Training and Recovery Log Sept. 30th

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I’m not training (at least technically not yet) for anything, but last week marked a huge jump in recovery for me. My previous training log was a bunch of rambling that was barely coherent. When I wrote it, I was waiting to hear if I had some sort of pelvic stress fracture. Like anyone, I was nervous and had played back why it “definitely was” and why “it couldn’t possibly be”.

With my history of bone injury and no relief in 2 weeks, I knew it was time to get an MRI. Would I have a femoral head, pelvis, or sacrum stress fracture? I even went so far as to think a herniated disk could be a possibility (which my dad likes to remind me happened when he was also 29).

Anyway, it was none of those things, which is surprising. My MRI came back and said I had no suspicious bone injuries and no stress reactions or stress fractures. Truthfully, I would be more bummed to have a bone injury than to miss a race. I had A LOT of bone injuries in my early twenties.  I’ve worked hard the last few years to listen to my body and take extra rest when I need it.  Due to my form, I stress my metatarsals so I’ve become very mindful of that.

Plus bone injuries in your pelvis and above the knee are usually a sign of something more serious.

Moving forward, my MRI showed it is not bone-related. With a lot of Active Release Therapy with Dr. Craig from Dr.Kemenosh, I’ve recovered pretty well. It felt like the first 2 weeks; I made no recovery and this week the stars are aligning and I feel almost completely better.

So Where Does This Take Me?

I do believe there is time to “salvage” my running season but I’m not going to stress about it.  I am signed up for another fall marathon and I’ll do a mini buildup. I will disclose that race sometime today or tomorrow. Like my previous goal with Big Cottonwood, my goal will be to start and finish healthy. The older I get, the more that becomes my goal. Do I want to PR? Of course, but I’m realistic that I’m not in the same shape I was in 2018.

Anyway the training of the training log-

Monday: 3000-meter swim
Tuesday: 3000-meter swim
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 30-minute run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 30-minute run
Sunday: 6 Mile Hike in the Pinelands

My hamstring and butt feel better. I would say I’m about 95% back to feeling better. My running last week was more like plodding. While I only took about 2.5 weeks off, I feel like I took months. I’m just plodding along, happy I can run.

I also know not to be a dummy and jump back into the same mileage I was doing (even when I was starting to taper), then I will end up with a stress fracture.

I’ve been hiking a lot more recently. Even when I couldn’t run a step, hiking has never felt painful. It feels good to continue to do that.  Between that and swimming, the cross-training has kept some fitness.

This training log was a bit more enjoyable to write than last week.

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Questions for you:

Have you ever dealt with hamstring tendinitis? 

Are you training for anything? 


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