2017 Race Goals
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2017 Goals

Now that I’ve finally gotten settled in Alabama, I thought it’s a good time to write out my 2017 goals.  Thinking out loud, it’s better late then never to write down yearly goals

I recapped 2016 here and despite an injury, I PRed in almost every distance.  However, most of those PRs were in the first two months of the year so my PRs are almost a year old. 

So What are My Plans for 2017?

Right now, I don’t have any spring marathon plans.  After running a 20 miler last fall, I realized my body and mind were not ready for marathon training.  I have not completely ruled out a marathon again for the fall but I’ll revisit that topic in 6 months. To be realistic, my chances of running a marathon in 2017 are probably slim too.

My major goal race this year is: April Fools Half Marathon:

It’s not far from home and I enjoy the race.  (I ran it in 2014 and 2016…I would have run it in 2015 but I got married that weekend).  While it’s one of the smaller races I plan to run this year, I like the timing, the atmosphere and the race is well put together. I have nothing but positive things to say about the race which is why I chose it for my Spring Goal Race.

Last year at the April Fools Half in the 50 MPH wind
Last year at the April Fools Half in the 50 MPH wind

But If you follow this blog then you know I love racing.  One race per 6 months doesn’t cut it for me.  The rest of the races will be tuneups.  I will still run hard but I won’t taper for them.  Maybe by some miracle, I’ll PR but honestly probably not.  I like running races for the social aspect and because I enjoy racing versus doing workouts. I don’t run 10,000 races per year expecting to PR…I run 10,000 races a year (or about 40), for the sense of community, atmosphere and seeing friends. Plus, I can. It’s something both my husband and I enjoy doing.

Is running a bunch of races more expensive than doing a workout at home? 

Of course! For me, the experiences outweigh the cost and it’s something I’m willing to pay.  Running is a hobby and racing is something I enjoy.  I like the atmosphere, seeing other runners achieve their goals and being surrounded by people enjoying the same hobby.  We choose to spend money on things we enjoy.  My husband and I both enjoy running and that is one thing we spend money on.

Some races will be done on tired legs or with the intention to do a tempo. 

Some will be raced at “how I feel” on untapered legs. 

There will be more local races added to the schedule but for now this is what we’ve come up:

Tune Up Races:

2/4 Double Bridges 15k (Pensacola)

2/12 Mercedes Half Marathon (Birmingham)

The race falls two months after the Dallas half marathon and will be a good way to feel out how my legs are doing and responding to my coach and new work outs.  It will be a key race to determine the next phase of training for Atlantic City.

3/16 Shamrock Half Marathon (Virginia Beach): Most likely, I will not run as hard as possible but it’s one of my all time favorite races so every year I’m healthy…my runderwear toe the line.

4/1 Phillies 5k (Philadephia)

5/1 Broad Street 10 Miler (Philadelphia)

Of course I’ll hop into local 5ks to support schools and local causes.  I like running local 5ks and it’s about getting out there and being part of a community.  Many people I see at those races are people I’ve helped with shoes, athletes that have come into the store or causes that are important to me.

Those are the major races I have for the next few months.

Questions for you:

Which races are you doing this year?

What is one of your 2017 goals? 

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  1. Which races are you doing this year? I don’t love to race a lot but right now I have the Parade Day Mile in March, Seneca 7 in April and the After the leaves half fallen half in November. I’m sure I’ll fill in here and there.

    What is one of your 2017 goals? To win the Seneca 7 again in 2017…

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Woot for race goals!

    I need to get off the bench (injured) before I can totally commit to any race goals for the year, but I’m definitely in for BolderBoulder.

  3. I love your goals and think it’s totally fine to focus on one big race but run a lot as tune-ups or workouts. I do the same thing, and yes, it can be a pricey hobby but it’s really about the only thing I spend money on because I don’t go out for happy hour, rarely go to lunch, and working from home I don’t need fancy clothes for my job. I have heard really good things about that Mercedes Half Marathon, my friend Shawanna ran it and my friend David did too. She is a sub-elite and he is a 2 hour marathoner but they both enjoyed it, so I think it’s a great “everyone” race ;). Good that the others are ones you’re familiar with and know that you’ll like and can hopefully run a good time!

  4. I think you’ll really enjoy the Mercedes Half Marathon! I had a great time at that race when I did it in 2012. I am actually doing a lot more racing this spring, but mostly incorporating them as part of my long runs. It can add up, but for the smaller races, they really aren’t too expensive (about $25 or $30 for a local 10-Miler) and I like the camaraderie. If it’s something you guys enjoy doing together, then go for it!

  5. It’s been fun and motivating to follow your running journey these past couple years! You’ve always given such great insight and helped me a lot.

    What races will I be doing this year? No clue! Need to get another month of training/ ED recovery in before I decide. Might jump into a local 5k for a test 🙂

    What is a 2017 goal for me? Well I’ve had the same one for about a decade, which is to achieve true recovery and be healthy. I do have a good feeling about this year and I’m excited to find out where my running can go once I’ve sustained recovery and gotten healthier! Finding out my true potential is what is motivating me, I know in my heart and mind that my best races have yet to be run. I need true long term recovery in order to discover my possibilities in running and life in general.

  6. I like your goals and how have them set.also good luck at your new place ..
    My goals are to get back on to running shape and keep my knees healthy..I don’t think I’ll be as good as I was in 2015. Is like to do a few more half marathon this year,not to prs,but to enjoy the atmospheres with all the other runners. As for 5ks jump into a few local ones. I love seeing all my friends out there at 5k they are great to run or to use as tempo run..the LOVE RUN HALF IS MY FAVORITE AND PLAN ON RUNNING that again this year.
    Good luck hollie this season.. Happy running.

  7. I’m doing shamrock too! (Now that we’ve moved to VA Beach it’s a must). 🙂 I’m pretty excited, a month and a half postpartum I’m already running in the 7-8 min zone, so hopefully this year will bring a huge marathon PR at Mountains to beach!

  8. looks like you’re doing a bunch of longer races this year (i know you’re a 5K addict!). wishing you a healthy training!

  9. Great goals! I totally agree with you that it’s worth the money to have a race experience. Sure, you could still run at home, but is it as fun? You can watch movies on your home TV for cheaper than going to the movie theater. But it’s not as fun. Anyway, I think it’s awesome that you have your spring planned out and I’m excited to follow along.

  10. Yay for goals! Good luck!

    I’m planning a very busy 2017! I’ve got Philly LOVE Run, Rutgers Unite Half, Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half, (probably) Ladies First Half in Brooklyn, and Grandma’s Marathon in the Spring. Plus Newport 10k and probably another 10k. Grandma’s and Unite are probably going to be my goal races.

    In the fall, I’ll have Newport Half and Chicago Marathon. Probably something else too. Gotta see how NYC lottery goes.

    Overall goals are a new half PR, mostly. I’d also like to run a sub 3:25 marathon, but this year is more about just running races and having fun more than PRs, I think.

  11. Now that you’re in the south, you may want to think about the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on 7/4. It’s the largest 10K in the nation, a great course, and a great way to celebrate the day! Entry is by lottery though, so you may want to get in early.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation Emily! Peachtree has always been on my bucket list, but I’ll be back to New Jersey by that time 🙂

  12. The Broad Street 10 Miler is on my bucket list! Hopefully, you get more favorable weather than last year. I’m still solidifying my race schedule, and like you, I intend to hop in to a few local races–5- and 10-Ks mostly–with the goal of executing a solid workout, seeing friends, and having fun. Most likely, I won’t target and taper for a road race until after the triathlon season is over. Excited to follow your adventures this year!

  13. Nothing wrong with running a bunch of races… they are a lot more fun than doing workouts (plus the added perks). We have so many free races here in Albany (Winter Series, club races, summer track meets, cross country meets, etc) that it’s not expensive at all if you’re strategic.

    One of my goals for 2017 is to run under 17 minutes again for the 5k, which is a little scary. I also want to do at least 5 minutes of stretching/rolling/yoga every day. We’ll see how that goes.

    Excited to see you at Shamrock Hollie!

  14. Racing gets expensive. You’re lucky to have a husband who gets it and enjoys them with you! Mine, not so much so I pick and choose a few small races with one big one. I’d like to run Virginia Beach half in Sept again and try to run a 1:30 and I’d like to run a 19:30 5k this year. 🙂 But, mostly I’m focused on building my business and increasing strength. Last year’s marathons killed my muscle definition and strength.

  15. I love racing but only commit to a few a year… I’m doing the United NYC Half marathon in March, a half marathon in Buffalo in May and I’m hoping for a fall marathon. I entered the lotto for the NYC marathon! I want to break 1:50 in the half and run another marathon faster than my first 4:30)

    And I wouldn’t mind setting a new 5k PR, current one is 23:30. You’re inspiring – love following all your upcoming races!

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