Flax Meal Pancakes

It was requested I share my latest pancake concoction with you. 

My flax cakes as I dub them.  (I know-I’m so creative…use flax meal and call them flaxcakes.)


1/2 cup flax meal

¼ cup flour of your choice (wheat, buckwheat, white…)

1 egg (not needed but I like the extra protein)

1 tsp baking powder

Sweetener if you are into that

(then whatever flavors you want…I’ve added a half cup of pumpkin or greek yogurt, both grand choices).

Mix ½ cup HOT (this is important) water with the flax meal.  The flax will soak it up and be more flour consistent if you use hot.  Otherwise they won’t stick).

Then let it sit for a minute or two and add all your other ingredients + water if you want it thinner (it does not matter the temperature).

Then eat.  I’m going through a flax meal craze right now since it’s such a good source of fat and plus the egg, these pancakes offer a really good amount of it.

Question for you:

Do you use flax?

What is your (current) favorite type of pancake? 


WEGO: A Lesson in Injury

WEGO: What a lesson you learned the hard way.  

That is so easy for me-and that is when I got seriously injured the first time with my stress fracture (on my 21st birthday!).  


We must first look at preinjured Hollie.  I was happy with most of my running performances, none would be that terrible.  I never really had a run where I was good god I’m quitting running forever but I was always worn down.  Rest days, um do you remember that time I woke up at 4:00 am to run predropping Matt off at college (in my defense he woke up too)?

Yeah that happened (but in my  because I didn’t want to run at night and didn’t want to take a rest day.

It was a good run though, I do remember that.  I ran a good pace and felt good.  I believe it was 5 miles or something like that. 

Incase you are wondering about my log book before my injury here ya go:

Starting from the week of April 11 I ran all of the following:

Road races on your 21st Birthday...Yeah that was my life. My apparently extremely sweaty life.

Between 40-50 miles: 7 weeks

Between 50-60 miles: 5 weeks

Above 60 miles: 1 week (although the week I stress fractured would have been easily up there).

I ran 248 miles in June.  I wanted to hit 270 in July.  It’s all I thought about.  I was so mile crazy.  Not only mile crazy but pace crazy.  I also ran the majority of these miles on the treadmill so I could maintain between a 7:05-7:15 pace EVERY RUN.  

But if you notice something, there is not that week of just 20-30 miles that I had told myself every week I would take.  Why not?  Because every time I would tell myself that, I would have another great run.  Another run forcing myself until 7 minutes for 8 miles.  Another run where I felt like shit and stil ran a 7:05 pace.  Another run that I was pretty proud of. 

If I had felt bad during any of my runs that probably would have given me an excuse to take that milage drop week.  But it didn’t happen.  If I had run a race in early July that wasn’t 1000 degrees, I would have PRed by god knows how much.  I ran a 20:30 in a 5k doing absolutely no speed work.  I was putting my pressure and stress on myself then I ever did with swimming (oh right…I’ve that lead to shoulder surgery and a YEAR long break).

But then I stress fractured and stopped running (completely)  and hated swimming but did that for a while, made best friends with the Arc.  It made me love running even more and miss it *so so* much.  

I now time ONLY my “speed work”.  I don’t care if my pace in 7:05 or 10:05, they are easy recovery runs and I know it’s better for my body.  ESPECIALLY IN HIGH MILEAGE!  

And I’m happy with that.  I’m happy not forcing myself to run quickly every single run.  I’m happy enjoying the scenery of whatever is around me.  I have read a good amount of running books during my injury and not every run is needed to be fast to go somewhere.

If you are going to overtrain and be sad, then what’s the point?

Mentally you’ll suck so physically…you’ll suck. 

This is all leading to some thesis statement of my introduction, I guess you could say.

Running without worry is liberating.  I like it.  I like not trying to push the envelope every run.  I like that every run is how I feel-Some long, some short, some on grass, cement, with people, with Pandora, with dogs.  I don’t care.  I could run a 10 minute mile pace (and do!) and still be happy.  I don’t think running pace is the most important factory anymore.  I think running by how you feel is.

Well anyways, running is such a stress reliever.  The more I learn about it-the more I like it (which Is hard since I already love running so much).   Run fast, run slow, run on your favorite route, an unknown route and run happy. 

What lesson have you learned the hard way?  


WEGO: What’s your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?


Oh my stars so many questions-I feel like I’m answering an essay question on a test.  (No-really). 

What is my writing style?  Since when I do have a style?  I’d like to say my blogging approach is the no bullshit one if that (filled with grammatical errors and parentheses to fit in comments that don’t fit into the sentence).

I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’m an awesome chef or a foodie.

You’d call me out on it.

I’m not going to lie to you and say I eat healthy 75% of the time…

I’m at 74….

I’m not going to flower my injuries or that my life is constantly happy.

Injuries suck and I become a hella bitch that way.

Or that I’m not super awkward in real life. 

Ask Laura, aDuBs or Nikki.

So to sum up the main point: my writing style is the no bullshit-mind to paper type.  I type what I think and that’s the end of that.

Next-My words go onto the screen just as they are processed through my mind.  Awkward.  I don’t plan anything because that would make it more stressful.  If I can’t think of anything worth half assing a blog entry…I won’t.

I mean come on-you won’t get your panties in a bunch if I post today about pancakes or waffles…or not post at all.

Third-My title comes last, unless I think of something really clever beforehand.  I don’t really find it hard to write a fact I could call this post, Hollie’s no BS guide to LOLZ, LolzFloWZ, stylish lolz…guess you’ll know (as will I) when I hit publish.

Finally-I write best at my kitchen table.  On my laptop or in the middle of class when it looks like I’m taking notes…I kid.

Question for you: What’s writing and Blog your style? 

Human Discoballing

Today’s WEGO was based on pinning some things (health related) from pinterest.  I’m not saying that this is true for every health related topic on there-but the majority of fitness and health pins are something along the lines of:

“Strong is the new skinny”

Or some bs like that.  I’m sorry but every single one of those girls (while they may be strong) is still extremely skinny.  What kind of health message is that saying?

Not really one I care to pin and since my health focus is more fitness related-I’m sitting this WEGO out and opting for one of the bonus and sub prompts they sent me as well.


WEGO: Bonus round, Define a happy place.

I’ll preface this with I’m 100% joking (and I’ve drank a total of 2 times this semester…).  I do, however, never regret going out.

But my happy place (Saturday night) was at the bars.  It all started around 10pm, when I was having a rather rough night.  I was stressed with school, had plans broken to hang out with people and everything just kind of piled up.  I was laying on my sofa, having a girlie cry fest and my housemate was like…let’s go to the bars!

Okay fine (and got ready in about 5 minutes).  I became a human discoball and proceeded to tell everyone that.  I got this dress at Express forever ago, but never had an occasion to wear it.

Then I ended up having a few drinks (and for me, since I don’t drink…that is a lot).

My housemate and I. 🙂

So my happy place from 11pm-2am on Saturday-Sunday was at the bars dancing.  I don’t regret it.  I did manage to take a few photos (which for me is like epic proportions).

I mention Justin time to time. He ran the 50k in my area in December....and not that is not my hand.

A friend of mine Kirstin. (Please note the photobomber in the background. ;))

The photobomber himself (someone I run with often) Tim! Nice enough to take a real life photo with me...good ole iphone quality of course!

Questions for you: 

1.       Do you like to stay in or go out?

I’m normally a stay at it sort of gal, but it’s nice to go out sometimes.  🙂

2.        Where is your happy place?

Mine is normally just relaxing and hanging out in a warm environment.  lolz

Lifetime Training Peak Weak

I was asked if I would do a day by day breakdown of my runs and workouts this week with paces.  As you know-I don’t really keep track of a lot of my paces because I find it helps me, but here you go.


5.1 Mile run.  Easy (untimed) in the rain.

AM: 18.9 Mile long run @ 8:32 pace (3:41.30).  This is my longest run ever and the only reason I timed it was to make sure I was keeping it easy and not pushing the pace.

PM: P90x Chest and Back


Easy 8.2 mile run.  No watch…no anything.  Just easy.  Felt good.


AM: 6.3 miles with a teammate of mine.  Still easy.

PM: 6.3 miles (again).  I had planned to do this also as an easy run, but alas stress and life got in the way.  I quickly knew when I started running that I wanted to change it to a tempo run.  Good thing I started my watch.  6.3m @6:32 pace=41:15.  I’m very happy with this run and it served as a good motivation, now if only I can keep that pace through my half next weekend.  😉 (no).


AM: Easy 12 miler, solo and without music.  I forget if I’ve mentioned but my stupid ipod stopped working so I’ve had to be a “real runner” and run without music…until I buy a new ipod.

PM: P90x Legs and Shoulders + Ab Ripper X


11.75 miler.  I was just running by myself, but ended up seeing my assistant swim coach (around mile 7) on the roads and ran a few extra miles (around 10-11min pace) with her.  My overall pace was 8:05, and I felt strong running a sub 8 pace on the 10 miles alone.


AM: Tempo 4 miler.  This one was rough but I reminded myself tempos are good for the soul and racing myself means I’m the ultimate victor.  I have dubbed my tempo runs the Pancake Series.  The winner gets free pancakes…Well considering there is one person and that one person is me…you know where this is going.

PM: Easy 10.2 run with my assistant swim coach again.  It was her first double digit run!

Total 83.5 miles

This is my lifetime highest mileage week.  The best part was-they were quality runs.  I had 2 tempos and a long run.  The rest were easy and recovery.

All in all it was a very solid workout week.  Very solid.   Next week, I’m going into taper for my half next Sunday.   I get to significantly cut my miles in hopes to run a sub 1:30 half.  I can’t wait. 

I know I have a couple speed workouts (Wednesday and Thursday) to get my legs in the right mind frame, then off to Plattsburgh.

Questions for you:

How was your training week? 

What is your favorite workout? 

Do you like to workout in the AM or PM? 

WEGO: Dream Day

WEGO: My Dream Day. Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

My dream day would obviously be spent doing things I enjoy the most.  First and foremost, it must be warm and sunny (and sports bra running weather and just relaxing outdoors weather…an optimal day cannot be less then 60 degrees and cannot be cloudy or rainy). 

Making pancakes.

Going for a run (going for two runs…with Ryan Hall (at my pace duh)…we are dreaming right?)

I would probably then relax at home with friends (or with you bloggers…an optimal day would include meeting all my readers and bloggers…), then go on some sort of fancy date with all of you…at once….

I like dressing up and being fancy more than actually going out so it would be a fun time for me at least.

and take mirror shots...what day is compete without that...

In all seriousness though-I strive for my days to all be rather decent.  I don’t need to win one million dollars in the lotto (though that 560 a few weeks ago would be nice) to be happy.   As long as my day is stress free and enjoyable-chances are I’m having a good one.

I’ve had many of those though.  Just not recently because cranking out papers and school is not stressfree.  😉

Question for you: How would your perfect day go? 

10 Foods I eat on the Regular

WEGO: 10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most.

We all could write a mushy gushy post about 10 people, things, friends, family we couldn’t live without.   That would be easy now wouldn’t it?

I get a lot of questions about food and what better way to answer then talk about foods I consume close to daily.  I mean this is called Fueled By LOLZ afterall, in between all those lolz-I have to eat…sometime…

  1. Peanut flour-Lately a lot of my pancakes have been peanut flour based.  I make bread with it, whatever.  I consume this type of flour more then any other. 

Chocolate peanut flour pancakes

  1. Flax Meal-If I don’t consume peanut flour pancakes, I consume flax meal pancakes.  Chances are-I’m having one or the other daily.  I enjoy the amount of fat in flax. 
  2. Muscle Milk-Ever since I tried a free muscle milk with Laura at my 5k in Atlanta, I’m addicted.  It’s an expensive habit but they are so easy for on the go and when my tummy is constantly grumbling in class.
  3. Gas Station Coffee-Always having this.  Every day.  Another expensive habit.  No explanations needed. 

Yeah I normally look like a crack addict when I go in to buy it as well...

4. Eggs.  Eggs are easy to cook-I am simple and not talented at cooking.  It’s like god knew I needed an inexpensive easy to cook food to make up for the expensive crap I buy

5. Hot chocolate.  It’s still 40 degrees in Northern New York.  So while ya’ll enjoy your ice cream, I’ll enjoy my hot chocolate.  (Also-diet hot cocoa sucks…just saying.). 

I don’t know why I decided to hold up three fingers but I put in hot cocoa and this is what I found.

On that note-life just got tricky and I just went to look at my pantry and refrigerator to see what I have stored in there.   Clearly I eat a lot at home…

7. Canned and frozen vegetables.  I normally try and steam something at night to go with whatever meat I’m having because it’s easy and quick.

8. When I eat on campus I eat a lot of quiche, but I guess that falls under eggs…I guess…not really.  I like to get wheatberry salad but they never seem to have that anymore.  Rude. 

 9. Oh I just noticed the giant hoard of pumpkin that I have in my pantry.  I add pumpkin to everything (mostly to get more servings of vegetables but also so I can maintain my orange glow…).  I kid.
10. Finally, I go outof my way to find products with calcium.  Whether it’s milk, greek yogurt, ice-cream, whatever else…if it’s got a lot of calcium-I’m all over that because I am 100% paranoid of getting another stress fracture.  #calciumwhore

That was almost too hard for me to figure out.  Right then.

Question for you:  What foods do you eat on the regular? 

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