Guide to North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes

As most people know, North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes are hot on the market. There have been several FKTs (fastest known times) set in their trail shoes. Each model serves a different purpose and is designed for different trails. North Face designed trail shoes with every type of runner in mind, from those winning races to those just starting on trails. So yes, even you!

Guide to North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes

North Face 3 major trail shoes:

You can go to individual shoe reviews, but this North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes Guide will help break down which one is right for you.

So which North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes is right for me?

Like any running shoe, it’s important to figure out what you want and need in a shoe. Do you need more cushion? Do you want a more responsive ride? Are you running technical East Coast trails or flat, easy terrain. All factors are important.

The other thing about trail running is there is no same trail. Some trails are steep. Some are flat. Some have thousands of rocks, and some are flooded. Unlike the road, you don’t have consistency when you think of trail running.

Guide to North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes
Each North Face VECTIV shoe is good but each is made for different purposes


As you can see from the photo below, each of the uppers is slightly different. The North Face VECTIV Enduris is made for comfort and the most “plush” upper. It’s softer and the heel counter is made with cushion. Both the North Face VECTIV Flight and Infinite are made for speed so their uppers are much more thin and breathable. Personally, I don’t “love” the paper thin backing of the Flight and Infinite.

Guide to North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes

North Face VECTIV Flight:

The North Face VECTIV Flight is designed to go fast. Currently, one of the only trail shoes out with a carbon fiber plate. Yes, a carbon fiber plate. This also makes it the most expensive at $199.99.

If you are looking to run fast or race on trails, the North Face VECTIV Flight will be your option from North Face. Like carbon fiber road shoes, it’s your run fast on trails. It’s designed for those wanting to set a personal best on the trails or even run an FKT.

Keep in mind, unlike roads, carbon-plated shoes can simply be negated by adding more rocks to the trails. The more technical the train, the harder it is to “run fast.” This means flatter, smoother trails will get the most benefit out of the carbon plated shoes, while technical trails will get benefit from a carbon plated shoe, but more benefit from trail running skill.

The North Face Flight VECTIV Shoe Review

North Face Vectiv Infinite:

The North Face VECTIV Infinite is your responsive trail shoe. If you’re someone who likes to feel the ground, get a faster turnover, this your trail shoe from North Face. Without the carbon plate, it’s $169.99 and more durable. This is why it’s made to be the North Face VECTIV Trail Shoe training shoe and designed for daily runs.

It still has a plate, but the plate isn’t carbon fiber. So you get a responsive ride but with more durability. It thrives best on technical terrain such as East Coast trails like the Appalachian Mountains or Vermont. If I was running more East Coast Trails, this is probably the shoe I would choose.

North Face VECTIV Infinite

North Face VECTIV Enduris:

Where does the North Face Enduris come into play? The North Face VECTIV Enduris is lightweight and cushioned. It’s designed for those running long or those who prefer more cushion in their running shoes. If you like the extra cushion while running, you might prefer the VECTIV Enduris. If you’ve never worn a trail shoe, it’s also a great option because of the extra cushion and traction. Of the North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes, it’s definitely the plushest and it’s also the cheapest at $139.99.

The North Face VECTIV Enduris Shoe Review

North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes Conclusion:

North Face Trail Shoes are here to stay. Hopefully, this is a new trend of great trail shoes to come from North Face. Like any running shoe, they each have their own purpose and are made for different foot types, trails, and terrain.

Guide to North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes

Finally, here is a quick guide for the North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes. 

North Face VECTIV Trail Shoes

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If you are looking to shop locally, you can find the North Face VECTIV Trail shoes at South Jersey RunningCo. but also on the North Face website.

Questions for you:

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