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Hashtag #AlltheShoes

A few weeks ago I took a lot at my training log, more specifically my shoe log.  I track all of my shoes in my personal training log.  I don’t know if Strava or Garmin Connect does either, but I have a feeling they do (I don’t use either).  I just add what shoe I’ve used on my excel  training log.

Looking at At all the shoes

I thought it would be fun to think out loud and look back at my shoes.  Last month I wrote a post about my brand loyalties throughout the years.

Here is the shoe breakdown:

Since 2011 and beginning to run I’ve gone through 62 pairs of shoes:
20 pairs of Newtons
14 Saucony (5 pairs of racing flats)
13 pairs of Nikes (of those 6 were flats, one spikes)
6 Asics
2 altra
2 Brooks
1 Hoka
1 Adidas
1 Innov8
1 New balance (but only 5 miles)
1 Mizuno (only on the alter-G)

Newtons: 2011-2013
I ran in Newtons almost exclusively for the first few years I ran.  While I wasn’t injured because of the shoe, they weren’t the perfect fit either.  When Newtons went exclusively from 4 lugs to 5, I decided the price point wasn’t worth it to me.  I didn’t love the shoe, and I knew I could find a better and cheaper fit.

Back in their hayday...

Saucony: 2014-current
I’ve run in the Saucony ISO Triumph one and two, the zealot, the Kinvara, type A6 and now just type A).  I’ve said many times recently, I liked how light weight but cushioned Saucony is.  I like feeling the ground but knowing I’m not sacrificing cushion.  Right now Saucony is my current brand of choice.

Saucony triumph ISO 2 review feat everrun

Nike: 2010-Current
Nike seems to be the brand I seem to have had one shoe in my rotation throughout running.  My very first running shoe was the Nike Pegasus.  I’ve run in 4 pairs of Nike Pegasus, a pair of Vomero, a pair of “fly knit racers” and several pairs of flats and spikes.

Nike vomero

I’ve run in a couple of Nike waffle racers.  In fact as embarrassing as this is for me to admit, the Nike waffle was the shoe I ran my first marathon in.  I didn’t know much better and would never do that again.  The Nike waffle racer is meant to run cross country races, not a marathon.

Running the NYCM 2013
Running the NYCM 2013 in a waffle (such a poor decision)

Asics: 2014-current
I’ve run in a few models of Asics.  The Asics Quantum, Nimbus and most recently the FuzeX. I like the gel of Asics and being able to feel the cushion underneath my feet.  With certain models of Asics, instep will not work well for my foot.  I have a high arch and instep and do better with the seamless designs.

asics nimbus 1

Altra: 2015
I was given Altra shoes for the Runners World Half in October.  I ran 100 miles in both models but ultimately found I didn’t like the zero drop as much.  I liked more cushion and a firmer shoe.  They are more towards the minimalist route.  They work for a lot of people but not for me.

I did get to learn first hand from the founders of Altra, which is awesome. They are great guys!
I did get to learn first hand from the founders of Altra, which is awesome. They are great guys!

Brooks: 2014
I ran in both the Ghost and Glycerin, but neither were my favorite.  I put about 100 miles on both but decided I preferred other brands.  I’ve tried them on again since, but they haven’t been for me.  At some point, I would like to try the Launch.

Innov8 2012
I tried a pair in college.  There wasn’t enough cushion for me.  It’s actually a miracle I didn’t hurt myself wearing them, and if I knew what I did now, I would have known they weren’t for me.  I ended up using them for a kick around shoe.


Hoka (2014)
After my stress fracture, cushionI needed a shoe with more cushion.  I tried the Hoka Clifton.  I like the max cushioning aspect. However, it’s more of “marshmallow” light and fluffy cushioning.  The shoe was too soft and wore out quickly.  After running through one model of Hoka Clifton, I tried a more dense shoe, the Asics Nimbus.

Hoka Clifton
Awkwardly trying on the Hoka Clifton at Fit blog a couple of years ago

New Balance: 2012
I was fit for a pair of New Balance 880s in college, and they ended up not being for me.  I didn’t like anything about the fit, feel or ride of the shoe.  It was before I knew much about shoes, but I did know I didn’t like them.  There hasn’t been a New Balance model I’ve cared for yet.

Mizuno: 2014
Mizuno running shoes seem to be all of the rage, but there is not enough cushion for me.  They also run narrow.  Since I have a wide foot and prefer cushion, there is no reason for me to run in them.  I received a pair at work and ran on our antigravity alterG in them.  I couldn’t feel my butt and at the time stress fracture, let alone my feet.

Adidas (2016)
Recently I tried the Adidas Energy Boost 3.  I was surprised by how much I liked them.  Ultimately, I do think they are too narrow for me and retired them after 200 miles.

As you can see, I’ve tried most major brands.  I haven’t gone into depth running in Brooks, Mizuno or Hoka.  I don’t experiment with a lot of lightweight and minimalist shoes because I know they aren’t for me.  I prefer a higher cushion shoe, and I stay much healthier running in one.

My plans, for now, are to stay with what is working.  That means for now I’ll stay with the majority of my shoes from Saucony.  I like the cushioning and I like how I run in them.

So what am I currently running in?
Saucony Triumph ISO 2
Kinvara 7 (Review to come)
Saucony Type A (for races)

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Question for you: What is your favorite shoe?


32 thoughts on “Hashtag #AlltheShoes”

  1. I am a fan of Asics Kayano models, although I am not loving their recent design change across the board. I quick ordered 2 pairs of Kayano 21’s to get me through my two upcoming marathons. I have tried quite a few different models and brands. Asics has worked for me for years and after switching it up once and having a debilitating Achilles issue for two months, I decided to stick with what worked.

  2. Saucony is my favorite brand as well- the kinvara 6s are in my rotation and i love them. I’m hoping the 7s are still amazing. I also run in the Triumphs-but honestly they’re not wide enough for my foot and keep giving me blisters. 🙁

  3. I also have wider feet, and I tend to have numbing issues about 5-6 miles into a run if my shoe isn’t wide enough. That said, I DID really like the original Energy Boost, and have run about 100 miles in my Energy Boost ESMs, though something about the fit just felt off to me. I’ve also tried the Ultra Boost (I was seeded a pair of the gray wool ones when I still worked in run specialty) and I loooooooooooooove them. I wish they weren’t so $$!

    1. That’s so interesting about the energy boost. It’s definitely too narrow for me, but it goes to show why there are so many types of shoes.

  4. I’m a Saucony girl as well. I haven’t run in any other brand since I started running in high school. I ran in Omnis for a long time until I realized they were a major cause for my knee problems, then I switched to Kinvaras. Ran in Kinvaras through the K5s and then the addition of the pro-lock made the laces/midfoot too tight and it wasn’t a perfect fit-like-a-glove shoe for me anymore, plus I couldn’t afford to keep replacing them every 300-or-so miles when I ran holes into them. So I upgraded to Ride 8s; they have great cushion (Goldilocks: not too soft, not too hard!) and they last 500-600 miles no problem when rotated with 2-3 other pairs. I really hope they don’t mess with the formula too much for the Ride 9s this fall!!

  5. I’m currently running in Asics Nimbus and loving them. They are the perfect amount of cushioning for me and I can’t complain one bit. I used to run in the Brooks Glycerin, but I hate the new model and can’t get behind it. Shoes are so important though and I know I will get injured if I don’t wear the right pair or wear a pair too long, so I always try to keep them up to date.

  6. I really like the Brooks Launch and the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante. I used to be a Mizuno girl, but they changed their entire lineup in 2014 and I got hurt in a pair of their shoes, so I found another brand (didn’t get hurt because of the shoes, but after I got hurt I never wanted to see those shoes again…). You’ve definitely tried a wide range of shoes.

    I liked your review of the Asics FuzeX. I tried those out at a group run and liked them a lot. Probably the first Asics I’ve tried that I liked!

  7. The Brooks Glycerines were the first running shoe I was fitted with, and I really didn’t love them at all – they just felt too bulky. I’ve heard really good things about the Energy Boosts, and I’d really love to try some Sauconys as well!

  8. I am still rotating through several pairs. Right now, that includes Newton Gravities, Hoka Cliftons and Bondis, and Brooks Pure Flows. I like each of them for different reasons. I have been thinking of trying some Saucony Triumphs, but have not gotten around to buying them. I tried Altras, but was not sold on them. Glad we have such a wide variety of choices available.

    1. I agree Steve, there us truly a shoe for everyone.

      I think based on your current shoe choices, you would probably like the Saucony or altra.

  9. I rotate my Brooks PureFlows and Saucony Rides. I like the higher drop in the Saucony’s for easy days, especially after a tough track session or barefoot run. I tend to stock up on shoes I like since the models change so often and I don’t think I try new things often enough.

  10. This was such a fun read!!!! I love running shoes…what runner doesn’t?! Right now I am LOVING the Brooks Launch and it is so far the only Brooks shoe that I have liked. I tried and really wanted to like the pure flow line, but just did not. I also tried the Ghost and at some point might try that again. I am rotating that with Saucony Kinvara 5 and the Newton Fate. The Newton Fate is new to me and at first I really loved them, but after about 200 miles I am not as sure. I went through a time where the Saucony Ride was my favorite “go to” shoe. I ran in Nike’s from the time I was in High School cross country until I was about 27 :). If you can’t tell…I love running shoes 🙂

  11. I’ve worn several brands but Mizuno does just work for me best. It’s odd because I do have wide feet but I find that they have a narrower heel and wider toe, so they just fit my foot well. Once I find that brand that feels good, I stick with it. In the random year where mizuno shoes went to sh!t (and they fully admit it themselves), I felt like I was floundering and I do believe a lot of my calf issues were a result of not being able to find a shoe that fit me as comfortably. I loved hokas for coming back from injury though.

  12. You know I’m a huge Asics Nimbus fan but didn’t care for the 17s or 18s. I tried on several pairs of shoes and I am LOVING the Saucony Triumphs. I haven’t run too many miles in them yet, but so far, so good. The first thing I said when I tried them on in the store and was running on their treadmill was “these are so light!”

    1. I know a lot of people (myself included) weren’t huge fans if the new nimbus. I do agree and love how light weight but cushioned the Triumph is. It’s my go to shoe!

  13. I’m also a huge Saucony fan–I have the Triumph ISO’s for shorter runs (they give me blisters on long runs), and am also a huge fan of the Ride 7’s–they were my shoes for two half marathons. Right now I’m rotating between Nike Pegasus and the Triumph’s and really like the Nike’s as well. At some point I think I want to try the Kinvara but am a little nervous since it’s a lower drop.

  14. I’ve run in Brooks since I started running, 2 different models since my form has changed a bit over the years. But the latest version of my trusted shoe has changed & hits me in all the wrong places & has a strangely long tongue which rubs my ankle // leg. So, after my next half marathon in a few weeks it will be off to the running store to find a new pair of shoes.

    I refuse to wear, or even try on Asics. I owned a pair of their running shoes just for every day tennis shoe use a few years back & they were busting open from the seams in less than 3 months. Considering I have a 6 year old pair of Brooks I still wear occasionally (though never for running) I just don’t trust a shoe that would only last a few months.

  15. Three years ago I decided to run in Newtons, and while I loved them, I do not have anywhere near a neutral stride, and I think running in them changed how I run and possibly contributed to my injury. I also tried Hoka, but they didn’t have a lot of medial support, so now I’m back in Brooks (GTS and Ravenna) and I’m loving them. Even my physio agrees my stride, while still ugly, is much less ugly in them.

    1. Ange! Their are a few hoka models with as much medial support as the adrenaline or Ravenna. That being said, if you’re having success with Brooks, I would stay with them.

  16. I have a really narrow foot and I owned 11 pairs of Mizuno Wave Rider 17. Loved them but HATE the updated one. Currently I’m in Saucony Ride and its alright. I’m looking forward to the update.

  17. I had too many pairs of the New Balance 763 in high school and college to count. It was a shoe that was discontinued for a while and then newer models weren’t as good so they brought it back. When they finally killed this shoe permanently in 2012 I didn’t know what to do and tried lots of shoes, adidas, mizuno, asics, and several other new balance shoes before switching to altra last August because I had no toenails. Right now I love the Torin the most and it’s the best shoe I’ve had since the NB 763 but I’m still super mad that shoe was discontinued!

    1. I’m glad you found a shoe that helps a bit. New balance has been so frustrating with their shoes. They change things do frequently.

  18. I used to run only in Mizuno (wave creation first, then rider and sayonara) but tried the kinvara a couple years ago and fell in love. I have you to thank for trying the Triumph – I never thought I would enjoy so much cushion but oh my god it is like running on clouds. Next up I want to give the zealot a whirl. But saucony has my heart when it comes to shoes!

  19. Wow you have a lot of shoes,
    I use brooks adrenaline , and purflow, ghost and t7 for 5ks though I have been tempted to try sacouny, they seem like good shoes.
    Happy running hollie..

  20. I LOVED my Asics Gel Kayano shoes until they updated them. I’m currently suffering through shin splints (rookie mistake) and am trying out the Hoka Infinite while I heal. Do you have any shoe recommendations for those prone or suffering with shin splints/ stress fractures.

      1. The Mizuno Wave Riders ❤ I ran in Asics all year (starting running a year ago) but felt they never really got along with my feet. Plus, I found the cushioning didn’t last long.
        The Mizunos feel like slippers on my feet!

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