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CW-X Compression Tights Review

Before my marathon, I bought a pair of CW-X tights. I bought them on my own free will…(IE: I’m receiving no payment and this post is not sponsored).

These CW-X Tights

cwx tights

With flying to a goal race, I wanted to keep my body as compressed as possible (like if you open a can of Pillsbury doughboy bread and the dough explodes out). That level of compression was probably a good idea we ended up traveling 14 hours. CW-X compression gear uses targeted support for the muscles and joints. Plus now, CW-X also makes sports bras!

Actual Fit of CW-X Tights: 

Moving on, I am 5’8 and 130 pounds. I ordered the CWX small and it fit as it was supposed too. The CW-X tights weren’t too comfortable, but they aren’t supposed to be. I have to be honest, though, they held everything in place and made my legs look better than the standard black legging. I think I might buy a plain black pair of CWX tights for that reason.  The CW-X tights fit exceptionally well.

i found you ms new booty meme

CW-X Compression: 

The compression of the CW-X tight is good. I felt like my legs received a lot more blood flow than if I wasn’t wearing them.  My calves usually are extremely tight so I’m very particular with my compression.  I felt as if the CWX tights gave enough to butt, hamstring, IT band without being uncomfortable.

After the race, my entire left side was tight (hip, hamstring, IT band) and I felt like it held the CW-X tights kept everything into the correct place.  Mentally I felt a lot better with the compression tights on.  My IT band gets pretty tight, so I felt like these compressed appropriately.  I think wearing the CW-X tights after the marathon is a big reason my legs are recovering quicker than I expected.

Running in CW-X Tights:

I took the CWX tight out for a few shorter runs before my race.  I could notice a difference in my runs when wearing the CW-X tights.  Similar to wearing compression sleeves or socks while running, you feel less fatigued.  My quads, hamstring and upper IT band felt less tired than it usually would.

I didn’t chafe or overheat in the CWX tights.  A few pairs of leggings cause me to rub, or they are not comfortable to run in.  This is not the case with the CW-X legging. They breathe well and they are a comfortable legging to wear around.  The CW-X tights aren’t the most “fashionable” but comfort over fashion.

CWX Tight Cost: 

The cost of the CW-X legging is $105 but I do think it’s worth it. I’ve spent 90 dollars on Oiselle, Nike and Lululemon leggings that have no compression. I think the CW-X leggings are worth it if you are looking for full leg compression.

Final Thoughts of the CW-X Tights: 

I would highly recommend the CWX tights if you are looking for compression leggings to give these a try. I would also recommend if you are looking for a legging that also makes you look great, I will give these a shot as well.  I think CW-X leggings are well worth their price and I would recommend them to any runner (injured or not).  The CW-X tights now have a few fun patterns out that I am debating buying myself.

In short: I’m happy with my purchase of CWX tights, and I do believe they live up to their claim of less fatigue and faster recovery.

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Questions for you:
Have you tried compression tights before?
Have you ever had IT band issues?

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Running Gear I Splurged On

Right now I enjoy running in whatever gear I want. I have no commitment, loyalties or contracts to wear a certain brand.  This is extremely nice because working at a running store, I  see a lot of different gear that comes in and out.  I get to see the newest arrivals and think about my running wardrobe decision before purchasing anything.  It’s impossible for brands to release perfect pieces of product every time so it’s nice to not be linked to one brand.  It is also hard for my paycheck since I see a lot of nice stuff come in that I want to buy (especially with this cold).  I’m always ten jackets ahead of people so I can never have enough layering.

A few weeks ago, I wrote wrote an article about how to save money while running in the winter. This week I wanted to write about products I splurged on and love.  

This post contains no affliliate links and all of these products I bought. 

 Oiselle flyte long sleeve (updated 2015 version): $66 with 30% off

This yellow top
This yellow top

I bought this while I was still on the Oiselle violee team, so I had a team discount. I like how fitted the top is. It fits well that it’s a fashionable top and it doesn’t chafe even I run. It’s not warm and doesn’t block wind well but it’s a great top for running in moderate temperatures or walking around.

New Balance NYCM jacket (similar jacket): $75
I bought this jacket at the NYCM. While I bought it because I was running the race, it has proved to be one of the best wind blocking jackets I own.


New Balance Chameleon Jacket 150 
I liked my NYCM jacket so much that I searched for something this year as well..  The chameleon jacket is one the warmest normal jackets I own.  The front has wind paneling so on windy days in the winter, you aren’t chilled to the bone.  I was on the fence with purchasing it but after I did realized I definitely made no mistake.  It’s warm and breathable.  Go New Balance.

new balance jacket

Nike Element Shield Legging: 90

If I’m paying 90 dollars for a pair of leggings, I want them to keep me warm.  These leggings are one of the warmest on the market.  They have a built in paneling for wind resistance.  This has been my best purchase of the season and the product I recommend to anyone.  I can wear these while running or when I want to keep warm.  They are the ultimate legging.

I tried to find a photo of me, but I can’t do the leggings justice because they look like a normal pair of black leggings.  Trust me, if you invest in them, you won’t regret it.

nike element shield

Together with my inexpensive running clothes and cotton shirts, this makes up most of my weekly winter wardrobe.  If it’s too cold for me, I end up going inside.

Question for you:

What are some pieces of winter apparel you have splurged on lately and loved (feel free to add a link!)?



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Three Brothers Diner (Browns Mills)

The Three Brother’s Diner (Browns Mills, NJ) is in my top three favorite diners in NJ.  Since moving to NJ, I’ve been to this diner a total of 11 times.  (I only know because I checked foursquare).  I know most of the friendly waitresses and hostesses.

Three Brothers Diner Atmosphere: B

It’s honestly one big restaurant room.  It’s not a train car diner, it’s not a fancy diner, and there is no special lighting.  It doesn’t receive any high marks for that.  In the back, there is a minibar, but it reminds me of a small local diner.  It’s probably one of those places you would drive right by if you were doing through town.

Three Brothers Diner Coffee: B

The coffee at Three Brothers Diner is good.  It’s a typical off burnt taste of diner coffee.  The cups at the Three Brothers Diner are small, but the waitresses always bring you refills.


Three Brothers Diner Food: A

This is where the Three Brothers Diner makes up for anything and everything.  First, since it’s in a small town, it’s rarely crowded, and the food is generally brought to you within 15 minutes of ordering.  It lives up to the diner greasy spoon mentality.


I usually get the Greek salad that with standard Greek toppings (feta cheese, peppers, tomatoes, chicken, cucumbers, sundried tomatoes) as well as homemade Greek dressing.  Also included are grape leaves, pita bread, hard-boiled eggs in the salad and soup on the side.  Not to mention it’s massive.  The Greek Salad at the Three Brothers Diner is one of the biggest salads I’ve had to date.

Split pea soup
Split pea soup


Three Brothers Diner Price: $

Tim and I both get full and filling meals for around 22-25 dollars (FOR BOTH OF US!).  For both of us to eat meals that are filling for that low of a price is rare.  I think it only happens at a handful of restaurants (mainly diners). I think this food cost less than sometimes when we cook at home…and it’s better.  Why am I even cooking at home anymore?

Overall Impression of the Three Brothers Diner (Browns Mills):

The Three Brothers Diner is one of my favorite NJ diners.  It’s a “hole in the wall” type of small-town diner which are truly my favorite.   If you are looking for an adorable, inexpensive, quick, cheap diner, the Three Brothers Diner in Browns Mills) is your place.  It could be because I’m an ultimate regular, but this place gets two thumbs up.

On a side note, I think I have narrowed down who the “three brothers” owners are, but I have yet to ask…yet.

You can see all diner reviews here.

Questions for you:

Are you a regular at a restaurant?

Favorite hole in the wall type of restaurant?

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Date with Shannon at Aroma’s Cafe

I like my titles to be clear and concise and tell you exactly what the post is about…that isn’t so hard is it?  I could have easily named this post…cold coffee rage...I guess that would be mysterious.

Shannon and I seem to have the most opposite schedules in the world.  Everytime I come back to VA she is just leaving…everytime she is leaving…I am just coming back.  Our schedules normally correlate for about 2-3 days so it’s always exciting when we get to hang out.

We stopped at my local wawa before because I'm an addict
We stopped at my local wawa before because I’m an addict

A couple of weeks ago we decided to hit a café called Aromas located in Newport News, VA.  (Also one in Williamsburg). That being said, it was about a 30 minute drive because google maps and siri likes to take us on the scenic route.  Not a big deal though because we always have plenty to catch up on.

So arriving at Aroma’s we noticed the restaurant was very centered around the coffee.  The café was cute and had a lot of pinterest signs with humorous coffee quotes.  Not only do I almost always try restaurant coffee to begin with, but if that is one of their main claims to fame then I have to try that as well.  Being a plain jane, I like to get normal coffee.  I don’t get their fancy mocha X,Y and Z with a hint of this and a swirl of that.

So after debating what to order I got their specialty house salad with added chicken and a cup (20 ounces of coffee) equating to about 15 dollars.  A little expensive for me but that is fine.


So first the salad.  It was presented extremely well.  It had all my favorite things:  pita, feta cheese and some actual vegetables for good measure. However, I payed an extra 3 dollars for chicken and there wasn’t much chicken added…The salad itself was good though.


If I had read the menu better I would have noticed that the dressing was some sort of honey mustard flavored.  I don’t exactly care for mustard but it wasn’t bad and I obviously still ate it.

My final verdict: The salad was good but could have used more chicken and been bigger overall for 15 dollars. I had a second lunch a few hours later which was fine. 

Moving on to the coffee.  I don’t normally rail into coffee because I’m not too particular as long as it’s warm and I can add cream.  However, this was a coffee shop and  when I went to go fill up my cup from one of the five pots, four were empty and the other was cold.  So that’s that.   I didn’t finish my coffee and that is saying something for me.

But this photo looks nice
But this photo looks nice


My final verdict: Would I go back?  It’s about a 30 minute drive from my house and honestly if I hadn’t had such great company I might have written a harsher review.  I wouldn’t drive the 30 minutes again back and if I was in the area and hungry at the time I would honestly probably try somewhere new.  It’s not bad by any means, but it isn’t a favorite in the LOLZ book.

*I don’t get payed, sponsored or compensated for my review services and all thoughts and rambles are my own.  

Questions for you:

Best restaurant coffee ever?

How do you judge a restaurant?  Food portion or taste?  Atmosphere?  Your Company? My restaurant reviews (well that is obvious). 


Empire Brewery Review

There are a few highest honors you can have in my life.  A very important one is meeting my dad.  My dad isn’t scary and I don’t really know why people are intimidated by him…actually he downright hilarious.  Last week I begged Laura to come to dinner with dad and I before she left for the Cleveland marathon and I left for VA(which she rocked…you can read about it here).


We settled on a local brewery at Empire Brewery in downtown Syracuse.   They make their own beer and have some of the best and most delicious bar type of food I’ve had to date.  I’ve been a few times (as to why I can write a proper LOLZ review) and gotten the Mediterranean platter, Greek salad, and feta chicken flatbread…

The reason I like their salads so much as not only do they add a ton of actual food (I’m actually not still hungry after eating), there is pita bread (+1 point), I can get multiple dressings (+1 point) and they have couscous in the salad (+1)…Not sure what these points are adding up too but it’s my review and I’ll add points if I want.


The main thing is the food filled me up and tasted good.  Oh and wasn’t expensive.  It might be a little bit of a lie if Laura and I hadn’t discussed the dessert options beforehand so that is that.  We settled upon each getting a sundae made from a special dark beer (similar to Guinness).  Wow, this was probably one of my favorite ice creams to date.  It wasn’t like beer overload but it had all the deliciousness of beer and ice cream combined.


Then dad shocked the world and ordered a cheesecake.  He said it was “for the blog” (my dad routinely makes fun of my blog) and he also has absolutely not sweet tooth at all.  The cheesecake was also deliscous but left to my own I would (and next time I come to Syracuse) will get the sundae again.


So would I recommend Empire Brewery?  Well if you can’t tell I don’t generally write restaurant reviews unless they have become a LOLZ staple.  (Though I know eventually I’ll write a snarky one) I think I should make a review tab at this point.  Oh and yes I would recommend Empire and I would say go big and get the sundae too.

Questions for you: Favorite flavor of ice cream?  Favorite beer?