I Don’t Hate the Treadmill

After careful thinking about a title, I realized honesty is the best policy, and truth be told: I don’t hate the treadmill and think calling it a “dreadmill” is silly and counterproductive.

I’ve spent plenty of winters training almost exclusively on the treadmill.  Before you say: “just get out there and run outside,” I’ll also let you know that I’ve slipped on ice and broken my arm just “running outside.”

I don't hate the treadmill dreadmill

While New Jersey is a lot easier to run outdoors year-round, some places such as Upstate New York are not.  Some winters are -30 outside, and you’re so bundled up you can’t get more than a speed waddle outside.  You get a much more quality workout by running on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill; you’re going to miss out on quality training.

I love running, but I’m not going to run outside only to be miserable or be unsafe while doing so.

In fact, I don’t hate the treadmill.  I’m able to put in a certain pace, zone out, and go.  There was a significant ice storm the night before my last twenty miler before Phoenix.  It was either run 20 miles on a treadmill or miss the run.  I watched 3 hours of Say Yes to the Dress, and it wasn’t bad.

In fact, there are several professional and high-level athletes that “don’t hate the treadmill.” Due to location and weather, they do almost all of their training on one. If a professional runner doesn’t hate the treadmill and, in fact, might like it, I think we can all learn from that.

But if you hate the treadmill, how do you run on one?

First, change your mindset about the treadmill (IE stop calling it the dreadmill). 

If you call it the “dreadmill,” of course, you are going to hate the treadmill. I should take this mentality with shopping and call it dreading…maybe I wouldn’t like that too.

Hop on the Treadmill for 15 Minutes:

After 15 minutes, if you still hate the treadmill, get off. It’s still a longer running workout than you would have gotten. If you don’t hate the treadmill, keep going.

Do a Workout You Couldn’t Normally Do on the Treadmill:

Another way not to hate the treadmill is do a different workout. Is your area hilly?  Use the treadmill to get a flat run.  Or use the treadmill to run a more hilly run.  You can get a run that you aren’t ordinarily able to.  Even a high-intensity workout is good.

Just run something that you normally cannot. You are challenging your body in new ways and finding a love for the treadmill. You might still hate the treadmill, but at least you got a new workout in. Plus usually, new things go by faster too.

Find a Friend and Run Side by Side on the Treadmill:

Most runners aren’t at the same pace.  With a treadmill, you can both run at your respected pace but still run together.  Bonus points, you can hate the treadmill together! When it’s safe, it’s a great tool to catch up with friends.

Netflix and Run on the Treadmill:

I won’t tell you how many TV shows or series I’ve binge-watched while running.  You can catch up on TV, the news, or whatever and still get a run.  It’s a lot harder to do that outside.


The treadmill isn’t a bad training device.  Sadly, it does get a bad rep. The first step to stopping hating the treadmill is changing your mindset and not calling it the dreadmill.

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Questions for you:

Do you run on the treadmill?

What is your favorite treadmill workout?