Hiking Bear Mountain in a Downpour

hiking bear mountain new york state

Bear Mountain (New York)

I like going to Bear Mountain in New York State, however, some of the hardest and scariest hikes I’ve done have been in that park.  Bear Mountain was one of the first hikes my husband and I did. Somehow, we got lost and hiked over the mountain and to other side and main road.  Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park is beautiful. You get a view of the Hudson Highlands, Hudson River, Iona Island, bald eagles, and Hudson Valley. Bear Mountain State Park also hosts cross country races.

In order to get back to our car at Bear Mountain, we either had to take a taxi or spend another 4+ hours hiking in the dark.  By some miracle, there was a driver up there.  When we discussed options that seemed like a silly one to even pursue.

If you’ve never been to Bear Mountain State Park, there is also a Bear Mountain Inn with park staff, full service, and guest services. This particular time, we started in a mist and by the time we were about halfway in, it was downpouring.  Honestly, it wasn’t too bad.  I invested in a nice Goretex jacket which kept me dry the entire time.

Here are a few photos from Bear Mountain:

hiking bear mountain new york state
The beach. On a decent day this is swarming with people
hiking bear mountain new york state
With the storm there were so many trees down
hiking bear mountain new york state
Plenty of water at Bear Mountain Park so plenty of streams to cross
hiking bear mountain new york state
The nice thing about the Appalachian Trail is it is well kept and there are many rocks stairs
hiking bear mountain new york state
Views of the Hudson River and Hudson Valley along the way
hiking bear mountain new york state
View from the summit
hiking bear mountain new york state
Perkins Memorial Tower at the top
hiking bear mountain new york state
close up (you can also take Perkins Memorial Drive to get up to the summit of Bear Mountain State Park)
hiking bear mountain new york state
Well kept facts about the entire area
At the end, once we got back down to the trailhead

In all, we had a great time at Bear Mountain.  It was pouring rain, but it was definitely one to write home (or blog I guess) about.  We hiked about 4 steep miles at Bear Mountain that day but with the scrambling, especially when it got wet, it was difficult.  Typically the trail to get to the peak isn’t that rigorous.

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Questions for you:

Have you ever hiked in the rain?

What is your favorite hike?


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