Weekend Ramblings

Hi blogging bestfriends. 

I know my absence yesterday must have left you heart broken but I had a vey important date to go to.  BAHAHA.  I ended up choosing the blue asymmetrical for anyone who wondered.  I decided I really wanted to wear it last minute.  My parents have more photos and eventually I’ll go find my camera and upload them.   This is the one the photographer emailed me.  Why he decided to get all up in my grill I don’t know because I directly said my blogging besties need to see the whole dress.

I won’t go into much details but it was exactly how it is every month (oh so fabulous and socially awkward).  I’ll choose another dress next month, although hopefully I’ll be out of town or something and can avoid the whole gathering.  I love getting dressed up…but I love doing it with people I actually enjoy being around for several hours.

from zee webcam

Other than that my weekend was pretty spectacular.  I went on a lovely date with the parentals Friday night and had one of my favorite meals in the whole wide world.

Salmon and rice at the Silver Diner.  God someone be jealous of my creativity.  It had some sort of garlic sauce on top which was the bomb.com

Saturday was mostly spent here.


No this is not a prison-it’s my pool Yes it has barbed wire around it. Ha

Oh and hiding small babies in my hair.  I ran in the humidity and my hair grew five times it’s normal size.  I was also a hot sweaty mess after that, as I decided to swim right after to uh degrime myself.

I could keep an id and rape whistle in this bundle of joy called my hair.


Stats of the week:

Running: 55

Swimming: 4 hours

Arctrainer: 1 hour

Weights/Aerobics Classes: 1.5 hours (and yet this made me the most sore and I love it.  Who gets sore from their own classes…I’m a freako.).

My workouts for this week will probably stay something rather similar.

PS: exactly one month till I’m 21.  I expect everyone to be sending me granny panties for my birthday.  I hear that is custom when you get old.


Question for you:

1.       How was your weekend?

2.       What did you (do you plan to) do for your 21st?


Kick Me Out of the Foodie Club

Do you what I realized, I haven’t been posting my nomtastic eats lately.  How can I begin to classify myself as a food blogger (actually true life: I’m not a foodie at all) if I never post about any sort of food.

But I do enjoy photos of my cat.

It was a day of interesting eats to say the least.  Remember the other day when I was getting my Thanksgiving on with sweet potato pancakes?

Now I am pretending (since it’s a little bit closer) that It’s Halloween and having pumpkin pancakes.  I finally was able to find more pumpkin at Farm Fresh.  I may or may not have hoarded a few cans.

Speaking of Farm Fresh, that is where I got my lunch today.  While yes, it is a grocery store (I mean you New Yorkers have Wegmans), Farm Fresh has the bomb.com salad bar.  One would think if I spent the same amount for this glorious salad as some fancy restaurant,  I could get away with having it for two meals.

Not the case for this girl.

I don’t get full on 3 spinach leaves okay thanks.

But it was the best salad in the whole wide world and I need to stop buying gas station coffee so I can buy 13 dollar salads.  I couldn’t tell you everything I added in here but I remember these from staring at the photo for a hot second:  it had a base of spinach leaves followed by corn, 3 bean salad, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, ham, turkey, sun dried tomatoes, grapes, this weird stuff that looked good (and duh it was)….yes I could spend 10 blogs writing about how nomtastic it was.

I wanted to run and swim today but it started thundering so I had to settle with just running.  I took yesterday off from running and had an excellent ten miler today.

For dinner, mother and I went on a little date to a place called Joe’s Crab Shack.  It’s adorable and literally can fit about 10 people max inside.  I had a delicious bbq wrap.  I’m not really into bbq at all but it sounded and looked amazing on the menu.  There was corn, salsa, sour cream, bbq chicken, lettuce and tomato all wrapped up in a wrap.

Mom got a crab cake.  I guess that is kosher since it was called Joe’s Crab Shack.

Then for dessert, I got one of these bad boys.  Contrary to popular bloggatude, my favorite dessert is not ice-cream.  It’s bread pudding.  I haven’t had it in a while and this more than made up for it.

There are certain things in your life that just deserve a hell yeah.

PS: Thank you for your help yesterday, it seems the blogging world wants me to go with the short floral.  I was thinking 80s hooker style personally…


Question for you:

  1. 1.       What is your favorite holiday?
  2. 2.       What is your favorite dessert?

I need my Real Girls Help in Dress Choosing

I need your assistance as I am socially awkward and awful at making decisions when there are 1000 choices.  As in remember, when it was necessary for you to choose which dress I would wear to swimming formal?  God that was so long ago.

Well I once again, have a similar dilemma.  I have a banquet I have to go and I have about 1000 dresses I could wear for that too.  No really-about 1000.

It’s pretty formal, but I could away with most anything from a simple dress to a prom dress because I’m sure I’ll see the whole range. Side note-Don’t join a country club.


Here is a better view of it because it is so longgg. Enjoy how cheesy I look.



Thank-you blogging besties. 

Somebody please tell them who the eff I iz

My brother, Steven, just got his braces put BACK on.  Therefore we must only eat ice cream for the next few days.  Just saying.

I think I like my cherries with a side of ice-cream true life.

This morning I would have gotten to sleep in, however, I was rudely interrupted by a bang at the door at 6:30 by my more obnoxious brother, Matt, asking if I was sleeping.

No of course I want to come run with you even though you are injured and basicallystill  kill me every run we do together…and of course I want run over lots of bridges and hills.  Needless to say, it was still an enjoyable run but not when I had planned.

After our glorious run, he went to school and I made sweet tater pancakes.  Because its getting closer to thanksgiving and I’m just preparing.  I love al sorts of pancakes, I don’t discriminate on the time of year.  In fact, I’ll be making gingerbread soon too.

Since I can’t take my laptop everywhere when I am on the run you’ll have to deal with phone photos of me.  I know your day is not made unless you have seen at least one ridiculous photo of my face.

I had a lovely salad on the go while meeting with some people about my job.  

I haven’t posted much about my job which I have been busy prepping for all week.  I’m a manager at an inner city community pool.  We need a policeman to open, and I have had knife threats, been cornered by scary gang members and been creeped on when I turned 18 by my boss…but another story…

It’s not as scary as it sounds and I essentially now make sure the pool runs smoothly, patrons don’t try and swim naked, 14 year olds aren’t in each others pants (yes those girls have more game than I do) and well that the pool is running smoothly.  Which is does which is why I am still the manager this year.

So I have been prepping for opening the pool. 

And I hope someone caught that title reference with my current obsession.


Questions for you:

1.      What do you eat on the go?

2.      Because I’m currently listening to trashy TV in the background, and this is  the question they just asked the audience:

Just One of Those Days…

I got a lot of questions about the carrot cake yogurt.  It isn’t Greek yogurt-but Yoplait.  I just plopped it right on top of my carrot cake waffle for double carrotcakeness.  I don’t limit myself to Greek yogurt all the time because quite frankly I enjoy the taste of other yogurts too.


Today was just one of those days that I woke up at 6:00am to swim with the daddykins.

I had my favorite waffle for breakfast.

And gas station coffee and froyo for lunch.  I had to go take a test on the campus for my online class, which happens to be downtown right next to my favorite mall.  Which happens to have coconut froyo and cherries.  Win.

Sadly though Lorraine is in the shop, so I have to put up with Renold. I do in fact, name all the cars in my life old people names. Somehow the daddykins does not approve of his mustang being named Otis.
coconut, cherries, kiwi and pineapple. It was oddly the bomb.com.

Today was also a very unproductive day as I sat here reading (for quite some time) your lovely bizarre stories about your life and am glad to know I am not the only one.

I think the winner for most bizarre goes to:

I thought these things only happened in the movies.  I would have drop kicked him. 

This was also one of those days where Nikki Manaje and I were besties.  As she accompanied me on my speed workout today.  Todays run was 2 miles warmup/cooldown 8X400 with 100 jog and 1 minute rest in between.  If you download this song and play it on repeat, it’s like we are running together.

And one of those days where the mom and I just wanted to make something easy aka pork chops, corn and asparagus.  Another one of my favorite meals.



Question for you:

1. Do you ever have those blurs of days?   I think it’s possibly because I’m in a rather deep sleep deficit personally.

2. Nicki M, yay or nay? 

I’m still not sure how I feel about her but this song is awesomesauce.  But her music video of 20 her kind of frightens me.

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine

Hello my blogging besties.  I hope you are having a lovely Monday.  I had a serious case of the Mondays today but I was hella tired so it happens.

Incase you wondered about my Tri: We aren’t getting a refund and they aren’t rescheduling and I did buy a bike for this race.  True story. 


Anywho on to today.  Well actually lets make a side trip back to yesterday.  After getting lost for a solid hour to Chuck’s house (again) and nearly kidnapped by a man who wanted a cigarette.  I made it. 

I have been failing profusely with photos.  So I’ll work on that subject.  You can go look at Chuck’s blog to find multiple photos of him and  multiple photos of his fabulous cooking.  I just get so side tracked when I start talking and god knows I forget what I’m even doing.  True life: I’m going to go paparazzi on the next person I hang out with bahaha.   Anywho-sadly he is moving to Florida for his job.  We seem to never be around at the same time even though we both lived within 12 minutes.  Yes, Chuck it would have taken me 12 minutes without tunnel traffic.  But anywho.

He makes a mean bbq salmon though.  Until now, I never thought of putting bbq sauce on much of anything but now I might go through it more than ketchup.  So if any of you Florida bloggers down there need a salmon bestie, I would go find him.


Since I clearly have the best luck in the world finding places and then leaving, after I left I got stuck in his parking garage.  There was no lady to collect my ticket and all the gates were down.  It was seriously the strangest thing, and then to make it even more bizarre all of a sudden our local news stations car comes lets me out and then leaves.  Um okay-this is why grandma hollie doesn’t stay up past 9pm…it’s when all the crazies come out.

On a side note-a lot of people have been asking me a ton of questions of formspring and I have answered 99.9% of them.  Perhaps I’ll ramble on about that tomorrow if you are interested.  Well you can just pretend you are interested because I tend to ramble enough as it is.

Oh and PS: I brought back the carrot cake waffle because there is now carrot cake yogurt and I thought it would be excellent to have both in the am.

Well I’m off to class lovelies but I’ll leave you with this lovely picture of me and my donkey from last summer.



Question for you:

1.      What is your favorite fish?

2.      Do strange things to accumulate around your life?  (Please say yes so we can be twinnies and I won’t feel like a freako).

True Life: I’m a Debbie Downer

Today was a sad day in my life.  Although I whined and complained, I really did want to do the triathlon.  Alas, it was cancelled due to the weather.  It was lightening and thundering and downpouring.  Basically a scary storm that lead to flash floods that led to me running 10 miles on the dreadmill and calling it a day. . But that is another story.

By 6:30, the daddykins and I entered the worlds largest navel station for the race.  BAHA.  It makes me seem like I was somewhere oh so exciting.

At 7:00, I spent 15 minutes figuring out all my numbers went.

7:15 we were all marked up with and ready to go.

7:30 We were directed a storm was coming and to chillaxe in our car.




turned to this
and then to 2 foot floods...within an hour
which SUVS can get through....but not my legs.

8:15 They called off the swim.

9:00 They called off the race.

9:15 The daddykins took me on a tour of Navel Station because I don’t really come out there much.  Basically a bunch of his old ships and such.  I don’t know why (maybe I should have joined the navy) but ships amuse me.  All of them.  So in the midst of a storm, we plowed through the flooding and looked at them.

Because I was so pumped...

I haven’t ever had bad luck like that so I can’t really complain.  It was just more obnoxious because I had to get up at 5:30am on a Sunday.


Question for you:

1.       What is your most obnoxious race/exercise related story?