Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis, Mn)

While staying in Minnesota, I knew I wanted to go to a diner. The timing worked out, so after some research, I found the Hi-Lo Diner in Minneapolis. I’ve never been to Minneapolis or the Twin Cities, so it was a nice stop. I ordered online, and by the time we got to the Hi-Lo Diner, the food was ready.

Driving through Minneapolis, evoked emotion, I didn’t know it would. Signs remembering George Floyd and Justice for Goerge Floyd are everywhere.

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis, Mn)

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis) Atmosphere: A
Of any diner I visited on the trip, the Hi-Lo Diner was one of the best. There were signs at the front that said no mask, no service. Plus, there were also signs remembering George Floyd. Not even getting to the diner part, the Hi-Lo Diner won me over. The Hi-Lo Diner resembles an old school diner. The outside is metallic and silver, while the inside has plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar with alcohol.

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis, Mn)

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis) Food: A
The Hi-Lo Diner menu has all of the diner staple classics, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, the Hi-Lo Diner also has vegetarian options like the “tempeh bowl,” and you can get fun options like the “Gary Cooper,” which sounds like chicken and waffles. They are known for a few things including fried chicken, open faced sandwiches, ice cream, and french toast. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for and decided on a BLT with crinkle fries. I was not disappointed.

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis, Mn) blt

The BLT tasted great. The bread was buttered and bacon, lettuce, and tomato all fit perfectly together. The crinkle fries were some of the best diner crinkle fries I’ve had. It was not just reheated.

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis, Mn) blt

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis) Service: A

The service at the Hi-Lo Diner was excellent. I felt safe while picking up my food. Everyone was wearing a mask, and the sign clearly said if you weren’t, you couldn’t eat there. The to-go containers were unique as well. They were each wrapped a “Hi-Lo Diner” sticker and perfectly placed in a brown bag. The waitress/hostess was friendly as well.

Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis) Cost: $
For the BLT, it was $14. The food was high quality and it was worth it.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Hi-Lo Diner?
The Hi-Lo Diner was great, and I would go back if I’m in the area. It’s one of the better diners I’ve been too.

Atmosphere: A
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $10-20
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Have you been to Minneapolis?
Do you like BLTs?