Air Force Half Marathon (1:31.12)

The Air Force Half Marathon this year was hot, very hot.  So hot, they drew a black flag and canceled the race around 11-11:30.  I’ve never partaken in a race that has happened, but with so many half marathons, I guess there is a first for everything.

First and foremost, the aid during the Air Force Half Marathon Race was immaculate, and you couldn’t ask for better support. There were personnel almost every ¼ mile and aid stations every 1.5.  That was never the issue.  The issue was at Air Force Half Marathon race start it was already well above 70 and very humid. When I finished the race around 10 is, it was a feels like temp of 88. Last year, I ran a 1:27.28 in better weather but wasn’t in as good of shape.

I know I’m in better fitness than a 1:31, but you have to race for the day which includes how your body feels, the weather, and the course (Two weeks ago, I ran the Boothbay half in 1:29.50 on a much harder course).  To be honest, I never felt great, and the race turned into a longer workout/run.  That’s okay, and I am proud of this finish like any other race I’ve done.

My husband and I drove from NJ to central PA on Thursday (My in-laws live there).  We picked up my father in law and drove the last 6 hours to Dayton, Ohio. Driving that far the day before a race is not my favorite thing to do but with work schedules that’s how the cookie crumbles.  We got to the fitness expo at Wright State University late, didn’t get to stay long, and booked it just before 6, so we wouldn’t get stuck on closed roads due to the 5k.  Everything about the night and morning felt rushed.

The following morning was just as chaotic, and there was an accident in front of the base. The roads were closed, and we made it with just under an hour to spare. Walking the 1.5 miles to the start was enough of a warmup, and I could already feel how hot it was. The Air Force Marathon series has several different races including a 5k on Friday, then the 10k, half marathon, and Air Force full marathon on Sunday. If you do them all you can earn the Fly Fight Win Challenge medal. There is even a pasta dinner if that is your thing.

The Air Force Half Marathon Race:

The Air Force Half Marathon starts near the National Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. At the start, I chatted with a few various people.  The Air Force Half Marathon race went off at 8:30 and I just ran my own race.  The Air Force half marathon is interesting because it consists of a lot of people who have never run a half marathon but have some sort of military/Air Force connection. I am always happy for them, but it also doesn’t have a corral system, so the first mile is often jam-packed with people who have taken the race out too fast.  Then they quickly realize they have another 12 miles to go.

I hit the first mile of the Air Force Half Marathon in 6:59 and I knew immediately it would not be the race I wanted. I wasn’t upset and just ran for the day.

The next two miles of the Air Force Half Marathon went by without any real interest.  I chatted with a few people including a pilot from Illinois, a college ROTC kid running his first half, and retired military officer. It made time go by faster and by the time I knew it, I was at mile 3.

Between mile 3-4, I saw a few C-17s taking off at an adjacent runway. They were planes that had been moved due to the Hurricane Florance.  Not a planned Air Force Half Marathon thing, but a lot were taking off throughout the race.  It made for fun, and interesting scenery. I passed one female in that time. I had no idea where I was in placing in the Air Force Half Marathon, and it didn’t really matter to me either.

Around mile 5, the Air Force Half Marathon started to get hot. I take Gatorade, every time it’s offered in 10+ mile races. At the race, I took at least 2 Gatorade cups and water at each stop. It definitely kept me hydrated.

Air force marathon dayton ohio

From miles 5-6 during the Air Force Half Marathon, I just wanted to make it halfway. Around this point, the flags went from yellow to red for all of the Air Force races which was indicated at an aid station. I knew it was getting worse and I was already completely sweating through my clothing.

We trucked along, and by the time I knew it, we were at mile 7 of the Air Force Half Marathon.  I was talking to a guy going to UVA just bantering about random stuff.  If there is one thing I do, is talk. I always warn people and if someone doesn’t want to talk, I won’t keep doing it.

At the Air Force Half Marathon, mile 8, begins the harder portions of the course.  For the most part, the first 7 miles are relatively flat, with a few turns, and hills but nothing crazy.  Then mile 8 of the Air Force Half Marathon and beyond are rolling hills and running up overpasses.

Air force half marathon dayton ohio

I knew I was pushing myself, but I wasn’t pushing myself to the limit of when I PRed in February. I had plenty left in my tank for hills and for finishing the Air Force Half Marathon strong, and I was going too.  Up the hills, down the hills, I went the same pace and still averaged about 7:00 minutes.

I passed another female who had passed me earlier, on the overpass at mile 8. The next two miles were spent trucking along alone, and focusing on mile 10. Mile 10 was when I planned to just go.

At mile 10, a hand crank passed me.  I caught a few people walking up the hills between 10-11.  I wasn’t as fatigued as if it was a hard race and I was just trucking along and running faster than the first miles. I ran mile 10 in 6:50 and even with the hills, I was pleased.  I guess the Gatorade hit me late of the Air Force Half Marathon.

Air force half marathon dayton ohio

The next mile of the Air Force Half Marathon, I ran alone and just focused on people in front. I wanted to catch every person I could see because it gave me something to think about.  That was my goal to keep my brain engaged with the race. It hot and I needed something. I grabbed water and just trucked along. I high fived a little kid.  I was surprised that I ran the next mile in 6:42.

You enter the base of Wright Patterson of the Air Force Half Marathon at mile 12.  You can see the finish line in the distance and know you still have an entire mile to go. For some reason, I thought “so many women were on my tail”, and I sprinted like I had one race for the rest of my life.  (Probably because in 2017, I was outkicked in races 5-6 times…many for wins).  I passed no less than 5 men in the final mile of the Air Force Half Marathon, and they were probably like…WTF.

Air force half marathon dayton ohio

I ran the last mile of the Air Force Half Marathon in 6:36 and finished in 1:31.12. I was pleased with my time for the day. While yes, I know I’m in better shape than a 1:31 and I would have loved the opportunity to race that, it wasn’t the day and the day will come.

Air force half marathon dayton ohio

I like the Air Force half marathon, not just because my husband is in the United States Air Force, but I do think it’s a good course and has a good support.  Next year at the Air Force Marathon and Air Force Half Marathon, the new refueler, the KC-46 is going to be the plane of next year…I feel like we have to go back to Air Force Half Marathon in 2019. 😉

Questions for you:

What is the hottest race you’ve done?

What is one race you enjoy doing?


  1. I still think you did a great job on a tough day to race. Earlier this year I ran a 10K in 93F temps without a cloud in sight that destroyed me. I barely finished and dragged myself in for a 58:37 when my 10K split on my half PR was 46:04.
    My favorite race has become the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon (also last weekend x.x) which is well supported and is a lot of fun with gorgeous views along the Niagara River. Also being a pretty good net downhill race it’s a good run for PR potential (when it’s not ridiculously hot) and has a killer post-race party ^.^

    1. I’ve wanted to do the Mighty Niagra Half. I want to actually take another trip back to Upstate NY…I haven’t been in a while.

      That 10k sounds so hot…reminds me of the one I ran in Texas once. Was the 10k in NY too?

      1. Yes it was, I’m a bit of a homebody so I haven’t traveled too far for races.
        hmu if you’re ever in the area for a race (or not) and we can catch a diner to add to your review lists 😉

  2. In a former lifetime; early 1980’s I ran a half in Perth Amboy, N.J. in July. How hot, I don’t know, but they eventually shut down the course. My highlite is a police officer drove up next to me with about 2 miles to go and asked how I was doing. Next thing he’s on his radio saying “a male, early 30’s, wearing number ????; will be the last finisher. I’m shutting everything down behind him”. As I entered the tunnel under the grandstands leading to the track; they announced “the last runner is now entering the track”. Naturally, I received a standing ovation from those still waiting for the
    others to arrive. Best last place I ever ran.

    1. Oh wow, that is really awesome though. I’m so curious where they would take a half through Perth Amboy…it sounds like an interesting course. Thanks for stopping by Jim!

  3. I really think this was an excellent performance for you, to be able to finish strong on such a HOT day!

  4. I thought I saw you walk by while waiting for the half to start but I didn’t wanna look like a creeper trying to make sure it was you lol. You did awesome that day, it was so so hot! I was dying from the beginning but definitely wasn’t my race either. If you and your hubby come back next year and have extra time I can always give you guys a tour of those C-17s you saw, I work on that side of the base in the maintenance squadron. My bf is a crew chief on them and also going for a pilot slot so I’m sure he’d pick your husbands brain about flying haha. Anywho, great job again and good luck in NY!! I’ll be watching ya on TV

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