JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale) broiled seafood

JB’s Diner on 33 (Farmingdale)

JB’s Diner on 33 (Farmingdale)

Recently my good friend and I met up at JB’s Diner on Route 33 in Farmingdale, NJ.  There is also a JB’s Diner on 57 and even a JB’s Cousin’s Diner. This is my first JB’s Diner.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale)

Atmosphere: A
JB’s Diner on 33 in Farmingdale has the big, metallic, diner atmosphere you know and like. It’s easily recognizable from the road. JB’s Diner on 33 is right on the way to several shore towns, so it makes it a good stop if you’re heading to the shore.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale)

The inside of JB’s Diner on 33 is clean, retro, and a step back in time. Everything about the diner from the exterior, to interior screams diner.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale)


JB’s Diner on 33 Coffee: A
The coffee at JB’s Diner on 33 was brewed hot and fresh. The waitress refilled our coffee often.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale)

JB’s Diner on 33 (Farmingdale) Food:
The JB’s Diner menu as everything you want and need in a diner. There is all-day breakfast menu, lunch, and sandwiches. Plus JB’s Diner menu has plenty of dinner specials.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale) broiled seafood

I decided to order the broiled seafood platter, which comes with broiled shrimp, scallops, flounder, stuffed clam, and grilled feta tomato.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale) broiled seafood

The meal was delicious. Sometimes ordering a seafood dish at a diner can be risky, but this was good. I was most fascinated by the tomato with feta cheese. It was unique and added some fun to the meal.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale) sides

JB’s Diner on 33 Dessert: B
JB’s Diner on 33 in Farmingdale is known for milkshakes so I decided to order one, because why not? I ordered a vanilla milkshake which came with topped with whipped cream. I was disappointed with no cherry but not the milkshake itself was thick with plenty of ice cream.

JB's Diner on 33 (Farmingdale) milkshake

JB’s Diner on 33 Service: A
The waitress at JB’s Diner on 33 was nice, and our food came out quickly. I have no complaints.

JB’s Diner on 33 Cost: $
For my coffee, milkshake, and broiled seafood meal, it was $30.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to JB’s Diner (Farmingdale)?
I liked JB’s Diner on 33, and I’ll be back at some point. There are so many items I want to try like their french toast waffle.  Plus Farmingdale is a cool town.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Dessert: B
Service: A
Cost: $12-25
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like seafood? What is your favorite kind?
What is your favorite type of milkshake? 

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