Breaking News. I.have.a.favorite.pancake.

Okay wow, hello my friends. These last couple of days coupled with the grimey weather have not been okay in my life. My legs have hurt, I’ve had too much school work and not been in a really good mood. I’m not depressed I swear, I’m just having some. I shall probably enlighten you sometime later in the month. I’m doing fine physically and so is everyone in my life so it’s not health problems don’t worry.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has heart attacks on the treadmill.  Seriously-I don’t know how people go all out on those things.  The day I go under 8 minutes is the day I will award myself with 1000 pancakes and ice-cream to the max.


Sorry to be a mysterious Martha. Eh hem lets move on to the last few days.

When I study I eat… A lot of pancakes. I hide in the bunker of my room and lock myself with pounds and pounds of pancakes and waffles. I can eat them if I study…it works for me and you should try it.

Meet my two favorite types of sweet pancakes, please don’t judge me because I finally chose some.

The runner up goes to pumpkin. You are always looking fine, pumpkin and have that deep orange and natural glow that some of us only dream of…

No really pancakes and calculus...what more could you want in life?

And the winner…

Dark chocolate with orange zest..go figure since I did say it was my favorite type of chocolate. I don’t remember if I ever posted the recipe (actually I know I did, I just can’t find it.) But the beautiful deep chocolate with a nice aftertaste of orange melts in my mouth everytime.

Ingredients and such:

½ cup flour
1 egg
½ tsp baking powder
¼ cup dark cocoa powder
¼ cup grated orange zest
¼ cup orange juice
About ¼ cup water but change to your consistency
And of course sweetener to your liking-I like to add 1 truvia but you know that’s me and I like the bitterness.

Pictures don’t give these baby girls justice (I mean in reality they look like burnt pancakes…). They are fabulous and why I have deemed them the pancake of the month award which means I’m aloud to eat them for every meal if I chose too and you can’t judge me. So there.

But to amuse you-I do eat other breakfast foods throughout the week.

Spinach and Bacon Waffle
Quiche and Sushi Salad
Berry Smoothie

6 ounces greek yogurt
1/ 2 cup cherries, raspberries, and strawberries
1 scoop protein powder
into the magic bullet for the win.  (+1000 tablespoons sprinkles…).

Anywho today was less busy thank goodness. A big time Syracuse Math professor drove all the way up to come give a lecture to the high scholars in the math class that I observe. So I went. It was pretty interesting if I do say so myself and I learned about integrals and derivatives that I learned calc classes ago.

On the working out front, I took the last couple of days off from running because my legs have been feeling like jelloooo (with four o’s obviously). What a great move because today I had an awesomesauce run. As I posted on my dailymile account, “Today my legs told me to run quickly.” I ran my typical 7 mile loop around town and it even stopped hailing for the hour I was out. Listening to your body is always good.


Questions for you:
1. What is your favorite chocolate combination?
2. Do you have a set schedule for speed workouts, or do them when your legs are feeling the


Fun Facts

Sometimes in the blogging world, you can fudge that you had such an interesting and fabulous day when in reality-you didn’t.  Pictures tell 1000 words if they are real or not there are at least 1000 words there.  But anywho-I have been running around and in out and out of the high school watching my little mathaliates compete in a big regional competition.

Luckily for me, I was tagged in the versatile blogger award via Matt @The Athletes Plate.  I would have actually tagged him back but I think that is cheating.  I’m such a rule follower….

Anyways-I recently started following Matt’s Blog and I absolutely love it.  He is such an inspiration and seriously makes the best the best looking food.

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules

  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell 7 Random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award  to up to 15 new found bloggers.
  4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it… (I am going to hope they see the trackback).

Let’s see here, first I’ll relate some of the new blogs that I have found and absolutely love.  There are many blogs that I continue to find on my rampant blog stalks and  they are in no particular order.

1.      Emma @The Sweet Tooth Runner– She is obsessed with tempo shorts (twinnies) and loves herself a good breakfast too.

2.      Christy @ Lift to Run– She is only 18 and already wants to run a marathon and ultra.  Oh yes and she eats more than Michael Phelps so we are kind of already twinnies too.

3.      Lynn @ The Cream Filling. She is a fellow science (and math) lover and her friends often tell her that they don’t know her in class. Um my friends just pretend that they don’t know me in class and then make me eat alone (but not really they all want to be famous on my blog).

4.      Tara @ XC Foodie.  I’ve actually followed her blog for a while now but she is a hella quick cross country (and track runner). Like me, she is new to running but she is super quick and the

5.      You!  Yes, I love every single one of your blogs so please consider yourself nominated.

Now some jazzy facts about me.

1.      I would rather work out at 6 am then 4pm.  I don’t ever have good workouts that late and I’m an early riser.

2.      I cannot run fast on a treadmill.  The fastest I can legit go is at an 8 minute pace and I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack.  Yet, I normally run at a 7:30 pace and I feel awesome and could have a full conversation outside.

3.      My favorite chocolate is orange dark chocolate or dark chocolate with caramel in second.

My birthday is coming up in a couple months....100 pounds of this is acceptable...

4.      I don’t like chocolate ice cream but love every other flavor except healthy fat free ice-cream.  Please don’t tell me it’s delicious but it’s not and I will eat my full fat nom.

5.      Although I like new music and lady gaga is my forever idol, my favorite band will remain as always FleetWood Mac.  I could drive blasting their music with my T-roofs off my car for hours and I hate driving.

6.      I always wanted to be a zoologist but I changed my mind in 10thgrade.  I’m not too sure why.

7.      My life goal is to meet Tyra Banks.  If nothing else in my life goes well-I’ll meet her don’t you worry.

I’ll be back to my regular schedule of blogging tomorrow.  I miss you all my blogging BFFS.

Questions for you:

1.      Tell me about yourself.  Tell me something new.

2.      Whose blog should I stalk next?

Pizza, Pancakes and Working Out

Wow-where this weekend went is beyond me. Last night, I got a migraine and layed in bed watching movies and whatever else from 6:30 pm until 8am.  It was fabulous but I’m still some what tired.  So strange.

If you have been one of my blogging BFFS for over a month, you know where my favorite restaurant around school is.  Foxy Roxys (the diner with humungous and best pancakes ever.), Which is where I went this morning, because I clearly need fuel for a 9 mile run today.

But the best pancakes are the ones you don't have to cook!

My little ladies were so cute and they raved about how much they had missed me the last month or so.  I missed them a lot too and I’m actually not sure why I hadn’t been there at all during March.

My run was 9 miles at about an 8 minute pace.  I’m building up my base again, so I’ll take any injury free miles.  I’m not too worried that it wasn’t as fast as I would have liked.

For dinner (because I bypassed lunch), I made pizza.  Homemade pizza that is.  I seriously had the biggest fear that it would be hard concept to master but blogging BFFS it is the legit easiest thing I have ever made by myself.  (minus pancakes obviously)

This is just kind of my recipe but it is still in the process of additions/subtractions so ideas are always welcome:

2 cups flour
½ cup water
Knead the dough and put into some sort of baking dish.  I used a Pyrex because I don’t own any pizza pans (YET).
Add pizza sauce and cheese
Add your variety of toppings today was asparagus, olives and mushrooms because those were the vegetables I could find in my house.

Sheet Pizza Yes

And cook on 450 degrees for 15 minutes until the dough turns golden bornw and the cheese melts.


I will be making this a lot more.


A week in review:

Well on the nonworking out aspect, I had 4 tests last week which was kind of a pain and it kept me super busy.  I’m actually surprised I was able to get everything in that I wanted but I obviously cannot complain.

Speaking of my training, here is a run down of last week:

Running: 36 miles
Swimming: 2 hours
Arctrainer: 4.5 hours

My goal was too replace 30 minutes of Arc with 3 miles of running which I did.  I was also to swim 3000 yards twice this week which I also did.  I cut down in total 2.5 hours of Arctrainer this week so I’m pleased with that.  That might sound strange-but going from Arctrainering to running involves a lot more cutting of cross training.

I’m really proud of this workout week.

Next week, I plan to switch my miles around a little bit and make my longer run longer and shorten down a midweek run.  It seems reasonable and not too much pressure.   So in short my goals for next week are

Running: Between 35-40 miles
Swimming: 2-3 hours
Arctrainer: 2-4 hours  (I want this to go down to about 2 hours a week when my running hits it’s peak).


Questions for you:
1.       What is on your radar next week?

On the nonworking out end, I have a big education test called the LAST next Saturday so wish me luck. I can’t become a certified teacher in NY state without passing that test so it’s rather important. I’ll also be rather busy since I’m going to the high school 3 times next week. I have to go cheer on my students participating in the Mathelites competition on Tuesday. Wish their little smarty pants good luck. 🙂 But all of that is better than studying for a mass amount of tests.

2.       Ever made homemade pizza?

Savory Waffles and Rest Days

Hello and happy second day of April to you. Today was my rest day so it essentially became my do nothing productive with my life day.

I swear I’m not deleting my blog and just writing guest blogs but I wrote another one for Emily.  It is essentially my journey of how I became both a college runner and swimmer and if you need some nonacademic reading to take up more time in your life-hop on over.  Emily’s blog is the to begin with so you might as well stay there a while and read it up.


This morning, I made savory waffles.  These are some of my favorite waffles (which may shock you) but adding spinach and bacon into a waffle is genius.  I topped mine was Greek yogurt and a little bit of syrup but hummus is also a delicious option.

All my favorite things combined.
But hummus is amazing as well

Battle of the waffles.

Hummus waffle admit defeat

Um what else did I do today on my rest day-absolutely nothing.  That is how I roll-I wish I could say I even got some homework done but that would be a dirty lie.

I did, however, go out to eat to the Lobster House.  I decided to try something new versus my stuffed flounder or lobster tail and tried the bass.  I don’t know if you can really tell but there was SOO much bass that came with this meal.  It was only $15 (and most meals there are between 15-25) so I figured it would be a nice light meal.  No.  It was huge.


This was also an extremely proud moment for me because yet another food I have ketchup with.  Giving up ketchup for lent has been challenging but not as hard as I would have thought.

Because I'm obsessed with crumbly blue cheese salads


Well blogging BFFS last night was a late night for this grandma, so tonight I’m going to head to bed real early tonight.

I know Tyra would be proud of my glasses.

Question for you:
1.       Age old battle-sweet versus savory?
2.       What is your favorite type of seafood?

Because Taking Photoshoots with Protein Powder is Okay

Happy April!  I’m not really big into the April fools jive, but you are that is awesome too.   Before you read my blog, go read Ashley’s Blog because I wrote a guest blog about more minerals!  Go show her some love and stalk it like I do.  🙂

Oh and in response to your question about Homecoming Queen in high school.  No I was not homecoming Queen, I lost that vote by 7 (out of 3000 votes-when I was materialistic and all that jazz I was sad but now I have bigger and better things to worry about…).  I was on Homecoming Court though and D’Angelo is my BFF best escort ever.

I found a photo from my natural days.

I had to wake up extra early today because I had an advising meeting today at 8:30 am with my education advisor (I have two for my double majors).  I have to look decent (not that he isn’t my teacher and has seen me live my life in leggings the last 3 months) but maybe he has forgotten and will just remember me through advising meetings.

Before my meeting, I made arguably some of the best pancakes I have ever made.  They were just blueberry with lemon zest but they came out so fluffy and amazing.  Seriously, these might be the proudest pancakes to date.  I wish you could tell more but I spelled lolz in blueberries but at least you can see the sprinkles.

Greek Yogurt+Syrup nommm. (+my favorite pink fork)

Someone asked me to post more daily looks that I’m rocking.  Wow-I’m not a fashionista but here today’s look as well.

Cardigan is from Willy Smith, dress roxy and leggings are Abercrombie and fitch and belt forever 21.  My normal outfit (99% of the time) is tunic+leggings+sweater because that is how I roll.


My meeting with my advisor went well and then to my delight we got our tests back in Modern Algebra class.  Holla at me because I got the highest grade in the class!  So naturally-I taped the test on my door, because that is how I roll.

Nope...she doesn't use the same tests at 2008...


After running today, I made myself a protein smoothie using the Aribonne protein I got in the mail and a new type of Fage Yogurt they stocked at the grocery store.  It was so thick and pink and delicious in my smoothie.  I recommend this to anyone.

OhEmGeez Protein Powder?

So many nomss

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used the Airbonne)

6 ounce of yogurt (I use Fage with Cherry and pomegranate)
1 tsp Xanthem gum
A handful of raspberries
Ice cubes
Mix in blender and obviously add sprinkles.

I really like the taste of the vanilla protein powder and I will be trying one more packet in pancakes (the true test) and one more in a plain smoothie style to get the full flavor.  It helped to thicken the smoothie more than my previous protein that is for sure.


For lunch today in my normal lunch date with Julie, I had the exact same thing as Monday.  It was too good to resist and therefore I didn’t need to whip out my camera for that baby girl.

And for dinner I made steak pumpkin enchiladas subbing in the steak for the chicken.  These were awesome as always.  They are meal I’ll never be sad I tried because I frowned my nose at first.


Questions for you:
1.       What is something that you have tried and are so happy you did?
2.       Play any good April Fools jokes?

First Day of Actual blogging

Here I am blogging for the first time.  I’m keeping the blog active while I begin to get the hang of everything.  I hope to have a nice layout and more information about me to help to personalize it.

Her is just a little background-My name is Hollie and I am a twenty year old college student.  I have swam competitively since middle school and I’m beginning a new chapter by running cross-country as well.  This blog will serve to help to focus my thoughts of balancing both, classes and other things that come my way.  I am highly interested in food blogging as well, so that will be a lot of my blogs.  I am moving into a nice townhouse with a full kitchen as well when I get to school August 22.  Anyways-I will obviously post more and hope that you’ll love to get to know me.