Training: 10ks and Mile Repeats

This week was a strange occurrence of weather. We had pouring rain, decent weather and then a heat wave the rest of the week.  Spring of 2016 is like playing the slot machines, and you don’t want to expect any day.

Broad Street took me longer to recover than anticipated so I didn’t race last weekend.  I didn’t expect to still feel lingering sore legs and fatigue the two weeks later too.

Since I was still recovering and my diet wasn’t the greatest, I was left in a pitiful, “let’s make it through this week then reevaluate” mental space.  It’s yet another boring training log, which I seemed to have logged a lot of lately.

With running, there are highs and lows.  My high points were both my PR at Carlsbad and my PR at the Flower Show 5k.  My low points were and still are boring training logs.  I prefer boring training logs versus injured ones.

I ran easy miles Monday-Wednesday.  There was nothing exciting to report.  My legs felt too tired for any speed, so I took Thursday off.

Running easy and resting on Thursday seemed to work because my run on Friday was the best training run I had all week.

Saturday: Newport 10k: 38:02

My goal for the race was to run a 38:00.  Technically it is a PR for me, but a few things didn’t go as hoped, so I believe I’m in better fitness.  The weather was much hotter, and I didn’t run the tangents well.  In the final mile, I ran 1.06 instead of 1.  That doesn’t seem huge, but it’s a lot of extra distance to add.

newport 10k me

I’m happy with my time, and this 10k PR will have to sit for a while since 10ks are difficult to find. My 10k PRs usually come from a half marathon split or a hot, humid race day.  Saturday was the second, and it was the first run I threw down a lot of sweat.  I know I’m capable of a faster time when I do a race again.

Sunday: 6X1 mile repeats:

I haven’t done mile repeats in about a month and need to get more turnover and power back on my legs.  To be honest, it was hard to get this done after my race on Saturday.

I’ve learned I excel with back to back workouts followed by easy running so I knew I would feel better after the workout.

Splits: 6:36, 6:12, 6:20, 6:09, 6:36, 6:06

mile repeats

It was surprisingly the best mile repeat workout I’ve had in a long time. I’m happy with my effort, especially after the week of training and racing. I felt strong throughout the entire workout.


I finally feel as though I’m running well again after Broad Street.  For the rest of May, I’m hoping to eat a little better (read: stop eating like a college frat kid) as well as train more consistently.

Questions for you:
How was your week of training?
Do you have any healthy and easy to make recipes?