Fours A Score

Okay, I promised myself I would make 30 minutes of me time which is 30 minutes of reading for pleasure or relaxing.  I’ll slowly catch up on your lives I swear and you can catch up on mine.  If you so choose so. 

Here is a photo of my new love of side braids.  Each of you should do it up.  No one can tell your hair is grimy.

My blogging goals of the week.

Make time to have a foodie blog, athletics blog, interesting things I learn in class blog (that worked out well last year), and whatever I feel like rambling.  I plan that all now, even though really it’s the third day of the week.  But we will see where it all takes me.

Let’s talk about athletics because I like those the best.


I am slowly running every other day kind of that is.  I haven’t really run since Sunday but I just haven’t been in the mood.  I don’t really know what I’m in the mood for.  Best cross country season maybe.  Matt told me and put it all perspective, his senior year of high school (last year the little baby) he had runners knee through cross country season.  He was pretty bummed about it and then PRing in almost every indoor track meet.  So.  Maybe that will be me and I’ll find some road races before the arctic freeze.  I’m almost like a real runner again or something.  I’m still really nervous that my pace will stink or I’ll never be fast again but I also get nervous that I’ll wake up and have no more pancake mix.


Captains practice’s started for swimming.  I love them because  I do what I want.  Bitches listen to me.  Bahaha.  Just kidding, I’m just currently trying to mold all the freshman into mini mes.   I don’t feel guilty for only swimming 2000-3000 yards because I know in two weeks I’ll be swimming 6000 and hating my life.


I may need to retire my crop top for the time being.  I am wearing it a little bit too much.  I literally do loads of laundry every other day so I can wear it.

I guess I’m in a numbering jive so we will continue this way with fourth.

They had my favorite quiche today at my school food place.  Burnt and crusty sundried tomato quiche.  Actually the lady knows me by name and said Hollie, do you want your quiche burnt and crusty?  I said but of course and the professor behind me looked at me like thank god you aren’t in my class.

Let's not even pretend that I'm not going to have a quiche everyday. Todays side salad was 3 bean with feta cheese.

No fifth round today as I’m breaking to finish my first research paper.

Question for you:

Are you more of a leader of a follower? 


In New York (City)

Hello my lovelies.  I want each and everyone of you to know that it isn’t you-it’s me.  I am really trying to submerge myself into my new major for these first few weeks and grasp every piece on knowledge there is to grasp.  Once I have a good handle-I’ll be able to blog on the regular.

I went to New York City this weekend (which ate up all my blogging time to begin with) to see the bro.  After two months of solid hard work, he is now recognized and an official US Navy reserves officer.  It was a really big deal and I had a lot of fun down there.  Maybe too much…

Matt finally got a pin for his uniform.  Sadly, the daddykins had to help him put it on.

Photos photos.

I couldn’t take photos during the big ceremony and party and afterparty because of some certain rules and I, am a rule abiding citizen.  It was a sad day.  I’ll explain the evening in old fashioned words.  There were about 1000 men dressed in whites, 200 ladies (that attend the school) in cocktail dresses and about 200 misc. people such as myself in nice outfits.  The group I hung out with ended up staying at the ceremony/party  until around midnight, then we rode the train into New York City.

And then I never went to sleep and ended up running at a very intense course called Sunken Meadow.  I didn’t run intensely but the boys (and few girls that came) on the cross country team sure did.  I think they ran at least 5 hill sprints (the hill is about 1.5 miles long).  I ran one time  and looped around on the boardwalk then napped on the beach. True story.

Matt and I ended up staying at the beach all day.  I mostly slept (or just layed there reading). 

I know. We are so normal.

After the beach, we went to Time Square to get some fancy noms.  I had salmon and rice pilaf and oh my god.  So good.  But when can you really mess up salmon?

Welp.  Now I’m back at school, doing more work.  I promise I’ll have more adventures to share very soon.  As well as a running update.  🙂

Question for you:

How do you manage your time with time?  What is the first thing you step back on to free up some time?  

Have you ever had a base serving of salmon?

Quiche and Crop Tops

Wahh.  I see the majority of you like two short workouts!  Twinnies!

Yesterday was just a really odd day for me.  I had to drive the brother three hours south to the train station and ended up eating breakfast at like 10.  I didn’t eat for four hours after I woke up, and if you know me I normally had to eat immediately when I wake up.  I was about to eat my car.  Yum yum metal in my tum tum.

I wasn’t hungry again until 3 when I ate lunch and then for dinner I just had ice cream.  At 9pm last night I was craving a late night snack of brussel sprouts.  If I understood my eating habits…I would let you know.


My blog posts have been sporadic since school because my mind has been just the same.  Let’s see here.  I’m starting the semester on a completely different major.  I have kind of gone from proofs and theoretical math to nutrition and health.  All boys to all girls.  Socially awkward to sorority sisters.  Eh-you get the point.  I mean I’ll still mix worlds a little bit (since I switched my minor and major) but 5 classes of 1 thing.  Good heavens.

I’m completely overwealmed-so I need to take these days nice and slow.  Plus, I’m finally starting to get into this whole college jive thing.  I can be the first to admit, that I have never really been a typical college student but I’m meeting a lot of new people in my classes which is lovely. 

Along with being busy, I have just lacked the motivation for blogging.  Kelly Rowland, you are not my motivation and it’s clearly not working. I think that is who sings that hit song anyways. In fact, this post was started a few days ago, but it has taken me now to actually finish it.

Since we spoke last, I have done many great things.

I have rocked crop tops.

You know since all my classes are within 2 doors of each other, by rights this is my personal mirror in the bathroom to take myspace photos with.

Eaten quiches like it’s my job.

And did 1 long run in which I felt decent.  I was told to run about 40 minutes very slowly and see where it took me.  I ran around town then construction was blocking my quick way home and had to extend that to 50 minutes.  I wasn’t wanting to be an overachiever by any means but I didn’t have any sort of other route home rather than the way I came.  Who knew my town could be so big.

Between you and me blogging besties, I feel completely out of shape and that all my cross training was for nothing during my injury.  I guess I know that isn’t true and I would just be in a worse state, but I’m pretty down in the dumps about it anyways.  I also know that I have had a rather intense workout week with cross training and my legs are somewhat dead as well.  I’m about to go into cardiac arrest running paces that were so easy a few months ago.  But what can you do, I want to baby my injury as much as possible because I do want to run the rest of my life.

Welp.  I’m off to the first swim team meeting of the season. Open swim starts next week again so it will give my joints a nice break I suppose.

Question for you:

Cross training.  Let me hear your thoughts about it.  I have a big old blog I’m working on dealing with that topic.

Broski Noms, Runnin’ and Skewl.

Being a community health major, it isn’t like there are many men in many of my classes.  It could be for every 20 ladies there are like 4 dudes (eligible dudes for me maybe 1).  So it’s not like I need to look my best on the first day of class.  Not like I ever do.  I wear the same thing the first week of class as I do the second, third and forth…until it gets cold, I guess.   Then I continue to wear similar outfits but with leggings underneath and boots.

peacee. Knee braces are for suckas.


My broski has requested I display him and all his eats today in food blog format.  Since-I’m always (ha) displaying my foods, I thought I would allow him this one time to take over the blog with his noms.  Seeing as he goes back to the academy tomorrow and set up my room for me, I thought I would grant him this one request.  He also requested I make a facebook album titled fatty mc fat fat.  I wish I was joking.


This morning started as any other morning in my life does.  With a waffle so obviously that is what we had for breakfast.  When you are under my roof you eat my waffles.  Not what you wanted?  So sad. I will make them for you don’t worry.  He enjoys it though (so he says). 

My classes are so exciting.  They are all in the same classroom.  With the same teacher and the majority of the same people.  One at 9, 12 and 2.  Mondays and Wednesdays are practically the best time of my life.  Actually I love all my classes thus far.

Brief outline-My 9am class is Human Diseases.  Basically it is exactly what it sounds like, issues you get with poor nutrition.  My 12pm class is Program evaluation.  This will be my toughest class as it is a 500 level course (which is basically the highest undergrad level you can go) and goes through evaluating different programs that you create.  Such as a health program to help college students lose weight.  How would you evaluate it and see that it is working.  Finally, my 2pm class is Health Disparities which is essentially why certain portions of the population get diseases while others don’t.

Fun stuff.

Anywho-for lunch Matt and I went to the dining hall.  Probably one of the only times I’ll eat there all semester considering it is way out of the way for me living off campus.  Still so good though.

I believe this is sweet taters, pasta and some turkey. He enjoyed it. Oh is that stuffing too. I don't know-I don't question dining halls.

Next up, I chatted with my cross country coach.  I haven’t shared everything concerning my injury and thought process of running or not but I will now.  I have been in limbo about running this season.  I don’t want to force myself to up mileage and then refracture my leg and be sad for another eight weeks.  I also don’t want to suck and run races now and be nowhere near my times.  I know-judge if you want but I would rather slowly ease into running versus gun ho racing. 

That being said, I am sitting out the first two months of races.  I’ll start racing again in late October-granted I feel up too it.  I’m not running everyday mind you and I’m easing back into it.  I’m not using a watch and I’m not forcing myself to run a set amount of miles  I’m rollin at Hollie time, pace and milage.  Going with the flow, running away from creeps…ya know.  Just running with how my legs feel.  Today they felt great and I ran 3.5 miles.

After running, I worked on unpacking my room and then the broski and I went to get Mexican.  We both got the same thing but since this is his noms of the day-he is the one featured.

We got a fried pepper appetizer. Don't worry-I enjoy his faces too.
Enchiladas yes.

It’s so nice to live right into town where we can walk to wherever we want.  I actually really like my off campus house choice a lot more than I thought I would.  Well bedtime for me because I’m waking up at the glorious hour of 6 to drop off the brother (sad face hurr) at the Syracuse train station.  Not that I’m going to New York City on Friday to see him.  🙂

Question for you:

1.       If you ever had an injury. How did you ease back into it?

2.       Would you rather do 1 2 hour workout or 2 1 hour workouts?

I really like to break my workouts up personally.  I feel so much better.

Oh haii College

Expect a vlog tour of my new ups sometime in the next week.  I know-you are thrilled to hear me ramble away and probably see a minute of my house and then 10 minutes of meaningless chatter.  One day I’ll get friends and you guys won’t have to listen to my chatter.

Speaking of chatter: Here I am driving the last 30 minutes to school (no it’s not 30 minutes) after my parents stopped at the hotel.  Living in a town with 16,000 college kids and moving in and waiting to book a hotel…well it ends badly and them staying far away. 

Other notable things of moving in:

I tried a new protein powder.  Caramel toffee fudge and it’s good.  I love Optimum nutrition protein powder and have never been disappointed venturing to different flavours and trying them.  I highly recommend their protein and it cooks well in pancakes.  Yeah-the last time I had a protein shake.

I’ll get back to you.

I also tried Vanilla Almond Milk in attempts to get more calcium.  Here are my quick and brief thoughts about it.

I don’t mind it at all and it’s pretty good but it’s not creamy enough for coffee.  At all.  I will stick to my cream for coffee  and take the hit for high fat and no calcium, most certainly.  I won’t look back on it either.  I will probably end up just having cups of this during the day.  I am not replacing anything for Almond Milk, I just need to be getting more calcium to speed up stress fracture healage.  (I was recommended to get 1500 mgs).  I like Almond milk, but I don’t understand why it’s obsessed about so much.  Someone please enlighten me.

Finally:  I officially have a supplement box.  Bahaha.  Please feel free to judge me but it’s easier this way.  I have to take joint lubricant pills, calcium/vitamin D supplement and of course my multivitamins (you take 2).  My housemate Julie has been judging me all morning about that.

This is for five days mind you.

Well a certain candidate was evacuated from Long Island yesterday, so I’ll be spending some time with this fella and dropping him back off in Syracuse on Tuesday am.   I was so excited when he called and said we had to evacuate and I booked a train to come see ya. True life.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       There is a breadmaker in this house.  Give me an EASY and good recipe.  I want to try it.  It must be for the extreme simpleton. 
  2. 2.       Do you like driving? 
  3. 3.       Is this Hurricane taking an impact with you?

It would be if I was back in VA! We got snowstorms up hurr.

I like my men like I like my omelets

Well my car is packed with lots of crap for school 700 miles away.  Told you it would get done eventually.

Our rental car packed with nearly nothing.  What can I say-I travel pretty light (store all my college crap at college).  In fact, I could have driven without the parentals but they always like to go visit my school (as if anything changes…).

Rewind a bit of how I spent my last day:

I went to the gym at 7 and had a date with the Arctrainer.  Yes, it was glamorous I know.    I have been doing intervals on the thing for an hour every single day.  It does not hurt and I love feeling like I have some sort of cardiovascular power.

After my gym good times, I went from captaining USS Arctraining and Weightlifting CrayCray

To captaining USS RG CrayCray (RG=Real Girl…but sounds more shiplike).   

Yes. Crop tops and leggings are my life and I've accepted that.

Because I had a date with this girl. 

Obviously I need to see my bestie before I leave.  I swear the people at the Broken Egg Bistro must think I have an addiction seeing as I bring all my friends there and get the same thing every single time.  Matt’s girlfriend?  Yes.  D’Angelo?  Yes.  All within two weeks.  But at least Ashleigh and I went to a different location.

Although the waitress remembered me and remembered that I had a doctor pepper last time.  Creepy.  I wanted to switch it up so I got coffee this morning.  Somebody stop me…  

I did get my usual though.  What can I say, I love my omelets like I love my men.


Just kidding but not really.  The Greek omelet has feta cheese, spinach, onions, olives, tomatoes and provolone cheese.  You should all come visit me and go get one.

But actually you might have to go without me because I’m off to New York.  I hope you’ll join my blogging adventures for the semester.  God knows what that will bring.  😉


Question for you:

1.       When (if or have you) do you go back to school?

2.       Do you normally order the same thing at restaurants or switch it up?

I’m a regular to a T.  I’m known to try new things though, it depends if it’s good or not.  I’m normally a regular to a certain restaurant and have explored their entire menu.  True life.