June Running Recap: 80 Miles

June has come and gone already. This month got unexpectedly busy. I wasn’t expecting to get as busy as I did in June, but life happens!  With a husband in the military, sometimes you have no idea what to expect and everything changes within the blink of an eye.

Back to Running:

Miles Run: 80
Alter G Miles Run (included in total): 20
Range of Pace: 6:07-11:20-untimed
Westside 5k (21:00)
HT 3.9 Miler (26:17)
Strength Classes: 5
Core Classes: 6
This month brought change from not running, to running, then finally deciding training for anything wasn’t going to be an option.

When I actually ran, it felt decent.  As I mentioned a week ago, I didn’t feel great but I also wasn’t injured.  It’s been an interesting come back from basically nothing. When I’ve come back from an injury, I’ve had some sort of limitation.  Whatever body part I damaged, dictates how training will go.  Just starting to run again after a burnout, you don’t really have that.  You just slowly ease back into it.  I wasn’t the best at easing back last month and just dove in headfirst.  Luckily got injured before I had to dial back training regardless.

Towards the middle of the month, I found out I was needed during my personal running time for the next month (from 6-9:30 am).  Typically I run in the morning before working at the running store, however, now that time frame is blocked off for me.  On days I’m busy in the morning and then work from at the running store from 10-7 pm, running won’t happen.  I don’t want to exhaust myself squeezing in training when I wasn’t in any sort of shape or training for anything.

This schedule should only hold until early to mid-August. In short until then, I’ll run when I can but you won’t see huge miles from me.  A lot of running will be done on the Alter G treadmill or shorter miles outside when I can squeeze them in.

On a life note, July is one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the warmth so I’m looking forward to a fun month!  I would rather spend the month hiking and enjoying the outdoors when I can!

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Questions for you:
How do you squeeze in runs during a busy day?
How was your month of June?

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  1. Sounds like quite a busy month!
    We both work full time and chose to run as soon as we get home – if you give yourself a chance to sit down it makes it so much harder to get back up again!
    It’s definitely not worth exhausting yourself on your busy days 🙂

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

  2. If I don’t have time in the morning to run before work or classes, I usually try to run as soon as I get home. That way, I don’t have a chance to relax and talk myself out of running!

  3. June was a busy month for me as well and I’m also adjusting to a new schedule. I now go to an internship 3x a week(until the end of November), which is an adjustment after being out of the “work force” for so long, but I’m happy about this change! Luckily I never start before noon so my morning runs have not had to change, but I am a little tired after busier days so I just adjust my paces.

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