Jazzy Numbering System

I am alive.  (Barely)

I will catch you all up on my training/injury again soon, because I know you really want to hear about my problems and all that jazz.

First for some fabulous news…

I have progressed.  From swimming and now Arctrainering!  Wahhooo.  Remember my photo?  Well I’m one step up on the ladder of uh doom.

I have a new man.
He asked me out and now we officially dating and in love.
Just kidding.  My idiot lifeguards left me alone when I was closing and he approached me and it was not okay.  He noticed Lorraine, and said oh I see your are used to life in the fast lane.  What a great pick up line.  I don’t date men from the Cav and it was real creepy so I said he should probably leave now (he was also quite old and creeps aren’t my jive either)…
I’m a heartbreaker…


I have a date with Victoria from District Chocoloholic on Saturday doing a 2 mile open water swim!  Love it.  I’m leaving in the AM for NYC.

Here is from last year.


I have a new phone.  So all my texting bestfriends text me but don’t expect a text right away because it is my first touch screen phone ever.
And I am slow and not of the new age.


I have been getting a lot of questions in the last month or so about being prediabetic.  I kind of stray away from the topic on the blog but maybe I’ll do a post about it sometime in the future.  I have typed about half of it up and how it effects working out, restaurant choosing and whatnot but I just feel like it’s really long, boring and somewhat serious.

Sixth-to the meat of the post.  Food and whateves.

Dark chocolate+Coconut=happy boss.

Where has this bag of coconut been hiding.

T-bone steak and corn

Wow someone stop my way with words.

It counts as a farmfresh salad because there is some veggies...somewhere in there.

More gas station coffee than I budgeted for the month of August.  Coffee or clothing.  Choices in my life…


Wawa Coffee is the place of the week.

Question (Statement) for you.
Catch me up on your life.


Food Day Monday and Real Girl Streaks

Okay yes.  True life:  I promised I would do a food blog soon and what better way than Monday.  Wow is it already another Monday?  And not just any Monday!  It’s the mom’s birthday.

So yes.  My weekend went Matt’s graduation, fathers day and now the moms birthday.  Tomorrow is also epic as my pool opens but it isn’t quite a um…celebration.

This is when my azz actually sat in a guard stand. Now I just deal with the problem people.

 Without further ado: nom noms of the day

This is now my working week of summer time hours when I wake up errday at 6am.  I go to the gym to either lift, swim or run outdoors from 6:30-7:30.  It depends on my mood and how I slept the night before.  I do not run on tired legs.  It’s not my jive.  EVER.

I come home, make breakfast and am out the door by 8:15 since I need to be there at 8:30. Except Mondays because that’s my day off since the pool isn’t open on Mondays.  I thought I would at least get into the routine today.

Breakfast today was…just for the occasion of food blogging and changing it up.  Two egg sandwiches.

I had a ton of homework for my online classes so I caught up on that all morning.  Then I was already starving by say 11:30 so I decided to make myself more tuna fish sandwiches.  Sandwiches must have been my jive today.

Tuna Melt+chedder cheese is the

Then I got my aerobic action on, as I do every Monday.  So I guess I don’t really have the day off, but I don’t consider aerobics to be much work.  The ladies are hilarious and the time always flies right on by.  Today I integrated superbass and finally found a good remix of party rock anthem.  I swear the ladies wish they had my booty beats aerobics CD when they were off on their own outside of class.  They always ask for all the songs bahaha.  I’m a terrible influence.

Dinner was the mom’s favorite (similar to my favorite I suppose).  Ham, sweet potatoes and corn.  Does anyone else have a strange addiction to ham?  I find it incredibly tasty. 

Oh and I’m a 4 day real girl streak.  I know you probably are as shocked as I am.


Question for you:

What is your summertime routine?

Just One of Those Days…

I got a lot of questions about the carrot cake yogurt.  It isn’t Greek yogurt-but Yoplait.  I just plopped it right on top of my carrot cake waffle for double carrotcakeness.  I don’t limit myself to Greek yogurt all the time because quite frankly I enjoy the taste of other yogurts too.


Today was just one of those days that I woke up at 6:00am to swim with the daddykins.

I had my favorite waffle for breakfast.

And gas station coffee and froyo for lunch.  I had to go take a test on the campus for my online class, which happens to be downtown right next to my favorite mall.  Which happens to have coconut froyo and cherries.  Win.

Sadly though Lorraine is in the shop, so I have to put up with Renold. I do in fact, name all the cars in my life old people names. Somehow the daddykins does not approve of his mustang being named Otis.

coconut, cherries, kiwi and pineapple. It was oddly the

Today was also a very unproductive day as I sat here reading (for quite some time) your lovely bizarre stories about your life and am glad to know I am not the only one.

I think the winner for most bizarre goes to:

I thought these things only happened in the movies.  I would have drop kicked him. 

This was also one of those days where Nikki Manaje and I were besties.  As she accompanied me on my speed workout today.  Todays run was 2 miles warmup/cooldown 8X400 with 100 jog and 1 minute rest in between.  If you download this song and play it on repeat, it’s like we are running together.

And one of those days where the mom and I just wanted to make something easy aka pork chops, corn and asparagus.  Another one of my favorite meals.



Question for you:

1. Do you ever have those blurs of days?   I think it’s possibly because I’m in a rather deep sleep deficit personally.

2. Nicki M, yay or nay? 

I’m still not sure how I feel about her but this song is awesomesauce.  But her music video of 20 her kind of frightens me.

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