Training: Track Miles, XC Races and 78 Miles

Last week, I did a lot of unique training that I don’t normally do.  I raced on the track, ran a cross country style race and even did my long run on the trail (side note: I don’t normally even do 2 hour long runs!).  Since I’m not actively training for anything now, I’m enjoying doing other things with no major focus.

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: 6.5 Tempo Run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: AM: 11 Mile Easy Run
PM: 1 Mile Race (5:40)
Saturday: Cross Country 5k (19:20)
Sunday: Trail Run 13.6 mile run
 Total:  78 miles


My easy runs were just that, easy.  I don’t have any complaints, and they were all uneventful.

Workout Wednesday: 6.5-mile tempo run (6:42 pace)

On Tuesday I received ART, so I knew I would be sore.  My goal was to run the tempo faster than the week after Broad Street and I did.  While it’s not my fastest tempo, I’m pleased with how it went.

Friday Mile: 5:40

Long story short, I didn’t know I would run this until later in the day. If I did, I wouldn’t have run 11 miles that morning.  After running and then working, my coworker asked if I wanted to race a mile with her.  I thought: “why not”?  5:40 isn’t my fastest time but after my week of training, plus running earlier, I’m happy with that time.

road mile running

Cross Country 5k: 19:20

The next morning, I ran a 5k with my husband.  I was operating on minimal sleep. Once again, I had no time goal for the race.  I could feel the effect of the mile, and I was both sore and tired.  There was a section of the course that was an “out and back” on a giant muddy field.   It reminded me of collegiate cross country running. I could have worn spikes and been better off.

I attended a wedding in Frederick that evening.  I was exhausted from racing and lack of sleep as well as driving.  We stayed the night in Chambersburg and ran at Caledonia state park.  Even though it was pouring rain, I had a beautiful run.  Plus, I beat my Fitbit “steps” high score from the elevation change.  138 flights in a single run HAHA.

me running 1 trail

Next week I don’t have a lot of plans.  This month I’m taking my training week by week.  As the summer approaches, I’ll make some training goals, but right now I don’t have a lot.  I’m jumping into races most weekends and just running for the beauty of the sport. 

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Questions for you:
Have you ever run a mile on the track?
What was your best workout last week?


  1. you had so many fun, unique runs this week. you always seem to switch it up and I think that’s awesome!

  2. Oh how I miss cross country!!! I have a deep love for trail runs due to my cross country history, it is very hard to find some 5k’s though. They are always longer distances. Which is still ok but still its different at that point.

  3. That’s an awesome variety you have there: trail, easy, cross country– all in one week! And the one-mile race to boot! That elevation sounds crazy challenging. Kudos to you for a fantastic week of training.

  4. You had a really productive training week with lots of stimuli (I’m feeling smart enough to use that word today, haha). I like that you did some trail running, that definitely works your legs differently than the roads do, and it is neat that you took a chance on the road mile. Most people probably wouldn’t opt for a mile race anyway, much less if they already ran that day. Hope all your races this month go well!

  5. That a good week of running for you, different types of courses from trails to street workout to track.
    Good job.
    How many miles is consider easy runs for you
    .Happy running hollie.

  6. How long are your ‘easy runs’? Your milage is so high for the week, just curious! It looks like they would have been 20+ miles each?! Or is that your monthly total?

  7. That’s funny, I was wondering the same thing as Katie. Please do tell! And how fast/slow do you go on your easy runs?

    1. Thanks Angela,

      I don’t normally time easy runs. I run pretty similar loops that I have mapped out between 6-12 miles. My guess is my pace is between 9-10 min miles for the most part. 🙂

  8. Isn’t trail running fun? The last time I went was when I visited CO in September. It’s a ton of fun, but it’s totally challenging–it works muscles you didn’t know you had!

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