Training: New Year’s 10k and Building a Base

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Since a few people remained interested in my training logs, I figured I would continue. One of my primary goals to 2020 is to clean out things, mental, physical, and digital (including blogging). I want to trim what I don’t need anymore. I’m not sure what that means for blogging and social media, and I’ll most likely continue doing it, but I’m going to put effort into things that matter the most.

Speaking of cleaning out, my 2020 Resolution is to get rid of something every day. Whether it’s physical, mental, or digital. Several people told me to create an Instagram, so you can find that here if that interests you.  Which makes zero sense considering I want to trim social media, but it keeps me motivated and it will be fun to look at all of the progress throughout the journey.

Back to Training:

Monday: 1 hour Swim 2X1500 meters
Tuesday: Easy 6 miles with Alexis 6X30 second strides
Wednesday: Hair of the Dog 10k (41:49)
Thursday: Easy 8 miles
Friday: 12 miles easyish with 6X30 second strides
Saturday: Easy 6 miles
Sunday: 14 Mile Long Run averaging 8:15 pace


Last week’s training went well. It was nice to start the New Year off with my fastest 10k since 2018. I wrote a full recap here. We wanted to do something different to start in 2020, so we decided to head to Rehobeth Beach. Neither my husband nor I have spent a lot of time in Delaware (minus driving through). The race itself went well and I ran even splits and negative split the race!

Most of the rest of the week was spent doing easy runs (anywhere between 9-10 min miles or untimed). My long run on Sunday went as well as it could. We had 35 mph gusts so I was always running in the headwind or tailwind. I’m happy with it.

Next week, I’ll continue to build mileage and fitness.  I’m probably going to head back to Virginia to see my parents and spend a few more days with them.  January won’t be the “most exciting month ever” with minimal races, but it will be an important month to build fitness.

Posts from the Week:

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Hair of the Dog 10k (41:49)

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Questions for you:

How was your New Years?

What are you training for?

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