Amwell Valley Diner (Ringoes)

Amwell Family Diner (Ringoes, NJ)

Recently I went to the Amwell Valley Diner in Ringoes, NJ. It’s only about an hour from me, so it’s surprising it’s taken me this long to venture up there.

I arrived at Amwell Famly Diner around noon on Sunday. I expected the Amwell Family Diner to be more crowded, but I quickly found a booth.

Amwell valley diner ringoes

Amwell Family Diner Atmosphere: A
The Amwell Valley Diner is an old school metallic diner. It matches everything you visualize in a diner from the chrome exterior to the powder blue booths inside.  There are plenty of booths, tables, as well as a full-length bar.

Amwell Family Diner Coffee: A
The Amwell Valley Diner brews the local Lacas coffee which was a nice surprise. Even though the mug was small, it was refilled often.

Amwell valley diner ringoes

Amwell Family Diner Food: B
The Amwell Valley Diner menu has all of the stereotypical diner options: eggs, wraps, and a few dinner options. There isn’t anything unique on the menu, but it has enough options to please anyone.

At the Amwell Family Diner, I decided to order the new Mediterranian sampler. It came with olives, hummus, pita, Tzatziki sauce, and an olive tapenade. It was thrown together and could have used a better presentation. Other than that, it was good. There was nothing special but a good appetizer I would order again.

Amwell valley diner ringoes

Keeping in a Greek mood, I decided to order a gyro with fries. The gyro was stuffed with plenty of gyro meat, Tzatziki sauce, and lettuce. The fries were nice and crispy, which is my favorite.Amwell valley diner ringoes

Amwell Family Diner Service: A
The food came out quickly at the Amwell Family Diner, and the waitress was friendly and funny. It was clear all of the waitresses enjoyed their job and working there.

Amwell Family Diner Price: $
For my appetizer, gyro, and coffee, it was $18.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Amwell Family Diner?
I liked the Amwell Valley Diner and would go back. It was a pleasant stop.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Service: A
Cost: $8-15
Amwell Family Diner Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Do you like gyros? 

What is your favorite kind of fries? Crispy? Waffle? 

How to Bounce back from a bad race
How to Bounce Back from a Bad Race

Bouncing back from a bad race is tough! The week before last I had a bad running race at the Phillies 5k. While yes, you can argue it was windy, my disappointing race wasn’t because of that.  Honestly, it wasn’t my day and these things happen.

While it stinks, I race so frequently there is no point to let one bad race ruin my day. When you’re an experienced runner you’ll learn that every race is a learning experience: the good and bad.  In fact, you’ll probably learn more from a frustrating race experience.

How to Bounce back from a bad race

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On cloudswift shoe review
On Cloudswift Shoe Review

The On Cloudswift is a brand new shoe from On Running. For those not familiar with On Running, it was created in 2010 and based in Switzerland. It’s lightweight but well cushioned. On Running uses “cloud elements” which help and cushion each runner.

The On Cloudswift running shoe uses a slightly different material called Helion Foam. Compared to other models from On, the Helion Foam provides more energy return as well as durability. Helion Foam is extremely light but provides a big energy return.  As a brand, On Running is light yet responsive.  Helion Foam is also more durable to temperature changes and On Running claims it to be a “superfoam”.

The On Cloudswift has a slightly different shape to the Cloud Elements. The Cloud Elements are more diagonal than horizontal. You probably don’t notice much of a difference.

On cloudswift shoe review


On Running shoes are narrow. This has typically been a problem for me, and I find myself more comfortable in a men’s shoe (because they don’t make wides). I’m usually between a women’s 10-11 wide.  This is the first On shoe that a woman 10.5 fits well, and I wouldn’t need to go into a wide. It has the most comfortable fit of any On shoe I’ve run in. The Cloudswift feels great and has a secure fit in the heel area.

The On Cloudswift also has an engineered mesh upper with a wide, roomy, toebox. The breathable upper is great for the summer when your feet tend to sweat more.

On cloudswift shoe review

The white elephant in the room is how stylish the brand looks. It’s a great option for someone who wants a “stylish running shoe” for walking around and living day to day life. Do I think you need a stylish shoe for running? No. But if you want a shoe with a lot of cushion that doesn’t “look” like a running shoe, this is one for you.


The brand, On, is light by nature.  The cushioning system uses empty pods, “cloud elements” that compress where you need them.  Obviously, a hollow pod doesn’t weigh a lot.  The On Cloudswift has minimum rubber which can also weight a shoe down. You’re able to use the shoe for road running or trail running. Keep in mind, rocks will get caught in the shoe if you run on trails.

The downside is the less rubber, the less durability.  Even with the lack of rubber, I’ve found it to grip the ground well enough to run on rainy days.

On cloudswift shoe review

Even though there is plenty of cushioning, the On Cloudswift is still light and responsive.  Both the firm plastic and speed board, allow for a smooth and responsive transition. For me, it’s best as a workout shoe. I prefer it for shorter intervals.

I appreciate the versatility of the shoe, and if I needed a shoe in a pinch, I wouldn’t be afraid to take it on an hour run (there are plenty of racing flats I would not).


In all, I like the On Cloudswift. For me, it’s a great workout shoe.  If you have a wider foot, it’s one of the first options from On Running I would recommend.

Current Rotation:

Easy Runs/Daily Runs: Hoka Mach 2, Brooks Glycerin 17, New Balance 1080v9

Long Runs/Tempo Runs: Hoka Cavu 2

Workouts: Nike Fly, On Cloudswift, Nike LT Streak LT 4

Races: Nike Fly

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Questions for you:
Have you tried On?
Do you like white shoes? 

baseball phillies 5k me running
Phillies 5k (20:08)

Phillies 5k Race Recap

I haven’t been that disappointed with a race in a while. The Shamrock half didn’t go well but I wasn’t that upset. Last weekend, I raced the Phillies 5k and it just wasn’t my day. This year I ran a 20:08 at the Phillies 5k. My slowest time by over a minute. I’ve won the Phillies 5k 3 years in a row, and this year I got third place overall.

The Annual Phillies Charities 5k is hosted by the Philadelphia Phillies. The proceeds go to charity. There is plenty of parking for the Phillies 5k since it starts at Citizens Bank Park.

Truthfully, I knew I didn’t feel 100% leading up to the Phillies 5k. I didn’t feel great all week and even with extra rest, I felt like garbage. My legs just felt stale and lacking, the “run fast” they needed for the day. I woke up the morning of the Phillies 5k and just felt meh. My thought process was: “how fast can I get this done with”. Not a great racing thought process but that’s where I was.

As I warmed up for the Phillies 5k, I felt stale. I’ve started consistently racing again which means I’m in the part of the training that I question “Why the am f I’m doing it.” My body isn’t used to the mileage or the speed (one reason I’ve added 2 rest days a week right now).

With that, I lined up at the start for the Phillies 5k. I was happy my husband was able to run this year. The race went off and we headed out. The first mile was extremely windy and I found myself as the third woman at the Phillies 5k where I stayed the entire race. We went around a couple of turns and I got boxed in and almost took a nasty fall. My husband said: “come with me” and I couldn’t. He ultimately ran about 18:20 at the Phillies 5k and there was no way I was keeping up with that. Sadly, because I have run an 18:27 at the Phillies 5k before.

I hit the first mile of the Phillies 5k in 6:35. Slower than most miles at the 7-mile race I did recently. It’s windy I thought. I also knew my legs just didn’t feel good.

The second mile of the Phillies 5k went down around the Navy Yard. I’ve run a few races that way and I always appreciate it. It doesn’t make it any easier when it’s windy. There was military handing out water and high fiving which I appreciate. I hit the second mile of the Phillies 5k in 6:35.

We headed back towards the start for the final mile of the Phillies 5k. During the final mile of the Phillies 5k, you pass racers going the other way.  It’s always motivating. I could see the second-place woman picking it up and I couldn’t match her. The long straight away and stadium in the distance, makes it feel like it’s not getting any closer. We turned right and faced the last .25 towards the finish of the Phillies 5k. I could see the Citizens Bank Park Stadium but not the finish line of the Phillies 5k. I realized at about 3 miles the wind had knocked the usual banner down for the Phillies 5k. I hit the third mile in 6:20 and powered to the finish of the Phillies 5k.

I crossed the finish line of the Phillies 5kin 20:08. It’s my slowest time by a minute. Yes, it was windy but it’s been windy years prior. I’m not in the same fitness I’ve been every other year of the Phillies 5k and this was a humbling reality check.

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Questions for you:

How do you get over a disappointing race?

Are you a baseball fan? Have you done the Phillies 5k? 

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