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Question for you: Feel free to answer any and all of the questions or tell me what the best part of your weekend so far has been.  

Happy Weekend!  🙂 


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Getting Over an Injury Mentally

First, your body heals.  Whether you 100% believe me or not-it’s true and I wouldn’t lie to you (then I’d have no friends).  You break a bone?  You’ll heal.  You stretched out a muscle to far?  It will return to normal.

The day I got my stress fracture in July 2011, I could not walk.  At all and running was not in the cards.   As a new runner I had no idea what was going on and did all I really knew how to do, whine, cry and complain until the next day, in which I did the same thing.

Taking a month off of running?  More than that for an injury? 

2, 3, 4 months…you get the point.

You will be running eventually, trust me I’m the epiphany of running injuries.  I go from knee problems to broken arms and from it band problems to stress fractures…

The hardest part of overcoming an injury (in my opinion at least) is mentally get back in the game.  Let’s take running for example you lost that mental focus.  Two months ago, I was running 10 miles daily and seeing results.   When coming off my stress fracture, my long runs were far less then 10 miles and I was certainly not running 10 miles daily.

This was the day I got my stress fracture and literally couldn’t walk. at all.

So how do I mentally go back to that place I was? Ie: excited to run, workout, do whatever.

First, I WRITE everything down…

So I’m not recording it online-I have a notebook and I’m monitoring improvements and all improvements are good.  For instance, you ran 2 more miles then yesterday?  Success!  You ran 5 more minutes pain free?  Wam bam thank you ma’am you are on a journey to recovery.

Second-You don’t have to be all or nothing right now (or ever).  Some is better than none.

Case and point: I’m certainly not running 70 mile weeks right now and I’m 100% happy with what I am running.  Running is a beautiful thing and running any injury free miles is better then none.

Run with your friends

Chances are NO MATTER your pace is there is a friend you can run and catch up with.  Now is the time to get outside and run with someone that might not have felt comfortable running with you at your peak game.  Catch up with your friends.  Run on the treadmill if it’s too cold!

Run for your health

Do you remember back way long ago-you didn’t run to crush your PR’s, you ran because you wanted to be healthy?  Yeah…remember those 3 miles daily you used to run are also just as beneficial!  You don’t need to have a goal race right now because your goal is to come back stronger then ever.

Question for you: How do you get over injuries mentally? 

Let’s like Catch Up and Stuff

Let’s play catch up shall we? 

I have a lot of unfinished personal life business to share with you guys.  Don’t you hate when teachers and professors say that?  I don’t know-maybe it’s just me.  I have been straying away from personal posts lately (not on purpose) but I don’t have much to say about my training, my life is consumed with school work and well I’ve been a snoozy snoozeville. 

First, I got asked a lot about my accident a week ago and if there was some big controversy and if the policeman was angry and all that jazz.  No there wasn’t.  He just took all my information and we chatted for a while about random things.  Both cars were drivable and it wasn’t like I went out to hit him…my car just slid on ice and that was that.  It’s all going through insurance now and honestly with school and such, it’s the least of my concerns.  So-that might be one of the least uneventful things that has happened to me.  Accident-exchange information-still got to get car fixed. Done and done.

Moving on-I’ve been extremely (biggest understatement of the year) busy planning my internship.  I didn’t realize how stressful it would be (though I should have).

Thirdly-I haven’t been food blogging because, well really, I eat nearly the same things daily because 1. I’m a busy college student and 2.  I’m a busy college student who eats and works at the same time.  Weekends are normally different, as I have more time,  but during the week, I eat a similar mix of things.

I’ve actually been really into buckwheat and making pancakes with that.  Has anyone else ever tried cooking with buckwheat?  It’s SO good! 

buckwheat pancakes!

Buckwheat pancakes and cherries.  Key to my heart.

Apparently there is a theme going on with brussel sprouts-I just like mine sautéed and with too much garlic and with some salmon.  So random but so good.

And finally my arm is healing really well.  As long as I don’t do anything dumb, I should be 100% in a few weeks.

I’ll leave you with this because it’s so cute!

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       What have you been up too?
  2. 2.       Have you ever tried buckwheat?



Personality Types

So if you know me in real life-you know I’m extremely type A personality.  Like the extremist and sometimes I think it’s a bit of a bad habit ya heard?  I’m always rushing myself around and somewhat envious of those people that just “go with the flow”.  I never really knew too much about it until we spent an entire class period discussing the differences of type A and B personalities and how it can relate to stress, school and basically all life in general.

Type A Personalities….

1.       Like to have 10000 things going on at once.  Overschedule classes, blog, always on the run…
2.       Become sucked and very demanding in one aspect.  Taking hobbies to the extreme.
3.       Very “to do” orientated
4.       Very aggressive and impatient
5.       Works better when in control of a situation

Type B Personalities…

  1. Relaxed most of the time and don’t let themselves get their panties in a bunch.  Often too relaxed
  2. May be considered a “free floater” and have lots of small interests versus 1 big one.
  3. – A capacity to adapt to and tolerate the differences of others and their different rhythms.
  4. – Very little need to be in control ever
  5. Often running late

To sum it up-

Type A = Lots of energy, much, highly competitive, aggressive,  talkative, jumpy, trying to do too much stuff at once.

Type B = More laid back, relaxed, quieter, takes time to weigh pros and cons, can be assertive and talkative but most often very quiet.

Interesting eh? 

You are probably wondering where I’m going with this (as am I) but I find it incredibly interesting that to the most part-people can be categorized into these two personality types and stress levels can be analyzed.


What personality trait do you have?  Do you think it’s possible to have both? 

Friday Food Label Talk

Friday Favorites.  It’s no secret that many bloggers agree that fat sources are their favorite kinds of food.  Nut butter being what I have noticed to be one of the most sought after.  I’m not the biggest fat fat, I mean don’t get me wrong-I have plenty for my body and such, I just never got on board USS nut butter craze.

Well in my Navigating the American Diet class we spent 3 hours (yes 3 hours) chatting about fats.  Some people knew way more than I could ever dream and some people knew very little.  The funny thing about this MAJOR’s class is there are nonmajors that took it because they thought it was a dieting/weight loss course.  I mean anyone can sign up for a 300 level course at my school (granted it has no prereqs) and it doesn’t bother me too much.  I can tell it bothers some of the most intense of students though.

I digress. 

I found a lot of things interesting (obviously) from that discussion but I decided to just share something that kind of caught me off guard about the labeling of fats and food in general.

When a food label says:

Fat free-It just means that there is less than half a gram of fat in the food and they don’t have to label it.  So really…are very many foods entirely “fat  free”?  Are many politicians 100% honest?

Calorie free-means it has less than 5 calories per serving.  That includes 99.9% of artificial sweeteners  claiming to be “calorie free”

Low Fat-less than 3 grams of fat!

Less and Reduced-Just has to have 25% less than whatever it is claiming.  Less Sugar-so 25% less sugar. Reduced sugar means the same thing!

Lite-1/3 few  calories or not more than half the fat of a higher calorie version.

For my two favorites:

Healthy-Must be low in saturated fat and contain limited amounts of choelserol and sodium (vague much?)

Low calorie-must be lower than 40 calories per serving.  I’m still on the fence about this one.

What do you think about that eh? 

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