Random Thoughts…

I had a different post for today and then I got sick and didn’t write it. Oh well, I guess…

So it’s a completely random, thinking out loud post.

On Monday around 6:30 pm, I felt extremely fatigued and tired.  The fatigue came on within 30 minutes and by 7:30, I found myself laying in bed.  I slept through the night until 5:30 am on Tuesday.  I thought I would sleep away my migraine. However, that wasn’t the case, and I felt worse on Tuesday.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I slept for a total of 30 hours.  Today, Thursday, I am feeling better but not great.  No I haven’t run, and I’m okay with that…I’ve pretty much sat on my bed or slept for the last two days.

For obvious reasons, this week I haven’t been running at all, and I’m okay with it.  I planned to take a short break this summer, and it happened to be sooner versus later.  There is no shame in that.

Speaking of running, what are my plans this Summer and Fall?

I’m currently tossing around different ideas of half marathons in the Fall.  I had thought about committing to a full marathon this fall, but I’m not entirely sure I want too.  I’m happy where I currently am and don’t have any complaints.  Half marathons seem to be my “sweet spot” right now. I have plenty of years to try a marathon again…if I even want too…

This summer, I’ll be running local races.  The only major race I’ll be doing is the Boilermaker 15k in Utica on July 10th.  Knock on wood of course, because everytime I sign up for the Boilermaker I get injured.  There are a lot of local 5-10ks around here this summer so I’ll be running those.  Do I think the hot and humid summer will bring PRs?  No, probably not but I’ll enjoy getting out there and racing.

So what else have I been up too in the last two weeks?

As most people have figured out, my Instagram and Twitter have been more of my daily life updates.  Blogging about life is pretty boring for the most part…go for a run…go to work…go to a diner…something along the lines.  One line social media posts are a bit easier for that.

lauren and I

I went to a wedding last weekend down in Maryland.  Despite the rain, the Bride and Groom had a beautiful day. I didn’t let the rain affect my attitude either.

me umbrella rainy day

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13 responses

  1. I love that purple dress! So cute! Sorry you’re sick. Sometimes it’s good when our bodies force us to slow down and rest. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  2. Love your dress – the purple! where is that from? Maryland is beautiful..i have been there to visit my friend!

  3. Glad you and Lauren got to hang out! So sorry you haven’t been feeling well. That is not fun at all and migraines are the absolute worst. Hopefully you’ll be back to normal today or tomorrow.

  4. Love the ‘tude! And I’d love it if autocorrect stopped changing “tude” to “dude”. Bugger. And I hope that you feel better soon. I still remember being down and out for a few days a little while back, and it goes without saying to say that it sucks…

  5. love the dress! And i’m feeling the same way with choosing races– 1) the spartan and recent half + vacation made my training take a backseat. I was planning on the summer break from running, just happened sooner than I thought. Oh well! Roll with it. 2) i want to race this summer, not for PRs –stupid humid DC, but to practice racing and to do shorter distances which are out of my comfort zone. 3) i’m dancing with the idea of a marathon for fall–but like you, the half is a sweet spot and i’m learning how to “race” them and i don’t know if I want to ride the half train, or shoot for the stars with a marathon. so many first world problems lol.

  6. Woohoo for the Boilermaker! That is such a fun race. My Dad has run it every year for the past however many years. 🙂 I’d love to do it again, but I usually have a tri that weekend.

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