Existing in Real Life? Maybe….Maybe…Maybe Not…

I haven’t posted a lot about my life lately because I’ve been boring but also busy.  Between work and volunteering, I haven’t even had a lot of time to meet with friends at diners much.  (You know I must be busy then!)  If I haven’t seen or talked to you in a while, my apologies.  This post is all over the place, so hopefully, it makes some sense.

Typically March and April are the busiest times for work.  Outdoor track is always a busy season, but there are also quite a few road races including the Broad Street 10 miler and NJ Full Marathon.  Even though I’m not always in the store selling shoes in the store, I’ve been busy.

To be honest, I feel like I’ve been in a cave for most of 2016.  Like most people, I blinked, and both January and February went by.  Normally February creeps as slow as possible, but this February felt like it went by quickly.

Now here we are 11 days into March and nearly 11 months after I got married.  I have a whole post dedicated for that, but that must wait until my husband, and I can eat our frozen-year-old wedding cake.

So in this random style post what else can I talk about?

I’ve been cooking a lot. 

It’s unusual

It’s weird

It’s abnormal

…but nothing has burnt down yet, and everything has been (relatively) edible.  It’s also helped both my husband and I eat a lot healthier than we were.  To be honest, both of our diets got out of control.  We were both eating cake, cookies, ice cream, burgers most days.  We both committed to eating healthier during March and April (when a few bigger races are).  We’ve both opted to clean up our diets, cooking more.  So far we both feel a lot better.

Experiment 1: We made our homemade bagels (recipe found here).  It was honestly super easy, just time consuming.  We’ve made the recipe a few times, and they’ve come out well.  We even experimented adding cinnamon/sugar on a few which turned out just as good.

homemade bagels

Experiment 2: Homemade Ice Cream

We purchased an ice cream maker months ago.  We used it a few times but not many, in the last week we’ve made ice cream most nights.  It’s simple and sweet.  I haven’t done a lot of research of more recipes because I’ve been happy with the ones online that came with the ice cream maker.  They are simple, easy and taste good.

homemade ice cream

Experiment three: Not so much an experiment because we’ve made it before but I like squid.  We sautee it with oil and garlic.

grilled squid

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite food?
Has 2016 flown by for you?
What are your plans this weekend?
How many questions can I ask?  #atouchtoomuch


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  1. This bagel recipe looks amazing! I want to try it with gluten free flour because the worst part of finding out I can’t eat gluten is not being able to find gluten free bagels! Also, I hope we can hang out soon!

  2. I pinned that bagel recipe. MUST try.

    Let me know if you have any questions about ice cream making. I’ve made a lot of it, and my sister in law makes it alllll of the time. I don’t even buy store bought anymore! It’s easy and you can make different varieties – like if you want to avoid dairy, it’s easy to use coconut milk/etc to change it up 🙂 Love hearing that you are cooking, it is so good to prep your own food! Even if you make things like burgers and ice cream, at least you know what is going into them 🙂

  3. My parents and I used to watch Alton Brown a lot on the Food Network, and he’s got some homemade ice cream recipes, including mint chip where he breaks up Andes candies.

    • I enjoy watching the food network. That sounds like an awesome idea. I might need to try making mint next, thank you!

  4. 2016 has definitely flown by for me so far, but I am happy to be beyond the cold winter months! The bagels look amazing!! I’ll definitely try those out. My favorite food lately has been thai– I have just had so many random cravings for spicy thai food!! Luckily I was able to get some delicious takeout last night 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

  5. Ooooh, I have always been curious about the bagel making process – thank you for sharing! I totally understand the feeling of blinking and January/February being over. I work in corporate accounting so this is my busiest time of year. I’ve been living the cave life too these days. I can’t believe St. Patrick’s Day is next week! Happy almost 1-year anniversary!

    • Bagel making honestly not a hard thing to do, just time consuming. I am a terrible cook so if I can do it, anyone can.

  6. 2016 has been a blur – totally agree!

    I had an ice cream maker but we didn’t use it often at all. Now I’m craving good homemade ice cream (peanut butter or canteloupe are my favorite flavors).

    Sauteed squid?! Very adventurous 🙂

  7. There is a lot of food that I like and say is my favorite. It’s easier to ask what food I don’t like: Indian food, sea food, bananas.

    I feel like February was painfully slow, as usual. But the other days have gone pretty fast.

  8. I love spaghetti! Good thing its easy to make.

    2016 is flying by for me too… I think the winter passed quickly because it was a mild winter. Running a half on Sunday!

  9. I love making my own ice cream. It is sooo much better than store bought and you can do anything you want to it!!

      • Ours tasted like nothing after a year in the freezer. Go ahead and buy another cake (or make some of your ice cream ahead of time) to have on hand after you each take a bite of the old cake. 🙂 Cheers to almost one year of marriage!

  10. I have always wanted to make bagels but it looked way too hard! This actually looks manageable and I’m going to need to try immediately. I go through weird cooking spurts too. Sometimes I want to experiment and make everything. Other times, I just want to stick eggs in a pan and call it a day. That’s my version of balance haha.

  11. That’s awesome you’ve been cooking more! I love trying new recipes. And omg yes, 2016 has flown by (I feel like I say that every year haha) but I don’t mind that February went quick. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Those bagels seriously look so delicious and the boys have made the ice cream with their grandma and loved it. As for the squid? I’ll leave that to the experts! We actually had a lot of it in Spain and one of my son’s even tried it and liked it!
    Hope things slow down a bit for you…

  13. Hollie, you know I love you but that squid looks like you cut off someone’s fingers. I like mine fried and dipped in marinara so you can’t see what you’re eating 🙂

  14. Part of the reason January and February flew by for me was because we had a mild winter. Sure, we had a few tough days in there, but overall, we were really lucky. Those bagels look delicious!

  15. 2016 has flown by for me too!! I’ve always wanted to try to make homemade bagels, but it does seem time consuming. Yours look delicious! My spring break starts this weekend and luckily my boyfriend was able to take some leave time to come visit me. So I’ll be hanging out with him! Have a great weekend!

    • It took about 3 hours to make the bagels. It wasn’t difficult, it just took forever! I hope you have a great weekend as well!

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