Something I’ve always struggled with is blue jeans.  I always find myself trying on multiple pairs of blue jeans and saying eh, no thanks.  Or another scenario is I’ll buy them, wear them once and then never again.  Oddly enough, I just cleaned out 5 pairs of good blue jeans that way.  I enjoy moving because I enjoy getting rid of things I don’t use (like half of my blue jeans collection).

I wore jeans was awful.

I wore jeans once…it was awful.

It wasn’t until I really realized the reason I hated blue jeans.  I hate denim because I was buying the incorrect size.  My blue jeans are either too big or too small.  I wasn’t taking the time to see how different cuts hit my hips and how they would stretch over my calves.  I wasn’t taking the time to look at different brands and how they fit my body shape. They aren’t leggings; it is not a universal three size system.  Each company makes blue jeans for women differently.

Yet here I was (for the last 10 years) buying blue jeans based on a random size I assumed worked for me. It’s like when you find out your running shoes are way too small and you need two sizes bigger.

A new (to me) company that I have grown to like is NYDJ blue jeans.  They have a lot of different styles from flair, to skinny jeans, to colors to prints.  As most people know I am a huge fan of printed party pants.  As I grow older and need to be taken a little more seriously, I have transitioned from wearing leggings to jeans, trousers and fitted pants.

Buying jeans reminds me of a running shoe store if you will.  They have taller cut jeans, wide leg jeans and my personal favorite trouser style jeansLike running shoes, every shoe style fits a little differently.  A Saucony shoe fits differently from a Brooks shoe.  An Asics shoe feels completely different than a Hoka shoe.  Different brands have a different cut, feel and style.  The same has held true for blue jeans.

There are two things I (personally) like about NYDJ blue jeans as opposed to other brands.  The first is many of their jeans don’t have a direct and easily noticeable pocket design.  The general public knows the back pocket clothing designers such as Abercrombie, Hollister or American Eagle.  I am a fan of the more modest and less apparent back pockets.  I honestly don’t need anyone looking at my butt to see what brand I’m wearing.  That being said they do have interesting and unique pocket designs for those who want it.

The second reason I like NYDJ blue jeans is they fit at the natural waist.  For me, I don’t have hips.  I wish I did but I don’t.  These sit a little bit higher and give the illusion that I do.  So I like that there is more of a rise to these jeans.

All in all, I’m glad I have put more time and effort into finding blue jeans that fit me well.  In my personal situation, I find that more people take me seriously when I’m not wearing leggings.  I feel more put together.

I was contacted by an outside source to promote NYDJ jeans.  All opinions and writing is my own.

Questions for you:

Do you like moving? 

What are your favorite jeans?


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