60 Days with Collagen

benefits of collagen

Last month, I asked twitter what people preferred to see on LOLZ blog.  This is a blog about my life, journey, running, training, fitness, diners, military life and run on sentences and poor grammar.  While hard to classify what is LOLZ blog, it’s mainly about my life and journey.  If readers are interested in something in particular than I always try to include it.

benefits of collagen

One thing that popped up was more about food and diet.  Please keep in mind, I’m not an expert.  I’m not a dietician, and I’m not a nutritionist.  I do have a public health degree and took several college classes in health.  I still have a hand in the general public health environment (and no, it not because I blog LOL), although not as much in the food realm.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to share a new supplement I’ve been taking over the last 60 days.  With any review and supplement, I think it’s important to give it time.  Like running shoes, you can’t say you “love” something after 1-2 runs and you certainly can’t know a supplement is life changing after a week.

That being said, I started taking Collagen with Vital Proteins 2 months ago, and I’ve found myself recovering faster from workouts and runs.  Vital proteins sent me the original sample, but because I’ve found myself to be successful with it, so I’ve continued to purchase!  

What is Collagen?

When Vital Proteins contacted me, I wasn’t familiar with every benefit of Collagen.  I knew what Collagen was, but that was about it.

Collagen is a protein in the body found in muscles, bones, skin, nails, joints, the digestive system, and tendons.

Why Supplement and Why Vital Proteins?

While yes collagen exists in food, it’s hard to find. Due to the nature of collagen, it comes from the broth of animals.  That is why you see more and more athletes drinking bone broth!  Here is a few source of natural collagen:

  • Bone Broth
  • Eggs are one of the other few foods to contain collagen
  • Salmon

Thinking out loud, as delicious as both eggs and salmon are, it’s nearly impossible to eat them every day.  That is why finding a supplement like Vital Proteins is worth it.

vital proteins collagen benefits

My favorites as of now are:

Like protein powder, Vital Proteins dissolves well in water.  Each scoop contains 35-40 calories and about 10 grams of protein.  It also includes your daily dose of collagen.  I feel healthy just thinking about it!

Why is Collagen Great for Runners? 

Joint Health

Runners are constantly pounding their joints.  This decreases the cartilage in the knees and other areas.  In the running world, it’s not uncommon to hear athletes talk about “bone on bone” and needing surgery to repair it.

How does Collagen Help your Knees?

  • Increases lubrication around joints to make more mobile
  • Helps to increase bone density (A BIG ONE FOR RUNNERS!)
  • Reduces inflammation around joints and improves healing of connective tissues
  • Every seving contains 10 grams of protein in 35-45 calories.

Lastly, Skin Health!

One huge benefit outside of running is Collagen helps to replace dead skin cells.  If you know me, you know I’ve never had perfect, flawless skin.  I suffered from acne in high school as well as adult acne a few years ago.  No amount of makeup or Instagram filter made it better.  I do see a dermatologist, which has been great but I’ll never have perfect skin.  Collagen doesn’t treat acne or medical conditions but it will help to replace dead skin cells and make your skin look smoother.  I can personally say I’ve had success with that.

While Vital Proteins, sent me an initial sample, I’ve now been using and purchasing it for myself.  I feel better, and my skin looks better, and it’s something I’ve found helpful for me!

Questions for you:

Do you take any supplements?

Have you ever tried a collagen supplement?


  1. Which do you recommend of the 3 you mentioned to try out first?

    1. Of the three I’ve tried so far, I would say the flavorless just because you can mix it in pretty much anything!

  2. I do take collagen! I mix a little (1 tbsp) into my protein shake that I drink after workouts. Mine is a different brand but I have heard of this brand too. It is an animal product and makes my vegan protein shake no longer vegan, but I’m not vegan either so no big deal about that. Most of my friends take collagen as well and do things like mix it into their coffee. Even aside from the benefits, it is a great source of protein and as someone who rarely eats meat, I need it.

    Also, I agree with you on supplements. I’ve heard way too many people say to get it from your diet, but I think sometimes you almost HAVE to supplement especially with all the miles and workouts we put on our bodies. I would personally rather be running my best and taking care of my body taking a supplement, than be able to brag that I get everything from my diet (but be stressed out with planning that out every day).

  3. This just sent me down a rabbit hole of scientific journals at 5:30 in the morning… I have osteopenia (early stages of osteoporosis) and take calcium and vitamin d per doctor’s orders, but I hadn’t heard of collagen. The research looks promising, so I’ll have to look more into this. The idea of just mixing collagen into coffee or a smoothie sounds good to me!

  4. I got a sample of Vital Proteins from Blogfest last year and now that I’m training for a powerlifting meet and needed to increase my protein intake, this helps a lot. I love the unflavored and just mix it with water. I haven’t tried any of their other products but I’m sure they are great. I also love that it’s free shipping when you order.

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