Fun Facts

Stolen for Chef Katelyn because that is what us Upstaters do…steal other Upstater’s shizz.  I enjoy surveys a lot so this immediately caught my eye.

Tuesdays and Thursdays by far are my busiest days.  I’m not sure how I’m going to handle having three classes back to back to back, but I’ll get over it I guess.  Anyways Happy Tuesday loves!


1) What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday?

Saturday races really excite me.  Hanging out with friends is also a bonus, but just relaxing from the week is for the win.

2) List your top three favorite TV shows.

Americas Next Top Model, The Tyra Show and Cooking with Your Main Bitch.  (But mostly anything Tyra is in)

3) Would you rather be in pictures or take them?

Eh it depends.  I love pictures of family and friends but it is so much fun to see how you evolve along the way through photographs.

Awe my friends and I Christmas of freshman year<3 Bet you can't recognize me 😉

4) Why do you blog?

Because if I didn’t-I would ramble off to people in the real world that don’t care or get my life, running or anything else about me.  No just kidding, I love blogging.

5) Share five websites that you visit regularly…

In order:

  1. Email (I have 2 accounts)
  2. Twitter
  3. Blog
  4. Dailymile
  5. Facebook

6) If you could have lunch with one person from your Twitter list, who would it be?

Hehe.  Ryan Hall duh.  But no really-I would honestly love to meet 95% of my tweeting bffers.  (no not 100%).

7) List a few of your favorite snacks.

Snickers Marathon bars and yogurt

I normally hoard and have about 20 on my person at all times.

8 ) Do you have a pet? If so, what kind?

1 dog, 2 cats, 2 toads, 2 lizards and a donkey.  No we are not animal hoarders.

nom nom nom apples.

9) Which three material possessions would you struggle to live without?




10) What’s your favorite drink?

Crystal light waters or Guinness.

11) Do you enjoy cooking?

No, only if it’s for my promising TV show.

12) Do you have children?

No and not happening.

13) What are your favorite hobbies?

Running, blogging, tweeting, chatting, eating and dancing

I'm kinda a pro.

14) Would you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing?

Shy if you don’t know me (shocking) and neverending chatting if you do.

I’ll tell you a fun fact that will probably shock you.  I actually have social anxiety and am not very chatty if I barely know or don’t you.  Once I do-I chat up a storm.

15) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

I want really long hair-as in down to my ass.  That is my other New Year’s Resolution so grow damn it.

16) Who is your favorite actor/actress?


17) What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week?

Drove 12 hours…no really…

18) Do you live near your family or far from them?

None of my family lives close and barely any actually live in the US.  Some live in the Orkney Islands  (above Scotland), some just North West of London, a few in Canada and then my dad’s bro in California.  So no not close at all.

19) List three of your talents.

1. Rapping

2. Booty Dancing

3. Pop lock and dropping it.

20) What is your greatest attribute?

My wit.

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       What is your best attribute?
  2. 2.       List 3 talents. 

Motivational Monday

I never know when it will hit-motivation, inspiration, whatever to be the best I can be.  When it happens I must drop everything and blog the topic in my mind.  Being motivated for a blog post is a big deal.  I immediately type up the bad boy and schedule it to a day I deem appropriate. 

Being motivated to run is also another big deal, for some people anyways.  For me, being motivated to NOT run is much harder.  I’m sorry but I love running.  Dirty lie- I’m not actually sorry.  A lot of people ask me, you know Hollie, what exactly motivates you to run that high of mileage?  What motivates you to run period.  You aren’t on a collegiate team anymore.  Your coach won’t punish you if you don’t get your miles in.  It’s -10 out and you are still going to the treadmill or even outside. 

It’s like they are breaking my little heart asking why do I do something that I truly love.


Well let me tell you a story of last semester. 

I really needed to get a long run in (13 miles) and I did not want to do it on the treadmill.  It was a combination of sleeting and freezing rain outdoors and I ran in it.  I ran in that weather and I have never felt more accomplished in my life.  EVER.  I hated every second of it, but I thought of those Nike Ads where they look so strong in god awful conditions.  I thought of myself, my training and everything in between but knew it made me STRONGER!

Miserable and hating my life but I was like hell no rain you can’t stop me.

Someone posted a fb status that day (with my name linked) “Saw this crazy running outside today then realized it was Hollie.  Not surprised in the slightest”.

I laughed but I do think it’s true.  I have more drive than most people when it comes to what I’m doing.  I guess that comes from a Type A personality.

So what motivates me you ask?

  1. Having a goal.  I cannot physically go into training-not knowing what I want out of it.  Even mini goals work well, ie: today I want to run 8 miles at X pace.
  2. Seeing results of my past and knowing HOW HARD I worked for them.  That 85 minute 20k was not a cake walk.  I couldn’t have done that on 20 mile weeks (for me at least).
  3. My coach.  When I feel like I won’t accomplish much, he always tells me otherwise and I have those results to prove it.
  4. My motivational posters in my room
  5. Bloggers and Dailymilers are all so very inspirational!

The drive for me comes within!  I want to be the best I can be in running.  In life.  All-Around.

Question for you: What motivates you? 

Weekend Jives & Dudes Acting Hardcore vLog

Sundays are normally when I post my training regiment but I’ll just kind of bullet point all my points of interest since I broke my arm and although I could run right now (broke my arm-not leg), I’m going to let it at least solidify over so I don’t cause any sort of uneven set in the bone, causing a cast, or causing surgery.  If I just wait-I won’t have that problem.  So win. 

Point numero uno: Let me tell you of my workout regiment.  It basically consists of begging the Arctrainer to not hurt me (generally it’s going pretty well) and not using my arms.  So with that being said this week I logged “miles” on the Arc.  But miles aren’t really the same arc via training.  I normally go by time and since my previous running schedule had me running about an hour and a half everyday, I sub in about an hour and a half of Arc everyday.

But not in a row because that would be boring.  I break it up 1 hour in the morning and 30 minutes at night. 

Also as all elliptical sessions-don’t do steady state.  If you do interval you will keep your fitness much longer.  Just a fun fact.  I can tell you what I do if you’d like…

Point two: My best friend aDuBs has started updating her blog againMake her your best friend too and then come visit us.

Number three: I hate slings but I’m making the best of it…but it does allow me to dance at night clubs.  Yes, I went there.

No I did not wear this outfit.

Four’s a score: Since I had it in tact-I went to the bars last night with these lovely ladies.

Love my ladies...but not iPhone quality photos.

Because I can dance.  It was somewhat a terrible idea-but still fun.

And finally: A requested vLog about what I think about dudes on the internet acting more hardcore in real life.

Other than that-my weekend was tame. 

See you in the work week!

Question for you: How was your weekend?


Also-I think I’ll have a special giveaway at 500 followers.  I believe that is roughly 20 more to go-though with all this injury whining I might lose some before gaining.  

Why Yes I Did Break My Arm

Forgive me for a double post session today, I was looking for inspiration of what to blog about this week.  But then it hit me-

Literally, I fell down-hit the ice and broke my arm. 

But as much as I want to whine and cry and wish this wasn’t my life, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  You see, my official diagnosis is “humeral neck fracture”.  The best way to explain this is I have a stress fracture in the top of my arm.  It supposedly heals very quickly (4 weeks) and I could be running in as little as 2.  How awesome…maybe my knee will be 100% by then.

This is just what the Xray looked like...What you don't believe me?

As I slipped and fell (on the solid 6 inches of ice)-I knew.  I knew that I had broken my arm and I knew this was just not a normal fall (mostly because I couldn’t lift my arm above my head). Before I went to the doctor-I was 95% sure I had broken something.  That is why I went to the ER immediately instead of going to make some lunch.  My housemate (who is fantastic) met me at the hospital (which is .25 miles from my house…incase you forgot-I have already been this school year).

I’m really trying to stay positive on my blog because I hate negativeness (I mean who wants to read about that crap).

But I honestly feel like I have the worst luck in the world.

I had an awesome race at the beginning of the month.  Awesome-It really gave me a taste of how awesome running fast could be.  It has been the ONLY race in my entire career that I can say-WOW I worked hard and I got sweet results.

And that is what I do.

Work hard.   All the time and I truly put so much effort into my running.

And I just feel so annoyed more than anything that I can’t show that to the world.  I mean for those of you who have been running for years and years, I’m happy for you-I truly am.  I’m not the same though.  Out of the year and a half I have even LIKED running, I’ve been injured 5 of those months.

5 of those months.

I’ve been building a base for 99.9% of those months.

I don’t get to do speed workouts because I’m always injured or recovering.  I want to have a consistent year of running in 2012.  I’m sorry but I’m not sorry.  I know I could be so good at running and have so much more to improve but I just don’t get that chance

And it’s probably the most annoying thing in the world.

I’m not looking for sympathy in fact, I’m just looking to get my rant out of the way.  I know it will heal and I know it is *VERY* minor in the breaking bones end.  I also know it’s extremely annoying and I just want to show the world that I am fully capable of running to my potential.

Sometimes I just want some ranting room.  Someone to listen to me.  Not try and relate their problems to mine.  Not try and tell me that they injured themselves and we are living the same life in the same situation.  Not try and tell me oh my god you’ll get better so soon.  To just listen.  I’ll be back when I’m feeling a bit more positive.

I’m not sure where my blog will go in the few next weeks.  If I want to blog,  I will (probably the case).  Reading Dailymile workouts just upsets me because I want to run.  All I know at this point is I’m 100% frustrated and I want to show the world that I have a lot to show with running that I keep losing the opportunity to do.  

Friday Favorites: Upstate Edition

I have a confession to make.  If you know me in real life, than you know I absolutely detest the cold.  I hate being cold and avoid it at all costs.  I’ve dabbled in having severe cases of hypothermia which I think probably plays a big role in it-but cold is not for me.  I’ll bundle up in at least 10 layers before venturing outdoors in the winter-but I’d rather just not.   Don’t get me wrong-I would have NEVER known if I didn’t try and go to school in the arctic but hopefully I won’t have to life somewhere near here again.  😉

I try not to complain about it too much but having weeks where it doesn’t get above 0 is somewhat obnoxious.  It has quite caused me to really not care for my college at this particular time of year.  As in-drag me out of my bed to want to even pretend I want to be in Northern NY.  Let me just lay in bed and blog forever.

But I’m going to remain positive because it’s my senior year of college and hopefully the last semester I spend in this climate.  Your attitude is what makes or breaks you and this girl is NOT going to be broken her last semester of college up here.

So I’ve compiled a list of things I love about my life at Upstate:

1.       My friends.  Duh ya’ll are number 1.

2.       My campus is absolutely beautiful in the winter time.  SPU!

3.       I can wear lots of scarves,  UGG boots and leg warmers and not be questioned.

4.       While running on the treadmill is god awful most of the time, it forces me to be slow and cut my mileage.  My body will thank me in the spring months when I’m *NOT* burnt out and PRing (because I full intend too).

I’ve also looked around some good photos to remind me of all the good times I’ve had throughout college and how much I’ve had.

So pretty!

This was at orientation!

Freshman year

Love my roomie<3

Sophomore year

Love me some apple picking in the backwoods of North Country!

Junior year

Visiting Lake Placid! 🙂

Senior year


Love how small town races are up here!

Question for you:

How do you stay positive during negative times? 

What do you like/dislike about your area? 

Trail Me Thursday Morning Edition

Welcome to this week’s morning edition of Trail Me Thursday.  Minus I forgot to post this morning after class but this is what I did. (Entertaining…I know).

First confession (I guess this post is full of rambles thrown together into a day format) I am convinced I am going senile.  I can never remember who I tell what-if I type things out or if tell someone in real life too.  With this blog, I can never remember if I tell you guys or call my parents and let them know.  So if I repeat things…blame it on my lack of some vitamin.

With that being said-I decided that 6:30 is the perfect time to wake up for me every day this semester.  I have class at 8:00am MWF, I like to read blogs, eat and casually prepare for my day rather than rush everything.

Today I woke up and my knee wasn’t hurting for the second day in the row.  (dear knee…let’s make that 100000000000 days in a row.  Thanks-and you can throw in staying injury free throughout the body in that agreement too).   So I decided instead of doing the 5.1 mile loop I’ve been doing all week-I would wait till after class and run longer.

And 250 words later, I’ll really begin my day.  I woke up and made some pancakes and put on decently real girl clothes.  By decently real girl-I mean I put on a v-neck shirt, sequen shorts, leggings and UGGS.  Now that I’m in a class with nearly all freshman who are in the “whole I’m gonna look cute and impress dudes phase”, I must at least not look like a slob…I guess.  So I decided to wear sweater leggings…step up from running leggings I guess.  Or as the gas station coffee man calls them “jogger jeans.”

So let’s see here.

My day began on Pontiac Ice-Rink (ie my housemate and I’s driveway is legit a frozen sheet of ice…and we both drive Pontiacs…we are so clever with names).

I scraped the ice off my car.  So skillfully.

Yes I can see out of can't?

Got some gas for my car because I probably wouldn’t made it the two miles to campus.

Which is an excuse for gas station coffee.

I mean gas station cream.

And they had a new flavor which made me go a bit crazy and take another photo.

wired. That is all.

And then I went to my marathon of classes.  My classes were pretty interesting today-not too bad.  Then afterwords-I went for an 8ish mile run.  It felt like utter crap to be perfectly honest, but I hvaen’t run anything more than 5 miles in a week so it should have.  I also haven’t run serious hills (my area up here is full of them) so my legs felt heavy.  My knee, however, didn’t feel terrible so that is a plus.

Now I’m going to be lazy for the rest of the night.

Question for you:  What did you do today?  Enlighten me. 

741 Miles Of Date

I enjoy traveling with the parents.  We never really get anywhere too quickly but more often than not take the scenic route.  Anyways I really do enjoy it.  As some of you know, I drove the entire distance back to upstate last weekend (following my parents). 

So Friday morning, we began the drive.  I drove my baby girl ie: Lorraine.  Our first point of interest was shopping in Washington DC.  Dad says my GPA earned me the trip.  He kids-we would have stopped anyways.

I bought some new Nike Frees.  I am getting out of Newton’s and these have worked well for me thus far.  (the whopping 10 miles or so I’ve put on them).  (I’m going to write a review in a few more weeks).

I also bought some casual shirts and such.  My real girl style in Upstate is as follows: cami, long sleeve shirt, black leggings, and scarf.  Good thing I have about 1000 different types of each article so I can claim to be a real girl all the time.

Moving on. 

I also got some over the knee riding boots from Nine West.  Love them.

love them already.

The remainder of that nights drive was uneventful. 

We ended up stopping around 6 but not eating until 8:30.  That was certainly a change because I’m forever eating at 5:00pm or so.   We found some cute little diner and I ordered a greek omelet. 

Their desserts were just too good to pass up so I ended up getting a triple fatty mc fat fat. (I proceeded to ask the waitress if she would rename it to that. She didn’t believe that I would even eat half of it. Rude.).My parents then proceeded to tell me this is why they couldn't take me out in public.

It was a neopolitan cake with 3 scoops of vanilla ice-cream.  I’m pretty sure it was made for about 5 people to eat.

Or my belly because I ate the entire thing.

In the morning I did a short elliptical workout, had some delicious hotel breakfast and proceeded to get on the road.

Boring car ride, lots of snow…sing a long.  The usual.

My first real snow!

Then 741 miles later, I got to my destination in Upstate.  My parents wanted to eat at the local Greek and Italian restaurant.  Of course I agreed-I love me some greek food.   (I just realized Greek food two days in a row.  WIN).

Giant greek salad!

After that (and it was pretty late) I ended up falling asleep and getting a lovely 12 hours of sleep.  That was certainly needed in my life and prepared me for my week back of classes (that I somewhat hoped would never come eh?).

Question for you:

1.       Do you like traveling?

2.       What is your favorite type of food?  

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