Hiring Mckirdy Trained

For my family and friends close to me, it hasn’t been a secret I haven’t been feeling well.  Outside of running, the last two months have been filled with highs and lows, ups and downs.  Right now, I don’t know what’s causing my issues.  I have a hunch my body is rebelling against the self-created stress but to rule anything more serious,  I’ve opted to schedule another Inside Tracker to make sure my blood work is at least healthy.

Now is also the perfect time also to tell you, I’ve hired a coach (Mckirdy Trained).  Hiring, meaning: I am paying full price.  I didn’t want a coach I wasn’t paying because honestly, I would find myself not listening, paying attention or putting little effort into following the plan.  Why waste either of our time that way?

I also didn’t want a coach I felt obligated to blast on social media because they were coaching me in exchange for social media promotion. James Mckirdy, the founder of Mckirdy Trained, met those criteria.

I wanted someone with credentials and already built success but also someone that matched my personality type well. After talking to a few coaches, I began talking to James Mckirdy, founder of Mckirdy Trained.

Competing in both swimming and cross country for college (you can read my entire story here), I’ve had every sort of coach you can imagine.  From the ones screaming and checking up on you every single minute to more casual who trust you will follow what they give you.  I tend to do better with someone who trusts me (not that I can hide running on a running blog…).

In the past, I’ve talked to multiple coaches that I don’t connect with, or I can tell I’m going to be miserable.  So since my college coach, I’ve been training alone.  While not linear, I’ve improved to an 18:13 5k or 1:22.57 half marathon, but I’ve also had my fair share of injuries and burnouts too.

Working at the running store as well as being a supportive military wife, my schedule can be chaotic with sudden changes.  I also thrive on racing and enjoy seeing my friends or leading group runs from work.  I’m not a professional runner and running isn’t my job.  It’s my hobby.  I want to better myself, but I don’t want to sacrifice my personal happiness. Mckirdy Trained understood that and understands that my life needs to be flexible.

After the Base Half Marathon, in October (Yes, I know that was almost 8 weeks ago), I began talking to James Mckirdy at Mckirdy Trained.  It’s hard not to notice when one of your good friends (Heather) drops over 20 minutes in her full marathon right into a BQ.  Of course, Mckirdy Trained has numerous other success stories too.

There are several different great coaches coach under Mckirdy Trained, but James himself is coaching me.  With such a wide range, you can find someone under Mckirdy Trained to reach your goal, no matter what that is.

So why am I writing this post about being coached by Mckirdy Trained 8 weeks later?

I had thought about saying 8 weeks ago right off the bat, by the way, I hired a coach, but honestly, I couldn’t type out anything that sounded halfway normal.  As I drafted more and more incoherent posts, I ultimately put talking about Mckirdy Trained on the backburner.  While hiring a coach is a bigger deal on a running blog, it isn’t a life or death decision.

As October turned into November, my body started not feeling the greatest (which had nothing to do with coaching).  So at the time saying: I hired Mckirdy Trained, but now I feel like $hit, didn’t do anyone any favors either.

So here I am almost 2 months later, telling you why my training has drastically changed.  I’m running fewer miles more frequently.  I’m also doing more workouts. I can feel myself getting faster and I’ve run my fastest races post-injury (Medford Lakes Turkey Trot 5k 18:30) and (Dallas Half Marathon 1:23.44).

I haven’t PRed yet from running under Mckirdy Trained, but that takes time. Right now, I need to figure out the final piece of what is going on with my body.  Last Sunday I ran the Dallas Half Marathon in 1:23.44.  It’s my third fastest half marathon, but my body felt like garbage.  Both times I ran faster half marathons, I felt on top of the world and like I could go on forever.

ETA: Since this post, Mckirdy Trained and I have parted ways. Throughout 2017, my life got busy and I couldn’t follow an exact training plan McKirdy Trained would set.  I never PRed with Mckirdy Trained but did have several good races including the double Bridge Run.

Question for you: Do you have a coach?  Have you been coached by Mckirdy Trained?