Weekend Fun

I hear that it is like snowing in Northern New York.

On the way to the gym.

Reasons why I love not going to a school in the same state as I go to school.  

I digress.

I suppose you might want to know about my weekend?  Or if you don’t, well I’ll still ramble away because I’m highly fascinating.

Let’s see here as I mentioned in my last blog, Justin came down to visit and run a 50k.  So we drove (by we, I mean me) drove Lorraine down from college to home (a 12 hour drive).

Along the way we got some salmon that was cooked in guiness!  Yeah…we stopped at an Irish Pub while lost in Pennsylvania.  It was like I was destined to get lost there (if you know me I like one and one beer only…take a guess ;))

I swear I'll stop taking photos with my phone...well uh no I don't.

We stopped along the beach and went for a lovely run (I guess there isn’t those in Upstate New York).  In easy runs sometimes we stop and take photos.  Duh.  Justin wore his garmin and we trucked along at roughly at 8:30 pace.  Not too shabby for stopping and taking photos and wondering a beach.

Wild hair...I don't care. After 11 miles of joy.

Like I said yesterday, Just did really well for his ultra debut.  4:07 in a 50k which is fantastic.  This was a real kick off to his new training so he is super happy.


After a year long nap (um..I was more tired from my 18 miles than Justin was from his 31), we went to go look at Christmas lights along VA Beach boardwalk.  You drive along the beach boardwalk with festive lights.  Please enjoy my terrible photos.  True story.

The neverending lights.

antitan camera flash.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       What did you do this weekend?
  2. 2.       Have you ever had friends come visit you from school? 

Unplanned 18 Mile Jazz

Hello blogging bffers.  As some of you may or may not know-one of my buddies came down to run a huge 50k in my area (no I did not run that dear god) and so I have been playing good hostess (or at least trying to be).  I’ll write up a weekend post sometime soon.  🙂

I have to say that my blog is becoming very running focused lately, but in all honesty that is what I’m doing currently right now.  So that is how the cookie crumbles.  I’ll post other random things too…eventually.  Anywho-

Enjoy this photo of me pointing to VA after my long long drive home.

Today I ran 18.23 miles and yes that .23 is important.  I went to spectate the Seashore 50k (the race that my friend from school Justin was doing).  He finished in 4:07, but that is for another blog.  Since I wouldn’t really be able to watch the entire race, the dad and I thought we would do a run out there while Justin was running.  It was only supposed to be between 10-15 miles (well that is what my day called for) but the daddykins had other plans.

You see the real plan in his mind was to run two loops of an eight mile track.  I was going to switch into my flats at mile 8 (granted I felt okay), have a gel and delayer.  Perfect-I thought so. 

We watched the start of the 50k at 8am, and then went back to the car and got ready for our run.  The first few miles were uneventful-I just told dad about my last few weeks of school, he asked me if I had a new boyfriend yet (as he always does) and he talked about home life.

Around mile 4, we decided to go a different loop and kept going straight in the park.  No big deal because we could still loop around.

Around mile 6, my dad in his glazed eyes said “are you feeling good today?”

“Decently,” I replied.

“want to run to the hot tuna and back?” (the hot tuna is a bar on the oceanfront which is about 9 miles away from where we started”

“Let’s do this shit.”

And that is how it happened.  We ran the 9 miles there and back.

Things I did during this run:

  1. Ran the last 3.1 mile stretch of the race I got my stress fracture at.
  2. Drank an entire bottle of Gatorade without getting sick.
  3. Hit a huge wall at mile 16.
  4. Saw the leaders holding a  7 minute pace for a trail 50k.
  5. Had a 70 year old man tell me I had a nice ass.
  6. Never delayered and ran the entire run in my Newtons
  7. Jogged the entire area where my 20k will take place in January (the one I’m gearing up for)
  8. Saw many of my DM friends do awesomely.

Oh and yes this was my longest run to date (previously 16.25 miles).

Where does this take me in my running now you ask?

I’ve had 3 back to back 65+ mile weeks (this week will be closer to 80 actually).  That means I am taking a cut week and running between 30-40 miles of easy running to let my little muscles regrow and blossom.

Maybe I’ll get into the pool but that is a big maybe.

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Do you take gels?
  2. 2.       Do you ever spectate races? 

Injury Chat and 73 Miles

Last night after calculating my miles (because I’m a little behind schedule and didn’t calculate last week), I realized this…


It’s kind of a big deal in my life, so much so I decided to post about it.  Pre July 12th (ie injury..), I ran every single run as hard as I could and ran roughly 50-55 miles weekly.  Every run was at a 7:10-7:30 pace weather my body liked it or not.  Want to know how I accomplished such a feet?

I did a lot of runs on the treadmill where it didn’t matter weather my body wanted to go fast or not.  My ass would be flying off the back and smashing glass if it didn’t.  I began to love the treadmill (but only because it forced me to run fast).

Even though I was running (count this 20 LESS miles) weekly than I am now…I was more tired.   As a running n00b, I learned my lesson with that injury.  Don’t get me wrong I won’t sugar coat it and say I didn’t cry every other day, but it did teach me a lot of life lessons.

Not every run you do needs to be a PR (in fact wouldn’t that take away from PRing?).  Your body only possesses a certain amount of energy…no need to waste it all in practice every single run.

I know a lot of my blogging bffs are injured right now, but I promise you-you will get through it and you will run/swim/cycle to where you once were (and faster).

It may suck now (believe me, I spent a solid month crying), but you will get through it.  It’s 1 or 2 months of your life.  The average life span is roughly 78 years (it was on my exam today ;)) and 1-2 months is not going to make a difference, I promise.  As you may know, I have been racing again and not gone personal bests yet, but I am very close to honing into them and feeling the best I have ever felt in 99.9% of my runs.  I can guarantee you if I were to run a half right now I’d PR that thing like it was my job. 

Getting injured was probably a pretty good thing for me, because it showed me more and faster is not always better.  I can run 2 miles in 20 minutes or 2 miles in 12 minutes, and the thing is…I’ve still run 2 miles.   I’m still going to improve and most important, I’m still going to be happy.

Just thoughts that entered my mind today when I ran.   Stay Strong my friends and listen to that awesome body of yours, you will make it through your injuries. 

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Have you ever been injured? 

A Chocolaty and Nutella type of Morning

So this morning while “studying” for finals in the library, I came across a recipe that I immediately needed to try and tweak into pancake form.   She made 3 ingredient nutella cookies, while went with the classic with nutella pancakes.

When I saw that two of her ingredients were flour and an egg, I knew it would be fun to make in pancake form.  (I mean what isn’t?)

Nutella pancakes

½ cup flour

1 egg

¼  heaping cup of nutella

1 tablespoon of baking powder

I table spoon vanilla extract

I also added about 1 tablespoon of stevia but that is because I have a big sweet tooth.  😉

Mix mix mix.  You’ll end up adding about 1 cup of water/milk to get the right consistency of pancakes.  I immediately added ½ cup then stirred like it was my job and added more water until it got to be a good consistency.  I feel like I got a bit of a workout making these guys (ie I can have 100 batches).  I cooked it at 400 degrees on the griddle.

Two servings of zee cakes (one for me and one for the housemate) so she'll let me make more vlogs. Hers have sprinkles for extra assurance.

They were as delicious as you would think.  Perfect brain food for my final in a couple hours.

On the topic of brown things (um…anyways), I went back to being brunette. 



Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Do you like Nutella?
  2. 2.       Do you dye your hair?  What is your natural colour?

My natural color is a dirty blondeish brown.  I like it when it’s a chocolately brown the best.  Black is too harsh I think for my face and blonde makes me personally look like a washed out premadonna version of lady gaga (but I like it).  My hair has probably been every natural color under the sun because that is what I was into in high school.  It went from platinum blonde for a few years, to an auburn, to being natural again to black in college to natural to now.  Someone stop me.

Formals, Drinking and Racing

You can understand the busyness of a finals weekend, pretty please?

Although I have been really busy studying, I have also been really busy running and going to formals too.  Who decided that formals on Finals weekend was a good idea…not me.  I’ve been having a lot of fun so I don’t quite know why I’m whining.  Sadly though, I didn’t take photos.  We will begin with Friday night which was a math and engineering convention.  My type of people no doubt, but that meant we were all just a bunch of socially awkward clowns that needed a few drinks to be less awkward and weird.   I had a total of three drinks and was feeling it.  A lot.  I’m not really that ashamed to say I don’t get drunk but when I do, it’s off of a whopping 3 drinks. 

After leaving the bar at roughly 12am (early birds unite), I walked the mile home with a friend of mine in which I felt the need to frolic in the snow.  I guess that’s what drunk people do or something.  At this point we were at near white out conditions and here I am skipping and singing and living the dream.

I immediately passed out face first on to my bed like the champion I am.  It was a fun formal and I made a lot of friends.  We will leave it at that.

Which brings me to Saturday, at the engineering formal, I got asked by one of the dudes at our neighboring school if I was running the road race in the morning.

Road race?  Excuse me? We are drunk right now, what are you chatting me up about running for (but that is better than swimming I guess).  That’s what I thought but I said hell yeah out loud.  Drunk Hollie=vulgar Hollie.  Oh wait vulgar Hollie is all around us, but needless to say I become ultravulgar.

Anywho back to the race.   I agreed to do it, which meant waking up at 8am on Saturday.  No big deal…when you didn’t drink the night before.  Not really having any expectations for the race I drove over with a teammate of mine.  The fee was two dollars so if nothing else, it would be a change of scenery and running with some friends. With all the snow and ice-I was just hoping to not break an ankle.  Seemed appropriate right?  I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for going easy when there is snow and ice on the ground.  I would rather not slip and break my bones. 

Running means a lot to me but not killing myself.

This race, funny enough, was right where regionals took place but on the road portion.  Meaning still lots of hills but this time bonus rounds of snow and ice, and cars that flying down the side of the road because it wasn’t on the trails.

My teammate and I warmed up on the trails…well that was a poor choice considering it was snowing and my shoes were soaken wet before even race.

Right then.

So the gun went off and we all started on our merry way.  Just as cross country races, somehow I always end up starting out in the back.  I never got passed the entire race and just kept passing people.   It was a simple out and back course with rolling hills.  I talked a lot throughout this race with my teammate.  It didn’t feel like we were going as fast as we were.  I felt so comfortable and good for being out the night before.  It felt like I had gotten an infinite amount of sleep and everything.

When I got to where I could see the clock (I didn’t time it myself) I saw 26:30 and I was like What the heck…this can’t be real life.

Then I just kind of sprinted to the end. 

My final time was 26:38.  I’m happy with this because a.  I have put close to 140 miles on my legs the last 2 weeks.  B.  I drank more last night than I did all semester.  C.  My sleep has been a whale fail lately.

This was such a great surprise and certainly a good ego boost to know my running is coming along nicely and I don’t need to incorporate speed into my workouts just yet.  My base building is already causing me to drop time.

I still love running and now must get back to things I don’t studying for finals.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Have you ever run a road race in the snow?
  2. 2.       What did you do this weekend? 

Running Base Building Thoughts

Although a lot of my blogs are more on the sarcastic, playful, don’t get your panties in a bunch side, I would like to say I’m actually a pretty serious person 1 hour of the day.  I know I’m going to pinch some peoples nerves with this post because I know it is an extremely con traversal issue with running, but as always these thoughts are mine. 

I would like to think I have a pretty decent knowledge of base building with running and how to do it.  Although I’m still rather new to running (1 year and 2 cross country seasons is language for run n00b), I have actually spent about 95% of my running career in said base building.


Because easy running is beneficial baby!

Granted many of you are high school/collegiate runners and don’t have a choice of when you start your speedwork or track workouts and go from easy runs to workouts, the majority of runners are not.

So where to begin.  Right now s I’ve said before, I’m currently in a base building stage for my spring half marathon training.  Incase you wondered I’m running between 60-70 miles weekly.  That is the goal anyways, but I don’t run with a Garmin and I don’t mapquest 75% of the runs I do.  As the daddykins says, I don’t need all your fancy technology to know that I’m running right.

I am very loose with the milage per say.  If I run for 80 minutes, I call it 10 miles.  If I run for 90 minutes, I call it 11…I’m not always tracking the distance and I don’t really care if I run 11.2 miles or 11.5 miles.  If I still ran for 90 minutes than the job was done.

Here is where I think I gets tricky and more controversialI think the amount of EASY miles you put on your legs is very important and critical at this stage of your training.  I don’t think it really matters if you run at a 10 minute pace, 6 minute pace, 1000 minute pace (within reason of course…I don’t think walking 10 miles has the same effect as running/jogging the 10).  Just get out there on your legs.  Your legs need to be reacquainted with running long distances.

Incase you wondered the logistics, my cross country base building period was running for 1 hour every day (and no run long immediately) which added up to be about 50 miles weekly.  My half base building is between 70-80 minutes daily with a longer run somewhere in there.  My longer run could be 91 minutes versus 90.

If we aren’t DM bffers, I’ll give you a brief overview of how carefree and FUN my runs have been.

I’ve run some 10 min/mile runs with the da bomb housemate.  I’ve run some runs on the dreadmill to watch trashy TV because I can’t keep up during finals week.  I’ve run around town with friends, without friends, with cows in the sun, in the snow…the list is endless and I’m only on week 2!  I’ve run two short runs daily or just one long run…depending on my mood.  I don’t even plan where I’m going to run most of the time…I just get out there.  If someone texts me and says let’s run babycakes, I go with it.  Going with the flow is so important here. The point of these runs isn’t to get my speed on, it’s just to run run run.  (which will prevent those injuries later).

As much as I love cross training and think it’s VERY important, my personal thoughts are cross training is more beneifical when you start speed work.  When you are putting that much pressure on your legs at high intensity, then they need a break.  Running slow and easy, I find myself able to run more easy miles, than run higher intensity sprint workouts.  When I start my speed, I will have a day OFF all together, to give my legs a break.  For now, I’ll take a break if my legs are feeling a break but not schedule one in.   For instance, on Monday my legs were like oh hell no girl we don’t want to run very far, so I ran an easy 4m with my housemate and felt no remorse.  Right now (11 days in) my legs are still feeling like champs.

 Incase you wondered my base building will conclude January 1st and I will taper into my 20k on January 7th.  🙂 

And I personally think not getting my panties in a bunch is why I have been already coming close to my PRs.

Question for you:

I just want to hear all your thoughts about basebuilding/speedwork/cross training…running fast…slow.  Speak to me. 

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