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I cannot believe that the sugar free challenge is half way over.  That means January is halfway over and it’s been two weeks into the new year!  In summary, the first day I sat there full well knowing what I needed to do, I just wish I had prepared it the night before.  I wanted nothing to do with not using artificial sweetener, not using sugar and limiting other foods.  Though here I am, shocked I’m still on board and nearly half way done.    Here are some questions I’ve gotten…

How am I feeling 2 weeks (half way) into being sugar free?

Good, I don’t have a lot of sugar cravings…occasionally I do but not frequently and not as many.  I no longer crave ice cream or sweet meals for every meal.  In fact, I actually want to have more savory meals.

Do I regret the challenge?

No, I think anyone can do anything for a month.  I have been feeling good about staying sugar and artificial free.  I haven’t had any strange cravings.  I haven’t cried myself to sleep and while I miss sweets, it isn’t the worst thing in the world.

What do I miss the most?

Easy, splenda in my coffee and a sweetened breakfast.

Will you stay sugar free and artificial free after this challenge?

Absolutely not.  I do miss sweetened food.  That being said I think I’ll be limiting my sugar and artificial sweetener more.  I don’t think I’ll crave it as much.

What food do you plan to have February 1st?

Tim says that we can go to my favorite diner and I can get the red velvet cheesecake that they happened to come out with Jan.  1st.  I’m really excited.

Do you feel tired and sluggish from lack of sugar and lack of carbohydrates?

I’m still getting a lot of carbohydrates (I modified the challenge a bit to get more carbs).  I’m not feeling any more tired than usual.  I think if I had decided to completely cut of carbohydrates then I would feel extremely tired and not be able to maintain the running I am.

What do you add to your coffee to follow the Swanson challenge?

I add full fat coconut milk.  The Swanson challenge and 21 day detox stresses full fat.  Plus I couldn’t handle skim or fat free creamer in my coffee so I would probably use full fat regardless.  I don’t add any artificial sweetener or sugar.  It took a lot of getting used too but after two weeks I’m nearly used to it.  Occasionally I’ll drink my coffee black but I really hate doing that daily…

Have you lost weight doing this challenge?

No.  As I mentioned during my first post I have gained roughly 5 pounds since the marathon (weighing 135).  My optimal race weight that I feel great at is 130 pounds (I’m 5’7).  I didn’t decide to do the challenge to lose weight but in the book it shows many people who did lose weight.  I just happen to one of the people who doesn’t.  To make sure I’m accurate I weighed myself this morning and I weight 134.7.

That’s all the questions I’ve gotten.  If you have anymore feel free to pop them my way.

Questions for you:

Have you ever done a detox diet?

What do you add in your coffee? 

Sugar Free for 2 Whole Days

On January 1st I woke up less than thrilled.  Aren’t I supposed to be excited to keep to my New Year’s Resolution?  To add to yesterday’s post as much as I would like to say I was hung over during the race…I wasn’t and it was just called the Hangover 5k. 

Anyways this post isn’t about booze it’s about my taking to the Swanson challenge for two whole days.

Day 1:

Thoughts before eating breakfast (that is about 5 minutes while I make it).

What if I eat something that I don’t like?  (well then I’m not hungry and I don’t eat that again).

What if I eat something that hurts my race? (well that was my fault and good thing this isn’t a big goal race).

Even though my first day sugar free happened to be the first day I was back on the racing scene there was no major difference.  I didn’t feel much different or sluggish or hit by magical energy.  I felt the same as if I had my cream laden and seven splenda coffee and a normal prerace waffle and peanut butter.

I normally have a carbohydrate rich waffle before all races.  I used to have a bagel with peanut butter but that once sat badly in my stomach so I now decide against that.  This time I had 3 eggs and avocado.  Though that is one of my favorite meals I was a little bit uncomfortable eating it before a race.  This wasn’t a goal race so I was fine with trying something new.  I knew I liked the food to begin with, it wasn’t like I was having thai.  I honestly don’t think the difference made any difference in my 5k time.

Day 1 in review was not bad at all.  Honestly the first day of anything really isn’t that bad.  I did crave sugared coffee but other than that it was fine.

Day 2:

I had to wake up early on Thursday.  Honestly all I could think about was my sugary coffee that I really wanted.  Around 8am, I decided to go for a run to try and get the craving “out of system”.  My black coffee was not doing it for me.  (a couple hours after breakfast is my normal run time right now to begin with).

I actually was meeting Tara (finally) for lunch.  I was a little worried of eating at a restaurant doing this 21 days of detox.  It actually wasn’t difficult at all.  I got a smoked salmon salad with plenty of fresh greens, full fat goat cheese and more greens.


The second day was a little harder than the first.  I missed my coffee and I miss my artificial sweetener.

Other Key Notes:

While I am limiting processed sugar and artificial sweetener I am not completely cutting out carbohydrates.  With running, that would be not be a wise idea.  I’ll probably do a What I ate Wednesday post next week to show what I am eating and enjoying.   If you have any questions feel free to email me.


So far the easiest things for me to have “given up” for the things I really didn’t eat to begin with including processed food, heavy sugar sources and a lot of different grains.

I’m currently struggling with giving up artificial sweeteners the most.  I’ve craved fruit a few times but nothing like my coffee.  This weekend I hope to experiment more in the kitchen with some of the recipes they have provided.

Questions for you:

What is your prerace meal?

What is one staple in your diet that you would struggle giving up?

My am artificial sweetened coffee with too much cream

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