(Running) Podcasts I’m Loving

(Running) Podcasts I'm Loving

After going through entirely too much Amazon Prime, Lifetime movies, and Netflix, I’ve turned to the next form of entertainment.  For the most part, I listen to podcasts while running on the treadmill, or as background noise while I’m at home.   I don’t like to sit (or run) in silence.

Here are a few Podcasts I’ve Been Enjoying Recently:

Lindsey Hein’s: I’ll Have Another

I’ve followed Lindsey for years on Twitter (maybe one of the first people I ever followed?).  She has had everyone from bloggers, to professional runners (like Desi).  Lindsey’s podcast is very casual, and you feel as though you’re hanging out with friends, going for a run, or going to a diner…

C Tolle Run:

C Tolle Run is an Olympian herself, and every single podcast has me glued to my headphones absorbing everything.  She usually interviews professional runners and elites.  One of my favorite podcasts she has done was actually with the high school superstar: Drew Hunter.

Man Bun Run:

I actually had the honor of meeting Riley at the Runners World Festival last year.  He is one of the most down to earth and casual bloggers I’ve met.  Man Bun Run flows well, and it’s very relaxed.  I always pick up some interesting information from each episode.  There are multiple podcasts, and it’s just not professional and well-known runners.  You can learn something from anyone, and many podcasts I went in not knowing who the interviewee was!

Ali on the Run:

Ali on the Run is the newest podcast for me so far, and I haven’t listened to a lot of episodes, I have found each one intriguing. I like how calm and her casual interview style.  I appreciate how candid and open Ali is with all her guests.  She wasn’t afraid to ask Nick Symmonds last week if he went on a date with Paris Hilton.

BibRave Podcast:

The BibRave Podcast talks mostly about running and racing.  I haven’t listened to all (I believe there are about 75 episodes), but it has the most extensive variety dedicated to running.  Instead of covering elite or interviewees lives it focuses on topics nutrition for new shoes and gear, runners, and best races.

Finally, I asked twitter if they had any Podcasts and here are a few more.  I haven’t listened yet so I can’t speak from personal experience!


  • I’ve been enjoying Human Race on my run recently, but sadly it seems to have ended!

Alicia M Eno ‏Recommends:

So here are just a few.  Podcasts have picked up in the last few years so there seems to always be more coming out.  Which is great!

Question for you: Running related or not, do you have any Podcasts you are like right now? 



  1. Endurance Planet and Final Surge are my go to right now. And Ben Greenfield too

  2. I dont listen to many running podcasts – in fact, the only one I’ve ever tried is the Ali on the Run show, because hers was one of the first blogs I started reading and I’ve enjoyed the guests so far. Otherwise, I am all about Freakonomics, RadioLab, TED Radio Hour, and Human Brain. I love learning new things via podcast 🙂

    1. Ha, you know I actually included Lindsey Hein’s podcast here. It was one of the first ones I started to listening too. I was actually one of the first guests a few years ago 🙂

  3. I’m always looking for new podcasts so thanks for these! Have you listened to Heavyweight? It’s not about running but about reconciliation with all kinds of people from all over. It’s super interesting and keeps my brain occupied on long runs and rides!

  4. BibRave and Team Shenanigans are two of my all time favorite podcasts! I’m trying to branch out more recently but those are my two that I listen to every week.

  5. I love Monica’s RunEatRepeat podcast and sometimes I listen to AliOnTheRun and Tiny Leaps, Big Changes. I am going to give Bibrave a try though! I used to do twitter parties with them all the time.

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