Random Thoughts

This week has gone by much faster than last week. I took a quick vacation to visit my inlaws in central Pennsylvania. I had a great time seeing them and I wish I could see them for longer and hang out!

In keeping with the random Thinking Out Loud, here are some random thoughts that came across my mind this week.

First, my mini vacation to Central PA:

I forgot how beautiful the countryside is. I went to college in Upstate, NY. There were more turkeys and cows than people. Upstate, New York and Central PA are similar because they are both almost all countryside. I miss the open roads and open fields. It’s a different atmosphere then living a few miles from Philadelphia!

Continuing with the thought of my college and Potsdam, NY…the second escaped convict was captured very close to my college town.

Article here 

In fact, it was so close that he ultimately stayed at the hospital in my college town. With all of my medical issues from college, I have been to that hospital several times.

It was crazy to see Potsdam on the news. I still cannot believe it! One of my friends who still lives in the area posted she went to visit her hometown that weekend. She witnessed the police arresting Sweat less than a mile from her house! She had a front view to it all!

I’ve driven by the prison in Clinton. The main road drives right by the 100-foot cement fence. I’m glad this activity has closure but I can’t believe it happened so close to my college. I have many friends who still live in the surrounding towns. It’s more publicity than my college town has ever received.

I took this photo in 2011!

I took this photo in 2011!

Enough about the prisoners! After my power was restored last week, my internet went out this week. So now I’m currently waiting for Verizon to come fix that. I’ve spent more time in coffee shops than the entire year. I think I might do a post reviewing local coffee shops too because I’ve been to several new ones. I would probably review whipped cream quality first though.

Other then that, I don’t have a lot going on.   I will post more about moving and how I’m coping with that. I’ve officially signed a lease and will be moving in September. It’s not military related and it’s only about 15 minutes down the road. The house is as good as the current house. The only real hassle honestly is the actual move!

Questions for you:

What is something you are thinking about this week?

What is the terrain like near you? Hilly, flat, busy or open fields?


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