Nervous Nelleys and Grumpy Gregs

I am seriously in shock of how many people do not like coffee.  To paint a better picture, Starbucks is expensive (which is awesome for me seeing as there aren’t any close) but I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine.  I’m in love with the deep rich flavor of coffee almost as much as pancakes, which is why I don’t like lattes or cappuccinos as much as just dark roasted coffee.  I brew my own coffee every single day and drink it from 7:00am to 7:00pm and sleep at 10:00pm. Like I said-I don’t drink it for the caffeine and I’m 95% sure my body has become immune to it.


But on a different note-This morning after tweeting of what sort of pancakes to make, I settled on pumpkin.  I mean who doesn’t love a big ole serving of pumpkin pancakes?  Especially after a hard workout.  I cross trained on the Arctrainer and actually had my best workout to date this year.


Pumpkin Pancakes with greek yogurt always



1 hour alternating between 35/55 resistance and 5-6% incline.  At least that is what the Arc told me and he would never serve me wrong.

Then it was off for my big education certification exam.  This was essentially an exam on everything I have learned in my general education requirements and I knew the three years I have been at college have prepared me but I was still kind of wigging out.  Why, I really don’t know.

I'm a nervous Nelley

There were so many rules for this test: no cell phones, no pens, no mechanical pencils, no hats, and the biggest one No beverages!  NOT EVEN WATER.  How am I going to cheat with water and coffee.  I never go without either to class.  I think I was a little more worried that I would be kicked out from the test for having something that wasn’t allowed then the actual test.

Goodbye beverages 😦

Then after my test which took a year to finish (don’t worry I’m pretty sure I did well), Julie, Justin and I went to a restaurant called Scoops.  We actually walked the two miles there which was enjoyable-more enjoyable then the actual meal. It was a gorgeous day here in upstate NY (for once).  If you aren’t ready for a rant please feel free to skip this part.

When we got there, it was a little bit crowded which was fine, I mean we can wait.  After being seated, Julie asked if the chicken for the salad was warm or cold and we were assured that it was warmed (she hates cold chicken).  After waiting an hour and a half (yes 1.5 hours, without ever being served our bread or silverware) we got our salads.  Salads.  Does it take an hour and a half to make a salad? Especially since the chicken was not warm so clearly it was refrigerated and clearly it took a solid minute to prepare.  I would have complained but the waitress NEVER came back.

Oh and the best part of the evening was the Julie found nuts in her salad which a ceaser salad does not have (but mine did).  Julie is allergic to nuts.

At least the salad was decent...

I will not be going back.  My general opinion of restaurants is obviously that not every single visit somewhere is going to be perfect, but I expect it to be decent and this was not.  From the actual meal to the service was not okay.  So if you ever come visit me at school-I won’t take you there.

Yeah so when my blood sugar is low-I’m not too happy of a camper.


Question for you:

1.       Do you test well?

I do, but it is like everything in my life I always get nervous for them.

2.        How do you feel about restaurants, service ect?


Feta Cheese and Starbucks

Fun Fact of Friday: I actually am not a fan of American Eagle jeans at all. They don’t fit me right-that or Hollister brand either.  So I went against the grain of most of ya.  Let me tell you about the Hollister pair, I have sitting at home-they are a “ripped skinny jeans” style I have are literally too loose in the waist, perfect in my thighs and then so tight in my calves it takes about 10 minutes to put them on.  So strange and AE jeans are just not cut for me.

I don’t want to get your hopes or anything but I was a real girl two days in a row. The last time I wore two pairs of DIFFERENT jeans two days in a row…um maybe last summer but I’m not entirely sure.  Maybe in high school.   I like to live my life in leggings and one day I will have to grow out of that but I still have another year of college at least.

(def Real Girl-noun-wearing clothing other than leggings or yoga pants and also taking a shower.  Looking presentable to society.)


To go along with more Factual Friday things, which if you want to submit something please email me [].  If you have no clue what I’m talking about click here.  To clarify-anything you find inspiring or important in your life qualifies, and I would love for each and every one of you to be featured because I love reading about ya.  I would like to get the ball rolling next Friday so the sooner the better!  🙂


Today Kelsey and I went to a lovely restaurant in my town, First Crush, that I had never actually been too.  Can you seriously believe that there is a restaurant in my tiny town that I haven’t been too?  It’s similar to a coffee shop and they have a lot of vegan options along with a multitude of fish and salads.

I actually got a salad today because I have been having a strange craving for salads (bleu cheese).  We split a chocolate fondue but sadly my camera died for that portion.  Never fear-we are going to become regulars here too and go back on Wednesday.

I love me some feta cheese with cranberries and spinach

Plus I just found out they serve Starbucks coffee. That is the closest place within 60 miles of me.  Right near campus-how lucky and how could I not have known in the last three years I have gone to school here.

I may have gotten another cup to go...


I may or may not have mentioned but Kelsey is a member of my swim team and we have swam distance together for two lovely years now. You could say we were kind of the core of the distance squad.  Of course during grueling practices, you are going to become close with someone.  I have been the closest with Kelsey for the longest out of anyone at school so it’s nice to just hang out.  She is kind of like my twinnie and doesn’t feel it necessary to go out all day every day.  Or actually really at all.

Here are some random photos:

We love the mile at championships (last year)

I clearily take attractive photos underwater in Puerto Rico

We are seat buddies to the max on bus rides.

& 99% of the time we only go out to parties with each other.

So that is how Kelsey and I roll.


Questions for you:
1.       Starbucks YAY or NAY?
I like plain coffee from starbucks, I’m actually not a big latte, cappuccino, or all that jazz fan but I do love the intense flavor of starbucks.
2.       Talk to me about your BFFS.

Because Who Doesn’t Like to Talk About Themselves…

I’m actually(not so surprised) that many peoples favorite pancake is the a peanut butter and chocolate.  I have to admit that is near the top of mine especially topped with some chopped up nanners.

What did shock me though was the idea of chocolate mint pancakes.  I have never really thought about mint pancakes but I’m not a big minty person actually.  Maybe if I had an awesome mint pancake I would change my mind.


I have a favour to ask you guys. In my run today, I thought of a great idea…I don’t know if you remember but last year up until last month had a segment called Factual Friday.  I would post interesting facts (and slightly strange stories) about myself on Fridays, to get to know me on a level above pancakes.  It would give you a break from boring food and would give me the opportunity to talk about myself.  Who doesn’t like that?

Anywho-I’m looking to begin that series again but with stories from you guys.  Each Friday, I want to do a Factual Friends Fridays or (Double F Fridays…).  I would love if people could submit a story or something that was very influential in their lives.  I have come up with a few ideas to inspire you with: how you overcame an injury/problem, how you lost weight, gained weight, decided to become a runner/swimmer/cyclist, how you decided to become a vegan/vegetarian, a major impact in your life, your college decision, your grad school decision.  Basically something extremely influential in your life that you can share.  Oh yes and please add 1000 photos because you know I like those.   Anything that you find interesting that you would love to ramble off about.

Anywho if you are interested just email me at and you will forever be famous and loved.   You don’t have to have a blog, you just have to want to share your story and talk about yourself.  🙂

Here are some of my favorites posted within the last few months incase ya missed them:

Not all abuse is physical

Shoulder Injury
The Scale


Incase you wondered why I had a plethora of free time today(because clearly you stalk my life) , I didn’t have to go the high school since I spent so much time there this week already.  So I took lots of pictures of myself being a real girl.  My real outfit today included an Abercrombie and Fitch Tshirt (this is from the 7th grade aka nearly a decade old…)  If you find me a new striped shirt like this, we will be bffs forever but until then I will wear this shirt until I’m 70.  No really and the rest of the outfit includes an Abercrombie tank top along with gap legging jeans.  I love gap jeans they fit perfectly.

Yes Tyra this is my fierce pose
I even have real girl tamed hair!
And then I went to library...and got lots of work done.


My run today was awesome sauce again.  I wasn’t as fast as yesterday but I felt just as good which makes me happy.   My heels still aren’t hurting so I think it’s a sign.  I also got my swim on and did about 3000 yards.


For lunch today Bonna and I went to the dining hall.  I seriously love the dining hall salad bar because of all the awesome choices.  Aka-I can add beans, olives, spinach, grapes, blue cheese vinegar all on one salad.  It can fall (because there is clearly too much in the bowl) onto the table and no one will judge me.



Then after my only class of the day, nutrition, Julie and I went to Quiznos.  Since I’m obsessed with their seafood salads-I opted for a giant seafood salad and Sammie.

And Quiznos Seafood Salads

*I can assure you I had more than these two salads throughout the day.


Questions for you:
1.       Do you have a favorite brand of jeans?
When I wear jeans (um once a week maybe…), I wear my gap jeans.  I have a couple of pairs of other brands but they seem to just stay in my closet.  I really need to get rid of some of my clothes.

Feel free to email me if you have an awesome story for me to feature on my blog.