Emm Geez (Magnesium)

I thought I was pretty clever..Mg=Emm Geez=the abreviation of Magnesium.

I digress. 

A lot of people know about the importance of calcium and vitamin D for runners-especially FEMALE runners.  I know first hand, because part of the reason I got a stress fracture was from lack of absorption of calcium.  I now have entirely too much calcium…

But have you ever thought to wondered…am I getting enough magnesium?


Me either…that’s why I wrote a short paper on it-to explore what exactly magnesium does for our bodies as runners, athletes and you know…real people.

Well first, where does it come from? 

Molasses, nuts, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables…

These here are molasses cookies...aka acceptable.

What does it do for you?

It has an active role in muscle contraction and relaxation.  Without enough magnesium  you could be susceptible to higher blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, fatigue.  IE: It prevents cramps when you are running!

So why is it important?

Lower levels of magnium can result in more brittle bones (like low levels of calcicum and vitamin D!).   It helps to stimulate calcium absportion in your body.  Without proper levels-you could be at risk for osteoporosis and arthritis!

Did you know…

That our ancestors has very low levels of calcium in their diets…they actually relied on more magnesium (though they didn’t know it) to keep their bones healthy and strong!  Interesting eh?

Question for you:  Anymore fun facts about magnesium?  Enlighten me-I love useful knowledge. 


Monday Musings

Monday Funday.  Thus another week of classes begins.  Maybe it’s because I did absolutely nothing productive this weekend, but the weekend actually seemed pretty long.  It was certainly enjoyable to say the least. 

Sometimes I guess you just need lazy weekends to get you somewhat motivated for the week.  I’m going to keep telling myself that at least.      

So happy Personal Day Monday.  I thought I would do a better job of sharing my personal life on the blog.  Not that it really matters either way.

First, remember how I got into a car accident ions ago (okay a month ago).  Well I had to drop off my car to get all the body work done today…meaning I have no way to get to campus minus my own two feet.  While that is all fine and dandy-I live two miles from campus and it got cold this week.

So I thought it was genius to run to class everyday.  While holding a notebook.  (I’m so cool).  It’s also freezing and my first journey back from class I almost cried at 8:50am…when is my car fixed again?

Because I only model on my car...driving...who does that...

So that’s that-my mileage is up and my gas bill is down…for like two days. 

I got this sweet trigger point-rolley stick to roll away my injuries (one can only hope…I don’t have any injuries right now…).  I 100% recommend it! I can honestly say I think I’ve massaged my legs a good 2 hours in the last day…yeah it’s that good. 

Hm-I was a real girl for the latter part of the day (you know…when not running to class).  I bought this new dress from target the other day…yay or nay?

I thought I would take the myspaceesc shot in the comfort of the bathroom at school...

Lastly-pinterest always continues to amuse me and today just seems like a more humor needed day then most Mondays.

Oh wait...I don't have this problem currently.

Question for you: 

Have you ever had your car in the shop and had to walk everywhere? 

Tell me something awesome about your Monday.


Training Sunday

Happy training Sunday.   I don’t even think that sounds clever together but it’s all good.  After last Sunday’s Shamrocking Shamrock Half Marathon, I needed easy runs.

Running: 57 miles

Swimming: 10,000 yards

Core work: I tried to do something everyday.  Weather it be crunches in the gym or planks or whatnot.  I left my core DVD’s at home by accident and thus not doing those currently.    So therefore basically all I did was swim and run this week with one gym session on Tuesday. 

I have been getting out of the gym because I’m not Arcing right now.  I tried to Arc on Tuesday and it was not jiving with my IT band…so I stopped, lifted and went home.  I’m okay with never Arcing again honestly, because it has become so boring and mindless.  (Thank the injuries for that and spending my whole life on the thing.)  I just lack the motivation to go to the gym and lift for 30 minutes.  I’ll get there eventually I suppose.


So anyways-next week begins a new phase of training=MORE MILES!  YAY-I’ve been waiting for this day since January 8th when my knee started hurting.

My only workout objective is to run more ofteneasy and upping the volume.  I may or may not have one faster paced run scheduled next weekbut it always depends on how I feel.  I love casual schedules…

As far as swimming-that comes when I have time to fit it in.  Maybe 10,000 yards…maybe none.   I am just taking swimming how it comes-as good cross training, with little resistance on my legs.  When I feel like swimming I will.  I don’t want to force myself into something that clearly made me so miserable last year so taking it as it comes is optimal for me.

Question for you: How were your workouts last week?  What is one aspect of fitness you struggle with?


Annual Campus 5k

I was debating if I would write a race recap for this particular 5k because I  strictly did it for sentimental reasons. Then I got tagged in a bunch of photos and when I have photos to share, we all know it’s blogging time.  Partly, because I am constantly forgetting to take photos or I just don’t….

 My college hosts an annual 5k (which ends up being 3.2 miles) and I would be dammned if I would miss it.   

Even when I ran a half marathon three days before.

Even when it was 80 degrees in Potsdam.

Even when I felt like utter crap.

But I would still go and at least jog or run…whatever.  I was going to run the miles anyways-might as well run it with friends.

My ultra marathoning runner bffer Justin. Please enjoy the brightness of the sun.

Anywho-it’s nice that the race fell on a day when it was hot (so I can tan).  It’s also nice to see my college so active and it’s just me running around like my head cut off.

The 5k itself was long (closer to 3.25 miles) but I mean it’s casual.   I wasn’t too concerned.  

I don’t have too much to say about the race itself.  It hurt like a beyotch because I’m recovery from my half.  The time itself was 22:10 and for the race distance equals a 6:51 pace.  Not sure how I pulled that out and I’m pretty sure I won’t be running anything less than a 9 minute pace for the next few days.  I’m 100% okay with that. 

Look at us go.

Anyways-back to the race.  I’ve run these loops countless times.  When you can run a 7 mile loop around your entire town (and that is pushing it), road races in my area on home ground.

 I’m pretty sure I took the first mile out in around 6:30 then straight up died, but I looked fast because everyone died (per usual for people who don’t normally run 5ks).  Actually I am 95% sure I finished the race at perhaps an 8 minute pace.  Oh well. 

I never really have much to say about 5ks because it’s about 20 minutes of mindless running.  I either think a. I feel so good or b.  This is painful and sucks.  This race was a b choice.   I like to stay postive though and smile my way through races…maybe it’s because I’m a weirdo or always smiling.  God knows.  I normally throw some peace signs up at every photo op.  It’s not like I’ll take good race photos.

Anyways after finishing, I chilled for a bit and ran back home.  (Mostly along the same race course that I had just run…) and went to class.

Like I said-I love running with my friends and classmates.  It jazzes me to see other people so active.

Question for you:  Have you ever done a fun race, paced someone else in a race, or anything that does not involve racing as hard as you possibly could? 

I honestly think there is more to running every race to PR.  Sure it would be nice but it doesn’t happen.  Sometimes just going with the flow is so much more fun!  (or most of the time ;))

Shamrock Half (1:33.30)

Well I have finished my fourth half marathon and I could not be more pleased of how it went.  I finished in 1:33.30, which was not at all what I was expecting (like I said somewhere…between 1:35-1:40) would have been fabulous.   I got my A (1:35), B (<1:40) and C (finish…duh) goals.

But I did better.

I was obsessed with wearing the finishers hat...I'm not even a hat person.

Anyways, I didn’t put on the blog much about my knee and IT Band the last week (until Monday), but they had been acting up a lot.  So much so-that I was at 50/50 running the race…the morning of the race.  Although-they felt okay in the morning, they didn’t feel amazing prior and I didn’t want to be injured even more so.

But I decided to run it and immediately into mile 1-I realized I had no pain and was running quickly.  So I was happy. 

I also decided to run it in my trainers because this wasn’t the race I was trying to PR.  I was just trying to finish successfully and have some sort of base to kick back on.  Having more support was so necessary. 

Dad and I woke at the ripe hour of 4:30.  Left the house by 5:15 and were at the race by 6:15.  I was almost late for the start because I had to check my bag in (the race started at 7).

I didn’t warm up at all…unless you count walking to the race start which was about 1 mile.  I don’t really warm up for half marathons and it’s struggle to get me to warm up for most races. 

Then at 7am, bright and early the race started.   I was in corral one and we all went on our ways and speeds.  So many people started off so quick (it was super nerve racking per usual).  I just kinda let my legs go their speed-cautious and not pushing anything.  It ended up being a 7:05 pace.  7:05 pace into the wind.  7:05 pace up hills.  7:05 pace down hills.  I literally hit all my miles between 7:04-7:06 pace.  *I don’t have a GarminI just had nothing to think about and math is fun to do while your running

Until mile 10, when it got hot and I slowed down to a 7:10 pace.  I was somewhat sad-but then I realized I was still going to be under my goal of 1:35 so I just let it all be what it was.

I hit a serious boredom wall at mile 10, but then some water hander outers screamed my name (it was on my bib) and said looking good.  I don’t know why but it made me say-hell I can do it.

At exactly 1:31 into my race, I heard the marathon go off.  I silently wished my dad good luck and thought of the good fortune he had taught me to really enjoy running.  My dad is my idol.   

Then I finished at exactly the same pace that I had been going.  I haven’t done enough long runs lately to develop any sort of kick for a half marathon.  So I knew that was not on my side . 

This was a great race for me.  I had gone in, hoping to be around 1:35-not expecting to be anywhere faster and came out better.  I really hope it sets the tone for my next race in Plattsburgh, NY on April 22.  I want to be under 1:30.

Obsessed with the hat? maybe...

While waiting around for the marathon-I crossed into one of my favorite bloggers- Alyssa!  It was finally nice to be able to chat for more than a hot second!   Can you believe how awesome she looks after running-I look like I’m about to die.  Good thing she snapped a photo because I’ve been failing miserably at that.  😉

Question for you: 

What is one of your most memorable races?

Oh IT Band…

I apologize in advance (but actually not really) but a good portion of my next few blogs are solely on running.  (me and running, you and running…running…).  So if that is not your jive,  I don’t want to bore you to tears. 

I have a confession to make (that I left off of the blogging world and mostly off of dailymile). (*You can hide aspects of your life from the internet?  SAY WHAT?  Anyways…) 

I was having a serious IT Band issues all of last week.  The same issues (and EXACTLY) how I felt the week before I got my stress fracture.  (tight IT band caused stress on my bone…)

Let's not go back to this...I wish I took a sad face picture...but I think I'm incapable of frowning.

Everything about every one of my runs last week stunk.   I was flipping coins daily to see if it would irritate me during my runs and if my IT band didn’t irritate me…something else did.

This is the only photo I have titled sad in my 2000 uploaded on the blog. lolz.

On Friday, the day I decided to take a day off, I was 75% sure I would not be running my half marathon that Sunday. 

Actually-I even tweeted I was pulling out of it.

I called my coach and said maybe this was not the best race to find a baseline for.  He said give it time and if it wasn’t-I have many more races in my horizon.  He also demanded I…

Rest my legs.

Get off the Arctrainer (that irritates me IT Band like no tomorrow…I don’t know why).

Ice bath

Foam roll 4-5 times a day. 

When I foam rolled, it hurt so bad in my left leg. I took that as a good sign that I had not gone crazy and there was something wrong there.

I followed that to a T and took VERY easy days until the half last Sunday. I was supposed to have a mini taper anyways but think mini taper on roids. 

I woke up on Saturday morning and had a relatively good shakeout run.  About 9 minute pacemaybe 10… (I’m guestimating by what time I left and came back…I didn’t carry a watch) but


I continued to foam roll and rest through Saturday and decided Sunday to give it a go and race.  I wasn’t feeling pain and the worst that would happen would that I would STOP IMMEDIATELY and cheer on all my best friends.

But when I got to mile 1…then 2…then 3…then 10…then finished….with no pain.

So it looks like it simmered down again.  I like to think it will stay that way again.

PS: I finished the race in 1:33.20 and I’ll write a full recap eventually.  (Not that I have too many things to say.)

Question for you:  Have you ever had questionable pains that keep your training simmered? 

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