2015 Races




December 31: Beat the Ball 5k 19: 50 Portsmouth, VA
January 1st: Hair of the Dog 5k 19:59 VA Beach, VA
January 10th: Wilmington 10 miler 1:07.36 (Wilmington, Delaware) 2nd Female
February 14th: Feel the Love 5k (20:12) (Syracuse, NY)
February 28: Phoenix Full Marathon 3:14.59 PR (Phoenix, Az) 
Dealt with the bum butt injury post marathon until mid April 
March 21: Shamrock Half Marathon 1:33 (VA Beach, VA)

April 11: Dismal Swamp Stomp 5k (19:45 OA) (Chesapeake, VA)

May 5: Broad Street 10 miler (1:05.39) 85 F OA (Philadelphia, PA)
May 11: Cherry Hill East 5k (20:20) 1st W (Cherry Hill, NJ)
May 17: Dennis Sherpa 5k (20:15) 1st W (Williamstown, NJ)
May 31: Veterans 5k (Cooper River, NJ) (20:30)

June 6th: Scott Coffee 8k (Moorestown, NJ) (32:44)
July 7th: Woodbury 5k (Woodbury, NJ) (19:40)
June 13th: Flag Day 10k (Brendan State Forest, NJ)
June 27th: Medford Lakes 10k (Medford, NJ)

July 4th: Firecracker 5k (Haddon Heights, NJ)


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