On Yo Video Phone

I been all about the song titles as blog titles eh.  Fun fact, I didn’t actually record this on a video phone nor do I really know what that is.


Ding ding ding.

Round 3 of finals.  Do you think I could go into prowrestling? 

I like to pretend I’m kinda scary. 


This morning was my 8am acalc final.  The class is normally at two pm, and that is normally the perfect amount of time for my little brain to prepare itself to think of those terms.

But the final went okay, it didn’t go as well as my first one (but the class is about about 10X harder…) but it wasn’t as bad as my math class last semester.  So I’m pleased for it to be done and for me to be done with it…but more to that later.

Tomorrow I have my big coaching portfolio due, but I’m done with that.  It was luckily shorter than my teaching portfolio de 50 pages.

So tonight will be filled with packing.  


I was going to do what I eat Wednesday but since I eat the same things-how boring. 

Fun facts of my day, Justin came over and if you live in my life you know I blog about everything.  You must be prepared in all situations and you must agree when I say ohhhh please its for the blog and you’ll be famous.

Justin was way too prepared-already making his nanner waffle look the bomb.com.  That is why we are Arctrainer besties!  He knows how to really fix up for some good food photography.


As far as Monday is concerned.  You’ll be happy to know that actually the winner of swimming versus running is….

Running…only by two votes though.  I voted for swimming, and no the furthest I have ever swam in the open water is 2 miles and when you are a mile out from shore it’s rather scary.  I feel those races 10 fold more than half marathon…


I’m a youtube supahh star!!


Questions for you:

1.       Do people love/hate your phototaking of food?  Do you hide it?

I’m so up front with it.  I’m like you if you eat with me-you eat with my blogging besties.  You think I’m kidding but no. 

2.      What is a video phone?  


Part 2: Staying Active in College

Have you ever typed up something on PC and then your computer crashed and you lost it because you were an idiot to not save it?

Yeah well…this is my first time and the reason this blog is a little overdue.


A week or so ago, we had a chatski about eating well in college.  Today we can have a chatski about being active in college.

For many of my blogging bffs about to go off to school, you are being a recruited for a sport.  While I was never recruited, I can tell you during season you will have no problems being active.  At all.  If your butt doesn’t make it to practice…you’ll be in a bit of trouble and thus have to make up practices (so you never really catch a break).


But what about during off season? Or what if you aren’t on a team?

I don’t know a single college without a gym.  If you do, please let me know, I’m interested.  Most college gyms have a plethora of different machines weather you are into cardio or lifting or both.  Take the first few days before classes – to explore the gym.  Play around on machines, see what you like or what you don’t.  Not every one likes the same machines, so you should feel out what you like at your gym.  I hate recommended cardio machines for people because it’s all on general taste. 

You don’t have to go everyday, or even stay for an hour.  You just want to an outlet to be active and relive some of your stress from classes or um…housemates.


But what if you just hate the gym? 

My housemates hate the gym.  They do not like going at all, it bores them, it’s stinky ect.  They do stay active though going to different classes and really going out that way.  Along with a gym, most colleges have anywhere from tennis courts, an ice rink, workout classes and most even have a pool.  I’m not saying you should try (or learn) to swim laps, I’m just saying it’s a great stress buster and I always have the most satisfying workouts via swimming.

Freshman year I was an ice-skating champ!

Amen Nicole.  If I’m throwing money into classes-my butt is over there.  That is BCBG clothing I could be spending it on. 

You don’t even have to go near your athletic complex, rent DVDs from your library of Julian or other videos.  Those can be done at home and as early or as late as you like.

Sign up for intramurals!  There is nothing like being active with 10 of your closest BFFS and not really evening knowing you are getting exercise in. 

But what about making time between classes, studying, social life, and your other jives?

I took a lot of crap for this one actually.

And I mean a lot of criticism first semester for being on the cross country and swim team.  A lot of people would snidely ask me how I had time to balance sports and that it was a good thing I wasn’t taking hard classes, and if my studies were suffering, oh yes and the everymore HTF I blogged on top of all of that.  Incase you wondered, I got a 3.6 first semester, so my studies were not suffering and I was not bumming around in easy classes either.  Math major is a little bit hard to have an “easy load”… There is always room to fit exercise in somewhere, you just may have to give up a little facebook stalking (or blog stalking).

Anywho-Let’s just say there was a lot more negativity then positivity. 

Making time for the gym is all about your priorities.  You don’t have to go everyday but you do have to prioritize.  I make a master schedule of my week.

My biggest advice is to plan the week on Sunday.  Plan the days you are going to the gym.  Plan everything.  Plan what you want to get done each day (such as projects/homework/papers/equations), plan outside of the school things (laundry/going to the groceries ect) and when you’ll need to do that, but also plan when you are going to the gym.  If you plan it, you are so much more likely to actually get there.  Seriously getting to the gym or wherever you are working out, is half the battle.


More from the Tweeting Besties:

I couldn’t agree more with Becca and Lauren.  I literally walk between 5-8 miles around campus on the weekdays. 

 Most gym fees are included in your tuition which means you aren’t paying a billion dollars per month.

In short:
Take 5 minutes each week to plan out your week.  Set priorities.
And you don’t have to rely on boring cardio machines all the time, workout with friends, do other things outside of stinky gyms.  You’ll love it that way.

So be active and have fun in school. 4 years is an awfully short time.

and invite your 100 closest friends.

Question for you:

  • How do you (did you) stay active in college?
  • Ding Ding Ding Now Starting Round 1

    Of Finals week (for me anyways).

    Finals Day Round 1. An excuse to wear makeup and put my hair in the worlds greatest messiest side bun on top of my head. AKA anti real girl days.

    Don’t think I’m lazy my blogging bffs, I’m not.  I have two finals that required any studying and one that requires much more than the other.  Both of them are math.

    My first one was today at 10:15 and it went well.  I was very pleased with it.  I’m pretty sure I got at least a 90. 

    The second one (and harder one) is on Wednesday.

    I have a few presentations for education amongst there…but if you can’t tell I enjoy talking so no big deal.  Apparently I’m a decent public speaker as I can keep the class amused for a rousing 20 minutes when I normally present…go figure.

    Needless to say, I have never really been in a situation like this that my finals aren’t making me sweat too much.  I mean they are obviously, but there is not a need for me to stay in the library for countless hours like every other time.  My finals this semester have more or less have been a culmination of projects and speeches with two intense math tests.

    I won’t complain because I don’t want to jynx it. 
    Today because it was blistering cold and rainy the temperature dropped back down to 35 and pouring rain.  Needless to say I kind of hid in my room before and after finals and under about 1000 layers of covers.

    Since it was so cold out, I decided it was appropriate to have a nice ole warm blueberry waffle topped with Greek yogurt and more blueberries.

    I’m rather proud of how my photography skillz have progressed since the year has gone by.  One day I hope to be as classy as some of those photographers that make you crazed with hunger just staring at their food.

    To continue to chain of food photography, I took a picture of my “garbage salad”.  I call it a garbage salad because it was like I dumped everything and anything found on the salad bar into the salad.  All topped with feta cheese.

    Yes there is chicken, ham, banana peppers, olives, spinach, oranges, pears and cheese all in that salad.

    If you squint you can see my corn and roast beef sandwich in the background...somewhere...

    I’ve also been getting into tuna fish sandwiches for snacks lately (because I have 10 cans of tunafish that I need to use up before the end of the week).  1 can of tuna fish+1/4 feta cheese+ half a bottle of parmesan cheese, all toasted up.  It is certainly a nomtastic snack that I can eat in class and guarantee no one will sit next to me.  Perfect.

    Questions for you:

    1.       Did you have any particularly rough or easy finals weeks?
    Last Spring Semester, I had a rough one studying for my graduate level math course.  (I almost decided to do a BA/MA (bachelors-masters) program at school where you get your masters  in math alongside your bachelors in 4.5 years.)  Uh yeah hardest test of my life.  It was worth it though because I got a 3.0 in class but was more in limbo about math in general.  Needless to say I didn’t want to get a masters in math.  That was the hardest semester of my life to begin with though.  It began my questioning of weather math was really for me or not or if I care for proofs. Random side notes of my life.

    2.       Would you rather swim 2 miles in open rough currents water or run 15 miles on the treadmill staring at the wall with no music or tv?  Feel free to tell me why.

    I Be Up In The Gym Just Workin’ On My Fitness

    Fergi always has the best lines in songs no? 



    Swimming: 9400 yards/10000

    I’m not too worried that I didn’t get that last 600.  I’ll build up my swimming when I get back home.  I didn’t get a full hour in on Monday which is where I missed it.  My body needed rest that day though.

    Running: 55miles. 

    I’m super pumped that I have finally reached above 50 miles post injury .  I took Monday off from running because my hip was bothering me and have had quality runs since then.  All my miles (minus today in the pouring rain…but uh what was I thinking going out there first of all) have been great runs.  My most notable was on Friday running 7 miles at a 7 minute pace.

    If I had felt like crap I wouldn’t have run plain and simple.

    Arctrainer: 2 hours

    This workout week was everything and I wanted.  None of my miles were crappy or bad, I took rest when needed and it was just a generally jazzy week.


    Goals for Next Week:

    Well some big things are happening next week. 

    1.        I have finals (so no classes and mass amounts of stress busting needed).
    2.        I am driving home (big ole 12 hours)
    3.       Oh and I’m running my last half marathon on Sunday.  (the day after I get home).

    With that being said.

    I plan to get 45 or so miles depending on how my body feels. 

    3 hours of swimming


    I have just 1 hour of Arctrainer crosstraining planned tomorrow.  🙂  My workout weeks should start to tend to look like that with minimum Arctrainer and more running.  Like I have mentioned before, I used the Arctrainer as a clutch to burn more calories and would continually tire my body out.  If there was an Arctrainer half marathon count me in and I would be able to justify spending countless hours on there-but there isn’t.  It is a great source of crosstraining but there isn’t a point post injury recovery to be doing it for 5-6 hours weekly.

    Since I have no photos for you, I’ll show you how I have been wasting time by not studying.

    painting koi fish...


    Question for you:

    1.        How was your workout week?  Any big plans this week?
    2.       How do you feel about Arctrainers and Ellipticals?  (Arcs are just another form of elliptical). 

    One Day I’ll Be Productive…Not Today.

    I feel like I have to compete with a supah star since I featured Katelyn yesterday.  🙂  Perhaps I will strive to be as awesomesauce as her. 

    I will also strive to be as awesome as Nikki.  She is running the Pittsburgh Marathon and I will personally go and make sure each of you has gone and wished her good luck and be her bff.


    You know those weekends where you are unmotivated to do anything?

    You need to study for finals?

    You need to pack to go home?

    Yeah about all these things I’m not accomplishing.  HA.

    I have, however, done a bit of grad school research.  I have an idea of where I want to go but we will see.   

    Always do Grad school research infront of a camera. Duh-more time that you can waste.


    Hmm since I have obnoxiously been tweeting all weekend that my housemates left and I was all alone-I could go to bed early on Friday night and thus wake up early on Saturday morning and still get lots of rest.  I woke up to yucky rain.  Which was okay because I needed a slow run and I can’t run on treadmills quickly.  So everyone wins minus I had to wait till ten to actually run.

    For some nice postworkout fuel, I decided to make my last salmon patty that I bought at our grocery store a few weeks ago.  I meant to make my steamed vegetables but I accidently made the wrong ones because I wasn’t paying attention.  Broccoli with cheese-which are my housemates.  Of course this would happen when my housemates weren’t home but I’ll just buy them more and now I still have two more bags that I have use up UGH.

    But the broccoli and cheese steam package was actually decent so I may contemplate buying some next year.

    I'm finally get the hang of my Nikon. 😉

    Insert some BSing here until Julie got home and eating pumpkin oatmeal which I haven’t had in quite some time.

    Pumpkin oatmeal (with obvious sprinkles)

    For dinner, Julie and I went to Lobster House.  It was prom season and quite busy with high schoolers looking older than I am but when is that new.

    I have never tried Grouper before and got the Grouper special which was amazing.

    topped with their signature salsa

    Always have their cheesecake at the end (for when you visit me).  You will never be sorry.

    oreo cheesecake is the bomb.com


    Oh yes and last day to enter my giveaway for some cookbooks!


    Questions for you:

    1.      What are you accomplishing this weekend?  Inspire me. 
    2.       Have you had Grouper?  Do you like it?

    Guest Blog de Chef Katelyn

    Before I leave you guys in obvious capable hands, I thought I would give you an update on my foot.  Because who doesn’t love reading about feet?  Grimey swimmer runner feet, always make me subscribe to a blog...anywho it’s still there and I have tried each of your suggestions.  It’s about half the tintness of yesterday and for Chuck’s sake-I won’t post anymore photos.


    Hi LolzThatSwim(and Run) readers, and happy Indulgence Friday! I’m Katelyn and I blog over at Chef Katelyn. Nice to meet you!
    Okay let’s be real, that is not how I would normally greet anyone. I’m the energizer bunny and would probs give you a hug when I first meet you. Oh hey, let’s be best friends?!

    Anywho. Today I am here to talk about well….me. One thing I have realized, is that we use social networking sites is because we really just like knowing things about other people. And when bloggers post their daily routine/diary of a day, I eat it right up. Seriously I think we all like to live vicariously through one another sometimes.
    Included with the diary of my day will be my staple foods. Aka, things I cannot and WILL not ever live without.
    Ready to dive into the life of Chef Katelyn? Wear your seatbelts chickadees, it’s about to get crazy.

    A Day in the Life of Chef Katelyn

    6:30 am: Wake up, smell the roses, pet the pups, and eat breakfast. Aka, the most yummy deliciousness in the world, the Cookie Dough Bowl. Read blogs and comment on the ones I am obsessed with/stalk. Then I look at the bottom of my bowl and wish there was more.

    1. 1 serving quinoa (1/2 cup cooked)
    2. 1 scoop Vega Sport Vanilla protein powder  (or protein powder of choice)
    3. 1 tbsp. chia seeds
    4. 1 tbsp. ground flax seeds
    5. 1 tsp. Navitas Naturals raw maca powder
    6. 1 tsp. Navitas Naturals acai powder
    7. 1 tbsp. roasted carob powder
    8. Water, adding more as necessary to liquify just slightly (you still want it to be relatively thick)
    9. Topped with: homemade raw almond butter, cacao nibs, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
    1. Mix dry ingredients in your bowl.
    2. Add liquid slowly, stopping just as the liquid is no longer absorbed into the dry ingredients. You still want the texture to be thick, but have some unabsorbed liquid that will allow the mixture to expand and thicken over night.
    3. Cover and refrigerate overnight (or for 1-2 hours, I checked on mine after a little over one hour and it was already all thickened)
    4. Top to your liking and devour!
    7:00 am: Wash my face, do my makeup, do my hurr, and finish making lunch if it’s not already done.
    7:30 am: Think about leaving to go to my first class. I am late for everything, so the preparing-to-leave process starts early:)
    8:00 am: Sit in psych, wish I was back in my warm bed, and dream about what to eat next (you think I am kidding).
    Fast-forward to Lit…
    9:30 am: Typically my first snack, unless I am super hungs that day. Typically this includes two Larabars, or a Larabar and a brown rice cake. Who knows, one day I might get crazy and bring a pancake to class. Bee tee dubs, I am obsessed with this class. Mama Hall is my idol. One day a photo of her will make it to the bloggy. One day. (p.s. she was the one who thought of Indulgence Friday!)
    11:15 am: Go to the library and either a. do work, or b. read blogs (the better option).
    12:00 pm: Eat LUNCH! Besides the fact that it is my least-favorite meal of the day (I hate packing food), it is always delicious. This is almost always a spinach salad with balsamic + salad booster, or a bunch of cut up red pepper, broc, and carrots. The bulk of the meal is always a protein (lentils) with quinoa, topped with either a. homemade dressing (recipes to come soon, why I never used to make my own is beyond me) or b. marinara sauce. Sunflower seeds and raisins are always mixed in. Not optional.

    Bee tee dubs if you have ever visited the bloggy, you will know that I put raisins in/on EVERYTHING. Lee and I have organized a Raisins Anonymous…we are being California Raisins for Halloween. Jeal?

    2:00 pm: Second snack:) Typically a Larabar or banana with almond butter. Or apple with a giant scoop of almonds. Can you tell I like almonds? Or if I’m not working out for awhile, I’ll do peanut flour paste with sea salt and mashed banana. Go try it.
    2:35 pm: Praise the sweet baby Jesus for finally letting me out of class. I’m a senior, honestly senioritis and going out means more to me than anything else right now.
    3:00 pm (ish): Work out. This is always some form of cardio (how some people can weight lift 24/7, I have no idea) and almost always some strength. I have a steamy love affair with running, so I usually do that 3-4 times a week, and spin or cross-train the other days of the week. When it comes to strength, I am in loooove with BodyPump, the Hoist weight machines at my gym (these are so cool..you would have to see to believe), KETTLEBELLS (if anyone wants to buy me pink ones for my birthday I am all for it ), and free weights. Don’t free weights make you feel so buff?!

    Why those kinds of faces happen, I have no idea.
    5:00 pm: By this time I have usually worked out. So I come straight home, and have my recovery smoothie:) Which by the way tastes AMAZING with two oranges in place of the banana.

    Recovery Smoothie
    Serves 1
    1. 1 banana
    2. 1/4 cup dried dates (I use medjool)
    3. 1 tsp. dulse flakes
    4. 1 tsp. xanthan gum (optional)
    5. 1 tsp. EFA oil (or other oil of choice)
    6. 1 (heaping) tbsp. protein powder (I roll with Vega Vanilla Sport)
    7. 2 cups water
    1. Blend, baby, blend! Enjoy in a bowl, with a spoon. Only way to go.
    2. 1-2 hours after le Smoothie, have a high-protein meal. I usually roll with a Cookie Dough Bowl, my favoritest most delicious concoction of all time. It is a CK classic, not a week goes by where you won’t see one of these babies.
    6:00 pm: Eat dinner:) This is the meal where I get “creative”. Aka I don’t eat the same thing EVERY single day. Usually. Sometimes. For example, some nights I have lentils, quinoa, sauce/dressing, raisins, and seeds (typical) but other nights I’ll get crazy and make pizza, socca, or even pancakes. If I’m really off my rocker, I’ll have a Bancake.That’s right, pancakes are NOT just for breakfast!

    8:30 pm: More snackage. Anything I can find. Larabars, bananas with almond butter… do you see a pattern here?
    Sometime late in the evening, I go to bed. And when I say late, I mean 10pm to 11pm late. I’m a granny. You see, I have this thing where I LOVE staying up late, but I also love waking up early! It’s kiiiiiind of a problem, but I consider it to be an advantage since I can stay up late and still watch the sun rise:)
    Sleep, eat, repeat!
    CK’s Random Lesson of the Day:
    Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! Otherwise life really isn’t all that fun. Did anyone else watch The Magic School Bus when they were kids?! The Frizz is my idol.

    Thanks for reading, bloggy boos, and I hope to see you over at Chef Katelyn!

    Are we Day in the Life twins?
    What are your staple foods?
    How are you celebrating Indulgence Friday?

    My Name is Hollie and I Post Dirty Lies

    I have a confession to make blogging besties.

    Yesterday, I posted a blog titled Red Foot or something like that.  My foot is not actually red…but hot pink.  Don’t ask me how this happened because quite frankly I don’t know.  I told Nikki about it so I thought perhaps you guys would get enjoyment out of it as well.

    My pink pen exploded all over my foot. 

    It all happened when I was working on homework two nights ago.  I sit Indian Style always and I was playing around with my pen…when all of it sudden the bottom just gave out. 

    My foot is actually pinkand nothing that I do (nailpolish remover, peroxide, actual showering with soap and water, oh and pool chlorine) has gotten it off.

    So I lied.

    My foot is pink.

    Who the hell does this happen to.

    No seriously….if you can answer me that you automatically win my giveaway


    But on less pink notes and things about my feet (because I’m embarrassed to even talk about them).  Today I made chocolate peanut flour pancakes in baby form.  I often have a debate with you guys about big pancakes versus lots of little ones.  I personally like one big dense one but I’m in an underwhelming minority.

    Well today I made about 10 babies.  They were cute and delicious.  Still taste like chocolate and peanut flour.

    Lil' Babycakes

    Lunch today I ate with Julie.  Dexter’s café is closing this week (and won’t be open during finals) so I have to get my quiche addiction in before the end of the year.).   If you live in the VA beach area, or within an hour let me know your fav quiche destination and I will be there.  No really.

    Smoked Salmon Quiche is Quiche of the week...I wish I could eat this forever. With Quinoa black bean and tomato salad

    Dinner tonight was with Jenna my swimming bff.  At least I think so…I’m not entirely sure she feels the same way ha.  ;).  Ha kidding of course.

    with lots of blue cheese of course

    I like to call this salad-please don’t get in line behind me when they have artichoke hearts at the salad bar salad.  The warm weather has made me crave cold fruit, refreshing salads and just plain fruity things.  Don’t ask because once again I’m weird and have no explanations.


    Updates on my blisters (because I know you all are terrible curious), I’m running in old shoes that don’t run and it’s going well…I’m still in pain at night (weird) but when I run it goes away…or maybe I just focus on other things.

    Well-I’m off for a little swimming sesh with my housemates and Jenna.

    I also promise I’m never posting about my feet again.  I mean Chuck blatantly thanked me for not putting any pictures of blistery feet online. 


    Question for you:

    1. 1.       Do you crave certain things with the change of weather?
    2. 2.       No seriously-how can I get this ink off my foot?