Training: Alter G and Short Runs

As far as staying busy, my personal last week definitely picked up.  I was able to get a few sporadic running miles in but I didn’t do anything crazy. Like I mentioned last week, the rest of July and part of August will be busy.  I have ultimately decided to spend more time on the antigravity treadmill and run when I can.  As someone who is so injury prone, training, and running sporadically would probably create an injury.  Plus, I don’t care to run in the middle of the day outside.

It’s weird to be a fitness and running blogger, but not train for anything.  Ultimately, I have to do what is best for me, not what is most interesting. I’ll probably be able to consistently run again in the fall and then look for a goal race after that.  I’ll still workout, but nothing aggressive training wise.

For the next few weeks, I plan to cross train, run easy, or on the treadmill. Between the Alter G and a normal treadmill, I believe the Alter-G is a better fit for me so I don’t overstress my feet (my feet are extremely injury prone based on my form).  Here is a video of operating it, but I’ll have a full post later in the week…

Running inconsistently has created half of my injuries so I would prefer not to go that route. Instead, I will wait until the time is right to train for anything serious.  It’s not a huge deal and my body could use most rest.  I personally believe runners make too much of a deal of not training for anything or resting.  The world moves on…it’s just running.  But that is just my two cents.


Monday: 30 minutes running outside
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 60 minutes AlterG with 60% body weight
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 30 minutes running outside
Saturday: 60 minutes running outside
Sunday 1 hour strength class

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What are your plans for the Fourth of July?
Are you training for anything?