Into my Closet (vlog)

Tuesdays are always a good day.  You feel better than Monday and you feel energized.  I had a speech this morning so I was a hot mess and couldn’t wait to change to normal clothes.  Not just any sort of speech but a speech on a topic near and dear to my heart-ADHD and medications.

But anyways-

I have decided that Tuesdays will be when I’ll vlog just because I don’t have the Monday hell look.  Just kidding.  Today is a look inside my closet because I got a few questions about that on formspring the other day.  You should be honored because I think all of 10 people in upstate have come into my room lolz.

Once I can cook something besides pancakes-I’ll be sure to feature a sequal to cooking with your main bitch.

Question for you:

Is your closet messy or clean?


Oatmeal Pancakes

Hello sunshines.

Today marks the first Monday I’m not up at a bright and early 5:30am.  Isn’t that nice?  I can spend loving time on my pancakes not just running around like a wild chicken with it’s head cut off hoping I’m not late for my class about human disease….

I am trying to get a MORE carbs in here and there so what better way than pancakes.  Week  long carb load?  Necessary.  It all begins with pancakes baby.

Not just any type of pancakes…

Oatmeal pancakes!

I’m not sure if I have posted the exact recipe to these (not that it matters too much) but I haven’t had them in a solid year so I’m counting them as new (because that is how I roll).

½ cup flour/pancake mix

½ cup oats (cooked)  I use Quaker oatmeal…because it’s easy and I can do that.

1 egg

2 tsps cinnamon

2 tablespoons baking powder

1 chopped up apple

And also sweetener to taste

Mix all the ingredients (minus the apple), plus some water and cook on a griddle.  I personally added the apple into the pancake after it had cooked for about a minute on the griddle.  It added that nice little crunch. 

Benefits of these pancakes are they are super dense and thick from the oatmeal.  I have a huge appetite and I was struggling to finish (which never happens). 

So on that note-Happy Monday and Happy Fall.

I’ll be soaking up some vitamin D in this gorgeous weather that seems to be occurring.  🙂


Question for you:

1.        Oatmeal versus Pancakes.  Choose.

2.       How is the weather near you?

Potsdam has been unseasonably warm lately, but I’m not complaining

Scrimmage and Ouchies

I could lie to you and say the fact that I have had an extremely tight hamstring for the last week has not bothered me.  But it has.

Am I nervous as @#$%^&*&%$?


Could it be a strained muscle?


Could it be a torn muscle?

Yes, but not likely.

Could it all be in my head..

Aren’t many of the problems we face today?

This will be my lowest milage week in quite some time (which also makes me nervous), but all in good healing my friends.  Or at least positive Hollie has won out today.  I know pushing miles is stupid right now.


 Anyways, today’s blog will mostly be about my scrimmage yesterday.

Yesterday we had a 3 Mile scrimmage against our rival school (full of hella finneee boys…yes).  (If you know me well you can picture me saying that in my dayumm that boy is fineee voice…maybe I’ll vlog it one day) Don’t get me wrong-it isn’t the fact, that me and their five top girls go about the same pace.  Or the fact that I have often ran with them in training runs because runners in Upstate are far and few around let alone people that run your pace.  Oh wait yes, it’s completely that fact and I’m pretty competitive.

But I don’t like to lose.  At all.  To them.  True story…I wasn’t really going for a PR this race (sad to say) more or less a win.  I told you I only state the facts.

And I did.  I believe I went a 20:5X, but I’m not entirely sure, nor do I care that much because my goal was achieved and it was just a tempo run, plus a scrimmage to prepare for our championship race next weekend.

Oh and incase you wondered, it was a whopping 21 degrees when we ran today.

But all in all, I had a great time as I always do running.   The course was pretty frozen (with frost) and covered over by leaves.  If you know anything about cross country skiing, this trail is a ski trail that is used as a run trail until it gets too cold/frozen over.  (which is soon I presume).

There were even awards given out (lolz).  I got first place overall for females today and got an index card that says:

Simply the best, you da woman (with a snickers bar).  I love their coach…I want to be best friends.

But enough of that scrimmage.  Since I was just whining about my hamstring, it started to hurt at the very tail end of the race.  It’s better than when it hurt me so much I couldn’t finish my run at the beginning of the week. 


I’m heading into a somewhat taper of this season.  I think I’ll do a cross country season recap next weekend sometime followed by a collegiate sports recap.  This has been such a ridiculous season for me filled with emotions of sadness led to joy, led to fun, led to ouchies led to now.  Yeah I just said ouchies.  I told you I’m socially awkward.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Tell me about your sports rival.  I know you have one.
  2. 2.       What’s a humerous award you have received? 

Dirty Friday Favs

Want to know  a dirty secret?

Friday Favorite Blogs are still my favorite blogging day of the week.  

But a fun fact of my life…I think dirty is the most humerous word in the world.  Don’t know why but you can add it to anything and it pretty much becomes hilarious.  For instance:

Oh look at that girl over there…


Oh look at the dirty girl over there….  

Bah-it makes me giggle like a teenage adolescent.  Please judge me I suppose.

I digress.

This week has been a roller coaster of life.

Incase you have been busy/and or forgot….I quit swimming.    It’s been an emotional battle but I think I’m happy-I won’t know for sure, for a few weeks. You can listen to my rambles over there.


On to my favorite things of the week:

My body has been craving salads (and coffee because it’s so cold).

Hugh jass salads from our campus dining hall.  I kid you not, some girl the other day was like “oh my god how do you eat all that and not gain weight”.  I said I dabbled in running and walked away.

Does this even count as a salad? I think there is lettuce somewhere...

I have also been eating a lot of (chocolate) peanut flour pancakes.  All week that has been my breakfast.  I guess I’m in that peanut flour phase for a few weeks (until I run out).

Why yes that is melted nutella...

Lot’s of quiche and wheatberry salads from the local café when I’m somewhat on the go.

That’s my foodie favorites of the weeks…oh exciting.


This has been currently getting the grimeass chlorine out of my hair so automatically a favorite.


I took a couple days off completely from running to do some of this:

(my hamstring was sense is injurying myself)…My championship race is next week and I would rather take two days in a row off than take another 2 months in a row off.  It’s paying off though and I’m feeling a lot better than the beginning of the week.  🙂

Arctrainer love


Questions for you:

Tell me a Friday Favorite of yours.

What is a word you find hilarious?

Random Exercise Musings

Okay back to your regularly scheduled program (somewhat).  I had a WIAW post all layed out for yesterday but my life got messy so I guess it can be a what I ate Thursday or something like that.  WIAT sounds kind of ridiculous though so I’ll save it for Friday Favorites!  Ah perfect.   I’m glad I can use my blog to talk through my blogging rut.

Now that I’ve stopped swimming, I have more time for more things in the exercise department: ie weight training.  I’m certainly not going to replace 2 hours of swimming everyday with weight training.

Um ew. 

But it will give me something to do for like a half an hour or so.  So please give me your ideas/tips whatever.  Way back in the day, ie: not last summer but the summer before-I was really into weight lifting with my class and going to the gym.  I was for a little while at the beginning of this summer but little ole stress fracture ruined that.

Moral of the story: I’m always looking for advice on weight lifting.

I've had to take trainer ice baths for my sore hamstring lately. It's kept at a relaxing 55 degrees. At least it has a jet feature so it's like an arctic tundra bubble bath..minus the bubbles...or enjoyment

I’ve also been asked this question several times lately: Are you going to replace swimming with 2 hours of cardio at the gym/up your miles for running?

I can assure you I will not be transforming those 2 precious swimming hours into some other form of cardio.  I will up my running milage eventually (when I figure out exactly what I’m training for) but nothing anywhere remotely close to running 2 hours daily.  I kind of just want to give my body a break.  I swam 2 hours because it was mandatory.  I ran an hour a day because it’s mandatory.  I didn’t do it because I enjoy staring at the bottom of the pool for two hours.

So in short, I may eventually up my miles but right now I’ll just be focusing on maintaining my running where it is.  Plus we are going into taper next week for running so I won’t be exercising much at all.

PS: You know it's not swimming season for me because I actually resembled a girl today.

 Question for you:

What is your favorite form of exercise? 

Halloween Joys

Happy Halloween! 

As some of you guys know-Halloween is my favourite Holiday because you can acceptably dress like a hooker and be crazy.  Just kidding, but it is certainly one of my favourites.

This year I was Nicki Minaj.  Oh glory days.  How in the world I was convinced to go out after being a bus for 8 hours is beyond me but I did and it was fun.  I chose to not to drink, and watch the drama unfold of parties.  It’s hilarious to watch you know.  Boys being sleezy, girls being grimey grimers, ya know.

This is what I assume Nicki looks like when rapping superbass

I stayed out until roughly 1 drove someone home on my way and slept until 9.  Why can’t I sleep in?

But that is enough of my Halloween adventures.  I’m not going out tonight again too-although I’m sure I’ll be getting up Tuesday at 5:30 and see a few stragglers getting home from their Halloween parties.


As many of you know…I have a weird obsession with pumpkin.  It’s just so good.  I have to tell you my other favorite reason pumpkin is amazing.  It automatically makes anything you cook good.

For instance, take pumpkin pancakes:

You could overcook them and they could be hard and crusty.

But the middle will still be so moist because of the pumpkin.

You guys all know my pumpkin pancake recipe over here…

I’ve tweaked it a little bit actually to include:

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

No really it makes all the difference

½ cup flour

1 scoop protein powder

1 packet sweetener

2 tablespoons brown sugar

½ cup pumpkin

½ cup water

1 egg

Mix, pour and griddle it up.  😉

Well-I’ve got a date with children and passing out candy. 

Question for you:

What are your plans for Halloween today?

What is the next festive pancake for the win? 

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