Weekly Happenings

As I mentioned, Tuesday was my husband and I’s anniversary.  We were lucky he was home and able to spend it together.

We went to a local seafood and steak restaurant called Giumarellos.  It was good food, but it wasn’t my favorite restaurant.  We’ve been to better, but we’ve also been to worse. It wasn’t about the food but celebrating our relationship.  Many people asked if we were going to celebrate at a diner…if only the first year “anniversary gift” was sugar.

Tim and I

Afterwards, we came home to enjoy our year old wedding cake.  To be honest, I have been looking forward to having our wedding cake since we got married last year.

blue velvet wedding cake

blue velvet wedding cake 1

We chose a “blue velvet cake”.  Red velvet cake is my favorite type of cake, but our wedding color was blue, so we had it dyed.  Honestly, it tasted delicious and I liked it as much the second time around.  I ate most, if not all, of the frosting that night.

From our wedding...
From our wedding…

Other than celebrating our anniversary last week, we haven’t been up to a whole heck of a lot.  I have a rare weekend off, and we will be continuing the celebrations.  It’s rare that both of us have the weekend off together.

Hopefully, everyone has a great weekend.  It’s finally supposed to be great weather, so I’m looking forward to that.  Finally, good luck to everyone running Boston on Monday.  It looks like good weather!

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Happenings”

  1. Is it terrible that I can’t even remember how we celebrated our one year anniversary? Ha. I’m sure we went to dinner somewhere. We are actually much better at celebrating it now with trips instead of gifts. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is my favorite!

  2. Love the blue velvet cake! Our cake was surprisingly good after a year in the freezer too. I remember up until my parents moved about 10 years ago, they still had the top section of their wedding cake in the freezer (they’ve been married for 45 years now, so it was seriously old cake)! Have a great weekend and enjoy your time together!!

  3. You’re one of the first people I’ve heard say the cake tastes good a year later, that’s awesome! Enjoy your free weekend 🙂

  4. what a beautiful wedding cake! we also had the top tier of our wedding cake for our 1st anniversary and it was surprisingly delicious. we were dirt poor for our anniversary so we didnt do much i think we went out to dinner and that was it.

  5. I can’t remember what we did either, and it wasn’t even three years ago. I do recall some champagne and Rock got me a clock (paper and time pieces can be for one year I believe). I think the sleep deprivation of having a baby has blocked any recollection of our years of sleeping in and enjoying a late night champagne 😉

  6. The blue velvet cake is neat! I’m heading out to run in a bit, and I’ll swim later today … it’s a big sportz weekend for me. 🙂

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