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A couple of weeks ago my husband and I flew down to Cape May.  While walking around in Cape May, we realized we were hungry.  George’s Place has been on my to-do list for a while.  Guy from Food Network recently and loved it.  Spoiler: it’s worth going too.

Atmosphere: B
Georges Place is located on the corner.  To be honest, there is not a lot to indicate the restaurant is there.  In fact, we walked right by twice before realizing it was there.

georges place cape may

Image via Cape May Times

The inside is clean, and there are about ten seats.  I like it because despite being small, you aren’t sitting on top of anyone.  In some diners and restaurants, you feel as though you are dining with ten strangers.

Service: A
The waitress was extremely friendly.  After ordering, I decided I wanted extra pita bread, and she was more than accommodating.

Food: A
Georges Place serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, they close from 3-5.  Their menu is strictly Greek Specialties.  Greek food is one if my favorite choices at a diner so I was excited to try it out.

We chose the “hummos sampler”  It came with four types of hummus.  I’m not typically a hummus fan, but each flavor was delicious.  Since the pita bread was so good, I decided to order more with my meal.

Georges Place Cape May

Georges place specializes in Greek Food, and that’s all they have.  I ordered the lamb chops which came with orzo and a side Greek salad.  The lamb chops were cooked to perfection.  The Orzo was cooked in a thick Greek flavored sauce which was tasty. The side salad was bigger than the size of many entree salads I’ve ordered.  Very few meals have left me as full as this one.

Georges Place Cape May

Georges Place Cape May

Price: $$
For the appetizer and lamb chops, the price was $30. The meal was well worth it, and the quality of food is the best I’ve had for a while. It’s important to note, Georges Place is a cash only restaurant.  There are several ATMS located nearby.

Would I come back/Summary:
Georges Place is one of my top five diners, and I’ll be back next time in Cape May.

Atmosphere: B
Service: A
Coffee: N/A (I know shocking I did not get any)
Food: A
Price: $15-25
Overall: A

Questions for you:
Have you ever been to a restaurant on the food network?
Do you like lamb chops?

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  1. I LOVE Greek food so that’s my kind of place! Feta is one of my top favorite ingredients ever, haha. That place sounds good. Good luck on the race!

    I’ve been to a few celebrity chef restaurants and they’ve all been good!

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