Collingswood Diner

collingswood diner

Collingswood Diner (Collingswood, NJ)

A few weeks ago, I decided to try the Collingswood Diner.  It’s a local diner that gets in the mix of Camden County.  It’s an easy drive from center city Philadelphia if you want to go to a stereotypical NJ diner.

Collingswood Diner Atmosphere: B

The Collingswood diner looks like a stereotypical diner.  The outside is cobblestone with a giant Collingswood Diner sign.  It’s located in a corner that includes a Jughandle but easy to spot.

The inside is large with multiple booths, tables, and a full-length bar.  It could use a modern update, but it looks like a diner.

Collingswood Diner Coffee: A

I asked for coffee with whipped cream, and the waitress brought me a can of whipped cream and left it on the table. collingswood diner

The coffee at the Collingswood Diner was brewed hot and fresh.  I have only had one experience that the waitress brings the can of whipped cream to the diner, which oddly also with my brother.

collingswood diner

Collingswood Diner Food: A

The Collingswood Diner menu has everything you can imagine in a diner.  Like 99.9% of the time, I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for.  We had eaten out for lunch as well, so I wasn’t starving or that hungry.

collingswood diner

I opted for a Greek Salad with salmon.  I was happy with my choice, and the salad was excellent.  There was plenty of salmon, greens, and the dressing was tasty.  It was one of the better diner salads I’ve had.  It was a pleasant surprise.  The Collingswood Diner is tucked on the outskirts of Collingswood, so I don’t think it gets the recognization for food deserves.

Service: B

The service at the Collingswood diner was decent.  The waitress was extremely friendly, however, at the time we were the only ones in the restaurant, and it took a long time to come out.  I was shocked.

Cost: $

For my salad and coffee, the cost was $16 which wasn’t bad for the amount of food I received.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Collingswood Diner?

I liked the Collingswood Diner and found it to be an underrated diner in the area.  I’m surprised more locals haven’t been, and I’ll be back.


Atmosphere: B

Coffee: A

Food: A

Service: B

Cost: $8-15

Overall: B

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Questions for you:

Have you ever been the only person at a restaurant?

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