fair type event.  There are crafters, vendors, lots of food, amusement rides, and other random good times.

They always have delicious greasy crabcakes.  Which are some of my favorite.

Can I have five. k, thanks.

No really. I'll take them all. Funny story, I told the man I had a blog and he was rambling off for five minutes and wanted me to capture every angle of the crabcakes.

Chuck this is for you.  I think we could both take this down?

The best part, however, was the strawberry shortcake.

Mom got the small without ice-cream.

I don’t roll that way and got the extra large.  You can’t see the ice-cream because it is hidden under the whip cream.

Why I'm making that face...god knows...

I also got a chalice of champions.  Who doesn’t like a metal chalice? 

I think I refilled this thing like 200 times.

We walked around for ages and waited for the military helicopters to land.  While my mom was writing about the military firetrucks there, I made the firemen take my photo on their truck. I may quit school and become a firewoman. 

And I'll wear this outfit clearly.

And then the helicopter landed.  It was actually terrifying.  I don’t know about you, but helicopters don’t normally land near me but it was pretty intense.

It was quite the adventure and with quite the nomtastic food.  So if you ever come see me down here we have a Strawberry festival, blueberry and even peach.

Why they don’t have a pancake festival really blows my mind.


Question for you:
1. Are there big festivals where you live?  Do you go?


Calculus and Food.

Happy Saturday Blogging BFFS!

I got a few questions about my 50 page paper so I thought I would give you a “light” overview of it.  It’s basically a culmination of all my education classes together, presetudent teaching information.  I have to provide worksheets I’ve created, my interests in math, my career at college, anything and everything about math and education.  Basically why I want to be a math teacher.

But wait!

I don’t want to be a math teacher.

This would be extremely useful for later if I did, but seeing as it is 50% (yes ½ of my entire grade in the class) I still need to do it because failing the class isn’t really my jive..

I chose to change my major so I’m not complaining.  Besides-it’s not awful, it’s not like I’m writing a 50 page proof.  Dear God help me now.

Oh wait (round 2)

I’m doing that too.  My homework for advanced calculus is one problem.  This is ½ of it. 

I forgot this class earned me the writing intensive gen ed credit. Not.

So yes-I have been terribly busy and not okay with it.
But enough complaining only one more week of classes.

But back to my last couple of days.  I have really been into my inner foodie by eating on campus and preparing decently photogenic meals….

Broccoli quiche and wheatberry salad

“Adirondack Salad”=Greens, cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese, chicken breast salad.

Fondue (is the greatest thing to ever go in my belly)

These are just the dipping noms

Wanna be bffs?

I made the greatest chocolate waffle this morning, or at least it was 10:00am and I don’t know the last time I have eaten past 8:00am so I think I was just starving.

Chocolate waffle+homemade strawberry jam

(Home made strawberry jam)
Enough strawberries to fit into your magic bullet/blender
1 tsp xanthium gum
¼ cup water
Sweetener if you are into that

I’m not savvy enough to stuff my own mushrooms so I bought them at the local supermarket.  I love stuffed mushrooms and all kinds of mushrooms actually.

Steak, stuffed mushrooms and spinach

Speaking of the supermarket, yesterday I went and saved 12 dollars on a 35 dollar purchase.  Seriously-I felt like an extreme couponer…minus I just looked for instore deals and had one coupon.  In fact, I got a giant package of bacon (for spinach bacon waffles) for 79 cents.

But they were out of kale.  ugh.

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to skip the Arctrainer. 

Don’t be too shocked!  I was just completely not in the mood at all.  I kept telling myself it was okay but it was kinda in the back of my mind.  Skipping a workout, my endurance is done, I’ll never run quickly again, blah blah blah.

But then this morning I ran.  7.3 miles at nearly a 7 minute pace.
So I’m not devastated anymore..not that I really was yesterday.

Take your rest days.  Your legs will love you for it.

PS: Get your Q’s in for my next FAQ post.  If you have any…I don’t have too many secrets.

Question for you:
Are you a big couponer?

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