me running sea legs shuffle
Sea Legs Shuffle 10 Miler (1:13.03)

Last weekend my friend Alexis and I drove up to Connecticut to run the Sea Legs Shuffle 10 miler.  Without traffic, it’s only a 3-hour drive, but there are very few times you drive over the George Washington Bridge without traffic.

Truthfully, I don’t know if I have encountered a trafficless time. We arrived at 4:10 and missed the packet pickup by 10 minutes.

Why Connecticut? It’s summer, and it’s hot, so there aren’t a lot of longer races in the northeast. The half marathon we originally planned in northern PA was sold out, so we decided to go to Connecticut and run the 10 miler instead.

The morning was easy. We made it to the start around 7, grabbed our packets, and warmed up. We both had long runs to do and thought it would be fun to do a long run while getting a hard workout in.

I ran about 5 miles and lined up at the start around 8:05. The race started at 8:10, and it was packed. We didn’t realize it was a Connecticut championship race and extremely competitive. I started in the middle of the pack, which is where I belonged.

The first mile went over a gravel road. There was a lot of dirt being kicked up everywhere. The first mile was flat and easy. I ran a 6:53. The highlight of the race occurred when I saw fast friend, Amanda, whiz by me. We chatted for a second but then she took off.

I was happy with the mile but knew the heat would probably slow me down later. We headed out of the town of Guilford. Throughout the rest of the race, there wasn’t much flat ground. It was either up or down.  It wore on me and it was hard to get any groove.

During the second mile, many people went by me. I felt like that was the theme of the race, and I was regularly passed throughout the race.

Around mile 3, the road was a bit shadier. It was a beautiful view of the water, and it kept my mind off the hills.

As I hit mile 4, I saw the leaders coming back (they were already around mile 5-6). It made me happier because I realized every hill we went up, we would go down (and vice versa).

Just after, we went around a giant loop near the water. The view was stunning. I hit the halfway around 36 minutes. I knew the end goal was 20 miles for the day and ten quality race miles. It wasn’t a PR race and I’m not in PR shape.

The next 5 miles felt like I was counting down each and every mile. I began to realize there was a lack of Generation Ucann on the course. The race advertised electrolyte drink, but there were only two stops. Due to the heat (the feels like temperature was about 90) my body was hot, and I could feel the lack of electrolytes as the race got longer.

me running sea legs shuffle

I hit mile 7 in 7:14, which is about the pace I averaged for the rest of the race. I saw two people stop and drop out of the race. They were ok, but I could tell heat and lack of electrolytes were affecting a lot of people.

Around mile 8, we went over an overpass, and my legs weren’t ready for it. It was tough, but I also knew we were going to go back over it. I just kept focusing on the finish.

At mile 9, I caught another woman, and another person dropped out. It’s the most people I’ve seen drop from a shorter race.

We went over the overpass one last time, and I just focused on the finish. The home stretch went back over the grass, and I crossed in 1:13. I finished the last portion of my 20 miles, and by the time it was done, it was above 90. I’m happy with a quality long run and enjoyable time.

My PR is over a minute per mile faster, but I’m happy with my effort for the course and the day. It was a fun adventure which feels like the theme of my 2019.

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me running
Big Cottonwood Week 9: Tetris Running

Last week was exhausting. Truthfully, I’m surprised I got all of my mileage done because there were a couple of days that it felt like a Tetris game fitting in my distance, but I was able to.  I had to let swimming go for the week for the sake of time and sleep.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 60 minutes
Thursday: 12X400 meters with 400-meter jog (total mileage 10)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy 60 minutes
Sunday: Sea Legs Shuffle 10 Miler 1:13.03 (Total Mileage 20)

Week 1: Hello Humidity
Week 2: Half Marathons and Workouts 57 mpw
Week 3: Travel and More Travel 53 MPW
Week 4: Training: Beach Runs and Long Runs 52 MPW
Week 5: Training: Workouts and 10ks 46.5 MPW
Week 6: Firecracker 5ks 47 MPW
Week 7: Swim Races and Running for Toilets 56 MPW
Week 8: It’s Very Hot 58 MPW
Week 9: Tetris Runner 56 MPW


This week I didn’t have time to swim. I don’t have any more swimming events coming up, so it made sense to let it go for the week. I want to continue swimming and cross-training but not if it stresses me out. Fitness isn’t supposed to be stressful.  While I was sad I didn’t have the time to swim, sometimes that’s how it goes.

Thursday Workout:

I planned to do the workout on Wednesday, but I woke up exhausted and didn’t have the time to fit it in. So I opted for Thursday when I was better rested as well as had more time. I’m glad I did because the workout went well.

12x400s with 400 jog (on streets). It’s my favorite workout, and today I averaged 6:01 pace with many 400s under 6 min pace. It felt good.

Sunday’s Race: Sea Legs Shuffle 10 Miler (1:13.03)

The goal for the race was to get a total of 20 miles in with ten being productive and quality miles. That’s precisely what I did. It wasn’t easy to double my miles (from a mental and physical standpoint), but I’m glad I was able to have a quality long run. Am I ecstatic about a 1:13 10 mile race? No, but while the race was important, it wasn’t the main goal here. I’m not tapered and increasing mileage. Plus it was a hot, hilly, course.

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Stargate Diner (Seaford, De)
Dockside Diner (Long Beach Island)

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How was your week of workouts? 


Stargate Diner seaford DE salad
Stargate Diner (Seaford, De)

A few weeks ago, I stopped at the Stargate Diner. I’ve driven by the Stargate Diner in Seaford about 50 times going from New Jersey to Virginia. Located in Seaford, De, the Stargate Diner is an easy stop for anyone going down route 113.

Stargate Diner seaford DE

Atmosphere: C
The outside of the Stargate Diner has a large sign and is a modern building. It’s not an old metallic, shiny, diner, but it looks and appears clean.

The Stargate in Seaford has the typical feel of a small-town diner; there are plenty of booths, tables, and even a salad bar.

Stargate Diner seaford DE

The bathrooms were out of service, and there was a sign that said: “Rotorooter on the way.” Had I desperately needed to go; I would have been forced to leave the restaurant and drive somewhere.

Coffee: B
The coffee was good, but nothing extraordinary.  It was hot and fresh.

Stargate Diner seaford DE coffee

Food: B
The Stargate Diner has everything a stereotypical small-town diner would have. From multiple breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, they have it all. They are known for comfort food like french toast, crab cakes, country fried chicken, sausage gravy, pork chops, or onion rings, but they have healthy options like salads or even turkey bacon. There were a few specials as well, but nothing that called my name.

Since I was on the road, I wasn’t in the mood for anything hot or too heavy and decided to order their greek salad with chicken. The Greek Salad itself was a decent size and had plenty of chicken, olives, grape leaves, and feta cheese. I didn’t love their homemade dressing, and it was so thick and salty. The salad itself was decent, and I would order it again, but I would choose a different dressing.

Stargate Diner seaford DE salad

Service: A
The waiter was friendly, and my food came out fast. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Which is great, because my bladder would not have lasted much longer.

Cost: $
For my salad and coffee at the Stargate Diner, it was $11.

Overall Thoughts/Summary:
The food at the Stargate Diner wasn’t bad, but I don’t know if I would come back, due to the bathroom situation. Hopefully, they fixed that within the hour I left.

Atmosphere: C
Coffee: B
Food: B
Service: A
Cost: $
Overall: C

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Questions for you:
Have you ever been to a restaurant with no public bathrooms?
What is your favorite salad, dressing?

Dockside Diner Long Beach Island
Dockside Diner (Long Beach Island)

Dockside Diner (Long Beach Island)

A few weeks ago, I met my coworker and friend, Lora D, on Long Beach Island. She’s a native of the area of Long Beach Township and suggested we go to the Dockside Diner (LBI).  There are a few diners on Long Beach Island, but the Dockside Diner is closest to her so we decided to go there.

Dockside Diner Long Beach Island

Dockside Diner Atmosphere: A
As the name Dockside Diner indicates, it’s located right on the Dock. You can watch the boats. The outside is rustic and made from wood.

The inside is a small, shore diner. When we arrived for lunch, it was packed, and we sat outside.

Dockside Diner Long Beach Island

Coffee: B
The coffee was good, and the waitress refilled it often. Nothing stood out, but I have no complaints.

Dockside Diner Long Beach Island coffee

Dockside Diner Food: A
The Dockside Diner (Long Beach Island) has all sorts of breakfast and lunch options. They are open on weekends for dinner too. Since it’s along the shore, there are a lot of seafood options.

I knew I wanted something seafood-related and decided on the Sailors Omelet which was stuffed with crab meat and topped with hollandaise sauce. It was delicious. I chose rye bread, which was drenched in butter, I could have used a little less, but it was good.

Dockside Diner Long Beach Island omelet

The side hashbrowns were cooked with just a bit of crisp (my favorite).

I enjoyed my meal at the Dockside Diner and would order it again.

Service: A
At the Dockside Diner, the waitress was friendly, and our food came out quickly.

Cost: $
For my meal and coffee, it was $17.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Dockside Diner (Long Beach Island):
I enjoyed the Dockside Diner (LBI). The meal was fresh, and there are so many different unique seafood options. The menu reminds me of a cute seafood cafe.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $12-20
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like crab?
Where is your favorite beach?

Hoka one one carbon rocket
Hoka One One Carbon Rocket Shoe Review

I’ve wanted to try the Hoka One One Carbon Rocket for quite some time, but it seems always to be sold out on Hoka’s website.  I guess that’s because Hoka doesn’t make many true racing flats and it’s popular.  Hoka is known as a maximalist shoe brand, so racing flats go against the grain.

Before this year, if you were looking for a racing flat, the Tracer was the best option. I also argue the lightweight Hoka One One Cavu is another excellent racing option for Hoka (it’s my all-time favorite shoe for fast runs). Now Hoka also has the Carbon X, which I recently reviewed as well.

Weight: 7.3 ounces
Heel-to-toe drop: 1mm

Hoka one one carbon rocket

So where does the Carbon Rocket Fall into place? Why is it always sold out?

The Carbon Rocket is a lighter, more responsive version of the Tracer. For many, (including myself), the Tracer is still too much shoe for a short race like the 5-10k.

Hoka one one carbon rocket


The mesh upper of the Hoka Carbon Rocket is lightweight and breathable. It’s a relatively simple design which I appreciate. There are minimal seams so it won’t rub on bunions. Theoretically, you could probably wear them without socks, but I choose to wear socks.

The shoe is unisex, and a size 9 (which is about women’s 10.5) fits well.  I am a size 9 in almost any racing flat I use. It’s true to size, something Hoka shoes have done well with.

Hoka one one carbon rocket


To make the Carbon Rocket as light and responsive as possible, it uses Hoka’s “ProFly” technology. ProFly is softer in the heel but much firmer in the forefront. The heel is soft for cushion while the forefront is firm for propulsion. There is also a carbon fiber plate sandwiched between to minimize energy loss.

Another thing I appreciate is the rubberized foam outsole on the bottom of the shoe. Many flats this year have gone away from the rubber, but there is plenty of traction.

I’ve done a few different types of runs in the shoes, including runs at slower paces, as well as faster runs and workouts.

For me, I think it fits best as a long/fast run or on workout days. I am still in the process of figuring out my marathon shoe, and right now, this is a contender. With the carbon fiber plate, I do feel fast. If you are using any model of Hoka and want a fast 5k-10k shoe, this is a good option.

One final thing to add is that it does have a 1mm drop. I don’t know of another shoe that does, plenty of 0mm and 2mm drops.

Hoka one one carbon rocket


The Hoka Carbon Rocket is the best true racing flat out there for shorter distances. If you are running a marathon or above, I think the Hoka One One Carbon X is better. For below a marathon, I would prefer the Carbon Rocket. I believe either is probably suitable for the marathon, along with the Cavu but I’m still in the process of figuring that out. (You’ll be much more injury-prone in the Cavu). I do appreciate this is a much more cushioned shoe and racing flat.

Current Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Hoka Bondi 6,  Hoka Mach 2,

Speed Work: New Balance FuelCell RebelReebok Float Ride Run fast ProNike Streak Lt,

Long Runs: New Balance FuelCell RebelMizuno R2Hoka Cavu 2

Races:  Reebok Run fast Pro

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