BMI Scale.

I had to write a whole paper on my thoughts of BMI.  As we all know in the health conscious would, BMI is such a controversial issue, I mean who wants to be classified in an overweight/obese/morbid obese or even the underweight category.  Sadly-the MAJORITY of the population does not fall under the health conscious category. 

If you don’t know your BMI-I would suggest going here and following the oh so difficult directions.

But let’s continue.   I am going to step on a lot of toes here and honestly, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  I think the BMI test is good and a good baseline for the majority of the population.  

I asked the question on several occasions via twitter and my facebook.  In my own primary research, I had 34 people answer.  I had 32 say that they thought it was a terrible measure. 

So that leaves me with two people that had a similar opinion as mine.

First, the biggest complaint people have about BMI is that it doesn’t take into account the muscle mass versus fat.  While this is very true, there isn’t a lot of society this covers and I will vouch that that they will always be in the minority.  Sure it covers athletes and just generally muscular and big boned people but having a BMI of 20.2 is not any better than having a BMI of 22.2.  It’s just a range.  Similar to having a weight of 121 or 120.8…it does not matter.

Let me back myself up here.  In our society, there are NOT very many people who fall under the category of being “overweight” on the BMI scale due to muscle.  If they do-they are very muscular to begin with and are already health conscious so are not going to see a 25 on the BMI scale and say to themselves-weird-I’ve really got to lose this extra fat that I didn’t know I had.

Furthermore, we are NEVER EVER EVER going to find a universal method to calculate what is the right amount of body fat for the right body.  Every single person stores fat differently.  I could weigh 120 pounds and have an ass bigger than someone who weighs 150 pounds.  Life happens, our genes are different. 

BMI is just a starting point for many people (keep in mind two-thirds of the American population is overweight or obese).  People with a BMI (muscle or fat composition) between 18.9-24.5 have been shown to be less susceptible to health risks.  Further  tests also have to be done to determine where you store your fat and all that jazz. 

In summary,  BMI testing is a good baseline.  It does not determine how healthy you are.  It is a good baseline for the MAJORITY of the American population who are overweight or obese.

Question for you: Let’s chat about BMI.  Thoughts/comments? 


Weekly Training Session Love

I must tell you-I’ve just had nothing to say.  Oh well-I’m over it.  These few days of break have been nice for me and I’m not going to ramble around if I don’t have at least some sort of idea or inspiration.   Anyways-Sunday’s are my training recap days and honestly one of my favorite blogs to write (if for anyone-me personally).
This week has been REALLY successful.  Really really really successful-in regards to running.

ALL and I repeat ALL of my miles have been knee pain free.  This makes me extremely happy because this isn’t what they were expecting at all.  In all honesty, the doctors were expecting for my knee to not be at the level of tolerance it is now until June or July.

So I have been an extremely good (busy but good) mood.

Stats of the week:

Running: 47 miles (all easy)

My runs right now (as stated last week) are not focused on speed or anything.   Just easy base building miles (which has been my mantra all along).

Arctrainer: 6 hours (as my miles go up, this will go down)

Weights:  2 sessions (I am currently testing the waters again to see how my arm reacts.  I’ve lost a lot of arm muscle/strength sadly)

Core work: 4 sessions (I’m actually quite proud of this one)

Swimming: (YES real life here) 3000 yards

I decided to go swim today.  My coach has recommended it, to get off my legs some more and get some bonus cardio in.   It honestly felt really good to get back in the pool and I’ll be trying to make a weekly habit of this.  Trying being the key word.

Moving on to next week

Running: between 45-52 miles

Weights/Core sessions: Preferably I’d like to continue working core and making it strong and start building back my arm muscle that I lost all of last month (which yes I lost a lot of muscle…go figure with a broken arm).

Cross Training:  Swimming and Arcing are when I can fit them in now.  They are becoming secondary to running.  As my mileage goes up, my cross training goes down.  It’s still there but I don’t plan it too much.  J

My next “race per say” is the Shamrock half marathon on March 18th in VA Beach.  Orignally before all my injuries, this was the race I had planned to PR.   I was going to go under 90 minutes and train hard for it.  Well life happened, I broke my arm, had knee problems so took a month or so OFF of running.  It was the greatest choice for me, and I’ve now just getting back into running shape.  There are plenty of halves for me to do this year , so this one is reserved for testing out the waters and not getting my panties in a bunch.   Will I try extremely hard?  Yes of course.  Will I cry if it’s not a PR?  No.  It’s all about timing.  🙂

Question for you: Tell me about your training.   I love to hear how ya’ll are working out! 

Fisher Cats!

It’s Wednesday and I honestly have no idea what to talk about so I wrote a variety of sentences.  They don’t flow and are numbered, then for good measure added some photos.  If you know me in real life then you know that’s how my mind works.

Most of you know it’s lent.  I gave up gas station coffee for lent.  I’m not going into religion on my blog-I’m just informing you, this will probably be moderately difficult for me.  I will probably not mention it again but if you want to check up on me feel free to email.  🙂 I’m also going to throw out that my biggest pet peeve is people who use lent for a diet that aren’t even religious.

*Okay really I’m done.

  1. I lifted weights yesterday for the first time.  Lower resistance than when I could before my arm, but boy did it feel goooood.
  2. My running is coming along nicely this week.  I’m still sticking to easy runs, and we all know I could write a small novel on how UNTIMED easy runs have benefited me.   I’m really starting to get back into the grove which means I don’t have an excuse to not work my core either.  So there coach.  😉
  3. Potsdam weather has been warmer.  It’s been 30 or so degrees but warm.
  4. Finally to actually hit why I titled my blog my housemate and I discovered a family of fishers “cats” in an abandon foundation near my house.  (by near I mean it’s across the road).  They are somewhat scary and disgusting.  We’ve been tracking and notice they come out more at night time.  I guess that is to scare off our drunk neighbors.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere remotely close to them when they do come out.

This is what google provided me when learning more about them

Question for you: Tell me a fun fact about anything you please.   I’ll leave you with this glorious ecard and continue not writing my papers. 

Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes

I couldn’t think of a good title-at all.  I think I sat here for ten minutes.  First I thought about just making the title pancakes-then it evolved to pancakes and more pancakes.  Finally, I decided to just say pancakes three times.  Right then.

It be no surprise to you if you know what today is that I am celebrating.  In real life, in fake life, in blog life, while running, while arcing, studying, chatting…it will appear in everything I do.  If you could hastag me today-it would just be with #obsessed

But anyways-Happy National Pancake Day

Here are some of my favorites and go poke around the recipes and make yourself some good ones.  You can email me photos of the pancakes you ate to celebrate and I’ll post em here.

I get a lot of questions about my favorite type of Pancakes.

Right now it’s Pumpkin-maybe it’s because they take the best photos.




Sometimes its chocolate+peanut flour

Other times I’m feeling fruity


Blended strawberry




Let’s not forget the other randos that made it into my belly…

Sweet Potato


Red Velvet

 And to answer your questions…yes I’ve had pancake failures.  Often. 


Flourless Straight Up Protein Pancakes

If you aren’t into pancakes-it would be best to steer clear of my blog this week as this is the best holiday (tomorrow) ever.   If you have no idea what I’m talking about…well you will tomorrow.  Until then-

More than I would like to admit-I’ve been asked to make a flourless pancake recipe.  I know several of my blog readers eat very high protein diets and have asked if I would attempt a protein powder based feat.  The only reason I wouldn’t like to admit it is because I have not exactly perfected the recipe well enough to showcase it on the blog.

I promise you that I have not forgotten-In fact, I’ve attempted it several times.

I’ve just failed.  The pancakes haven’t stuck together or tasted like someone vommed.  (Yeah-I went there).

Anyways-I’ve finally gotten to a pancake that withholds the stress of flippage and sticks toge

ther.  We all know I only post recipes that I personally know I’ll be making often so it tastes good too.  I only really talk about breakfast foods because it’s my favorite meal and it’s basically all I can cook.  So there.

This particular protein pancake is chocolate but I know there will be plenty of different mix-ins and whatnot.  So be creative.

1 scoop protein powder1 egg¼ cup egg whites1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa

1 tablespoon baking powder

Sweetener to taste

(I would also say roughly ½ cup water or milk whatever you prefer).

Mix and pour on your griddle. 

So this came out much better than I anticipated (I believe that was thanks to the mass amount of egg used so it stuck together like no big deal).  They are quite good and when I’m needing a little (okay a lot) more protein than I’ll have these instead of a carb based pancakes.

Nutrition Facts:

Calories:  275

Carbohydrates: 14 grams

Fat: 8 grams

Protein 48 grams

Do they get my pancake seal of approval?

Yes most certainly-otherwise I would not have posted the recipe. 

Just Keep Training…Just Keep Training…

I don’t think I can begin to relate to you how excited I am that I can start doing weekly round-up training reports again.  (Because as much as I was somewhat hiding it-I am *allowed* to train again).

Granted it’s:

A.      Slow and EASY (meaning no watch…but how was that different)

B.      Inside if there is any sort of ice (gross but it’s also better for my knee).

With that being said this week my training was almost all cardio based (because sadly I still cannot lift weights!).

But no matter-I’ll build my baseline again and run run run.  🙂

This weeks mileage is 41.3.  Yes that .3 is a big deal because that is .3 more with no knee pain.

Arctrainer hours are 7.  (One everyday)

Weight sessions 0.

Core sessions 2.

I am trying to do more core but some of the movements still don’t jive correctly with my arm.  While my arm doesn’t hurt to run or walk or arc, lifting weights or twisting it in funny ways does not exactly feel that great.  So there, but like everything else that movement will come.

My other point of injury, though, my knee is a weird story.  I’m babying my knee much more.  My broken arm could honestly not have come at a better time (I mean not that there is a good time to break anything). I probably would not have been running a lot to allow for my knee to heal anyways.  I pulled a few tendons under the knee cap which resulted in some pain that really enhanced itself after the 5k I ran in mid-January.

All good though-because I had planned to give my body a solid month off of running in June (for other little things to heal) but I think it had other motives and chose now to rest.  With all my races in the spring this was obviously not optimal but what can you do?

I won’t even begin to start any sort of speed work until late Spring (maybe).  I’m convinced I’ve been freindzoned as far as speed work versus base building for life.  I don’t mind though.

My body is rested and I’m ready to get back into shape.  A long and a half without running much-this has been but hopefully it’s done and I can move on.  Right now my mileage is NOT what I like to call quality.  I feel like crap, I’m sore, I’m tired and it’s painful (in a good way) to chug through.  I keep reminding myself that this pain will go away and I’ll feel as awesome running as I did at the beginning of the year.  It will happen.

Next week-I plan to run roughly the same thing.  My only real goal is 40-45 KNEE PAIN FREE miles.   I’ll be sore no doubt but that’s life.  I would also like to state-I am still supervised 100% with a coach.  

I’ve been obessed with humerous swimming memes lately so I apologize if you have seen them all lately.  This one keeps making me laugh though.

Questions for you: How is your training going?  What are your goals for next week?

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