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Recently a reader sent an email and asked if I could put together a list of articles I’ve written recently about running shoes and training.  Thinking out loud, none of the articles are “new”, but it makes a lot of sense to have them all compiled into one spot.

Instead of doing a Running Store post this week, I thought I would get all of the posts together in one spot.  As always, if you have a question about shoes, the running store, or anything else feel free to ask.  I’m not an expert or professional but I do like running and working in a running store.

Recent Shoe Reviews:

Adidas Energy Boost
Adidas Supernova

Asics Nimbus 19

Brooks Ghost 9
Brooks Glycerin 14
Brooks Launch 4

Hoka Clifton 3
Hoka Bondi 5 

New Balance Zante

Saucony Freedom ISO
Saucony Zealot ISO 2

Important Shoe Related Topics:

There is no Perfect Running Shoe

Running Shoe Reviews Are (Mostly) Worthless

Running Shoe Specific Topics:

Five Secrets about Buying Running Shoes
How Alternating Shoes Can Benefit Your Running
Should You Wear Running Shoes Outside of Running?
Should You Race in Racing Flats?
How to Transition into Minimalist Running Shoes

Training Posts:

Are Losing Toenails a Runners Rite of Passage?
How to Prepare for Running in the Heat: 
Why 5ks are the Best
How to Race Well
How to Race in Unfavorable Conditions
How to Run in the Heat

Running and Nutrition:

Protein and Running


Thoughts While Working in a Running Store

There you have it!  As always if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.  I’ve gotten a couple questions regarding nutrition (something I’m still trying to figure out) as well as fun things to do outside of running that I’ll be chatting about soon too!

Questions for you:

What is a fun fact about your job?

What is one thing you enjoy about the sport of running?


5 thoughts on “Running Related Posts”

  1. Love this link round up! Random fact about my job: I spend a surprising amount of time in the NICU. What I love about running: getting to zone out and now focus on anything else

  2. Always a big fan of anything Brooks makes. Their Transcend shoe for guys really helped me with my shin splints. The support is amazing. I bought two pairs of them when I trained for the Philly Marathon in 2015. Great roundup!

  3. Hmmmm. Fun fact about my job…. sometimes its fun to feel like I have a little bit of authority (even if that’s not really true… but the students think it is!). Favorite part about running – the community! As a slower runner, I was always afraid I wouldn’t fit in or all the race courses would be cleaned up by the time I finished. While I often end up running alone or semi-alone in small races, there are usually still people cheering at the finish, and I’ve never felt like an outcast within the community itself.

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