Training: Hamstrings and Recovery

Training last week did not go as planned but I ended on a good note, so there is some positivity there.

Last Sunday I ran the Shamrock half.  As most people know, it was a slower than anticipated race.  I expected to bounce back quickly and be running well all week.

As you can see from the introduction, that didn’t happen.  In fact, one of my slower races took the longest to recover.  I also had a minor panic when I realized my hamstring was extremely tight and sore.  There was no bruising, so I assumed the muscle wasn’t torn.

On Monday, I felt good.  It was an easy, uneventful run but towards the end, I felt my hamstring tighten up.  When I stretched, I felt the muscle.  I foam rolled on Monday evening, but I woke up and felt the same thing on Tuesday.

I was hoping to come back strong this week and seek revenge on my race.

Strong Wednesday workout…

Strong mileage…

Strong emojis…

None of those happened.

Monday: Easy run VA
Tuesday: AMT cross training
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy Run
Saturday: Phillies 5k (18:27)
Sunday: Workout: 6.55-mile tempo (6:36 average)

The tenderness in my hamstring was enough to make me worried, so I cross trained on Tuesday.  I only felt the issue during running, not walking or cross training.  I was able to book a deep tissue massage to loosen up my muscles on Tuesday too.

Deep tissue massages have cost a significant amount this month (about $200), but they kept me able to run a few races on back to back weekends (such as Shamrock and the Phillies 5k).  If I were injured, I would easily pay $200 in injury-related costs (despite having insurance).

On Wednesday, I skipped a workout and ran easy.  Overzealous me thought because I had an off pace race, I would bounce back quickly and effortlessly into mile repeats on Wednesday.  Haha….Hahahaha….I think I was still hypothermic from Shamrock when I believed that.  My hamstring didn’t feel any worse or better during the run.  It was a good sign that running didn’t aggravate it more.

I took Thursday off and Friday I ran easy.  My hamstring felt better than it had all week but it was still noticeable.

The Phillies 5k will receive its own post.  In summary, despite not being fully recovered I was able to run a fast (for me) time.  I ran two of my fastest miles in the last three years (5:40 and 5:44).  If the third mile hadn’t been straight into the headwind, I could have possibly Pred!  The race itself was motivating to see what I could do on tired legs.  My hamstring didn’t bother me any worse, so that was the major success of the week.

via Phillies facebook
via Phillies

On Sunday I ran a tempo run with my husband.  The first mile was 7:00 but after getting into the groove I ran between 6:30-6:36 the rest of the miles.  I felt good and my hamstring didn’t feel bad.  It was a great confidence booster after the week.  Back to back workouts are tough but they do help fitness. It’s important to adjust the pace appropriately so that you don’t injure yourself.

I haven’t mentioned my husband’s running lately but he has progressed and is significantly faster than I am again.  I’m happy T can continue building his base.

t and I running


Sometimes rest weeks are needed, cutting my mileage way down was definitely something I needed.  I am feeling stronger going into next week.  I’m going to still monitor my hamstring too.

Questions for you:

Are you a baseball fan?

How was your Easter holiday weekend? 


  1. That was a good race you did sat 5k.
    Good up,hway to bounce back from the half MARATHON.
    I too still have a sore hamstring,so I always keep an eye on it. Just be careful with your hamstring.
    Yes I like baseball I’m a big Atlanta braves fan.
    Though I’ll go to a Phillies game when I can.
    Happy running

  2. Easter weekend was good! I have had a hard time bouncing back from my marathon which was at the end of February. I am finally feeling healed and ready to dive in to my next race– but the experience has made me realize once again how much racing takes a toll on you body, regardless of the pace! Great job in the 5k– sounds like you’re feeling better already!

    1. I completely understand about marathoning. It takes me personally over a month to bounce back. I never feel great afterwords. Hope you see more recovery this week 🙂

  3. not a huge baseball fan. every other sport is a go, but I just can’t get into baseball. it’s way too long. but going to a game vs. watching it on tv is a whole different experience and one I tend to enjoy more.

    Easter was great, but I wish the weekend was longer! too much celebrating and not enough time to recover haha!

    Great work pulling through on race day despite the setbacks. You’ll bounce back in no time.

  4. I have had issues off and on with my hamstring and I notice that running faster actually puts less strain on it. Like, I’ll be taking it easy and my hammy is aching with each step but if I pick up the pace, the pain goes away. I think it must have something to do with the changes in biomechanics when we run slow (more upright) vs faster (leaning forward, etc). It’s such a delicate balance though! Injuries are not cool.

  5. That finish line picture is awesome! It sounds like you were super smart last week with your hamstring and that’s great. Can’t wait to read more about the race!

  6. Hope the hamstring problem goes away quickly! I overstretched mine 10 days out from the Philly marathon last year which was a huge bummer. And congrats on a speedy 5k!

  7. I actually don’t like baseball, it’s on the list for sports I hate most, right next to golf :/ However, deep tissue massages are my favorite for warding of injuries. I’m currently having some hamstring issues, I’m glad yours are clearing up! 🙂

  8. I ran a 5K this past weekend. It was only my second ever, so I am interested to see how I feel when I run this week, if my legs are tired or not.

    Not a baseball fan. I feel like there is a lot of down time that something like basketball doesn’t have. Plus, the games seem to drag on forever. I just cannot get into it.

    Easter was a whirlwind, but the weather was great & thanks to some good timing I got to go to two sets of Easter dinners. Leftovers today for the win!

  9. You guys are too cute! I’d LOVE a blog post about running with a partner who typically runs at a different pace. I’d like to run with my husband but he runs like 9min miles right now and I’m still hovering around 10 (don’t laugh, that’s fast for me, haha)

    I’ve been thinking like maybe I can run his last mile with him but make it my first so it’s like a little slower for him but faster for me?? I don’t know! It would be fun to be able to run together but I feel like we’re too far apart to make it work!

  10. So glad your hamstring hasn’t turned out to be an issue! I’m still getting treatment for my hamstrings and while they’re significantly better than they were before, I still wake up in the mornings sometimes and feel achey. Congrats on running such a strong race. Too bad about the wind, a surprise PR would have been awesome!

  11. The EXACT same thing happened to me this week. I had run a 15k Sunday (easy, right?) and totally expected to train hard all last week…nope! I woke up Monday with throbbing pain in my shins and calves and ended up not running at all until Friday.

    Hope your hamstring is feeling better~

  12. You are super speedy from my perspective! I hope your hamstring doesn’t give you any more trouble!

  13. First of all I absolutely LOVE that finishing picture of you! It is seriously THE BEST with the Phillies t-shirt and all! Fantastic finish time and, now that I know you were injured, it’s even more astonishing! I’m glad you did all the right things to keep that hammy happy. Hopefully this week is off to a running start with zero pain 🙂

  14. Take care of yourself! Hopefully it’s nothing but a tight spot, you’re good about knowing when to push and when to rest, so I have no doubt that you’ll do all the right things!

  15. Whew, you had me worried with the hamstring, but it sounds like disappeared. And even though Shamrock wasn’t the normal pace you’d run, there’s something to be said for all that extra time on your feet–it takes its toll. I remember a coach came into our store once and asked for the most cushioned shoes available because he was pacing a client and would be on hit feet a longggg time.

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