Weekly Life Round Up

I feel like I haven’t posted a lot lately about my life in general in the last week (I know you are pretty bummed), but that is because it has been a roller coaster of a week between my health, my school work and well I guess running and traveling too.  Oh and swimming.  How could I forget that-when I reek of chlorine and it scares away all the fellas.  (At least that is what I keep telling myself)

Anyways let’s just do a brief overview of my week so we can enjoy the humour that is my life.  My parents asked me this morning how my week was and I showed them what I had typed out).  Shoutout to the parents (my first subscribers…).


Monday I went to the hospital for my corneas and then again for having an allergic reaction.  (Which btw, they are feeling a lot better…just sensitive to light…as to why I Have been wearing my stunnah shades).

Tuesday-Nothing too exciting.  All I remember from Tuesday was a test on theoretical model in my theory class.

Wednesday-My laptop broke and I mooned someone.  Here is a vlog for that one.

Thursday-I traveled to VA. That was a good time…minus border patrol stopped me because that particular route has a lot of drug trafficking and I have out of state plates.  Oh well-no big deal, I just sat drinking my coffee and staring at cows while they searched my car.

Friday-I did nothing exciting.  Caught up on blogs for the win.

Saturday was my 10 mile race and I traveled up to the Eastern Shore to see this lil fella.

nom nom nom apples.

What...You don't take myspace style photos with your donkey?

Sunday is now.   I frolicked with my donkey some more and ran away from chickens and roosters.  Nothing too exciting.  Minus this lil guy was pretty creeps and demanding when he ran over with his 20 female followers.  Hell no will I follow a man anywhere…another story for another time.



In athletic related topics:

Running:  46 miles  (I could have hit 50, had I not taken Monday off but health>running

Swimming: 28,000 yards (good heavens that makes me vom just thinking about it)

Next week is going to be a weird week for me.  I’m traveling again, I have a lot of schoolwork (probably forcing me to miss some practices) and I’m also minitapering for my big cross country race in Syracuse, NY! 

So it’s all a toss up.


Question for you:

How was your week?  How is next week looking?


Suffolk Ten Miler Race Recap.

I was really worried about this race the last few days.  I didn’t want to race hard and injure myself(after all-my races post injury have been either short or on grass).  I didn’t want to jog slow and get the dreaded DNF or more importantly have a somewhat upsetting result .  I didn’t really have a game attack plan.  (But I normally don’t when I run races).  My thoughts are for races are either: today I will run fast, today I will jog at an 8 minute pace or today I just don’t care.)

The daddykins and I after the race (in my stunna shades)

There has been one race where I just didn’t care. Remember last Decembers Freezin’ for a reason 5k?  When we ran on ice?  Oh yes me too.  Slow and steady wins the no ankle breaking race.

Another big reason that I wanted to do this race, is because my area (VA Beach, VA) is really big into running.  I had met a lot of people on dailymile who were running this race and similar to a blogging meetup, I wanted to have a dailymile meetup.

I met some great people such as Marie, who has been one of the most supportive people since returning from my stress fracture.  Sadly, she currently has a case of her own and is coming to end of her recovery though (YAY!). 

Anyways, I was busy gabbing with Marie (what else is new…chronic chatterer is what I am.) The gun went off and people ahead of me were booking it.  I was so confused.  Then I realized-um duh Hollie you are racing today. 

So I was off.  I pretty much found my groove immediately.  I did exactly what I was recommended by coachy coach.  Extended tempo run.  3 miles warmup-4 miles tempo-3 miles cooldown.

I tried my very best to follow that and I did pretty much.  I ran the middle four miles a little slower than I wanted to at about a 7:15 pace-but I wasn’t feeling 100%.  I am still a little sleep deprived but that is another story.  I never got my ten hour make up sleep day, from waking up at 5:30 all week from swim practice. 

The first three miles were smooth.  Took them easy, chatted with lots of people. By people I mean 30-50  year old men who pretty much dominate the entire upper half of races because they are super quick.

The middle four miles, I ran quicker at about a 7:15 pace.  I chatted far and few between but the guys were great.  I stuck with one guy until he dropped down to below a 7:00 minute pace and peaced out.  He only finished about 2 minutes infront of me though.  Would you believe me if I told you, I directed him in the right direction on the race course?  He went past the turn.  People normally can never rely on me for directions.

During the last three miles (during my cooldown of course), I knew some of the other ladies in the race were gaining on me and I wanted to keep my position.  I know-I do have some sort of competitiveness somewhere in my little soul.  So even though I was literally dead at mile 8 (I haven’t felt that tired in a race in oh I don’t know…since I used to go into cardiac arrest running the mile in middle school) but I kept my head up and just pretended like I was frolicking in the park.  In my mind at least.

My high school’s cross country team was volunteering along with my brother (who is home for break too).  He didn’t race today since he has some serious cross country races ahead of him (and unlike me…likes those 8ks more than 10 milers…weird).  Anyways long story short-I saw him at mile 9 and he kept me moving. #bestmotivatorever

Then I finished the last mile, trying to keep my lead all while smelling the greasy popcorn being made at the movie theater (that is where is the race started). 

And then watched later on as a 75 year old woman finished the 10 miler in 2:30.  That is me in the future. 

So another successful race in my books.  I love running. 

Question for you:

 Tell me something you love. 



I would venture to say most of my readers are more familiar with running than swimming.  Most people in general are-like uh swimming, you mean floating?  How do you actually compete in swimming?  So many common questions I get or used to get saying I’m a competitive swimmer.

I wrote a post about this last September. It’s weird to see my blog a year ago and see how cool I was. Or not.-------------------I thought it would be more fun to enlighten more people on various equipment used for swimming and how to use them. Then you can get your cross train on for whatever sport you are doing-or whatever life adventure you are participating in. Because swimming is such a good cross training tool. Think about it-all the benefits of cardio without putting pressure on your legs. Plus-using 75% of all muscles in your body. Some people say all muscles…but us distance swimmers don’t kick so I cut that part out. ;)------------------The first and foremost important thing for swimming is a bathing suit. Do not go try and swim laps in your bikini. One-you will be judged and two-unless you are like me, you will worry about falling out every five seconds and get nothing accomplished. It is impractical and bikinis are not made for swimming laps. Think about it-have you ever seen me road race in my Abercrombie booty shorts? Uh no. Look for a snug fitting one piece (although 2 pieces are okay and workout bikinis are more fun in the summer. Repeat workout bikinis.). If you are looking for a nice suit, I would recommend They have a lot of different brands/sizes/styles/colors/patterns. You get my jist.I like to choose the polyester/PBT blend because when you are in the pool for 12+ hours weekly, you need something that doesn’t become see-through in a hot second. This was and will always be my favorite swim suit. I bought another one and it’s still going strong. I got an entire college season out of this suit, which is practically no short of amazing.Let's be twinnies!

Moving on.

Goggles.  You don’t want to get chlorine eyes and if you are serious about swimming you probably want to find a pair that is decent.  I have used the female vanquishers since I’ve been 10.  Never used anything else and they haven’t failed me.  Like running shoes, I normally cycle through 2 pairs of goggles per season. 

Swim caps.

There are two major types.  Silicone and latex.

Latex is the cheaper and more standard kind.  They are super snug against your head and normally stay on no matter how much product you have in your hair.  Um yeah-curly haired girls this is probably what you want.  If you use mousse in your hair, it will still say on.  Case and point in my life.

Silicone caps are a bit more expensive but don’t rip your hair out.  Well not having chunks of hair fall out is a good thing but they also slide off your head quite easily with the any sort of product you have in there.

I just want to make one more point about swim caps.  Always wear one in open water swimming-a bright colored one perhaps.  It could save your life.  Trust me-I have been in plenty of races where swimmers have had to be fished out.  The currents and waves get a bit craycray where the strongest swimmers have difficulties.

On to optional things:

Fins:  Some people like to practice with them…some don’t.  I personally don’t because I don’t kick.  They are a useful device for sprinters and can help to simulate using your fast twitch muscles in your legs though.  Think about it-the more area your feet cover (i.e.: The bigger your feet are) the harder and faster you can kick.  These simulate that.

Hand paddles: The complete opposite of fins.  Used to simulate pulling the water harder.  I love hand paddles and could swim countless laps in them.

I also live my life in these.

Kick board: I know of my cross country friends have used kickboards while pool training.  I hate hate hate hate kicking X1000.  I’m so slow at it and I feel I never got anywhere.  Anyways-kicking is a great lower body workout and butterfly kick is a great core workout.  So let’s all get ripped abs and work on our kick.

Pull buoy: Used to focus on just your pull.   They also double to keep your butt at the surface which keeps you moving a bit faster.  Combine a pull buoy with hand paddles and you will probably be sore the next day as if you lifted.

Finally-You sweat when you swim.  Stay hydrated.

Oh look. My hand paddles made it into the photo too.

Fashion and Foodie Friday will be back next week, when my computer is recovered.  So please send me photos of your favorite workout outfit (and you of course;))

Question for you:

  1. 1.       What is your favorite piece of equipment for swimming?
  2. 2.       Do you use swimming as cross training/workout? 

The Almost Perfect Fishey Filled Day

Today had all the makings of being a great day.  IIt was my last full day of classes (and my second day of the week).  America’s next top model comes on in cerca de half an hour.  I had smoked salmon (ya’ll know that’s my fav) on two separate occasions AND I mooned someone today while running.   I’m so badass. About that…I’ll talk about it in a future blog.

Smoked Salmon Quiche is Quiche of the week!

But then my laptop has completely died.   I don’t even know what happened-I just came back from my run and the keyboard isn’t working. At all.   I don’t even know what happened-I just came back from my run and the keyboard isn’t working. At  So now I sit here in the computer office on campus (preying to the high heavens that they will fix it in time for America’s Next Top Model).  I guess fixing it in general would be optimal.

I had all this lovely time to dedicated to reading blogs.  Know that I am reading all of them-just not commenting because that is too hard for me on my phone.  is too hard for me on my phone.

Oh and my corneas feel decent as well.  It doesn’t look like I’m cracked out right now.

*Edit I went home.  They said for me to come back at 10.  Good-me and Tyra have a d-me and Tyra have a date.

Question for you:

What kind of computer do you use? 

LockerRoom Nap Time

Let’s talk about my yesterday.  Highlight of my life…always.

It was pretty ridiculous.  I woke up at 2:17am in a lot of pain.  My eyes hurt so bad. Yes.  So bad.  So bad I went to the Emergency room 30 minutes later.  At 3am.  I walked.  Yes walked the half a mile over there.  While eating a protein bar…because I was hungry.  That and since I was half blind-I guess driving wasn’t a great idea.  Although I was probably more safe than some of those drunks up here.

Mega-Binge Drinking Monday?  What you don’t know.

I digress.

You see, I was super paranoid, because last week we were learning about diseases causing blindness in class.  I was 100% convinced I was going blind…maybe because I was also half awake.

So I get there and they give me some lovely eye drops and tell me, I have quite severe corneal abrasions.  Basically, my cornea is pretty scratched.  Eh-not the worst news.   They also give me some pain medicine-oxycodone.

I get home around 3:30-4 am, and take one of the pills which makes me wide awake.  So as a normal college student (ha) I do some work.  I figured-I’m focused nothing to distract me so I’ll write one of my papers.

Then head to morning swim practice at 5:45 (which I was going to go too anyways).

That is when it all hits me.  I get extremely sick.  I am tired.  I am half delirious.  I found it acceptable to take a nap in the swim team locker room for an hour because I just couldn’t move.  I am not in any pain (obviously that stuff is strong)-I just literally cannot move.

Needless to say, I missed morning practice because I was napping in the lockeroom.  Come to find out, I’m allergic to oxycodone.  So after returning to the ER, I take a nap for roughly 6 more hours until 1.  I felt a lot better with all the meds out of me, and lots of eyedrops so I go to swim practice at two.

It wasn’t bad at all and somehow the cold water actually felt good against my corneas (well against my goggles but I could feel the nice coolness against my corneas).  It was like a two hour ice bath for my eyes.

So yes, my adventures yesterday consisted of sleeping, eating, swimming and eating ice-cream. 

Sorry no photos from yesterday.  I mean-my bloodshot eyes were beautiful and everything….

But enjoy this photo of aDuBs and I because she'll be making her guest appearence this weekend. 🙂


But on to today.  I woke up at my normal 5:29 am and headed to practice.  I actually felt pretty good this morning.  My eyes still hurt-but at about half the pain and I can see.  (Which is good when you drive I guess).

Today was the hardest practice we have had all season (which isn’t saying much…since we have had no hard practices yet).  (swimming is a blue colour, no?)

800 warmup
3X200 Whackstroke
3X200 Breastroke
3X200 Butterfly
4X100 Kick
2X200 Pull
7X300 Freestyle
500 Cooldown

I also got a package.  Full of peanut flour (in time to make lots of peanut flour pancakes) and some more protein powder.  Right now, I’m currently obsessed with optimum nutrition cake batter.  (and you should be too…get it panCAKES..anyways).


Nothing too exciting from the peanut gallery today.  I’m just working on all the work-needed to be done before I leave for home on Thursday.

PS: I’ve been getting some good questions on formspring, so I might do like a Q&A post or something. 

Questions for you:

1.       Ask me a question.  Email me, formspring me, post it here.

2.       Now tell me something about you.

3.       Are you allergic to anything?

Breast Cancer Awareness 4 Miler

True life: I typed this blog out on Saturday while wearing sweat pants, armwarmers, a long sleeve shirt and warm fuzzy socks.

Because it was sleeting outside and I was rather chilly.

More True life facts…after my race, I came home sat in bed and didn’t move until Jenna came back over around 5.  Did it become winter here overnight?  I don’t know but it was 40, sleeting and hella windy. 

I ran the race in a cotton shirt because it was so cold and because it’s currently my favorite shirt.

(That I stole from my brother).  What?  You are your brother don’t share clothes?  The military is making him too buff now…as he might size up and I’m not wearing tents.  Oh well I’ll get I’ll his smalls then anyways. 

Incase you wondered the shirt says “To a run a PR you must run faster than you have ever run before.”

Both my brother and I have the same sense of humour…can you tell?


Anyways-Race Review.  It almost sounds like I didn’t enjoy the Tempo Race when in fact I enjoyed the whole morning. 

I got up, made some plain pancakes (always prerace fuel.)  I really do have plain pancakes sometimes…but it’s only before a race.  Races that start after 9, I’ll normally make breakfast ie: pancakes.

Picked  up the partner in crime.

I ended up wearing my compression sleeves only because it was freezing and I pretended I was wearing long pants that way.

Then picked up a cross country teammate Sara.

And off we went in Lorraine (but not before stopping for some gas station coffee).

We got to the race at a secret location 10 minutes from my house.  It was secret because not once in my four years of schooling here, did I know we had a lake with a lake beach 10 minutes away.  This is no VA Beach granted but it is beautiful.   A different kind of beautiful but beautiful none the less.

All these photos credit de Sara

Jenna and I tanning on the beach.

A  good friend of mine (ie: my freshman year roommate Kirstin) lost her best friend to Breast Cancer a few weeks ago and was raising money and putting a team together.  How could I say no?

Kierstin and I..sophomore year. When I was tan.

Plus-I was in dire need a change of scenery (running in the same small 5 mile radius stinks) and needed a decent tempo run.

So that is how I rolled.  Tempo style.  My goal was to keep it at about a 7 min/mile pace with an outcome goal of 28 minutes.

It was terribly cold, winding oh and it was sleeting too.  Like legit sleet.  Jenna said one punctured her retina.

An out and back course is extremely easy to get splits.  My first two miles was done in 13:30.  I was really pleased with that. Then running back into the wind was horrible.  I thought I might pull a Mary Poppins and find an umbrella to carry me back to the starting line.

It wasn’t terrible or unreasonable though and I finished  in exactly what I wanted to do. 


and we won sweet arm warmers.

We are normal sometimes too don't worry.

I’m really pleased with the results and 50000 ounces of gas station coffee later warm again.  I ended up finishing 4 female overall and 2nd in my age group.  Cool beans.  Do you know who won the entire race?

Another  female in my age group that opened a can of whoop ass.   I’ve personally never seen a female win a road race before so it was pretty nifty.  You go girl.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Are you a beach person?
  2. 2.       What is your best wind running strategy?

Monthly Weekly Round Up

Hello blogging best frienz.

I’m still waiting for some photographs from yesterday’s tempo race.  (I’m patenting that name-tempo race).  Just to not be dramatic and keep you in suspense-I did exactly what I wanted to do and ran it in a 7 min/mile pace.  I have no complaints. 

Here is one photo of that lovely gal that I chat about often Jenna.  We swim together, we run together and of course eat massive amounts of quiche together.

Yes I ran in a cotton shirt and gloves. It was sleeting.

Anyways-is this week over already?  Good god.


This blog is going to serve to wrap the end of the month of September and the week for me.  Since it really did both, no?

Stats for this week:

5 swim practices (roughly 25,000 yards)

48.6 miles (all of these miles were very easy and laid back minus the four that were my tempo run).  Pain free miles (which they all were)=Happy Hollie.

1 weight lifting session

I will own up to this now and say I did not do my core exercises and lacked on my gym time… my core does not feel stronger.  Hopefully my coaches don’t read this.  Just kidding-not that I have a lot of excuses but I had 3 papers and 2 speeches this week so I was pretty busy this week, and although my blog is primarly about my running and swimming and life adventures  academics>workouts.

Goals for next week:

Swimming: 5 practices

Running: 50 miles (I have a ten miler on Saturday that I plan to run as a uptempo I think…more on that later on in the week)

2 weight lifting sessions

Doesn’t that look oh so exciting?  I’m flying home on Thursday (Holla!) so I’ll have to do the written practices that he emails us solo style.  I’m not too worried about it…maybe I’ll go to a club practice…who knows.


On to reviewing the month of September. (Seems like an orange color right?)

It was a rather weird month for me-I could finally begin running again (YAY), we started swimming again(…opinion to be decided).  I hated swimming the very first few weeks, but I’m finally getting back into it.  It’s not that I hate swimming per say, I’m just growing tired of it and running right now is such a more exciting new feature in my life.

I’ll relate it to this.  If someone hands you a 100 dollar bill and a 20 dollar bill at the same time and says which one would you have…well obviously the 20 is still nice you would rather have the 100.  That is how I feel between running and swimming…meaning I would rather be able to devote more time to running but I do still enjoy swimming.

I didn’t make any goals of September, just to take ease back into running.  Which I did.  So success.

My goals for October are relatively the same.  Continue to run and swim and stay injury free.   Keeping it simple is how I roll.


Finally-The winner of this week’s Fashion Friday Real Girl challenge is….

Tara!  So email me your address gurrll!  (

Next week for Fashion Friday is:

Your favorite workout outfit.  Running, swimming, elliptically, jazzersizing, spin…anyways submit those photos all week  (and I know not one of you reading can you tell me you don’t own workout clothes).

Questions for you:

  1. Favorite/Best workout of the week?
  2. Any goals for October?  (Maybe I’ll steal yours and call them my own)
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