Quick Core Ideas for Runners

My goal for April was to integrate more strength and core into my routine. Also, like many, I want quick core ideas for runners.  I don’t want to spend hours in the gym because I’ve said I’m going to “add more core” plenty of times and not followed through.quick core ideas for runners


It’s a lot easier to run mileage but ask me to do extra stuff like stretching and strength? Forget about it; there isn’t enough time in the day. 

This is what led me to quick core ideas for runners.

We make what we have time for.

I’m not a doctor, coach, or expert, I do my own research, but it doesn’t replace any professional’s advice.  However, I was able to integrate more core and strength into my routine.  It has worked for me, and I do feel stronger.

Did I strengthen daily?  No.

Was I perfect?  No.  

But in the last two months, I did more weight training than I did the previous two years.  So it’s some progress.  Personally, I like activities. I don’t need weight and extra items.  While I have a gym membership, I prefer to do planks and activities that I don’t always have to do at the gym. We know doing core as a runner helps prevent injuries, but why is it so hard?

Quick Core Ideas for Runners:

I try and do strength four times a week.  I spend about 15-20 minutes for each session.  It’s one reason I do like the Nike training club app so much because you can find a workout to meet your needs.

*None of these Apps are paying me to promote them.  If they did, I would use them more.  😉

My Favorite Quick Core Ideas for Runners Apps:

Nike Training Club:

nike traning club app

They have 15-minute focused workouts that target various parts of the body.  It takes the guess work out, and it’s the perfect quick core ideas for runners.  There are different workouts from 5-60 minutes long, and they also include stretching exercises too.  I prefer the 15-minute workouts the most.

I like to use the “Get focused” workouts because they are 15-minute workouts and focus on specific body parts. There are several different workouts, including core for runners, arm and leg exercises, and strength training.

Some workouts utilize medicine balls, where others are all weight-based activities like high planks, side planks, and pushups. Just wait until they say: “holding this position,” and you feel like you might not make it.

Hundred Push-Ups:

hundred push ups

Hundred Push-Ups was created by my friend and remarkable runner, Steve. (Steve excels in every distance, from running a sub-5-minute mile to 135.5 miles in 24 hours…needless to say, he knows his stuff!

After stopping swimming several years back, I lost all of my upper body strength.  I’ve started again at doing pushups to gain that strength back. Having better posture while running (and in life) can help reduce fatigue.  The Hundred Push-Ups is similar to the “couch to 5k program” and takes you several weeks to build.

Fiton App:

fiton app

The Fiton App is new to me, and I learned about it when I had my stress fracture. This is one of the best quick core ideas for runners, and it has more workouts than any other program. Do you want strength? Work on arms? HIIT or Cardio? The Fiton App has it all. It’s currently my favorite quick core ideas for runners workout app.

A few more quick core ideas for runners workouts:
13 Essential Core Exercises for Runners
10 Running Specific Strength Exercises 

So what kind of Weekly Routine am I doing?
As I mentioned, I try and do strength and core every other day.  The Push-Ups program uses a calendar, so I follow that.
I try and do core Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I do feel my core muscles getting stronger.

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Questions for you:

What kind of Core work do you do?

Do you have any more quick core ideas for runners?