February Training (284 Miles)

Feb training:

February was a huge surprise month for me.  As I said in my January log, my goal was to “make it through” February.  I had come off of a half marathon and 5k PR.  February winter races are hard to find, plus you never know what will happen weather-wise, in February.  It made sense to train through the month and not look for any PRs.

Total miles: 284

Pregame 4 milers (24:47)
The Flower Show 5k (18:13)

Fastest mile: 5:52
Range of paces: 5:52-10:15-untimed
Shortest run: 2.5-mile warmup
Longest run: 14 miles with friend Julie
Rest days: 6
Workouts: 6

I even won flowers

This month went far better than I could have imagined.  February is the off season for most people; myself included.  I wasn’t expecting to PR at the Flower Show 5k. I didn’t taper for either race and I met my expectations in both.  I will say I missed racing as much as usual!

flower show cannon

My mileage is lower than anticipated, however, I got sick and took two extra rest days.  I skipped a workout; my mileage took a hit, and I didn’t leave my house for a few days.  I don’t workout or run well when sick so there wasn’t a point.  I know it was smart and once I get back into my routine, I won’t miss the miles.

Fitness is a collection of workouts, weeks, months and years.  A few days won’t make or break your fitness.  

super bowl 4 miler

March goals:
I’m going to continue training as I have been.  I’m running the Shamrock half marathon in VA Beach at the end of the month.  It will be my fifth year running, and I’ve always had a good time running.

I consider March and April to be important months for training and racing.  I’ve been consistently training well and even untapered last month I raced well.  I have several races coming up in the next two months varying from 5k to 13.1 that I’m hoping to earn new PRs.

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**Edit to add: My apologies if you read through email.  My blog posts didn’t save this morning and I actually only took 6 rest days and ran 284 miles.  Not that it really matters!  

Questions for you:
Do you have any big races coming up?
How was your month of February?



  1. You are having a fantastic winter training block. Very excited for you and looking forward to see how you run at Shamrock coming off these great weeks of training and a 5K pr. Nice job!

  2. You had such an awesome month. I am still so excited for your new 18:13 PR! Something you said in this post was exactly what I needed to hear right now – “Fitness is a collection of workouts, weeks, months and years. A few days won’t make or break your fitness.” – I am away at a work conference this week and I might have to cut a run short. I’ve been so diligent that it’s been stressing me out! But you are right – one day, or even a few days, will not unravel all of the work we do.

    1. You’re the best Allison. You had such an awesome month…I just wish our raving schedules collided again. 😉

  3. Eh, my February wasn’t great. I had a bad race and some knee pain. But… my goal is to leave both those behind in March. I’m working on some strength training that I hope will kick my knee pain in the butt and looking forward to my next big race. 🙂

    Your February was great, though! Way to go!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Katie,I hope you are able to leave your knee pain in February forever. Do you have any races planned for March?

      1. Nope, I’m taking it easy in regards to running and just building strength. If my knee is feeling good, I may try to fit in a 5k, but I’ll probably just focus on training. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jen, I actually wake up pretty early. Most of my running is normally done before 9 am. My workout days are the longest. I can normally dedicate the time frame from about 6-8am to running.

      I don’t have kids so I have more time than a lot of people!

  4. Running a 15K on March 13th. I’ve never ran that distance before so it’ll be a nice starting point to see where I’m at. February was good. Ran a 10k and got a baseline for that as well.

    Good luck at Shamrock! Loved that race last year.

  5. You had such a great month especially despite getting sick! I’ve got a (hopefully) half marathon on tap for March 20th. I’d love to run it in around 1:26. I’ve been working hard!

  6. It amazes me how many miles you run! I look up to you for that; way to go! February was an okay month for me running-wise. I had a little mishap that tweaked my knee so that led me to take over a week off from running, which was difficult with weather in the 50s!

  7. Great month! That’s such a good feeling to look back and have it be such a rewarding month even though you weren’t expecting it to be a good as it was. My Feb was okay, looking forward to more daylight in the coming months though for sure.

  8. “Fitness is a collection of workouts, weeks, months and years. A few days won’t make or break your fitness.”

    This is so true. The best thing I did after Charleston Half was take several days completely off running. I did some cross training, but it was so helpful for me to give my body a break after weeks and weeks of training. Smart call for you to take those days you were sick completely off, even if it meant you didn’t hit your mileage totals you wanted for the month. You’re still running strong!

    I have a few races coming up but no goal races in March. Thinking my goal race will be the Bridge Run 10K on April 2.

  9. That’s some serious mileage. You never cease to amaze me. How do you fit it all in? I know this is a dumb question and I’m sure you’ve mentioned it, but Im not brilliant at observation…how much strength or weight training do you do? Feb is usually a “blah” month for me but I managed to PR in the 10 miler race so that’s a bonus! My big goal race is in April, but I do have a 4 miler this weekend and a half marathon at Biltmore in Asheville the following weekend. LOVE spring racing season.

    1. I run before work Jess. I actually dedicate the hours of about 6-8 to running. I don’t have kids, which allows me that time.

      It’s funny you ask about core and strength. I recently started integrating it back into my routine after a very long break. Once it’s back into a habit, I’ll do a post about it!

  10. Great month for you, I had 2 races valentines weekend which ended up being the coldest day of the year.
    I try to run a lot during February. I just double up on layers.
    March and April I have some races and a half marathon. So I’ll be training a lot next 2 months.

  11. I’m psyched to see how Shamrock goes! I have a few friends from work who are heading down and expecting to do some big things. They were so impressed I knew about the race because it isn’t a super popular one up here. 😉

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