Eagle Diner Clementon
Eagle Diner (Pine Hill)

Eagle Diner (Pine Hill, New Jersey)

While browsing through my local paper, I noticed coupons for the Eagle Diner (Pine Hill, New Jersey).  It’s a south jersey local diner I hadn’t been or heard of before which is actually shocking!

Since going with Amelia and Danielle, I have actually been a second time since I keep getting coupons in the mail and it’s close to my chiropractor.  Both times have been great and it’s one I’ll keep going back too.

Eagle Diner (Pine Hill, NJ) Atmosphere: A
The atmosphere of the Eagle Diner is a big metallic, shiny diner.  You can’t get more picture-perfect NJ diner if you tried.  The inside of the Eagle Diner (Pine Hill)  has all of the booths, tables, and full-length bars.  I believe this diner is relatively new, so it’s also quiet (something I can’t say I mind).

Eagle Diner (Pine Hill) Coffee: A
They serve local Lacas diner which I’m a fan of.  The waitress brought multiple refills and even plenty of whipped cream.

Route 1 Diner restaurant Lawrenceville

Eagle Diner (Pine Hill) Service: A
The waitress as the Eagle Diner was friendly and gave plenty of recommendations.  She was one of the best waitresses I’ve had in my diner quest.

Eagle Diner (Pine Hill) Food: B
The Eagle Diner menu has everything a stereotypical diner usually has. There is all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a page of menu specials. I’ve now to the Eagle Diner twice. The first time I went, I wasn’t hungry. After seeing the omelets on the menu the first time, I decided to order an omelet the second time.  I settled upon the Mexican Omelet since it sounded good.  I ordered rye toast, and it came with home fries.

Eagle Diner Clementon

The Omelet at the Eagle Diner was good but it wasn’t the best Omelet I’ve had. It was a typical diner Omelet and could have used a couple more fillings.

The home fries were good, and I preferred the crunchy and slightly burnt ones over the soggy.  It’s hard to mess up toast, and the rye was good too.  Although marbled rye is always the best. In all, it was good food.

Eagle Diner (Pine Hill) Price: $
For my coffee and omelet, the cost was $10, which is cheaper than most diner meals I get.

Summary/Overall Thoughts of the Eagle Diner (Pine Hill):
I like the Eagle Diner in Pine Hill and think it’s a hidden gem in South Jersey.  It’s the stereotypical big, shiny, metallic diner, we have grown to love. When I’m back down in Pine Hill, NJ, I’ll be back a third and fourth time…maybe even fifth. 😉

Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Price: $
Overall: A

You can see more of the diner reviews here.

Questions for you:
What is your favorite omelet?
What is your favorite toast?

Altra Escalante Shoe review
Altra Escalante Shoe Review

Each year, I go to the Runners World festival, I get the opportunity to learn more about the brand and company.  Altra also gives bloggers a pair of shoes (of their choice).Altra also gives bloggers a pair of shoes (of their choice).  This year I knew the most about the Altra Escalante because we carry it at work and requested that model.  I was lucky that Altra was extremely receptive and sent me the Escalante.As most people know, Altra is known for a wider toe box.  As the founder Golden has said, it’s not a “wide” shoe but it’s foot shaped.

As most people know, Altra is known for a wider toe box.  As the founder Golden has said, it’s not a “wide” shoe but it’s foot shaped.  Well my foot is wide.  Altra is actually more narrow through the arch and heel which makes it a better fit for most people’s feet.

The other component Altra is known for is their “zero drop” shoe format.  This means the heel and the forefront are at the same level and flat.  It doesn’t mean it’s a minimalist shoe, but it is flat.

The Fit: 

I do believe the Altra Escalante is one of the better fitting running shoes right now.  I usually wear between 10-11 wide in my shoes, and in the Escalante, I wear a comfortable size 10.

The upper is made from a stretchy knit which means there are no seams to rub on feet.  It’s accommodating and with minimal seams, there aren’t pressure points.  This is especially important for someone who might deal with bunions or a wide forefront. The heel counter hugs the heel, so while the toe box is roomy, there isn’t any heel slippage.

me altra escalante shoe review


As described above, something important to note, if you have never tried Altra before they are a “zero drop” shoe.

 What does this mean?

The forefront and heel are at the same height.  If you currently run in a higher stacked or higher drop shoe, your calves might be more sore as you integrate a flatter shoe into your rotation.  To prevent injury, you should slowly work the shoe into your rotation versus starting to run in it every day.

I’ve run in a few Altra shoes including the Altra Paradigm 1.5. I prefer more cushion and don’t have a need for a trail shoe.

The Altra Escalante is the most minimal design I have chosen and I’ve used for several runs from workouts too easy runs.  When I ran my first tempo run, I felt the ground, less ground than a racing flat but more than a high cushioned shoe.  I liked how responsive it was.  

When I ran a few easy runs, I could the softness and cushion that Altra has integrated into their shoes.   In total I’ve run between 50-75 miles in the shoe and haven’t had any issues. I’ve never run in it back to back days but don’t typically do that with any of my shoes.

While all of my runs were successful in the shoe, personally I love the feeling of running tempos in the shoe. I feel like I’m giving my body more cushion than a racing flat but getting my turnover up with a flatter shoe.


So far I’ve liked using the Escalante for workouts and as a “faster” paced shoe.  I might experiment with it as a half marathon shoe but for now, it will be my staple workout shoe.

Thank you Altra for sending me the Escalante as well as the Runners World Festival for bringing me back as a blogger.  While I was given this shoe, I wasn’t paid for the review and all opinions are my own.

My running rotation:
Brooks Ghost 10
Brooks Glycerin 15
Hoka Clifton 4 (Review to Come)
Saucony Type A/Endorphin (racing)

Questions for you:
Have you tried Altra before?
Do you prefer more or less cushion in your shoes?

Cherry Hill Book It 5k (18:59.8)

Last weekend, where there were several local 5ks I contemplated doing. With my work schedule, the Cherry Hill Library Book It 5k seemed to be the best choice.  Plus, I use the Cherry Hill library, so it made even better.  The night before, one of my friends posted a photo of the bib which was just numbers (no ads, no anything, just big bold numbers) and that sealed the deal.

I got to the race around 7:30, warmed up and by the time I knew it, it was time to start.  The race began in an open field, similar to a cross-country race.  I wasn’t quite expecting that.  At the end of the field, I noticed there were a bunch of geese.

cherry hill book it 5kAnyone that knows me knows I’m petrified of geese, so I wasn’t excited for that.  Secretly, I hoped the young kids would scare them away beforehand.

cherry hill book it 5k

We were off.  As we approached the end of the field, the faster runners cleared them away, and I was left with a nice clear path onto the cement.  I would add at least a tenth of a mile with no shame to avoid geese.

By the first half of a mile, I found myself in fourth overall.  My body didn’t feel great (why would, I just raced a half marathon the week before).  I hit the first mile in 6:17 and found myself as the third person, about 15 seconds behind two young kids.

It felt as though I was slowly catching them, but it’s always hard to tell when you’re running.  The course went through a series of turns, bends, and forks, but the policeman cyclist kept us going in the right direction. During the second mile, I passed both and began leading the race.  That’s always a good feeling.  I hit the second mile in 6:07. cherry hill book it 5k

The third mile was a blur.  I was running by myself, just trying to power to the finish line.  I could feel some acid from the previous week, and I didn’t feel the greatest.  I just wanted to get the race done, and it felt like it wasn’t getting any closer.  We headed back towards the library and finished back onto the geeseless, open field (I’m not complaining).  I crossed as the first place person in 18:59.8.

cherry hill book it 5k

A nice .2 buffer right under 19.  As someone who has lost a couple of swim races by .1 (including a mile), those .2 seconds felt spectacular.

So now my progression is:
8/20 Run the Runway 5k (20:54)
8/27 Philadelphia Airport 5k (19:45)
9/10 Flying Fish 5k (19:17)
9/23 Cherry Hill Book It 5k (18:59.8)

I know, of course, soon I will break the streak of continuing to progress smoothly in the 5k as nothing is linear but for today I’m happy with my progress as I continue to build back fitness.

Questions for you:
Are there any animals you’re terrified of?
For me, it’s both geese and turkeys.
Do you work on weekends?

me running
Workouts: 5ks and Tempos

Training last week continued to progress well.  I recovered moderately well from the Air Force Half and was able to get in both a race and a workout over the weekend.

My next bigger race is the Runners World Festival 5k and 13.1.  While I could add the 10k and complete the hat trick, I’m too injury prone for that to be a smart idea.  The 5k and 13.1 has worked well in previous years, so like running shoes if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 30 minutes/core
Wednesday: Easy 45 minutes/core
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: 5k (18:59.8) Total miles: 8
Sunday: 6.5 mile tempo (average 7:03 pace) total miles: 14/core

Total: 43-45


My easy runs were just that, easy and recovery.  I don’t have anything to note about them, but boring isn’t a bad thing.

Saturday: Cherry Hill Book It 5k (18:59.8)

There were several 5ks in the area but to be honest, I didn’t make a decision to do any of them until Friday.  I ran by myself for the week, so I was kind of getting tired of it.  I knew I was going to run before work anyway and thought a hard effort would be good.  Plus, I use the Cherry Hill Library periodically (get it…).  I ended up taking over the lead around halfway and never looking back.  I’m happy with how the race went, I didn’t feel loose or fresh but I shouldn’t a week after my long run either.

Sunday: 2 mile warmup/6.5 mile tempo (7:03 average)/5.5 cool down

As I mentioned on Instagram, my next big race is the Runners World Festival where I’ll run the 5k and 13.1.  I’ll do a few 5ks before, but I’ll taper down for the Festival.  That being said, I need to train my body to race back to back days.  Last year around this time, I trained similarly, and it was when I felt the fittest.  7:03 is far from where I would like to be, but the first workout is always humbling.

Week 1: 31-33 miles
Week 2: 33-35 miles
Week 3: 33-35 miles (1 workout)
Week 4: 35-37 miles (1 workout)
Week 5: 29-31 miles
Week 6: 45 miles (1 workout)
Week 7: 40 miles (13.1 miles workout)
Week 8: 43-45 miles (2 workouts: 1 race/1 tempo)

I’m happy with my progression, I do believe it’s going well.  

Posts from the Week:
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Questions for you:
Have you run multiple races in a weekend? 
When I’m fit, I seem to have some of my best races while doing 2 races in a weekend and running easy the rest of the week.  I’m not there just yet.
What was your best workout last week?

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