Newport 10k (37:59)

For the past few months, I’ve been looking forward to the Newport 10k.  It was an excuse to drive up north, see a few friends and race a competitive 10k.  My 10k PRs are usually from a half marathon or extremely hot race.  It’s rare that I get to run a 10k and even rarer that the 10k is in good conditions.

newport 10k me

Judging by the weather recently, I didn’t think I had to worry about a hot race, but life surprises you. We arrived later than anticipated to the race start, grabbed our bibs and did a quick 2 mile warm up.  I would give preferred 3 miles. However, I would have missed the start.

I lined up several rows back and found myself near Rob.  Rob is a good friend and North Jersey coach.  He’s a great runner with the best beard in NJ.  After the national anthem, the race was off.

During the first mile, I realized I had no idea how to run a 10k.  I felt like I was racing a half marathon except my first mile was a 5:55. I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to hold that, but I thought eh, I’ll race a 5k and then I’ll race another 5k.

During the second mile, I found myself in a pack of men.  None of them were my husband, but one guy was breathing obnoxiously.  I decided to surge because, honestly, it wasn’t pleasant to be running near.  To my surprise, I hit the second mile in 5:54, which was ultimately my fastest mile with a small elevation climb.

My goal of the third mile was to make it halfway.  I knew Danielle was cheering around mile 4. I ran with Rob for a little bit during the third mile.  I didn’t have the energy to talk which was probably a good thing.

I hit the third mile in 6:10 and the 5k point in 18:35.  I felt strong while running and didn’t feel as though I was working that hard.  As you can calculate, my racing probably wasn’t the smartest as I ran the second 5k about a minute slower. 

During the fourth mile, I found myself alone.  I could see my husband ahead, but he didn’t know that.  I saw Danielle and Amelia where I gave a meek smile and wave combination.  Their shout was enough to give my husband a clue; I was approaching.

I hit the fourth mile in 6:11.  I knew I was fading quickly.  During mile 5, I was running stride for stride with my husband.  I told him to go for it, and he did. I hoped he would surge and drop me.

Both miles 5 and 6, got hot fast.  All of a sudden, we were on the boardwalk, and there was no shade. I hit the mile 5 in 5:57 and 5 miles around 30:10.

The last mile went around the boardwalk.  There were a lot of turns and tangents I didn’t run them well.  I got caught towards the outside of multiple turns which ended up adding .06 to my race (maybe 20 seconds or so but who knows…).

newport 20k t and i

The last mile felt like it took forever but that’s because with all of the turns and heat it was my slowest mile of 6:27. I was 12th female overall and 6th in my age group do I’m able to use my chip time of 37:59.  My husband ran a 37:46.

I didn’t feel great running.  It was hot and humid as well as I didn’t nutritionally fuel well this past week.  Technically a 37:59 is a 10k PR for me, but I do believe I’m in better fitness.

Questions for you:
Have you raced a 10k before?
Would you rather a hot and humid race or pouring rain?



  1. Congratulations on a great race! That is an awesome time for the conditions and for not really racing many 10Ks. They are hard to find… seems like everything is a 5K or a half now. Hooray for 12th overall even if it was 6th in the age group, it sounds like this was a big race and that’s a good time and placement.

    I’d rather run in heat and humidity than pouring rain, but both are pretty rough!

  2. I think I would rather have neither haha. but if I had to choose, maybe a hot humid race because I’m very clumsy in slippery conditions.

    awesome work on the race though! sure it didn’t always feel great, but you got it done and still PRed which is an accomplishment. don’t sell yourself short.

  3. DAMN! That is FAST! You are awesome! I think I would have raced it the same way. Just go for it and see what happens. I don’t race 10Ks often enough to know how to pace them, either. You are amazing!

  4. Whoa- you broke 38:00! That is friggin’ amazing. Those paces are blazing fast. I don’t think I knew that your husband ran. I run with my husband and he’s similar in pace to me. He beat me by 8 seconds at our last race, so this post feels familiar to me! To set a PR when it’s warm means that even better things are in store when it cools down. Congrats! Answers: yes I’ve raced 10K, and would much prefer pouring rain if above 40 degrees.

    1. Yeah, if he could train more he would be much faster than I am.

      Oomph, I think after this Spring, I’m done with the rain.

  5. Way to PR, congrats!! There is a 10K often on Roosevelt Island that is a two loop course and I have been trying to teach myself how to run one based on that because you have the literal half way break up. I still feel like I just go out and try to hold on lol. The tangents for the Newport Half course can definitely be tricky though so I feel you on that extra bit when you are ready to be done!

  6. How hot was it?

    I would rather race in hot in humid.. although it’s awful, I feel like I run too upright in downpour conditions. My knee hurt really bad after my race in the downpour, and I can only imagine I was more focused on not falling than running with good form. I feel like with heat you will survive if you hydrate, and you feel more limber.

  7. OMG you are such a badass – running two 5Ks for a 10K takes guts woman!! And, I’m not looking forward to running in the heat – ugh. Nice job when not feeling well and in the heat!

  8. Congrats on your race! I actually have never raced a 10k. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot near me which is weird. Oh man.. humidity vs pouring rain.. I might have to say the rain. I’m such a wimp when it comes to humidity.

  9. Well job you Did at your race ,
    The only 10k race I did was RUN THE BRIDGE,it was my first time last year
    Ran a 42:30
    I’d rather have a light drizzle rain.
    Happy running hollie..

  10. Awesome race! I found myself completely unaware of how to run a 10k (since this was my first) and completely died on the last mile. I feel like in the past I’ve been able to run 5 milers the same way I do 5ks, but the 10k distance felt really different! Guess I’ve got something to work on in the future 🙂

    1. Oh my Lanta!! I had no idea you were going to be there, I wish I had known so we could have met up.

  11. I’m so inspired by how you race the short distances- you go for it from the start!! I haven’t raced a 5k all year until last week and found myself really holding back, afraid of how much it would hurt to push. You’re incredible, Hollie!! Congrats!!

  12. You ran a really speedy 10k, especially in those conditions. I really admire anyone who can race the shorter distances, to me, they are the hardest races. I would much prefer a marathon to a 10k any day. You really push yourself Hollie and I am really impressed with how well you race.

  13. Nice! Isn’t it funny how conditions can change so quickly? Your experience reminds me of the South Beach Triathlon. For the past two years, I’ve been good through mile 3.5; I remember it becoming so hot around that point both times.

  14. Makes me wish I could run that fast! Even if you’re not happy with it, that’s an amazing PR to set for yourself! #fitnessgoals

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