All You Need for Travel is Coffee.

And apparently Greek Food.  I can never get enough of that stuff.

Okay yes, I did promise I would do a food blog about my journey to New York City.  I didn’t take photos of everything because I didn’t really have the energy and the trip wasn’t about my food blogging or blogging.  It was about the broski.

Anywho I also cannot promise I eat the most healthy or even remotely so.  I can promise you I ate all of this and more (did minimum exercise…it was a fabulous break) and didn’t gain any weight.

It’s important to remember that you don’t gain weight in a matter of meals.  It’s life choices baby.

The most important thing about EVERY single one of these meals was I completely enjoyed each of them.  All of them were Actually thinking of all my eats makes me want to travel and visit my brother everyday taking the same exact route.

I had 4 Starbucks fraps. And I loved every single one of them. That giftcard I got for my birthday was the best thing ever. I don't know why I contentiously pose with my coffee.
Chick fila breakfast stop. The broski wanted one last time before he only ate college food.
Okay so this salmon salad was the greatest salad I have ever had. EVER. NYC you win.
These meatballs were the size of a small baby...once again winning NYC.
But then I had this gyro meat salad in New Jersey and it came with pita bread. So many hard choices of best salads...
When I visited Katelyn in Rochacha a few months back I fell in love with lentils..when I saw them on the menu I had to order them again.
Not sure why I was in such a greek mood but ordered a greek salad for an app at a DINER of all pancakes (um don't you worry it was after 11 and they didn't serve breakfast) Oh and confessional. I have come to terms with onions. They are now okay in my book.
But the spankopita pie was another great nom. Omg and it was only 5 dollars! Best.Meal.Ever.

As you can see-I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch not eating like I do at home.  Give me coffee and give me…well more coffee and I’ll be good to go.  Mind you-my family isn’t big breakfast eaters so we didn’t go that route.

Can you believe I didn’t have pancakes for an entire 3 days and the world has not ended.


Question for you:

Travel: does it make your nervous for yo eats?



Visiting the Cake Boss and Religous Protesters

For all of you guys that pinned how close Matt and I are you are right.  We are seriously besties (minus you-aDuBs).  I cried all the way through that process of him leaving.  I’m a big emotional sappy sap and I’m okay with it.  In most situations that is.

Oh and because I never actually explained what he was doing up there..The Merchant Marine Academy is not the US Service Academy where they go into the marines.  You can go into one of the branches of the military (most go Navy or Air Force) or you can go into the Merchant Marines which work a lot on ships and such.


So after we were kicked off the campus (The campus closed at 1pm to all families) we headed down to New Jersey to see the TLC Cake Boss, Buddy at his bake shop.  Well not really because he obviously wouldn’t be there-but we wanted to check out the famous Carlos Bake Shop!

We waited about two hours in line (which apparently isn’t that bad).

While we were in line, a religious group came and started preaching at us and the other 500 people.  Apparently, it is quite common because we cannot leave (we are in line).  I’m all for freedom of speech, but they were yelling at us for a solid hour.  I don’t want to get into a religious debate on my blog, but I’m all for choice and believing in what you want but they were at the point where they were trying to shove their beliefs down people who were uninterested and not amused throats.

I’m so glad my younger brother Steven was able to come on the trip.  He wasn’t sure if he would be able too but it made the ride back more fun.  During this religious preaching, no one had gone up to get these mans fliers.  They had about 1 million and everyone had ignored them.   Since my family is full of smart asses, Steven (with my convincing)  went and got a flier and tried to have a convo with them!  They even stopped talking for about 2 minutes and everyone started cheering.

say facebooook (don't pretend people say "say cheese" anymore)...

But then about five minutes later, everyone started cheering again for another reason.   

Why are police attracted to my life?

Anywho-that gave us amusement because it isn’t something to get your panties in a bunch about and that made the line go by really quickly.  Some people were going a little psycho but I found it hysterical.  Then after our two hour wait we got to go into Buddy’s Bakery.  He wasn’t there of course, but it was still so crowded ha.

Just so you know-I didn’t take a photo of anything I didn’t sample.  All of these were the and fueled me for some pretty decent runs.  That may or may not have been my dinner last night and tonight too.  I think we spent close to 100 dollars there.  BAHAHA  #lamesaucefatties

I loved all the tart cakes
These were the moms fav.
You can never go wrong with red velvet. EVER.
But these cupcakes are adorbs and were also my dinner last night.

If we had come earlier and were around the area. My 21st birthday cake would have come from here.
My favorite were the glazed fruit tart cakes with cake batter icing underneath the fruit.

So in short. I’m not too sure why I have complained about my last few runs because this is all I have been eating. I was going to post a food blog about my NYC eats…but uh here ya go. 😉

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Have you ever seen TLC’s Cake Boss?
  2. 2.       Have you ever had an experience with protests  and the police getting involved?  (That is a pretty bizarre question I guess). 

Where dem Girls At

Hello Blogging Besties.  I have returned.  I’m currently writing responses to every single comment you left me in post about weight and athletics so feel free to look back at what I wrote or email me at and we can have a chatski.


As most of you know-this week we dropped my brother off at the US Merchant Marine Academy just outside of New York City.  I would be lying to you if I didn’t say Matt and I were extremely close and it was really hard on me.  I don’t get to talk to him until July 17th and I get to talk to him for about 1 minute on July 17th because he has a 5 minute phone call.  I don’t get to see him until November during our cross country championships.  He  can’t get onto facebook or social media sites or any of that jazz but he does have an email and is subscribed to my blog so he can read through email. 

family shot. I seriously look like the odd one out.

Blerg.  It’s what he wanted to do.  He wants to go and be fighter pilot so kudos to him.

In the hotel at 5:30am.

There were about 8000 people that applied the Merchant Marine Academy and they accepted 275. We dropped him off at 7:30am on Thursday, waited while they shaved his head and began the whole process.  He shaved most of his hair off beforehand because he would get a ton of crap for having long hair. After 7:30, we didn’t get to talk to him anymore but we did get to see him.  Does that sound stalkerish?  NAH.

leaving for head shaving and such.

From what we saw across the campus, he had to run with all his possessions that were bought.  I don’t know about you but I brought a hell of a lot more to college.  He can’t.

view from zee campus

I’m not sure how to really explain the whole military school concept to my nonmilitary besties but Ill try my best.  He goes through a process of about a month starting now where he is not even accepted to the school.  He is considered a candidate to school.  They then mold you into military cadets.  It’s a very rough process.  They put you down.  They yell at you.  They make you s strong.  At parents weekend in November, they announce that everyone is accepted is now a first year.  Well-if you make it that far that is.

Matt is strong and he will get through it. 

Hi Matt-I know you can read my blog sometimes and I miss you already.  This blog post is dedicated to you-I the drive home kind of sucked because there was no one to obnoxiously sing rap songs with (we lead the family in rapping so songs such as black and yellow and our recent favorite, where them girls at).  Anywho-You will make it through this stage of your life.   Hope everything is going well for ya 🙂


Question for you:

1. Do you know anyone close to you that went into the military?

The daddykins was in the Navy and now the broski.  Everyone in my life has sweet nicknames.

Running Clothes Favs

Hi blogging besties.  I am sadly, on a lovely car ride to New York City to drop off the bro for college.  I should be back Friday night but we shall see.  In the meantime enjoy some of my favorite things because I certainly do ha.

So I often get a lot of questions asking about my favorites of random things.  Favorite running clothes, swimming crap, breakfast foods, fruit, veggies, the list is kind of endless.

I have a really hard time shopping for real girl clothes, instead I could buy everything and anything towards my Running clothes addiction.  Anyone else want to be part of the ACAA (Running Clothes Addiction Annoymous).


My baby newtons win out.   I get a lot of questions about these babies and if I feel faster running with them.  The reason I run in Newtons is because they have lug action that works well with my feet.  You see-I really do run on my toes and shoes with too much weight in the heels begin to irritate my them and that’s why you hear me frequently whining about my heels hurting.

I don’t think they are personally are a “faster” shoe.  I actually don’t think any shoe is faster than others and I hate when people say “every since I switched shoes…I have dropped so much time in this distance.” It doesn’t work that way and I think each person works well with a certain shoe as I think there is someone in the world for everyone.

Okay off my soap box.

 I race in my nike waffle racers.  They are light and straight to the point.

You can kind of see the waffles.


I hate running in cotton t-shirts.  I’m not too sure why but just the feeling of a short sleeved cotton shirt really irritates me.  It might have something to do with it rubbing against my arm pits (I hate arm pits so much) but I do not ever run in t shirts anyways-technical or cotton.  I hate how the sweat absorbs it and then it weighs more than you do.

How did I ever run in this...I really don't know.

That being said-I normally either run in a singlet or a sports bra.  My favorite singlet is this one that I stole from Matt.  Actually he got it from his high school track team so I’m stealing from my high school.  I guess.

My favorite sports bra (uh boys cover your faces I guess).  Is this one that I got at old navy.  It’s not even Nike or cray cray like me but just normal.  Possibly the only non colorful running thing I own.

Grey and boring...just like me.


I really just prefer running in spandex.  Some people like to run in shorts but honestly, mentally I feel faster in spandex so that is my jive. 


I vary if I run with my ipod or not.  Sometimes I want to have more in thought runs and sometimes I just want to break out some rap music.

I always need to have some sort of head band in my hair otherwise it gets to be afro style and I always straighten my hair before races.  Always. 

I’m really bad about socks.  I know my feet would thank me so much if I actually wore decent socks.  Do you have any recommendations because I certainly need new socks.  I’m really not joking.

And lastly do not forget about my dads 1990s Half Marathon sweatshirt that I stole from him and frequently wear.  I know-it’s as obnoxious as I am. 


Talk to me about your running/working out wardrobe.


Athletics and Weight

This is a very heavy post.  So I’m not sure if you suffer from any sort of eating disorder or any sort of problem of that nature if you want to read it.  I promised I would be realistic with my blogging besties and here I am.  Being realistic. Sometimes I have to write a couple of serious posts to counteract my other shenanigans but really I have a lot more to say about my 5k race than what met the eye.  No pictures today but I’ll make up for it on my long car ride tomorrow.  🙂

As many of you know I raced a 5k on July 4th.  I ended up finishing in 20:32 which is an okay time for me.  Not the greatest at all but not the worst I could do by far.

During the 20 minutes that I as actually racing though a lot of factors laced into my mind.  I think I did more thinking during those 20 minutes than the entire week combined and I’m taking an online class.

Anywho, I’ll preface this because I don’t know how many people read from my DM, regular subscribers or have read my blog for the last year. (I love you all by the way) Basically I’ll catch you all up to speed so it will make more sense.

Being a two sport college athlete, it is extremely mentally tough.  It’s tough because I’m not doing indoor and outdoor track, I’m not doing two sports that generally work the same muscles or are the same thing.  No offense-but if you do indoor, outdoor, and cross country while yes you are a 3 sport athlete but you are generally doing about the same thing all year round.  Swimming is about a 10 month single sport just as running kind of is.  Swimming and running, however, are 100% complete different.  I mean sure they are both cardio based but that is about it.

With that-there are two completely different body types that excel in both sports.  With running, the smaller you are the general faster you go.  Not all the time and there are plenty of exceptions.  But it is a general case.  With swimming, it is more important to have meat on your bones so that you will be more boyant and generally do better.  When I swam my best times in high school, I was never a rail.  In fact, I was about the highest healthy weight for a 5’7 female.  As I grew older, my body changed (like antipuberty or something).

But long story short-My swim coach and cross country coach have both brought up the topic of weight and how it affects sports with me.  My swim coach, point blank told me I would not do well in swim season if I didn’t gain 10 pounds after cross country last November.  I was not underweight during cross country (and never have been).  We just had a long talk that gaining about ten pounds (healthily) would be best for my swimming.

So I did.

Now-my cross country coach has mentioned a few times that maybe it would help my running to go back to where I was preswimming and preNovember.  No-he is not forcing me to lose weight.  No-he is not telling me to be under weight.  No-he is not pressuring me or telling me I should losing weight is the only option and blah blah blah.  He is merely telling me facts.

 People that are not athletes often forget that your body is what gets you through your sport.  Not everyone loses weight for a body image.  I have been obnoxious and confident in every stage and body proportion of my life and that isn’t a problem. 

The reason I was hesitant to put this on the blog was because I don’t want people to think that anyone is forcing me to do anything, making me feel uncomfortable or triggering any sort of eating disorder. 

Because quite frankly-I’m at a point in my life that I can talk about weight rationally to my coach, to my friends, to my parents, to my blogging besties, DMers whatever without feeling like it is triggering something in me.

Anyways, that race just made me think long and a hard about swimming, running and weight.  All in 20 minutes.  I really don’t need anyone to tell me I need to lose or gain weight because that isn’t what I was getting at.

What do you think about athletics and weight? 

Trashy Trashmore 5k Race Recap Part 1

I wish it was really called the Trashy Trashmore 5k.  How fun.
I’m going to post a more in-depth very heavy post tomorrow. So for now you have to deal with some photos from the race. 

I’ll give somewhat overview of the race too:

Weather (straight from my email)

80 degrees (at 7:30)
Humidity 90%
Other factors: There was a 10MPH wind south west from the NC Dismal Swamp fires, so it was very smoggy and smoky.  Ew and you could smell the fires faintly when you stepped outside.

If you smoke and can run-I honestly don’t know how you do it.  I nearly vom.comed after the race it was so smoggy and terrible.

Anywho-the race was completely flat, despite being at Mount Trashmore.  We arrived there around 6:45, to find out there were only about half as many racers as previous years.  There was inaugural 8k up north so that might have been part of the reason.

on zee way
Matt told me real runners don't come to races in Juicy Valour ready to run. I'm once again a fake runner. (yes I'm wearing cheetah compressions. I love me some animal prints)


I warmed up for 2 miles.  YES 2 whole miles so be proud of me because it’s the most warming up I have ever done for a running race.  True life.  After getting back to the car, I decided I would not be racing in my waffle racer flats because my heels were kinda wigging out.  I put back on my newtons and got to the starting line .5 seconds before it started.  I did in fact, run in a sports bra and spandex.  I almost never run that naked but it was so freaking hot. 

During the race, I was almost immediately in pain (not legit like I’m injured pain-just like this is the worst decision of my life pain).  I did not feel good.  My legs hurt, I felt like crap and just didn’t feel good at all.

Quite frankly I thought about quitting and making up some long ass story about how I twisted my ankle in the stupid gravel that we ran through but decided against it.   I did run the first mile in 5:59, which I was super jazzed for but from there I only felt worse.  After mile 1, I zoned out the pain and just told myself it’s only 15 more minutes of my life, it’s only 5 ect ect.  I then decided to kind of just gut it out and go with the flow.

After I finished I changed back into my racing flats that I decided not to run in because I forgot my Pegasus’s that I normally warmup/cool down in.  Why I need three pairs of shoes for a 5k, I don’t know.  When I race in my Newtons I have hugh jass blisters on my front toes that make walking not okay.


Then I went to find aDuBs Because Anna is freaking champion, she PRed in this cray cray heat and smog dropping about 4 minutes to under a 39:28.  That’s.Whats.Up.

My broski was able to capture us finishing up. 🙂 Well. Our butts.

At the end of the race, I kept telling aDuBs to channel her inner Cav pool patron and run like the police are about to catch her. 

such attractive siblings...I know. I think I literally become a different race.

My final time was 20:32 which like I said, I’m not too happy about.  I know under 21 was my original goal but I think I hoped I would be back under 20.  Either way I was 1st in my age group (even though I don’t think one person believed that I was actually 20) and 5th female overall.  Most people said they were between 30-1 minute off their PR so each to their own.

This is the first 5k I have done since I jogged out that 5k on St.  Patrick’s Day after my heel injury so no need to get my panties in a bunch about the time.  While I’m upset about my time, I’m not going to cry myself a river or decide that my life only consists of working out and this ruins my day.

Why am I forever chuckling creepily to myself.
Was it worth postponing my waffle morning for this pain? Always.

Ask me again in August about doing an above 20 minute 5k, and it will be another story.

Because pictures tell 1000 words that I cannot physically type right now.


Um the daddykins looks like he could run 10 more miles.
So freaking glad its done.
I think the race was sponsered by this guy. He is my new official boyfriend.
peace out blogging besties.


So Fly in July

Pardon the title, it was either so fly it July or in July I will be a social butterfly…bahaha.

So I have been telling myself I will get back on top of blogging but have been so busy it has clearly been a fail.  I have been wanting to do a food blog and for some reason I have just not been in the mood.  Maybe my food has essentially been the same…maybe I forget to charge my camera or maybe I just quite frankly don’t feel like sharing what I’m eating.  Actually it is just more or less that my food is boring and won’t interest anyone at the current moment.  I mean unless sandwiches are your jive…


But anywho-Can you believe it’s already July? 

Do I need to make July goals like many of my favorite blogging besties?

Possibly because I have been so scatterbrained lately but I actually have a lot of adventures planned for July to keep me in check so we shall see.

Since you are oh so curious about stalking my July Schedule-I’ll share with you my tentative plans and festivities.  Then I can also refer back here when I forget what the hell is going on in my life.

July 4th 5k

and taking one of these shots to celebrate Anna's 1 year running anniversary. Wow this was a year ago. Holy schmee time flies.

and hanging out with Chef KatelynEpic blogging meetup again (duh).

and taking lots of photos duhhh.

July 5th I believe I have a nighttime 4 mile race.  It’s part of a group of races called the summer series but I should probably look into it ha.  It isn’t as serious as most road races and that is why I love them.  To run is fun-because running is funning sounds like I never graduated from elementary school.  

July 6-8-I’ll be in New York City dropping on the broski to college.  AH-I’m going to miss him a ton blergy berg.  I won’t be able to talk to him but on Sundays for about 5 minutes for the first couple of months.

No more running bestie. 😦

July 12th is my 21st birthday.  Feel free to send me a pair of granny panties because I’m actually 20 going on 99.

July 16th is a hugh jass race called the Allen Stone Run Swim Run.

1k run on the beach-1k swim in the ocean-5k run on the boardwalk.  I won last year so I kinda would like to repeat that.

July 21-26-I’ll be tentatively traveling and probs away from the blog.

July 30th-I have a 2 mile open water swim just North of New York City.  My relatives all come and do it too-it’s like way to much of my cray cray family.  I’ll literally be able to see Matt’s college-but can I visit?  No.

Seriously-I am one busy woman in July.  Good heavens.  It will most certainly be my most busy month of summer as August dies down.


As far as this weeks stats go:

Running: 62 miles

Swimming: 2 hours

Cross training: 2 hours

This was a heavy week for me and next week tapers down again.  Since I will be traveling to NYC and doing 2 races, it’s important for me to realize that I’m not going to be able to get all the heavy training that I can normally get at home.  We shall see how everything goes and no need to get my panties in a bunch that I won’t be running and swimming as much as both training plans call for.

Hypothetically I’d like to get: 50 miles of running and an hour of swimming, but I’m not holding my breath.

Well like I said.  Anna and I have a 5k July 4th.  I would like to be under 21 minutes right now.  I have no speed work because of my heels so anything under 21 minutes I’ll be pretty pleased.  By the end of the summer-I should be under 19:30 at least.

I had some of my favorite carbs for dinner to prepare of course.  I love this Greek restaurant.  I had the baked pasta with gyro meat and pita bread with feta cheese.  Can you say I’m overly full and is my belly.  #hellyes

I love gyro meat.
and pita bread with cheese nomtastic.


Question for you:

How do you feel about speedwork?  Love/hate it?

What are you doing in July?  (Coming for a pancake party for my 21st…of course you are!)