Bum Knee

Well if you are dailymile/tweeting bestie you probably already know but if not: I won’t keep you out of my life loop.

Today at the biggest race of my summer I had to make a very hard decision.  I was in first by over half a mile and I began to feel an extremely sharp pain in my leg.  I am a strong woman (somewhat) but this was something after tinkering in my mind for about ¼ of a mile, I decided I couldn’t run on it.

I stopped when I saw the next batch of race course officials.

I watched people hundreds of people pass me (and yes there was lots of crying involved…some from pain and some because I was more emotional than a 13 year old girl hitting puberty).

It was truly one of the hardest things I have had to do.  I waited a good nearly 4 minutes before the next female passed me.  Sad story.  I’m not completely devastated because I truly know I would have given it everything I had and won that race. 

I’m more upset because I don’t know how long I’ll be without running.  I keep telling myself that I am more than a runner, or a swimmer, blogger and this time will pass.  Running will always be there for me-as will a race similar to this.  I am really upset don’t get me wrong but I’m trying to be a little positive polly.

So while I am upset, I did hear some news from the doctor that makes me think I may indeed have half a brain.  When I was in the emergency room getting all my little tests done (and tendon jammed back into wherever it goes…oh my god…insert some tear pains here), he said that if I had continued running with that much force on an already bumming tendon, there is a 75% chance it would have popped and I would not be running for 6 months.  So YAY for stopping. 

He says I’ll be able to run in anywhere from 1 week-1 month but he thinks it will be a more speedy recovery.  I sure do hope so.  I can’t do any weight bearing activities such as aerobics or running, but can swim.  He told me I could also bike-but I hollered back (just as with my fractured heels) that I’ll be lethargic before I start biking.

and yes this was postrace with Theresa, a racing bestie of mine. And yes I was holding on to her for dear life because I cannot stand or walk solostyle right now very well

And as I said on Dailymile, I will use this time to work on real girlesc.  Whatever that is…

To work on my real girl 21 year old party animalness…I went out looking like the hottest fashion statement alive.

Dress: Charlotte Rouse
Knee brace: Ace
Flip flops: Rainbow because I can’t wear anything else and we all know I love me my stilettos.
And please don’t forget the race numbers that won’t come off my arm (sharpie)

Like I always say…I keep it classy.

True life: I wasn't even posing for this photo.

aDuBs got my 90 year old butt granny panties in just my size.


We went to a delicious seafood restaurant.  True life: I love aDuBs so much for agreeing to it because I really thought they had other food besides seafood…come to find out that they didn’t.  She fell in love with the hushpuppies though.  🙂

The lighting was terrible for my foodie/beverage shots so let’s pretend these are award winning photos.

I think I got this this piritini with coconut rum because it was the only one with a cherry and we all know my creeps obsession with those...

crab cakes and scallops are nomtastic.


And you will be happy to know I  found myself a new man.

Question for you:

1.       Do you like coconut rum with cherries because I do…

2.       Oh and have you ever made a hard decision to quit something? 


Romance Novel

I must learn to save my work.  I could have like twenty blogs posted daily if I did.  You see blogging besties-quick tangent before I get to my main point.  I tend to write blogs in Microsoft word and then rely on autosave when my computer crashes and/or I end up restarting my computer.

They only save about half the time.  Rude. Well this blog isn’t about my lack of common sense.  Not really anyways.


Here is my warning to you.  This is kind of a novel of a post.  Think lifestylesc.  I don’t apologize because I enjoy rambling away.

I have gotten a lot of questions in the last few months about my personal life regarding my last relationship and honestly I was not quite ready to do a blog about it.  We are not still dating and haven’t been for a while…


It all started when I went to college.  I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend.  I mean god knows they weren’t looking for me either.  For the first month and a half, my roommate Kierstin and I hung out.  We became extremely close and had some of the best times the first month of my freshman year.  We were so carefree.

We did everything together with the exception of classes.  We even swam a few laps before swim season started.  If you have read my blog for a while you know I didn’t choose my school to swim.  I didn’t choose it for athletics and I wasn’t planning on doing swimming-let alone running but that is another story.  Kierstin and I mostly stuck to ourselves until the first day of swim practice.  She had convinced me since I swam in high school that I should go tryout for the college team.

I was not in the mood to swim at all but honestly, I didn’t want to end up having no friends if she was going to be busy with that so I decided I would swim.   I also enjoy structured wokouts and if I hated it then I would quit…nothing to lose. Well I tried out for the team and I made it.

Not more than two weeks into practice, we had both made lots of friends and I knew the entire male and female teams.  About a month into practice, one of the males (whom it’s really not hard to figure out since I have dated a whopping 1 person throughout college…but I won’t use names) started talking to me more than others.  He would talk to me outside of swim practice when we randomly saw each other on campus or we had lunch a few times.

When he asked me out on a date, I had no idea we were going on a legit date.  To this day-I fully believe I am the most naïve and clueless college female in the world.  Also the most socially awkward but you know how that is.  Ha-when I told Kierstin that we were going out to eat, she was like on a date?

I literally said oh no he just wants to be friends and get to know some of the team.  In my mind, I also fully believed that.  BAHAHA.  True life.

Long story short, we ended up dating in early November of my freshman year (and his junior).

Freshman year went by pretty smoothly.  At the end of the spring semester we continued dating, even though we were now 600+ miles apart.  I lived in Southern VA-he lived in Northern NY.  It actually wasn’t the hardest and most difficult thing in the world.  We were both really busy so it worked well.

Sophomore year was a bit of a blur for me.  I was finally regaining some of my speed back in swimming which I hadn’t had since high school.  I ended up swimming almost exclusively with the guys team.  That was all fine and dandy but I was a distance swimmer and so was the boyfriend.  I am not a happy athlete at all.  I have a temper that god knows you don’t want to light.  I was stuck swimming in lane with him and two other guys and lets just say…our practice ethics were not the same…

So my days ended up being something along the lines of eating breakfast and dinner with him, swimming anywhere from 2-4 hours in the same lane and possibly chilling if we didn’t have too much work.  That is a lot of time.  During peak training on winter break, think 4 hours of swimming and no classes.  It become to the point when it was a too much time.

But sophomore year was a good year too and the summer went by quickly again.  Since he transferred he had to take an extra semester and it was nice because I had someone there for me when I started running and swimming.

I was so busy the first semester of this year.  If you read my blog you pretty much know that.  He kept me in check and allowed me to have time outside of running, swimming and school.  I had such a good first semester.  I had a ton of fun and I still think my favorite night was swimming formal but ha…that is another story.  Maybe I just miss my black hair I don’t know.

We were slowly growing apart though.  Little things would disrupt us and lead into little fights.  Long story short, there was no fuse that lit us we just fizzled out.  We were going our separate ways and it was better for both us.  I don’t ever bash relationships and I don’t regret ours.  It was a great chapter in my life but I’m on a new one now.

Right now I’m not looking for anyone.  I’m not going out of my way to find myself a million men.  I feel just as previously when the wind blows me in the right direction then it will happen and until then I’ll jam to Beyonce’s single ladies.

Question for you:

Talk to me about your relationship life.

Beer, Sweat and Running

Hello blogging besties.  Contrary to popular belief I couldn’t exactly go too crazy for 21st since I have a big race on Saturday.  Saturday night though-don’t expect too much internet action.  Anywho my birthday was so much fun.  But my life is always fun so I can’t pretend like it was a real big deal.

I also want to say which I’ve said about 100 times but you know…drinking isn’t really my jive.  I wasn’t dying for this birthday and it wasn’t like this birthday was going to be the greatest thing that has happened to me since the invention of waffles because honestly it’s not.  The last time I even drank was in April (I think).

Okay yes I can drink legally but if I wanted a beer I could have found other ways.  I have my own personal reasons and don’t judge others if they enjoy drinking every other day but it’s just not for me. I love going to clubs and dancing and don’t really need drinks in me to do that because I’m already a bit crazy. 

Luckily for me-there are a bunch of races on Tuesday nights with free beer at the end called the Summer Series.  They are in a really pretty park called Botanical Gardens and always a ton of fun.  Luckily for me the relay race happened to be on my birthday yesterday.

After 7 hours of doing nothing at my pool.  It wasn’t crowded.  I am already too tan so no need to tan.  I basically tried to waste as much time as possible…it was time for some lovely Botanical Gardens running.  Minus it was the hottest day of the year…but what can you do.

Here are lots of photos because we all know I am a photo whore and I really just like captioning pictures because it’s easier that way. 

It all starts here. The dad told me I was being creeps and he would take my photo. Who doesn't like myspace shots though?

he asked if I wanted horizontal or vertical shot...I said surprise me and I got diagonal. This is total facebook profile. If only my cat was in the shot it would have been a triple threat. Me, Lorraine and my cat.

If I ever had a signature pose it would be foot out peace sign up and winking.

I'm really not joking about that one.

We actually took my car to the race and my parents made me ride in the back. I have never ridden in the backseat of Lorraine and I don't like it.

Oh yes we were productive at work today nailpainting in glamour girl silver

I am a woman and I like running. The mail came right as we were leaving and it was not my textbooks...

prerace prepping with the teammates

One of my good buddies Mike and I waiting for our relay to start.

Afterwords we were going to take a picture but he said he couldn't be seen with me in public...I hate him but not really he is taking me to the clubs this weekend so I have to play nice.

So anywho-I started with this one beer.

My relay bestie decided it would be acceptable to bring me another.

So then I just didn't know what to do. Clearly my confused look.

All in all it was an awesome birthday and beer and running are total wins in my life.  Now for making some beercake pancakes.  That is my new goal of the weekend.

Question for you:
What was your favorite birthday?

Oh.Muh.Gawd. You’re Naked!

Now that I have caught you up on my vacation life-I can move into my I’m back at home and boring life.  On Saturday morning after my run, I came home to this.

At least give him a sweater...

We boarded our dogs at the groomers and my mom asked them to shave our dog.  Apparently it’s quite common in Golden Retrievers in the summer months…who knew.

What was wrong with this look...I don't know. Maybe my dog is going through a midlife crisis.

Let’s see if there are any other honorable mentions in my life.  My pancakes were looking brown today and they are pumpkin so I decided to photograph them for interest.  I am a true believer that pumpkin pancakes make the most photographic.  I also a true believer that if you add sprinkles to anything, it makes it 1000X better.

Monday is normally aDuBs day off from me.  I mean the pool is closed, she has lessons and class, I have class and aerobics so we normally don’t see each other.  But today I forced into some Panera with me.  Why-because it’s good and I needed my daily dose of Anna.  (Seriously why are people friends with me?).

Today I just did a standard 1 hour slow and easy run.  I’m tapering down for my big race on Satruday which I’m super pumped about.  I’m clearly living an eventful day today.  Without all the extra working out and such, I have nothing to fill my time with. I had read everyone’s blog by like 8am ha.


Well blogging besties.  I’m off to take my Human Anatomy practical.  Don’t worry feel free to throw out the “that’s what she said jokes” because I’ve already been there.  

I’m disappearing tomorrow as I have some celebrations to attend to.  It may or may not have to do with running in giant granny panties while drinking and anchoring a relay.  I keep it classy in my life.


Question for you:

1.       What did you do for your 21st birthday?

2.       Have you ever tapered for a race?  Do you like it? 

I don’t do full tapers because my body does not react with them very well.  I do much better if I slow my miles down (swimming and running) versus cutting them.  I am way to stiff after rest days actually. It’s with that for swimming and running.  When we taper for both-I take two days off and do light activity the day before.  It has always worked well for me and you know what they say…do what works best.

All You Need for Travel is Coffee.

And apparently Greek Food.  I can never get enough of that stuff.

Okay yes, I did promise I would do a food blog about my journey to New York City.  I didn’t take photos of everything because I didn’t really have the energy and the trip wasn’t about my food blogging or blogging.  It was about the broski.

Anywho I also cannot promise I eat the most healthy or even remotely so.  I can promise you I ate all of this and more (did minimum exercise…it was a fabulous break) and didn’t gain any weight.

It’s important to remember that you don’t gain weight in a matter of meals.  It’s life choices baby.

The most important thing about EVERY single one of these meals was I completely enjoyed each of them.  All of them were Actually thinking of all my eats makes me want to travel and visit my brother everyday taking the same exact route.

I had 4 Starbucks fraps. And I loved every single one of them. That giftcard I got for my birthday was the best thing ever. I don't know why I contentiously pose with my coffee.

Chick fila breakfast stop. The broski wanted one last time before he only ate college food.

Okay so this salmon salad was the greatest salad I have ever had. EVER. NYC you win.

These meatballs were the size of a small baby...once again winning NYC.

But then I had this gyro meat salad in New Jersey and it came with pita bread. So many hard choices of best salads...

When I visited Katelyn in Rochacha a few months back I fell in love with lentils..when I saw them on the menu I had to order them again.

Not sure why I was in such a greek mood but ordered a greek salad for an app at a DINER of all pancakes (um don't you worry it was after 11 and they didn't serve breakfast) Oh and confessional. I have come to terms with onions. They are now okay in my book.

But the spankopita pie was another great nom. Omg and it was only 5 dollars! Best.Meal.Ever.

As you can see-I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch not eating like I do at home.  Give me coffee and give me…well more coffee and I’ll be good to go.  Mind you-my family isn’t big breakfast eaters so we didn’t go that route.

Can you believe I didn’t have pancakes for an entire 3 days and the world has not ended.


Question for you:

Travel: does it make your nervous for yo eats?


Visiting the Cake Boss and Religous Protesters

For all of you guys that pinned how close Matt and I are you are right.  We are seriously besties (minus you-aDuBs).  I cried all the way through that process of him leaving.  I’m a big emotional sappy sap and I’m okay with it.  In most situations that is.

Oh and because I never actually explained what he was doing up there..The Merchant Marine Academy is not the US Service Academy where they go into the marines.  You can go into one of the branches of the military (most go Navy or Air Force) or you can go into the Merchant Marines which work a lot on ships and such.


So after we were kicked off the campus (The campus closed at 1pm to all families) we headed down to New Jersey to see the TLC Cake Boss, Buddy at his bake shop.  Well not really because he obviously wouldn’t be there-but we wanted to check out the famous Carlos Bake Shop!

We waited about two hours in line (which apparently isn’t that bad).

While we were in line, a religious group came and started preaching at us and the other 500 people.  Apparently, it is quite common because we cannot leave (we are in line).  I’m all for freedom of speech, but they were yelling at us for a solid hour.  I don’t want to get into a religious debate on my blog, but I’m all for choice and believing in what you want but they were at the point where they were trying to shove their beliefs down people who were uninterested and not amused throats.

I’m so glad my younger brother Steven was able to come on the trip.  He wasn’t sure if he would be able too but it made the ride back more fun.  During this religious preaching, no one had gone up to get these mans fliers.  They had about 1 million and everyone had ignored them.   Since my family is full of smart asses, Steven (with my convincing)  went and got a flier and tried to have a convo with them!  They even stopped talking for about 2 minutes and everyone started cheering.

say facebooook (don't pretend people say "say cheese" anymore)...

But then about five minutes later, everyone started cheering again for another reason.   

Why are police attracted to my life?

Anywho-that gave us amusement because it isn’t something to get your panties in a bunch about and that made the line go by really quickly.  Some people were going a little psycho but I found it hysterical.  Then after our two hour wait we got to go into Buddy’s Bakery.  He wasn’t there of course, but it was still so crowded ha.

Just so you know-I didn’t take a photo of anything I didn’t sample.  All of these were the and fueled me for some pretty decent runs.  That may or may not have been my dinner last night and tonight too.  I think we spent close to 100 dollars there.  BAHAHA  #lamesaucefatties

I loved all the tart cakes

These were the moms fav.

You can never go wrong with red velvet. EVER.

But these cupcakes are adorbs and were also my dinner last night.

If we had come earlier and were around the area. My 21st birthday cake would have come from here.

My favorite were the glazed fruit tart cakes with cake batter icing underneath the fruit.

So in short. I’m not too sure why I have complained about my last few runs because this is all I have been eating. I was going to post a food blog about my NYC eats…but uh here ya go. 😉

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Have you ever seen TLC’s Cake Boss?
  2. 2.       Have you ever had an experience with protests  and the police getting involved?  (That is a pretty bizarre question I guess). 

Where dem Girls At

Hello Blogging Besties.  I have returned.  I’m currently writing responses to every single comment you left me in post about weight and athletics so feel free to look back at what I wrote or email me at and we can have a chatski.


As most of you know-this week we dropped my brother off at the US Merchant Marine Academy just outside of New York City.  I would be lying to you if I didn’t say Matt and I were extremely close and it was really hard on me.  I don’t get to talk to him until July 17th and I get to talk to him for about 1 minute on July 17th because he has a 5 minute phone call.  I don’t get to see him until November during our cross country championships.  He  can’t get onto facebook or social media sites or any of that jazz but he does have an email and is subscribed to my blog so he can read through email. 

family shot. I seriously look like the odd one out.


Blerg.  It’s what he wanted to do.  He wants to go and be fighter pilot so kudos to him.

In the hotel at 5:30am.

There were about 8000 people that applied the Merchant Marine Academy and they accepted 275. We dropped him off at 7:30am on Thursday, waited while they shaved his head and began the whole process.  He shaved most of his hair off beforehand because he would get a ton of crap for having long hair. After 7:30, we didn’t get to talk to him anymore but we did get to see him.  Does that sound stalkerish?  NAH.

leaving for head shaving and such.

From what we saw across the campus, he had to run with all his possessions that were bought.  I don’t know about you but I brought a hell of a lot more to college.  He can’t.

view from zee campus

I’m not sure how to really explain the whole military school concept to my nonmilitary besties but Ill try my best.  He goes through a process of about a month starting now where he is not even accepted to the school.  He is considered a candidate to school.  They then mold you into military cadets.  It’s a very rough process.  They put you down.  They yell at you.  They make you s strong.  At parents weekend in November, they announce that everyone is accepted is now a first year.  Well-if you make it that far that is.

Matt is strong and he will get through it. 

Hi Matt-I know you can read my blog sometimes and I miss you already.  This blog post is dedicated to you-I the drive home kind of sucked because there was no one to obnoxiously sing rap songs with (we lead the family in rapping so songs such as black and yellow and our recent favorite, where them girls at).  Anywho-You will make it through this stage of your life.   Hope everything is going well for ya 🙂


Question for you:

1. Do you know anyone close to you that went into the military?

The daddykins was in the Navy and now the broski.  Everyone in my life has sweet nicknames.

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