Dogs and Swimming vLogs

I’m glad you guys enjoy my spikes.  The broski actually got them for me for my 21st birthday.  I was super sad because I thought I might not be able to ever wear them and have to sell them off on ebay.  Clearly I can though (and I can probably run through my internship next year…D3 is nice that way.).  Anywho stories for another day.

I also had no idea that so many people hated downhills too.  No thank you.  I would rather run up a mountain then down it.  True life anyways.

Happy Tuesday!

Here are some good times of my life right now. 

Swimming has started.  The first practice was 4700 yards and the second practice was 4800.  We are totally on the incline…right.  Anyways.  Not much to say, I’m still not really enjoying swimming and if I don’t start to soon.  Well-I’m not too sure what I’ll do.  I hate to be that negative about swimming but I just am not enjoying it.  I can’t really frill it up right now. 

I’m pet sitting.  Isn’t she adorable?

I was trying to sleep and she blocked that.


Ha but I do enjoy sarcastic tweeting conversations with Victoria.  I laughed for about 10 minutes after words. 

Many people believe that you know nothing about your sport since you are injured.  You don’t know how to train and you don’t know anything.  It really just pisses me off.  I know what is right for my body and have been taking my running training extremely cautious so that I do not reinjure myself.  Anyways-let me get off that box.


Question for you:

Have you ever dog sat?

Do you find people often critiquing you for running?  Or just not getting it?  Or trying to tell you they know more about your injury than you do?


Holy Hills of Hell

I wanted to post this last night but couldn’t get ahold of the photos until today.  I was so sick Friday night before the race.  I layed in bed from like-oh I don’t know 7pm until 5:30am.  Yeah, I’m okay with it though because guess whose bod was well rested.

On a side note-who says bod these days.  Where the stars did I pick that up.

I did have to scrape my car off because it was all frosted over at 5:30 in the am.  Rude.

The bus ride was rather uneventful, we got to the race 2.5 hours early.  Why?  Well there was supposedly flooding on the roads from the Hurricane.  Too bad that was 3 weeks ago and it was finally gone from the Mountains.  Then the girls race was delayed an hour.  So the race did not start until 2pm!  That means watching what I ate until then.  Rude.

Incase you wondered, I had pancakes (which I made the night before), a vitatop and a bagel.  It kept me fueled for the race though and I wasn’t sick.  I hate afternoon races.  More time to think about it. 

The race course itself is terrible-point blank.  In the course of a 5k, you change in elevation from 0 to 450 feet and back to 0. 

While running up many hills, I thought to myself…is this real life? 

I wasn’t racing though, once again.  Just jogging it out to keep my NCAA eligibility.  I did well though, so I can’t complain.

I really do run sometimes...

I was blessed that I got my splits too.  I guess this shows how hilly it got:

Mile 1: 6:41

Mile 2:14:52 (8:11)

Mile 3.1: 22:45 (7:08 pace)

Dear god-are those the most ridiculous splits you have ever seen?  The thing was I felt awesome at that first mile, it’s not like I just completely died.  It just got to be more hilly than the dickens.  I literally debated walking up one of the hills because I thought it would be faster.

My spikes were god's gift to this race. That is all. Minus I look a hot mess but I'm over it.

No complainants though, it was a lovely race and I had lots of fun.  My legs are sore from it but I’m over it.

Horray for it being done. 🙂

Um yes.  Hills.  I need to work on those.


Question for you:

Is it hilly where you live?  Do you like down hills?

It is not too hilly on any of my running routes. My area is full of rolling hills though that I should be practicing on.  I need to just continue to build my miles though before I integrate hill workouts too.  I am planning on doing long runs (like yesterday…I ran 7.66 miles) on these rolling hills to become used to it.

Fashion and Foodie Friday

Happy Friday!

I never say Happy insert other days of the week here but Friday seems acceptable.  You see, I do not have class this semester on Fridays.  So really, I should be saying Happy Thursdays.  I have gotten a lot of work done (on the blog or not so much).  Anywho, Friday’s are now:

Foodie and Fashion Fridays!  But most Fashion because America’s Next Top Model has premiered!  Who is watching the all star season?

I ammm!  So I am sorry about your tweet feed from 9-10 on Wednesdays.  Block me if you wish or email me if you wish and we can chat about ANTM because I’m always game.


This week’s Friday Fashion is the ever so clever side braid. I like them for a number of reasons…you can go to class, people think you are so fresh, then go to the gym, then redo it and go back to class without washing your hair and people think you are so fresh and your hair isn’t nappy.  True story.

There ya go. In route from gym to class or vice versa no doubt.

So let’s see here, a few of my favorite ladies submitted side braid photos this week.  So exciting (It’s almost like I have real life friends!)

The lovely Sarah. So neat and perfect, my side braids always have a few stragglers.

 Laurens blog

Lauren gets bonus points for telling me she did it while watching my vLog last night. 😉

Jamie’s Blog

Jamie’s braid is so cool! Is it a fishtail style?

Emily’s Blog

As is Emily’s I swear she could be a model. Go submit yourself to season 17. Tyra would love you.
and of course my twinnie Laura! Her hair isn’t long enough to side braid all the way but she still rocks the braids! Which is another one of my favorite styles. Go figure. 😉


And onward to my some of my food obsessions of the weeks:

French toast pancakes.  Uh duh?   Questionable.  No.

Quiche: I swear I eat other things.  Oh and this 3 sisters salad being served on campus.  It has like kidney beans, corn, rice, some other things all in vinegar and olive oil.  I’ve had in everyday.  True life.

Let's not even pretend that I'm not going to have a quiche everyday.

Mom got me so many vitatops. With yogurt they are perfect for preworkouts! Oh and pink sprinkles. I'm working on my food photography skillz. 😉

This tilipia salad is the best salad I have ever made by myself. I'm a big girl now.

Those are the only foods I remembered to take photos of.  Next week will be better…maybe.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Not so much a question but next week, but send my your most favorite real girl (or boy) outfit.
  2. 2.       What are you doing this weekend?

I have the hardest cross country course race.  I’m NOT racing, but jogging to keep my eligibility to run in championship races.  Point to point course, strictly uphill.  Wahh.  Sumday, I’m sleeping and maybe going for my first long run.  Long=1 hour.

Rambles From The Peanut Gallery

Let’s catch you up on my life.  It’s like those movies that you don’t like certain parts so you just fast forward.  Or I guess I just didn’t give you any commercial breaks. 

Enjoy my rambles and they will not enhance your life in any sort of way.

I want to get to know my readers more so fill this out (especially if you never comment because I love hearing from ya ;))

Name:  Hollie

Sweetest nickname ever: Hollz (I know…so great) you look older or younger?: 21 and I still get asked if I’m a minor.

Favorite food eva: salmon

Favorite music artist(s): Fleetwood Mac

Favorite workout ever: Table dancing! Running is my number 2, followed by step aerobics. 

Tell me a funny story:  Yesterday I was watching America’s Next Top Model in my spandex and and screaming at Tyra and my blinds/screen was open and my neighbors came over because they legit thought something was wrong.  

Fill in the Red:

If I came and visited we would laugh like it’s our job while hitting on men shamelessly and avoiding cooking (because I’m terrible at it)

Now email me side braid photos.  😉

See you tomorrow for Friday! ❤

The Greatest Breakfast of Your Life (French Toast Pancakes)

I must confess.  I am really sorry.  My blog has failed you.

Where have all the new pancake recipes gone?  No really.  Where oh where did you baby girls go.  A few days ago, I was skimming through my blog reader and someone’s blog caught my eye (as do all her recipes).  I just knew what I would be making in the next few days and for the next few days.

If you haven’t already checked out Susan’s blog, it is one of the most inspirational I read.  Actually I take that back, every single post she posts captivates me in some way or another.  She also has also has some of the best recipes on the planet.


I have been eating chocolate, orange or chocolate chip pancakes everyday for a while but today I branched out.

French Toast Pancakes

Who knew breakfast could become even cooler. 

Take any of your favorite pancake recipes.  I took my orange zest (without the chocolate) batter because I had made a big thing of it earlier in the week.   You can use boxed mix, protein pancakes, chocolate, vanilla, coconut.  I don’t know be creative.

It isn’t that hard to create.  You already know how to create pancakes and you already know how to create French toast.  Now all you have to do is add the two together.  (Good thing I was a math major to help you out).

I personally used the mixture of (for my french toast transformation):

1 egg+1/2 cup egg whites

¼ cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp lemon juice (to bring out the orange zest ever more)

If I wasn’t using some sort of orangey pancake, I would have skipped the lemon, and added something sweet.  Oh well-that gives me something to do tomorrow.

These pancakes are super dense.  They were light and fluffy until transforming them into French toast pancakes.  They also are very moist.  If that isn’t your jive-no matter more for me.

Questions for you:

How do you make your french toast?

I like mine more eggy personally.


PS:  Be sure to email me photos of your sweet side braids for Fashion Friday!  😉


I was tagged in this post about butterflies or something like that by Lactose Free Liz.  True life: In high school I was a fairy type thingy with butterfly wings so this is where it stem from.

Yes of course we always need random pictures on my blog.

1.       Name your favorite color: Yellow!  Yellow is obnoxious.  I am obnoxious.  I’m also partial to red but you didn’t ask for seconds.

Half my outfits are yellow!

2.       Name your favorite song: Fleetwood Mac: Landslide  Listen to this and your soul is soothed.  I have gone seven hour car rides only listening to Fleetwood and not gotten bored.

3.       Name your favorite dessert: Bread Pudding

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

4.       What wizzes you off? A lot of things.  But people who are just point blank rude or people who cannot be straight up with me.  1. Don’t lie to me because I will find out.  2.  I’m not a naïve idiot.  Anyways.

6.       Favorite Pet? My donkey.  Enough said.

oh haii.

5.        When your upset:  I cry like it’s my job.

7.       Black or White? Black because I spill things like it’s my job.

8.       Your biggest fear? I read this when Tara posted it and it doesn’t shock me that we are similar.  I hate failure.  I hate to let other down weather it be relationships, friendships, running, swimming and generally pleasing people.

9.       Best Feature? My bootaay.  I don’t know where it came from.  I don’t ask questions I just thank the gods for giving me a nonflat butt.  (Do not fear.  I will not post any photos ;))

10.   Everyday Attitude:lolz.  That is all I got for you.

I really do wear this everyday.

11.       What is perfection:Don’t ask me as I don’t have it.  But I would say a balance of life that makes you happy and keeps ya mentally and physically well.

12.   Guilty Pleasure: Dancing at inappropriate times.  But I don’t feel guilty.


Um don't ask. Because I don't know.


Question for you:

Pick a numba any numbaa.

Cross Training

Rest Days.

Cross Training.

Time off.

The more miles you run the better.  The faster the mile is the faster you will run a race.  Go hard or go home. 

These are just some of my favorite topics about running or any endurance sport in general.  Over my past 2 months of eliminating essentially one of my favorite things of the day, I have had plenty of time to read books, blogs and other information about running.  Not limited to any and all of these topics. 

And I have done a lot of thinking.

If you a runner how do you feel about cross training?  How do you feel about taking time away?  Rest days?  A mile is a mile fast or slow?

I feel like there are so many conflicted issues regarding running that I just never had to deal with for swimming.  It’s a well known fact you can over train for swimming and not know the difference.  I’ve spent countless 6 hour days in a pool before (and believe me it sucked).  I didn’t get injured from a week of doing that…it was years.

But that is another story.

Spending a week running too hard can land you some pretty serious and career pausing injuries.  If you were to run for 6 hours a day for a week straight, something (things) would break in your body.  If anything your mind might explode.   Even just upping your miles or running to quickly after a break can lead in injuries.  Everything with this weight bearing exercise eventually leads to injury.

But where was I going again, oh yes. 

Part of my injury problem was overtraining.  I was running mile after mile after mile (X20 for a total of 60 miles) weekly.  Pounding my legs into torture.  Not really torture per say because I felt great doing it (the majority of the time).  Every week that I thought about having a cut week was every week I started off with a few great runs to make me not want to waste those precious good runs.

Rest days…who does that?  (Just kidding I took a few).  But maybe not enough.

So this all leads to how I’m going to change up my routine a little bit eh?  Now that I’m getting back into running, I’m getting back into a routine.  Swimming starts soon (next week wahh!) and once again I’m getting back into that routine.   This post is not about my swimming-I’ll save that for another day.

Until October-I’m going to strictly base build.  Run for time not miles.  (I did that already last year so nothing new…I’ve always done that anyways).  Will that include running everyday?  I don’t know.  If it does, it does.  If it doesn’t.  I won’t worry if my body wants to arc it out that day.  Or do nothing that day.  I can’t force my body to race well if it feels crappy from an overload of bullshit miles.

Going into October, I may do a few speed workouts.  Not many but maybe a couple.  It all really depends on my jive.  By that time practice for swimming will have peaked into 6000-7000 yards.  (voms just thinking about that).

Will I run everyday if it means running meaningless miles if my body feels somewhat crappy?  No.  Will it mean running through some minor pains and aches? Well yes.   I’m not going to force my body to run through pains that will clearly lead to worse things.  I am, however, going to force it to run through cramps, through tired legs and through other minor occurrences.

Here is my tentative plan that I have spoken a lot with my coach about

Monday: cross train or one hour run

Tuesday: morning: easy 45 afternoon: workout

Wednesday: 1 hour run

Thursday: 30 minute tempo

Friday:  Easy 30-1 hour

Saturday: Normally race

Sunday: Long run  1.5 hour run

This should roughly come up to between 45-55 miles.  I won’t get my panties in a bunch if it’s only 40 miles especially if they have been good runs. 

Back to my philosophy on cross training.  I think that doing the elliptical or a machine that simulates running can help keep your endurance up but it will not make you a faster runner.  In my personal opinion, you can substitute easy running for cross training and still get the same benefits as doing that easy run.  You cannot do speed workouts on an elliptical and drop the same amount of time as you do running.

Don’t get me started in swimming because I truly believe they are almost completely different muscles and have little effect on each other.


And finally-since I’m a rather honest person I’ll let you guys in on a secret.  Yesterday, I participated in a cross country race.  No I did not “race race” it, but I needed to run it so that I could stay eligible for NCAA championship races.  Incase you wondered, I finished in 22:10.  There were a few hills, lots of mud and lots and lots wind.  It was on the lake.

I felt great but did not push it at all (that would be silly).  In fact, I have no soreness and my legs are less tight then they were yesterday. 


Chat me up about cross training. 

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